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FBCWest 411 | The Kingdom Is Like Laborers in a Vineyard

The Kingdom Is Like Laborers in a Vineyard | Poster

Recorded On: 08/09/2020


August 9, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“Heavenly Sunlight”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Revelation 22:17
“Let God Arise”
“God I Look to You”
“Glory to God Forever”
“God of Justice”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“The Kingdom Is Like Laborers in a Vineyard”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Until the Whole World Hears”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes

Matthew 20:1 & 2 First hiring of laborers – contracted
Matthew 20:3 & 4 Second hiring: to pay what is right
Matthew 20:5 Third & fourth hiring: pay what is right
Matthew 20:6 & 7 Hiring of those not already hired
Matthew 20:8 – 10 Laborers paid from last to first
Matthew 20:11 & 12 First laborers grumble at their wages
Matthew 20:13 – 15 The response of the vineyard owner
Matthew 20:16 The principle the first shall be last

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Transcript of Service

We have been going through.

There is life and Ministry of music.


The message that was brought last week.

Fit into the same context is this week.

It was Jesus.

Ministering and talking to the rich young ruler.

And Jesus telling his disciples.

That is.

Easier for camel, go through an eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Further said that it was impossible, basically format.

But all things are possible with God.

And following up that discussion.



do what?

Most of us do.

Or what about me?

What about up?

You gotta be rich. If being rich doesn't get you into.

The Kingdom.

We're less than rich is built. This computer says in verse 27.

Of Chapter.

19 of math.

Then Peter said to him in Jesus.

The whole we have left everything and followed you.

What then will there be for us?



What's in it for us?

They're not unlike anybody else like that.

Yeah yeah, I I get it.

What about what about me? Wasn't it bro?

Is we have left these things?

Follow you and Jesus said to them, truly, I say to you, that you have followed me in the generation when the son of Man will sit on his glorious thrown. You will also sit up on 12 Thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

So he first remarks and says there is a special place for the disciples who are following him, who will become his Apostle, that they will judge Israel and the 12 tribe. Now I'm not going to get into it, but we'll see later in the scriptures that we're also told that we will be judging.

The problem is we always want to get ahead starting judge before were supposed.

Scriptures also tells us hold up, but there is a place for his other disciples. But Jesus gives the specific thing. This is what will be because you have followed me in this generation.

And he says, and everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms or my steak will receive many times as much.

Anne will air it.

Eternal life who's got either ask? Well, we left our families. We left our homes or we left their houses in Jesus saying not just you, I'm giving you a special.


But those who like you.

Give up family or possessions to follow me. They will find that they will have much more.


I know this is true even in my own life in the sense of.

Why did not have to leave my family? Because they were believer.

I had a brother.

But I have many, many thousands and millions.

Christian brothers.

The only thing is is that.

Sometimes in our own households, our own immediate family we have.

Families that are just.

Not normal, whatever that.

And yet we kind of bring that to the church as well, and so sometimes our families in the church are brothers and sisters are also a little dysfunctional, like our.

Families, but we're not supposed to be.

This function.

We're supposed to be true. Brothers and sisters were supposed to love each other.

We love each other not because of being a we love each other because of the blood.

And Jesus says, you may give up your family.

But there's another family.

There will be permanent. You may give up your house.

But I prepare a dwelling place for you.


so whatever you think you're going to give up, the Lord will replenish it.

With abundant.

And as I've said before and after.

Oh, Jesus is asking us to do is to give up what we cannot eat.

Have what we cannot lose.

'cause it's eternal life.

And so he says, these are the things that those will receive who forsake brothers and sisters, and forsake mothers and fathers, because they will have these in abundance.

And also we turn a lot.

I wanna stop there 'cause I want to talk to you about something. I don't think many of us thought about.

There is a condition of the human Earth.

It says.

We seem not to appreciate what we have.

Until we no longer have.

There was a a songwriter singer many decades ago, named Joni Mitchell.

And she wrote a song that I really didn't realize the title of the song title of the song was big yellow taxi.

And the lyrics in the songs that don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

They pay paradise.

And put up a parking lot.

And it seems to be the condition of us that we don't really appreciate what it is that we have.

Until we don't have it.

And I think when Peter.

Says well, what about?

I want to share some of the things that Peter had did he seem not to appreciate.

He got to see Jesus.

In person.

He got to follow his minutes.

He got to see Jesus love people the way Jesus loved.

He got to see Jesus teach with Authority the way Jesus taught with authority. He got to see Jesus healed the blind in the death and the mute and the Lane he saw them heal them of diseases. He saw them.

Heal those who were demon possessed. He even raised the debt.

Now talk about some exciting stuff to see he got to participate. Now we see these things because they were written and we believe.

But Peter got to experience.

But before you think I'm being really harsh on Peter.

We love the things songs that says.

All the juice.

Jesus, you're in.

Jesus, you're everything.

Until there's something else that I want or need.

We are constantly saying in our worship that Jesus is the only thing.

Until he's not the only thing.

We don't seem to appreciate when he says that he will never leave us or forsake us.

That we don't appreciate that.

When we're feeling alone.

When we don't feel power in our lives that he's told us that he resides, in that his spirit wells into.

You don't seem to appreciate those things that he's given up.

The scriptures don't well much about the disciples other than after Jesus crucifixion they dispersed.

And we're afraid.

It wouldn't be far fetched, I think.

Other disciples during those three days that Jesus laid in tomb.

Thinking about how great it was.

We will.

How life will never be the.


President God in your life.

You're not going to take it away.

We need to appreciate what we have.

But many who are first will be laughed.

And the laughter.

Now he's going to say this same phrase in a few more verse.

What he's trying to communicate here is.

That there is an order.

The thing.

One of those order things is that the Gospel is represented first for the Jew.

And then.

You see they are to be first.

And where to be locked?

Then we who are laugh.

Will receive things work.

And he's gonna.

Communicate this in the next statement, so starting with Matthew 21st one, it says for the Kingdom of Heaven is like a landowner who went out early into the morning to hire laborers or his vineyard nona. Stop there and I want you to notice a couple things.

The owner.

Own vineyard

it's it.

Jesus is communicating and asking the owner of the vineyard is golf.

And it is vineyard.

You're not.

Going to be under owner on this property.

He's going to call not for Co owners, but for labor, so he goes out early in the morning, the higher labor.

And when he had agreed with the laborers for Aiden areas for the day, he sent them into his vineyard, so he made a contract with him. He goes, I want you to work all day long, and the fair going rate or days labor isn't in area at the day's wages. So he's doing what is commercially an economically agreeable in the time he worked for a day. You get it in area.

It's kind of like if you will minimum wage. This is the minimum you get. This is what they agreed. We agrees with them. They work the day they get a days wait.

He sent them out in the vineyard work.

He went out about the third hour.

Which is.

Like 9:00 AM, so he's he's.

Gone probably early on, like about 6:00 in the morning. Now he's got about 9:00 in the morning and he's gone out.

And so others standing.

Idle in the marketplace.

Under those, he said, you also go into the vineyard and whatever is right, I will give you.

And so they went.

He did make a contract with him. He said I'm going to treat you.

Buy whatever is right.

You trust me, if you trust me, go work and they went to work. Now they've gone about 3 hours less time than the people who started early in the morning.

And again he went out about the 6th hour and the 9th hour and did the same thing. So but every three hours he's he's giving them.

Finding more labor to go into the vineyard.

And by doing the same thing again, he said I will give you whatever is right, doesn't make a contract with him like he did.

And about the 11th hour he went and found other standing around.

He said to them, why have you been standing here idle all day long?

You guys doing just.

Standing here, you're not doing anything.

They said to him because no one hired.

He said to them, You go into the vineyard.

So it's getting too about. They've got about an hours worth of work.

It's getting late in the day. He found some people who haven't been employed. He says go into my vineyard and work.

And I'll do what is right.

And when evening came, the owner of the Vineyard said to his foreman.

Hold the laborers and pay them their weight, beginning with the last group through the 1st.


The last group is the one who's worked about an hour or so.

He's gonna go reverse order.

Reverse order is the guys who've been here the longest are going to get paid laugh. The guys were here the least amount of time we're going to be paid for.

With those hired first came, they thought they would receive.

I'm sorry windows fired about 11 hour game, each one received in generic and with those hired first came. They thought that they would receive more with each of them also receive a generic.

So the Lord of the vineyard says, you work here an hour. You get today's weight.

Work here all day long.

You get today's way.

Now for us.

Our reaction is going to be somewhat similar to the guys have been working all day long, but that is in fair.

Isn't it always interesting that we're always talking about what's fair and what there doesn't seem to be in already?

And so Jesus gonna sell them.

When they received it, they crumbled at the landowner thing.

These last men have worked only one hour and you have paid them equal to US.

Any who have borne the burden and the scorching heat of the day.

I mean, we worked all day long.

It's not fair that you paid them and in areas and you paid us in an area and we work all day long, they work an hour. It ain't.

But he answered and said to one of them rent.

Notice even in their grumbling, they don't become the enemy.

Be cause them.

It dispute their opinion, but he still calls them.


I am doing, you know wrong? Did you not agree with me for dinner?

I'm being fair.

We contracted ordinary as I paid you it in areas.

I've done you no wrong. I have been fair.

Take what is yours and go, but I wish to give to this last man the same as to you. Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own?

He's saying If I want to be generous is my money. I'm not taking it out of your pocket. I didn't deduct from your wages that in areas to pay this man. I paid you what we agreed and if I choose to be generous and merciful to somebody else that my business.

Or is your eye envious because I am general?


The last shall be first.

And the first.

You see?

We will be compensated.

Not based on length of time.

Around when we were all.

Now some.

Like the Jews.

Recalls to carry the word of God.

And God made a contract with him. If you obey what is in the word, then there will be blessing. If you don't obey in the word, they'll be cursed it.

If you want to live in the land, you do what the word of God says. If you don't, I'm taking you out. We made a Contra.

You and I have made a nuke.

Written in his book.

Yes, they were first.

Times the compensation they'll be Dunlap Ann.

I suspect I will say windows.


consistently obeying the law.

I've done you no wrong.

I did.

My promise to you what I said in my comment, if I wish to be generous to the Gentiles.

When is my generosity?

I can do.

And there will be times in our lives as Gentiles. There will be those who are called to the ministry early in life.

There are those who are Steve.

The gift of eternal life.

Almost at the end.

Is the one.


Pauline early in his life to be envious of the one.

With all late.

This, let's look at what the benefit of the one who is called for.

He knew he had a job. He knew he would turn away. He knew that with that he could provide for his family.

The people who set all or stood if he will all the way into the 11th hour, had uncertainty about what their benefits would be, how they would provide there was security for the first there was in security for the laugh.

There was a contract for the 1st.

There was.


All too often we're so busy looking at what other people are doing.

That are just working in his.

In his vineyard.

Also, often pastors are so guilty of thinking that their church is there church.

And it ain't.

It's hit.

It's his vineyard.

And if it grows is because of the laborers God bring.

He is called us the labor.

You just called this work.

While it is daylight, he said even to his disciples while it is daylight, Jesus does what the father is told him to do.

And we are, well are to labor in the daylight.

When is the night time?

And give you 2 instance.

Number One.

When he comes again.

And the second.

When he calls you home.

And as I tell.

I haven't said this in awhile.

Even when God calls you home, you still have a job.

Your job is to feel God in a nice.

You ask him.

Bless, FTC West.

As we need it.

If you think well.

I'm too sick.

How can I manage?

You can do one of the greatest ministries there are.

You can pray.

You can pray persistently. You can pray consistently. You can pray and pray and pray, and it's amazing. Now what prayer does what God does, but you use the mechanism?

The Wonderful Ministry.

Maybe the reason you can't get outside is God is wanting you to.

If you can, do.

And do.



A lot of people.

Love the labor in large churches.

They wanna sing before large crowd.

They want to play their instrument before large crowd.

And the sad thing is, their job is not to play or sing before large crowd is to worship him and help you to work.

The audience is always the same, no matter how many people are sitting in the.

It's got.

And I want us to get Evan Jellicle.

Look at those people at FTC.

Their redeemed.

They know what it is. There is the mercy from God and see how they rejoiced in thing or joy because they have been called. They've been redeemed and we can't think that way.

So let's stop, are praising and watch them praise God.

Wednesday that be wonderful at the moment of silence of God is in Heaven is because they're going. We gotta wait and see what what? SBC West?

They know how to do it, right?

And that doesn't matter whether it's 10,000 of us.

Or two or.

Just where two or three are gathered in his.

There he is.

There are things you can do.

You can invite.

Somebody at the church.

Even if they say you know I live too far away from your church, fine, I'll find you another church you can vote.

You see, 'cause we're not building this Kingdom, which I love for us that more people.

I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not that.

Wish we had more people.

Was it the purpose is not to build this being the purpose is to build the Kingdom?

So that means they go to another church, wonderful, as long as he preached the word of God.


We need labor.

Call work.

It's a four letter word.

That we don't like.

But we are labor. We are working in his field or his.

Or as long as he is cold.

And if he

blesses us.

With some success.


If he blesses us in this lifetime with notes, the Crest awesome as we didn't work was a success. We work for his glory.

There have been missionary.

Who have spent their entire ministry, whether it's been in India or in other parts of the Middle East or Far East.

Who seem to have thought they were failures because no one came to know God or very few.

And then the next missionary who shows up rebound.

Is that missionary didn't because there wasn't except he continued planting seeds. He let somebody else water in less. Somebody else are, but.

But you don't grow a crop unless you plant seed.

As Paul says, some plant some water, there's a hard.

Not your field.

Not your vineyard.

Your job is just to do.

And so.

I want to close with this thought over again.


The presence of God.

No matter what the circle.

As you may not know what you got.


Fortunately, they cannot pave paradise.

And put up a parking lot.

But they could tear down.


In places of worship.

And put up a mall.

Typically now malls are out anyway.

Knows what?

In this second.

Stop looking at what others are doing.

And what other ministry?

Put your head.


Working his vineyard.

By sharing the gospel.

Working his vineyard by encouraging others when they start, falter and feel depressed.

Or import.


For the minutes.

Pray for labor.

Pray for the blessing.

And instead of being period.

About what God is going to.

Reward you as what is fair.

I would much rather receive from God now what is fair.

I want his generosity.

I wanted to say.

I want him to say.

Now you know.

My servant Joe.

You speak all that well.

Even faster.

For thousands of people came to know me.

He wasn't all that successful when it comes to minutes.

But he love.

New space.

We hung in there.

And I'm going to be generous.

And give him more than he was.

Is that who are God?

And if I only get what I am.


There's still more than I did.

Is that our God is?

We are going to sing a song as a part of our reflection.

Until the whole world.

Now you might think, well, OK, that has an ending date.

Not really.

Is there a people born every moment?

There are people always.

Being born who need here.

The weird this.

Until the whole world here.

With the whole world won't hear.

Keep being born.

We will be busy.

And all God's people said.

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