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FBCWest 413 | Those Who Cannot Not See

Those Who Cannot Not See | Poster

Recorded On: 08/23/2020


August 23, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“The Solid Rock”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – John 4:23 & 24
“Open up the Heavens”
“Yes I Will”
“What Can I Do?”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“Those Who Cannot Not See”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Way Maker”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes

Mark 10:46 & 47 Cry for mercy
Mark 10:48 Crowds’ reaction, but continued calling out
Mark 10:49 - 51 Jesus calls the blind man
Mark 10:52 Immediate healing and following of Jesus
Luke 19:1 – 4 A small stature man tries to see Jesus
Luke 19:5 & 6 Jesus invites Himself to Zacchaeus’ house
Luke 19:7 The crowd grumbles that Jesus is going to a sinner’s house
Luke 19:8 Zacchaeus repents
Luke 19:9 & 10 Salvation comes


Transcript of Service

I'm not sure whether it would be a blessing or curse to know.

Did you had only a couple of weeks?


As we have been going through the earthly life and Ministry of Jesus, he has been ministering for what we believe is approximately 3 1/2 year.

Is now coming close to the end of that earthly life and ministry.

And so things that happen, I think, take a really strong.


And things that we he says and does. I think we should take even more important, although.

But Jesus said at 1st and what Jesus says, that last is equally important.

And so we should always listen to him.

But will find in Mark Chapter 10 as Jesus has been going from.

Various places in Galilean area, other areas.

Making his trek towards Jerusalem.

That we see that.

He's getting close to Jerusalem in verse 46.

Of Mark, then it says this, then they came to Jericho.

And as he was leaving Jericho with a disciple, I want to stop there because there is a difference between some of the Gospels in this gospel about.

Jesus is movement here. Some say that he entering Jericho when this happens, and others say that he's leaving Jericho when this happens, and so people who like to try to find fault with the scriptures out. Haha. Inconsistency.

I can think of two reasons why it would seem inconsistent and not.

Reason number one.

On any one day I have left Westminster and come back to Westminster and left Westminster on more than one occasion.

When you are busy, you move around so you can enter someplace these in place and enter someplace all in the same day.

But there's a second possible reason and explanation as well.

There are ready for this 2 Jericho.

There is a Jericho. The Joshua went around and bought the battle and the walls came down. There was that Jericho.

There is also a Jericho that was built by her it where he had a Palace and other places.

And so it's simply could be that Jesus was passing through the archaeological Jericho.

Going to EU Jericho. So there are some explanations to why the Gospels would have what would appear to be a nice day again. What would appear to be inconsistent?

The problem is.

More information.

And so as he's leaving Jericho with his disciples, a large crowd with a large crowd.

A blind beggar named Artemis, the son of tomatoes was sitting by the road.

Now, most people think automates the name is Bart Amaia.

That's not his name.

Bar means son.

Emmaus means.

The name so Bartimaeus is the son of tomatoes, and we were kind of told Artume's son of tomato.

It's kind of like.

Bar mitzvah.

Son of the covenant.

Bar means son, so we're told that this person is the son of tomatoes. Now, while we're told this, we're not quite certain because almost every other occasion of Jesus is healing people. The name is never given.

Now it is possible based on what's going to happen is that this son of tomatoes may become a disciple and be involved with the other disciples, and so his name is brought up.

We don't know were also told in the other gospels that they were too blind men.

Who are crying out to Jesus? Who are going to be healed?

Now again, not inconsistent. If you have two, you have one.

Not inconsistent, but mark is going to tell us about this one individual. This one blind man who was a blind beggar.

So his.

And so.

We're told that he's the son of To me, but he was sitting by the road and obviously he's sitting by. If he's a beggar, he's want to get to a place where there's a large group of people traveling and they're going to be traveling from the Jericho reason region to Jerusalem because of Passover coming. And so if you're going to want a bag, you're going to want to have the most possible.

Out now.

If 2 percent of the people will give you something, then the larger the group is, the more money you're going to get, so he's going to sit by the road where there's traffic going to Jerusalem.

And when he heard that it was Jesus the Nazarene, does it hears this large crowd in? And why such a large crowd of this particular and he's told that Jesus the Nazarene, he began to cry out and say, Jesus son of David, have mercy on me.

Now I want you to notice something. 1E starts crying out because he knows what he's heard about Jesus.

That Jesus can do something for his condition.

So he cries out.

But he also cries out if you will, in Faith, 'cause he didn't say Jesus the Nazarene. Have mercy on me, he says Jesus, the son of David, which has messianic understanding.

This blind man can see enough to know that this one passing body is the Messiah, so he cries out, have mercy on me.


Many were sternly telling him to be quiet.

You know, don't rock the boat. Jesus, an important guy, just leave him alone. You're a beggar, just you know get some money and just.

But he knew Jesus.


so instead of being intimidated by there, stern.


But he kept trying out all the more.

Son of David, have mercy on me.

Yeah, you got a crowd around you.

I want you to Mercy on me.

And I'm acknowledging that you are the Messiah.

Have mercy on me.

And Jesus saw and said all him here.

So they would have been telling him to shut up.

They called the blind men saying to him, take courage, stand up. He is calling for you.

And throwing aside his quote.

He jumped up and came to Jesus.

Now I'm not quite sure what's growing inside his quote mean I've heard one first one password talk about something, and I've not independently verified it, so I'm not going to say what he said.

It could be that in his excitement he just tossed over. We can get there. He could have been concerned. Being blind, then it might trip him up. We got rid of it. It might be I'm leaving my past behind, whatever but he in his enthusiasm to respond to Jesus.

Remove this quote.

And answering him, Jesus said, what do you want me to do for you?

Now I've.

Not on this occasion, but on many occasions I'm always wondering why Jesus ask the question.

Does Jesus is the son of God?

He knows the intentions of the heart of man.

He knows what's down there. He knows what this guy want. So why is he asked? But he does though.

Almost every time someone calls out for mercy and say What do you want?

Now it could be that we just recently saw.

That James is.

And John and their mother wanted Jesus to do something, so he asked them what is it that you want from me?

And they basically said We want position.

And so he's.

Very well may be setting this as a side of that they wanted position, which apparently meant they didn't have any other need.

As opposed to what this man?


or it could be that the crowd needs to hear what the request is so that when Jesus fulfills the request.

The crowd will understand that Jesus did what was.

But I also think it's important that when he asked this question.

Based on my experience with.

Humankind, including my.


Sometimes the obvious need is not the one we say.

I could very well see this guy coming up to Jesus and then what do you want? I want you to give me enough money. I never have to beg again.

Now would have filled the need.

I would not have to sit by this road and be.

Shamed into having to beg for money, so if you just give me enough money I can take care of myself and everything is fine and there are people who think that's what their need is and so they fall out.

Somebody else might say Jesus give me a beautiful woman for my wife.

You might say.

You can't see here what does it matter if she's beautiful or not. An ugly wife would be just as good as you can tell. Yeah, but every all my friends would be idiot, envious that I have a trophy wife.

And so that's really what I want, and you'll see a lot of people who will talk about what it is that they think they want or need.

But this person blame being blind, you exactly what he needed and he was in his blind as we think because he already knew that Jesus was the son of David.

And so it goes.

What is it you want and entering? Jesus said, what do you want me to do for you and the blind man said to him, robona teacher?

I want to regain my site which tells us that he saw at one time and now cannot. It might be because of disease. It might have been due to an accident. It might have been due to a number, but there was a period of time he could see and now we can't. We want to regain that site.

And Jesus said to him, go, your faith has made you well.

And immediately he regained his sight.

There was no period of time. There was no put bandages on and will wait a week and everything. He immediately regained his.

And notice what the responses.

And began following him on the road.

Bartemius the son of tomatoes, could have said I need to go home and show my dad that I can see I need my family to understand what my now current condition is, so they don't have to worry about me. I need to go and do these things I need to go see things I have been able to see forever.


This blind man.


and he doesn't wait.

He doesn't say a week from Tuesday. I'll show up.

Immediately, just as an immediacy of his healing, he followed Jesus.

On the road.

And I want you to turn in your bibles.

To Luke Chapter 19.

We're going to see it.

If you will bartemius the son of tomatoes.

Could not.

Because he was blind.

Now we're going to look at someone who is unable.


Luke 19 verse one he entered Jericho. It kind of.

Sounds so if it's too Jericho's that makes sense, if it's.

He's moving around makes sense energetical, and was passing through and there was a man by the name of Zakia.

He was a chief tax collector and he was.

He wasn't just HX.

He was the chief tax collector. He made money not only being the tax collector, but he made money from other tax collectors making money.

And he was rich.

Now, if you remember a few.

Messages ago, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel's that go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

And his disciples.

Then who can enter?

Jesus response is it is impossible with man, but with God all things are possible.

We're going to see a situation or with God. It is possible. So here's this rich man.

Zaccheus was trying to see who Jesus was and was unable because of the crowd or he was small in stature.

Every time I read this, sorry, I think about there was a.

Backyard Bible study. VBS or had a little song about the key is being a weird little man.

That's right, and he so he could because he was a short guy.

Which it can't say he was high.

He couldn't see because there are all these tall people in front of him.

And every time he tried to move all these tall people kept being in his way. So instead of giving up, guess what this small statured men decided to do.

So we ran on ahead and climbed up into a Sycamore tree in order to see him, or he's about to pass that way.

You see the key, as well as was unable to see Jesus but that didn't stop him from schrott.

So I said, OK, my problem is they are taller than me. Going to get above the situation, we climbed a Sycamore tree.

But something unusual takes place.

When Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him that he.

Now obviously he had never met the keys before. Is luckiest wanted to CG?

'cause of what he heard about it. Yet Jesus knew exactly who he was. Even by name. He wasn't the son of somebody, he was that he.

He looked up and said to him, zaccheus hurry down, hurry and come down for today. I must stay at your house.

Now notice these didn't say it's a good idea.

Can I stay at your house?

It is that I must stay at your house. Apparently the father had set up a divine appointment for his son to meet this small statured man.

And one is at a point in time for you to meet Jesus.

Not something that you thought of California.


You know what? A California yes, this California yes is somebody invite you to do something and you say yes, but if something better comes along, you do that.

Or just don't wanna say no because whatever you say yes and then you just don't show up.

Not so with this. This is not a California.

Invitation I must.

A your house.

And he hurried and came down, and received him gladly.

The Heat doesn't just alright, well will the keys is excited about the opportunity to have Jesus one on one with him.

He had wanted to see Jesus. He's going to get to do more than just see Jesus. He's going to spend time with Jesus in his own home.

And when they saw it.

He began to grumble, saying.

He is gone to be the guest of a man who is a Sinner.

The son of tomatoes.

Could not.

But so.

The kids were small in stature, was unable to see.

But made a way to be able to see.

But these people having been around Jesus is teaching for over 3 1/2 years for having heard em teach for having heard him preach for having him seeing miracles for having him healed the stick and the blind and the death and the mute in the Lane. And all kinds of diseases and having.

Passed out demon.

And having heard that he had gone to other thinners, how?

They still grumble.

Because he's going.

With dinner out.

You see they would not.

It is one thing to not be able to see.

Because you can.

Or that you're in a position that you.

But to willfully refused to see what Jesus is doing.

I wanna say it's unpardonable, but it's sad.

So they began to grumble. Who is this man is going to as a guest of his dinner and notice?

The the key is his response. It wasn't. It's the key is stopped and said to the Lord. Behold, Lord half of my position. I will give to the poor.

And if I have defrauded anyone.

Anything I will give back four times as much attention to Zaccheus isn't I'm a changed man.

Having contact with Jesus, I'm different.

Yeah, I'm rich, but I'm going to give half of what I've got to support and notice Jesus never asked him to do that.

When others have said, what do I still lack? Jesus said, give to the board and come, follow me. Jesus didn't even make that request. He goes. I will give half of everything I own to the poor. He goes, if I've defrauded someone, notice he does even presume that he had.

He's saying if by chance if there's some way I have defrauded somebody I will give them back four time.

Now, even in our current law, we have what's called treble damages. Were there certain times that we say such conduct is so egregious, whatever the damages were to make sure that you had to pay three times there.

The key is under no law that requires him saying If I have done that, if I have defrauded somebody. If I've taken their money.

Unlawfully, I will return it or.

I will more than do with the law requires.

You see, sometimes Jesus.

How people?

What they need to do?

As he knows.

But the issue?

It's money or possession.

And as a Kia spot before Jesus even act.

He says I'm a changed man. I have repented. Wealth is not my mask.

I will give it up.

And Jesus said to him.


Salvation has come to this out.

It's not well, let's see it's two day. It's right now. Elevation has come Zaccheus

now. Let's see what happened.

Let's not see if it's genuine.

Jesus knows.

It's genuine by the response.

And then he says something.

Because he too he also.

Is this done?

Of Abraham.

Started this message with Bart. Made the son of the man.

And now we're ending was the key is.

A son of Abraham.

And Jesus is insane. He too is a Jew.

He's saying he too is a son of fate.

The children of Abraham are not genetic. That children of Abraham or by faith.

And he has seen faith in Sakya and says Salvation has come because of faith. Of patient has come as you are a son of Abraham.

And you and I, if we have come to faith.


As result.

Our sons of Abraham.

Daughters of Abraham.

We are related as were related by.

Or you see, we are told that we walk by faith and not by sight.

It doesn't mean that we just blindly go through and ignore reality.

What it says is that if God has said something that I believe it more than anything else that I.

I will walk according to God's word.

Dan Rea

as God's word our ultimate reality.

God's words are true.

God words are.

For the son of man has come to seek, and to save that which was lost. You see Jesus towards the end now of his ministry is talking about exactly what his ministry is all about, to seek and to save that which was lost.

The key is was Lossed.

And now found.

Well, Jesus is ministry.

He thought the law.

Found them and save.

Throughout his ministry he taught.

That is the purpose of God, who leave the 99 to seek the one that was law.

To show when the woman lossed the point.

That she searched diligently until she found it.

And how the?


of the product call.

And of the son who stayed.

Love them both.

And brought them home.

With celebration.

Jesus is ministry.

Seek and find law.

And save.

This message still has.

Present day implication.

Because there are those.

Who can't see?

They can't see who Jesus.

But Jesus.

As a way of passing by.

There are those who are unable to see for whatever reason.

And Jesus.

Will set it avina point.

But there are others in our cluster today who simply will not.

It doesn't matter what the back.

It doesn't matter what the implication.

They refused.

Because if they admit that Jesus is, if they admit that there's any God, then they are accountable and responsible to him, and they simply will not do it.

Not a matter of what the facts are, not a matter of what site is.

Matter of I simply will.

That last part category.

Is the most repeated.

Well, you see there all of us who are time will have difficulty. We have a blindness in our side of boogies

and there are other times that we might not be able to see who Jesus is by the circumstance.

But praise God, we do not not.


Oh yeah.

When he revealed.

Walking by faith.

And not by.





Being excited.

If you've met in dying.

And having done so, being changed by who you will.

Sometimes I think.

That if we Christian.

Actually active.

Like we came in contact with Jesus.

There may be other people would believe as well.

Because we so often want to hold on.

To the path.

Rather than leaving our quote.

And following him on the road.

You see, there was no guarantee what was going to happen. You just following Jesus.

In Jesus sometimes as I don't guarantee what the outcome is.

Other than the outcome, is yours elevated in your eternal life?

Or whether it goes well or goes poorly in this.

It rains on the just and the unjust.

Just trust me.

And so I invite you.

I invite me.

Immediately follow Jesus on that Rd.

To cry out.

It says one did earlier in his ministry.

I believe help my unbelief.

I see.

Help my darkened vision.

Help me to follow.

As your.

As I.

Not as one.

Who wants?

Because we're going to think he is.

And he is the one who make away, right?

Into the father.

I encourage you.

To consider.

Your vision.

See whether it is you can't see.

To call from Earth.

Or whether it is you're unable to see and move your position to a place that you can.

That's not that you not be the person who refused.

All God's People said.

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