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FBCWest 523 | The Latter Days Were More than the Beginning

The Latter Days Were More than the Beginning | Poster

Recorded On: 10/02/2022


Hymn # 376 “Have Faith in God”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings

Praise and Worship
“This Is What We Live For”
“Same Power”
“The Best IS Yet to Come”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Latter Days Were More than the Beginning”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Morning by Morning (I Will Trust)”
Benediction “God Really Loves Us”

Sermon Notes
Job 42:7 & 8 God tells Eliphaz that he and his friends did not speak correctly about God and they are to present their burnt offerings so that Job would pray for them
Job 42:9 They did what God told them to do and the Lord accepted Job (an intercessor)
Numbers 21:7 The people ask Moses to intercede for them
Romans 8:28 The Spirit intercedes for us when we do not know how to pray
Job 42:10 After Job prayed for his friend it was the Lord who increased what Job had by two-fold
Job 42:11 Job’s extended family fellowships with him and gives him gifts
Job 42:12 – 15 God blessed the latter days of Job more than the beginning
Job 42:16 & 17 Job lived 140 years after the adversity seeing four generations
James 5:11 The steadfastness of Job


Transcript of Service

If you have your Bibles, please turn to job Chapter 42 starting with verse 7.

Look, this will be the last message on the Book of Job we've been going over quite some time and almost as if we have a friend in job.

We have learned much about him and what his adversities have been and what his integrity was, and while he may have had various questions about God, he never did.

Has made that accused above of cursing God because he was being blessed by God and even when his health was severely stricken he still not heard God.

His friends came.

To supposedly comfort and sympathize with them and those three friends, and then later a fourth individual pops up and they instead of.

Sympathizing and comforted him.

They judged him, they condemned him.

And when he tried to explain that he wasn't who they said they were, their theology of retribution, principle was locked in, and it must be, and therefore he was a Sinner and evil.

And so we've gone through and seeing the endurance of job and what he's had to go through and how he had lost his finances, his business, his wife.

Said to her, Scott, and by like I said, his friends, instead of being there for him, condemned him, and so God.

As we've seen the last few messages asked, job almost 70 different questions bidding to teach job that God is God and Job isn't.

And Job finally came to the conclusion that.

God can do all things that nothing can for his will, and that he has understanding that that job did not, and the job said that he would remain silent and asked.

God to teach him.

Now God goes from speaking to job to speaking to one of Job's friends and basically stating their error.

Two end so in in job Chapter 42 from the verse seven it says this. It came about account about, after the Lord had spoken these words, the job that the Lord said, that it follows the temanite. My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends, because you have not spoken me.

That is right as my servant job at.

The new friends were so convinced that the retribution principle was correct, but they could not.

See anything else?

About God, about his his love and his mercy and his faithfulness and all those other attributes of God, they only honed in on one attribute, and they did not speak what was.

Right about that.

Now, there were times when job had questions and didn't understand.

Was God being fair because he was not the Sinner that his friends had accused him of being, that he was a man of integrity and yet he was suffering these various things and thought if he could only explain to God what was going on that God would.

Would justify him.

But there were times again when Joe would come to the right realization and saying that I know that my Redeemer is.

And at the last we'll take a stand, and I will see him in my flesh, with my own eyes and me.

And not another so job would make these statements of faith even in the midst of great suffering and pain and misunderstanding.

But his friends didn't truly understand who God was.

And so God says.

You did not speak white about.

We even say that he spoke wrong about Joe Biden.

You did not speak right about me, and we need to be very careful when we try to provide counseling and understanding to others.

But we speak the word of God correctly and fully.

His his friends have only talked about a certain section.

Of who God was and would do not fully explain who God was.

And so therefore they had not spoken what was right about God.

And so he says that I'm going to uh.

In my wrath, I would correct you.

Now, therefore, take for yourself 7 bulls and seven Rams, and go to my servant job and OfferUp a burnt offering for yourselves. And my servant job will pray for you, or I will accept him, so that I may not do with you according to your folly, because you have not spoken with me what is right as my servant job has.

So God tells the three friends exactly what their mistake was, that they did not speak or was right about job, about God, and they were to take a.

Particular burnt offering to offer for their sins but they were also to go to jail but asked job to intercede for them.

Now this would create in most situations.

We as humans do not like to admit that we are wrong.

And we.

And it's hard enough to admit we're perhaps warm to God.

But now what?

They've been accusing job.

They're saying that says not only have you to offer these sacrifices, we'll go to Joe and Joe Vassil intercede for you.

Otherwise, that says my wrath will be kindled, and I'll do to you what I intend to do, because you have not.

Spoken of what was right.

So inversine aerofoils determinate and bildad the shoe light, and so far that every night.

Went and did as the Lord told them.

So again, they at least were willing to admit that the Lord was right and that they had sinned and they did, as God had commanded them to do.

Even though there was a sense of home.

If you were almost humiliation, since I got to go to the one that I've accused of being a center, of being the person who.

Justified in receiving all of these adversities and they broadly should do even worse things to him for having now to come and say, OK Joe, you act on our behalf, but they have to come.

In that sense of humbleness to Joe.

And and Lord says if you do that.

But the Lord will accept job, but he's saying I'm not even intercept more sacrifices.

It has to be your sacrifices with going to Joe be interceding, and then I will accept that.

It says this in verse 10.

The Lord restored the fortunes of job when he prayed for his friends and the Lord increased all the job at 2 full.

So I wanted to say that God didn't start acting on rewarding and re loading job.

Until after Job had done what God had told him to do, and the the three friends had done so, the three friends had offered the sacrifices.

Job prayed for them, and then God accepted that there wasn't that job wrong.

Bought accepts that offering in that intercession on.

Their behalf because of Joe.

There is.

Again, not that job was the center, but by job doing the offering he and the prayer who became that intercessor?

Now I find this interesting.

Is that?

The Old Testament here is kind of teaching a New Testament principle which is still in the Old Testament in the sense of.

Job had a right to say, well, wait a minute.

My friends weren't my friends.

They treated me terribly.

They condemned me.

They judged me.

They didn't provide sympathy or comfort.

But why should I do that?

Because the Lord teaches us.

That in order to be forgiven, where to forgive?

So Joe does this.

Model doesn't say so explicitly the.

Understanding is that Joe prays on behalf of his friends, not because they were correct.

But that he is going to forgive because that's what the Lord does.

Joe becomes an intercessor.

He intervenes in between.

His friends and the Lord.

There are other instances in the in the Scriptures which talks about being an intercessor in numbers chapter.

21 verse seven it says this.

And let me back up a little bit.

The the context here is that God had delivered his people Israel out of Egypt.

He crossed the drop crossword see on trial and he provided for them, but even conquered 1 nation.

But with all this success and all this, they started complaining and backbiting about God and about Bose is saying, well, why did God bring us out here in this desert?

Wasn't there enough graves in Egypt and they just back bite it and complain about what God was doing when Moses was doing?

And so, but he had enough.

And he sent serpents that would bite them.

And there was like a fire reason.

And so they were dying, and they're dying painfully from these these serpents.

And so in verse 7 or so, so the people came to Moses and said we have sinned because we are spoken against the Lord, and you intercede with the Lord, that he may remove the serpents from us.

So at least the people understood further.

Sinners lied that they condemned and complained against the Lord.

And Moses?

So the one that had been part of the.

They're asking now to intercede, and Moses does so.

He intercedes on behalf of the people, and the servants are taken away.

But again, there's that sense of the sin.

Moses hadn't sinned, Eaker said.

Not my problem, but he doesn't.

Because of his commitment to the Lord and to his people.

He intercedes for them.

But the bride also does that.

For us as well in Romans, Chapter 8 verse 26.

It says this.

In the same way, the spirit also helps our weaknesses.

But we do.

Not know how to pray as we should.

But the spirit himself intercedes for us with Groanings too deep for words.

And he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the spirit is, because he intercedes for the Saints according to the will of God.

So the Holy Spirit intercedes for you and me.

Oftentimes when we're praying, we don't know how to pray, or even when we think we know how to play and tell God this is what we want.

It may not be what is best for us.

It may not be what the will of God is.

So the spirit.

Intercedes for us and says God listen.

Now to your will and do this or.

More people, and it's according to the will of God, and then Bob does it and he intercedes because, again, sometimes we think we know what's best, we think we have the answers, and in reality we don't.

We think, well, maybe if you remove this obstacle everything will be wonderful, and maybe God is saying that obstacle.

Is refining you as pure gold or maybe the?

This situation causes you to trust me more, and so we think.

Sometimes the difficulties is a problem, and oftentimes those difficulties is what God is using to refine us to be more like Jesus, be more like him, and so the spirit intercedes.

For us to make sure that the prayers are what they ought to be according to God's will.

So and so.

Today, you and I.

Are receiving intercession.

By the.

Holy Spirit, so that we might pray as.

We ought to.

But continuing on, in job chapter 32 verse 10 it says this.

The Lord restored the fortunes of job when he prayed for his friends and the Lord.

We increased all the job at 2 fold.

So not only was job placed back to where he was before the adversity and before the calamity, God gave him twice as much.

Because he had followed what God had said and prayed for his friends.

Then all of his brothers, and all of his sisters now who had known him before, came to him, and they ate bread with him.

In his house.

And they consoled him and comforted him for all the adversities that the Lord had brought on him.

And each one gave him one piece of money, and each a gold ring of gold.

Now if I find this.

A little bit amusing in the sense of.

When all these things happen.

Abandoned him.

The only new friends and the 4th person only there to condemn him and judge.

His wife had said you should curse God and die, but your breath you have halitosis, you have bad breath.

I don't even be around you.

This family wasn't covering him.

His family wasn't burned, he was financially destitute, and yet no one cared.

They avoided him because when bad.

Things happen.

People want to stay away, and so everybody did.

Now job is being blessed.

Everybody wants to fellowship with him.

So again, we need to understand sometimes when we are.

Involved in adversity, calamity, difficulty of circumstances where oftentimes our friends, our family may abandoned us.

They abandoned job.

It wasn't until Joe was being blessed again that he was being blessed by his family and his friends.

Job certainly could have received comfort.

And consolation when he's going through the adversity, but they didn't give that to him until it was reversed.

They didn't give him wings of gold and pieces of money while he was suffering financial adversity.

There was once Brock started blessing him again.

So again, don't be surprised that people might start blessing you after God has blessed you because.

That's just what people do.

They stay away from difficult things.

They want to be around when things are going well.

So don't be surprised.

When you are alone, you're alone.

And when you have friends, suddenly you have a lot of friends.

There's a love blessed the latter days of job more than its beginnings.

Want to go back to that, but Joe?

A great riches.

At a family that was united in love that each of the seven brothers would.

Have their family over and they would fellowship and they would eat and each would take a turn and then they would go right back in job and his concern for his family would offer sacrifices in case that his family had even done something accidentally wrong.

There are close walnut family.

They're saying the grass is.

The later days are even greater.

At the beginning like so I'm going to.

Come back to that in a little bit.

He said and he job at 14,000 sheep because he had 7000 before and 6000 camels because he had 3004 at €1000 per box.

And before we had 500, uh, yoke is basically two, so his best 2000 oxen. There's a thousand female donkeys, which again he had.

500 before God had.

Double blessed job in these latter days.

He said he had seven sons and three daughters.

Well, this is where God doesn't double bless him.

He blesses him with the same number of children.

He gave him seven sons and three daughters.

Although the difference now is this, he says.

And he named I've been job first Gemma, the second desire, and the third turn package.

Apparently these names mean.

Who has and will be told?

And all the land of women were found.

We found so far as Job's daughters.

So no one.

Was as beautiful as the three daughters of Joe.

Freshmans there's probably going to be a lot of suitors.

His number one job is rich.

And people want to make sure that they marry into wealth. And so this is a situation where I'm sure that they have bitter because they want to get a rich father-in-law.

On top of that, they're beautiful.

They're more beautiful than any other women threw up, which means they had to be.

Knock down oranges.

We will.

Celebrity models.

They were just beautiful.

And so Brian had blessed the same number, but he made sure that his family is even more desirable.

No, sorry.

Not only this, he says.

In all the land no women were found so far as your daughters and their father gave him inheritance among their brothers.

In that day.

Only the Bale errors would receive any inheritance, and usually the oldest son got the lion share of how all of the inheritance their job is wealthy, but none of that equally or least using inheritance to each of his children.

He blesses his daughters as well as the sons, so he treats them in such a way that they may also be blessed because Joe was blessed.

Then after this job lived 140 years and saw his sons and his grandsons or generations.

The Biden say job lived 140 years, he said. After all of the adversity, after all the calamity, after all this was done, job lived another 140 years.

Which meant after all of these things had happened and transpired, job leard about twice as long as the oldest type of person during this time.

Or blue.

So not only did job have an abundance in financial blessings, God blessed him with.

Days to be able to enjoy these blessings.

And notice.

But he also had the opportunity to be blessed to see not only his sons and daughters with his grandchildren and his great grandchildren and his great, great grandchildren. He got to see them for 140 years.

That is a blessing.

My grandfather on my mother side died when I was a baby.

My grandfather, on my father side, died before my father was even an adult.

When my father died when I was a child.

But the idea of ever seeing grandchildren in my lifetime?

We've got something never even considered.

There's something.

It's not even thought of, and so for me to have the opportunity to see my grandchildren is a blessing.

That I would never expect it.

And yet God has been kind to me to allow me to see that now I don't expect.

Because of the age of my grandchildren to see my great grandchildren.

They've already been blessed because of how to.

Help me to see them.

Imagine what it would be like for Joe to be able to see 4 generations of his.

And it seems to mean those four generations were probably both who followed God.

They knew who their father, grandfather, great Grandfather was, that he was a man of God, but he.

Even though he went through all of these calamities and adversities, he still.

They true the following award.

'cause, it doesn't say.

Oh my goodness, my.

Generations that followed me messed up.

We see this sense of that he had the opportunity to enjoy his.

This in Job died an old man in full of days.

A lot of people.

Buy especially in our day and age.

At least what we think hold.

The older you get.

The less old people seem to be, but there is a sense of people because of medical technology and science belongs people lives.

But unfortunately it doesn't seem that as people prolong their lives with their lives or full days.

And that's.

A shame.

We should.

Take the day that we have that the day the Lord has made that we might use it to the fullest, not just to achieve things.

But to get to know God better.

But we know him.

But we should take full advantage of whatever days that God has given us, whether it's 70.

91140 But our day should be full.

Not just the stuff.

Not with busyness.

But full of life.

Now going back.

That statement.

That we saw in verse 12.

The Lord blessed the latter days of job more.

Than his beginnings.

Well, we see in a sense, that job was blessed because he got more stuff, there's more wealthy.

He had his family back, he had his extended family, that they came in and fellowship, and those days were greater and better than the beginning.

Now all of.

Us are like chill.

As we see a great wealth.

Lost it all.

Not even greater well.

Or similar. They're wealthy.

You may lose it.

And at the end you will see.

Or there are those who may be wealthy.

And these are all in diapers.

Well, those were poor.

Become wealthy in Iowa.

Or even those.

We are born for.

With their entire lives and die for.

But in each of those situations.

It can be true.

That the latter days.

Are better.

In the beginning.

Because as you get to know God.

And as you walk with him, and as you learn from him and as you grow in him.

You will soon discover.

That those days are more valuable no matter whether you have great wealth or you're in poverty.

Because God has blessed you with that.

When I was young.

I remember somebody preaching, talking about Jesus coming soon.

And I like a lot of the other young people words kind of saying, well, no, we want to get married and we went out kids and we want to live our lives and then after we've had that opportunity then.

Jesus could come.

But the truth is.

I've had.

A wonderful life with my wife of 50 years.

Has endured much.

In my hands.

And yet she's been faithful and true.

She's been a good.

Wife, a great mother, and she did all these things.

And even after 50 years, I could say it seems so short.

It wasn't.

It was.


As my marriage was, and suddenly it could have been better on my part.

But as great as it was.

Still, would have been better.

But Jesus said, coming to be with him.

'cause, it doesn't matter how great a house, how greater mansion one may acquire.

In this life.

It never will compare with the mansion that he is prepared for us being boring.

And even the worst shack in heaven.

Far exceeds.

The best mansion in hell.

That's got balls in heaven.

It is not in hell.

And as I have walked this life, I have learned.

Trust him more.

I wish I could.

Trust him even more than I have.

But I'm always faithful and I'm always true.

They're trying to learn to do his will.

But I am convinced.

Well, I have been blessed all my life, more than I ever deserve.

My latter days will be better.

In the beginning.

As he has promised me.

And I might dwell with him in his house forever.

But this experience that I have now in life.

Even at the closest opportunity of being with him and when you feel his presence.

Is nothing to be compared.

But what we will experience?

In heaven.

Brother, you're rich.

Either you're poor.

Whether you started out rich and booted up bridge unit at 4:40 or four -, 4 or ended up rich.

If you trust God.

Truly, truly true.

The latter day.

Will be better.

And greater.

At the beginning.

Because now we will see.

We face the fate.

What a blessing.

How much greater is that?

And all God's people said.

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