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FBCWest 341 | The Sermon on the Mount, Part 1: The Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount, Part 1: The Beatitudes | Poster

Recorded On: 06/23/2019


“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“All Hail King Jesus”
SCRIPTURE READING – John 4:23 & 24
“Won’t Stop Now”
“Good to be Alive”
“Change My Life”
“Do it Again”

SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate
MESSAGE Pastor Joe
“The Sermon on the Mount, Part 1: The Beatitudes”

Time of Reflection

“Sweet, Sweet Spirit”

Benediction “Only Jesus”


Matthew 5:1 & 2

Matthew 5:3 Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:4 Those who mourn

Matthew 5:6 The gentle

Matthew 5:7 Those who hunger and thirst for


Matthew 5:8 The merciful

Matthew 5:9 The peacemakers

Matthew 5:10 The persecuted

Matthew 5:11 & 12 Response to persecution

Galatians 5:22 & 23 The fruit of the Spirit


Transcript of Service

In this series, we've been taking a look at the life and Ministry of Jesus in a imperfect chronological order.

We have seen.

Did he has the power and authority? To.

Give the word of God and preach the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We've seen. He has the power and authority to cast out demons to heal all kinds of illnesses, and diseases to make people who were uncleaned clean.

He healed those diseases, either up close or from a distance.

Now were to come to some of his teaching and we're coming to this form, which commonly known as the sermon on the Mount.

Which is intimidating for me?

You see I've been preaching long enough and I've had the opportunity to go to like the Southern Baptist Convention and they have the start of their conventions. They pastors conference and at that passage conference usually it's not so much about.

Making passers better, but giving.

The famous and growing church pastors an opportunity to preach and what usually happens after they preach.

Is that people passable didn't go out in the hallway and purchased back when I was in it was.

Set it's now it's DVD's and thumb drives and whatever but they would purchase those.

And I knew enough to know there were perching some not enough because they thought the sermon was so great, they wanted to hear it again.

But because they wanted to copy it.

They wanted to preach that sermon back home for since after all. If that pastor was well recognized and they thought he did a great job. They wanted to emulate him.

I never bought any of those.

But I am intimidated by Jesus is sermon.

One by the authority of what he has to say.

Until I also understand because at the end of the sermon even people acknowledge the power and authority? He had as he?


So as a result on the sermon on the Mount. I am not going to try to preach it all at one time I'm going to break it up into a number of.


One because I don't have the same.

Well, I have a better word charisma as Jesus or other famous pastors and so you would probably start looking at your watch, saying well. When are we going home? Is then he done yet?

So we're breaking up are also want to break it up because I think there are certain really important things that Jesus has to say in this sermon that again. We call sermon on the Mount.

And I want to use this, if you will like.

A player coach.

Player coaches sense if I'm still in the game just like the rest of you so it's not like Hawaii have achieved at all, and therefore now will tell you what to do, I'm gonna say.

This is what Jesus told us to do so in that whether it's say basketball or football or whatever usually come up with a game plan and then during the course of the game, oftentimes at halftime or whatever. There are some adjustments and like in football. The linebackers will have little breakout session and.

And they'll make some adjustments and say we're going to do this, or do that now in Jesus situation. We don't need to make any adjustments in his strategy or is teaching.

But what it does allow us do whether you're the first quarter halftime third quarter, or at the end of the fourth quarter. In your life. It is good to look at what Jesus has taught us to see if we are not only understanding his teaching.

But doing it.

It's not good enough to be able to recite a whole bunch of Bible verses.

But they haven't changed our lives.

Then there a minimal importance to us.

An one of that those examples of that is there was a commercial several years ago.

Where there is this football team and during the locker room in the coaches just young and screaming and and caring on about the lack of execution whenever.

And one appears to be alignments kind of raises senses but coach.

We're ahead.

He was that's what I'm talking about your complaints sent in whatever and so a lot of times. We ask Christians have kind of 2 things that we look at we either get complacent.

Jesus forgave me, I have a whole bunch of Grace and I just got home and live my life. The way I want to 'cause. He's gonna forgive me anyway. Or we have the sense of. We're so far behind in the score that it just doesn't matter what we do.

That's the awesome thing about Jesus.

You're going to win.

And it doesn't matter what the score is so get in the game.

Know what it is that he's requiring of us and so he's gonna start off. This sermon on the Mount that his call with what is called the beatitudes?

Now the Beatitudes means Supreme Blessing Supreme Blessedness.


Different translations.

When it comes to this passage of the Beatitudes.

Translated blessings differently going to start with the first few verses that I'm going to.

Kind of hone in on bless bless it.

So when Jesus all the crowds, he went up on the mountain and after he sat down.

And his disciples came to him, he opened his mouth and began to teach them, saying now. I find it. Interesting II would have really liked to have sat down and had you all stand up.

But again, I know.

Did you gonna kind of lived one foot? When you're going to get tired and you're going to? Give me less time to speak then you do if you're sitting down.

And so I will let you sit down but.

It would be cool if I got to sit down. However, I'm not. I guess at that point in my my ministry or health that I have 2, there is for instance, like doctor Stanley if you seen him. He's at that point where he sits on a chair with round table and that may happen to me sometime, but at this point because of our cultural situation, I'll continue to San.

And maybe I'll walk around a little more than I do or don't but.

The dealer so I'm not going to make it stand, but I want you to think about it that Jesus is.


Not only the content, but the delivery is so.


That they stand and they listen and they here.

But he's speaking to his disciples and he's going to make some comparisons and some contrast. You talk about who disciples are and what the qualities and characteristics are in the characteristics and qualities of nonbelievers.

So as we go through this.

As a player, coach I'm going to encourage you to review it and not just the time while I'm speaking.

But throughout the week and weeks.

To kind of do some self checking.

Do I have the same qualities? What is it that God needs to work on me now as I said that God needs to work on me as this isn't like turning over a new leaf.

This is God working in US?

So Jesus is going to speak to his disciples.

He said bless and I'm gonna stop there.

Sometimes I say Blessid 'cause I want to get the idea that it's past tense.

Blessid blessed.

And then he's not home and these beatitudes.

If you've taken any logic courses. You've heard of the if then statements if this then that.

Jesus is it gonna use in these beatitudes that if then he's going to simply say then this.

Then this.

Then this.

Now the word blessed if your translation says happy.

I hope no, I don't humbly.

Ihon humbly disagree.

It's not happy.

I give you an example. There is a song that says bless the Lord Oh my soul.

It's not saying happy.

The Lord.

All my soul.

Blessed means.

And if you look in the dictionary, they'll say it says.

An approval statement.

I think it's more than that.

It's an approval with benefits.

So give you a really bad example.

If you worked a long time in a particular job.

And your boss comes up to you and slap shot it back to say you know you've been a great employee.

Let's praise.

That's not blessing.

That's praise.

If on the first day you show up and you haven't even clocked in yet. The owner of the business comes up and says you know what I'm going to do.

I'm gonna give you the business.

That's blessed.

You didn't deserve it. You didn't do anything to acquire it. It's because of the gift and the qualities of the owner of the business decided to bless you.

So God says Jesus is blessed.

Are the poor in spirit?

For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

W**** and spirit.

In essence recognizes that when it comes to my spiritual abilities am bankrupt.

A maxed out on all the credit cards. I can't get any other loans. I'm broke I'm poor.

And the only way that I am going to have any type of spiritual.


Is to acknowledge that I'm poor Jesus said that he came to preach to the poor and he was coming to preach that on to the financially poor, but especially to those who acknowledge that they were poor in spirit.

Because it's not until you acknowledge that your poor in spirit that you're going to do anything about it.

As long as you think your self sufficient, spiritually you're just going to go on, doing what you're doing.

I don't need God he's a crutch all the other excuses people give.

But the people who acknowledge that their poor in spirit.

Something happened to notice.

Blast it's past tense.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The very thing that Jesus came to Proclaim is what the poor in spirit will receive.

We enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not because we're deserving not because we're rich and spirituality.

But because we are poor bankrupt and we understand it is God that needs to.

Pay our debt.


For those who mourn.

But they shall be comforted.

It's easy to think well what Jesus means here is.

Oh, those of us who are just grown around sad face and always everything is old pour me miserable.

Somebody's talking about you talk about those who are spiritually morning.

All too often.

We take a look in.

There's nothing wrong with it at but not exclusively. We are usually thankful if we are that Jesus is forgiven us of our sins.

But we rarely morn.

There was required to do so.

There's a dual.

As a teenager that I like to listen to.

Now back when I was doing drugs, let you know, my age, you know a lot of people like.

Freeman and Steppenwolf and all these other Hard Rock groups and an.

They were fine if you go to a party but I'm not kind of a party guy, so now so I tend to listen to people like Neil Diamond.

I know a solitaire E manual 'cause that kind of fit, my mom and and the other group that I like to listen to a lot with Simon and Garfunkel.

I am a rock I'm an island kind of again fit.

The depression I was going through at the time.

But they had one song called dangling conversation.

And and there, there is a phrase it is always stuck with me all way back as a teenager.

And it says this.

At no time.

Do we place our bookmarkers?

To measure what we've lost.

Usually again, you were going through school you required to read so many pages and so you put the book marker well. I gotta 100 pages done. I got 200 and we celebrate the fact that we made the accountant through the book.

But we never will think about what is it that I can get out of the book.

As you said I gotta completed.

We should mourn.

That we are not in the position as as disciples.

Is God had intended us to be?

Could you imagine?

It's just a week ago.

You decided to give it all to Jesus?

You said some of it.

How would be different today than a week ago?

Or, a month ago.

Or 6 months ago.

Or year ago.

Or at that time when you were so excited to Jesus Forgave You and you got baptized and you thought that you could charge hell with a squirt gun because you are so excited for what he done for you.

But you know like it's in the way.

Maybe we should more.

And we're not more closely.

Using that open door.

Yes, we do.

It also says that they will be comforted.

Which means that God is not here to say Well, you know you blew it?

He will comfort you.

And they're going to be those.

Who are going to suffer and revelations tells us?

It got himself will wipe away every tear.

What an amazing comfy?

The God himself.

Wipes away for cheers.

And notice this blessid are those who mourn.

It doesn't say maybe there will be comforted.

But they will be comforted.

Blessid are and the old King James says Meek.

My translation says gentle.

And I'm not so humbly think that that's a better translation because.

Too often people think meek means week.

In Jesus was not weak.

But he was meat, he was gentle.

Gentle or the alternative is not you like power, but you didn't exercise it.


Our son was a little.


We decided to use the word gentle.

Because it's hard to say, Gentle Meanly.

So it kind of you can get and there was a time. One of the first times. I remember use that word on him.

Hello Chip,

In his hand.

He started to squeeze it.

He's a baby. It didn't mean it. It even like power to crush that thing.

Who's the gentle gentle so that he might?


That, he had the power.

Brush it.

But he chose.

Not too.


Placid are those who are gentle.

But that's not the thinking of the world.

The thinking of the world is aggressive use of force.

You got those have always wanted to be in power.

Whether it's through democracy or oligarchy.

Or dictatorship.

I'm in control, my word you obey me.

And the interesting thing is.

No matter how far.

Their territory scented.

It didn't last.

As it wasn't their world.

To take

It wasn't their world.

The key

So notice it said.

Blessid are the gentle for they shall inherit the Earth.

Being gentle means you thought about your agenda.

So allowing God to do God Thing 'cause. It's his world and ultimately you can devise all the plans. You want to rule and reign. But God said. My people will rule with me.

We will inherit the Earth.

Now I already know I get Bakersfield.


My wife probably get some place like Malibu in Newport Beach is. She loves the ocean and she's had to put up with me.

And I'll be lucky if I get bigger spill as I told you before, I probably get a 711 there just this is about as far as.

I get butt so I'll get to an error something.

But the potential.

Shall not maybe.





Or those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

But they shall be satisfied.


Dare you to think of anything other than righteousness, but he will be satisfied.

There's a car or I got some people from Texas or a truck that you wanted to buy for a long time with a gun rack and all the great stuff and all of that and your and you can't wait to buy that car or truck.

Or sports car whatever it is.

Now, when you get it all man you wanna drive a lot and you wash it and you sure your friends.

Then there comes a time.

When you look at it, though but I don't want to wash it.

So I'll just drive around dirty some you know.

Yeah, I know the buds been there since the last time it rained but it'll rain again.


We we don't.

You fall madly in love.

And so you don't.

The world was soothed pleasure.

In Fain.


And none of those satisfy.

One of the great testimony that we listen to the people who acquire.



And Feign.

How they seem to look for something else that I look for drugs or alcohol or something to fill it because it is it satisfying.

The sad thing all they had to do is read.


Solomon goes I wisdom so I started setting my heart on everything. So he got wisdom and power and fame and wealth and all those things and he ultimately said it's all vanity.

They're not satisfactory.

So if you want to be truly satisfied.

Jesus says.

Hunger and thirst.

For righteousness.

And Jesus himself too.

People he talked to like the woman at the well.

Oh nickodemus.

If you drink the water that I have.

Living waters will rise if you read the bread of life my body.

You will never hunger again Jesus says if you pursue righteousness.

You will be shall be satisfied.

Why is it?

There were so often willing to pursue all those other things that are temporary.

And yet

On satisfying.

And Jesus says.

Thurston hunger for righteousness.

And you shall be satisfied.

Bless it.


Are the merciful?

For they shall receive mercy.

Kids especially but you'll hear a lot of people say, especially when they think they're getting a bum deal well that's not fair.

Everybody wants to be fair.

And one of the expressions, I heard is if you want something to be exact.

If you're spilling like a cupcake let's say.

And you're looking at 5 year olds.

Have 15 year old cut the cupcake and let the other 5 year old choose first.

You will know to the exact milliliter millimeter that that thing will be cut exactly in half because they want to make sure it's fair and they don't get any less.

I'm old enough, I don't want fairness, I want mercy.

I don't want what I'm entitled to or deserve I want mercy.

So what I mess up with you. I don't want you to treat me fairly. I want you to treat me with mercy.

And when it comes to God. I'd really don't want him to treat me with parents. I want him to treat me with mercy.

But there is a principle of Heaven that says this if you want to be forgiven or give.

If you want Mercy Give it.

Blessid or the merciful.

Or they shall receive mercy.

You wanna make sure you get mercy?

Not fairness.

Be versus.


Are the pure in heart?

But they saw Seger.

The pure in heart.

Not that 99 percent perfect.

But the pure.

If I took.

A glass of milk, which is white.

Inside here.

And dropped a single drop of oil.

In there.

You think it's pure.

There's only one drop of oil.

But I suspect you wouldn't want to drink.

'cause the little drop.

Affect the entire content.


A bottle of water, which I'm gonna drink right now.

Fortunately, it's generate pure.

What if I only put a drop of arsenic?

It's just a drop.

Surely you can't harm his look at all. The volume of water a single drop of ours and it certainly couldn't hurt.

Oh, yes, it could not hurt it can kill.


To have a pure?

Doesn't say B?


Have a pure heart.

You have a pure heart one that seeks entirely God.

Not God, some of the time or God, most of the time or that you're a follower of his most of the time, but you are pure in it.

They shall be.

They shall see God.

But a wonderful blessing.

No wonder there blessed.


Are the peacemakers?

For they shall be called Sons of God.

Notice it didn't save blessed are those who are in peace.

But those who experienced peace.

He said blessed are the peacemakers.

All too often people love disturb the plot.

They come in, they see a problem instead of trying to resolve it. They want to make it worse.

'cause they enjoy seeing people at each other.

Not so with Jesus.

Jesus came to make peace.

To make peace between you and God.

Not only did he make peace between you and God he reconciled us to him.

So that there is no longer any against this against God. The God has a perfect relationship with us because of what Jesus did, he made peace.

He says my peace, I give to you.

So we take the piece that he gives to us and we make peace. We just don't be at peace.

And notice the blessing.

And you shall be called sons or children of God and that title doesn't come because you and I think that their children got the the way it's phrased in the original it's God, who says you're by child.

'cause you're a piece make.

So thus far we've taken a look at whether we should be poor in spirit in water attitude is whether we mourn.

Whether we are gentle.

Whether we seek.

And hunger and thirst for.

Righteousness whether we're give mercy whether we seek.

And to be pure.

And weather.

We are peacemakers.

And he's going to then say in verse 10. Blessid are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness. He didn't just say buzz are those who are persecuted.

His blessid are those who are persecuted for righteousness.

There are countries all over this world today? Who are persecuted for a number of different things.

They're not persecuted because of seeking righteousness.

The persecuted because there are those who want power and want to dominate others.

This is blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness.

For theirs is not maybe not will be theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then he's gonna make it really person.

Does it those?

Blessid are.

Those who have been.

But then in verse 11, says bless it.

Are you?

When people insult you.

And persecute you.

And false they say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

So here's the.

This then.

You're blessed.

If you're persecuted.

And people lie about you.

Now, if you're a hypocrite. People say your hypocrite. Now your hypocrite. You're not being falsely accused you're just doing what they say you are.

But there's frequently people will lie about.

Believers in disciples.

When you're persecuted.

And all kinds of evil, said about you because of Jesus not because you're an idiot but because of Jesus.

He's going to say something that we

Don't naturally come by his most of us. Let's face it when we have hard times.

We have pity parties.

And we don't try to limit it to ourselves. You know first. We have kind of the pity party old pours me whatever and then we go to find somebody else and we try to get them to yeah, they're treating you so bad and then we try to get somebody else and if you don't. Give me enough. It is not forget you and I find somebody else who Oh Yeah, it's it's just out there.

Notice what Jesus says.


And be glad.

Jesus as they have a pity party, he says rejoice jumping down and be glad.


For your reward in Heaven is.


You see.

I haven't said this in a while.

Most people have the attitude.

I'm just going to get into heaven by the skin of my teeth.

And in all gonna be good and will walk the streets of gold and this is going to be wonderful.

But you don't get into heaven by the skin of your teeth, you get into heaven by the blood of Jesus.

But Heaven isn't necessarily the great communist stayed in the sky.

His otherwise he'd be lying here then.

Because my reward would not be great because it would be the same as everybody else.

But he says if I am persecuted for righteousness if I'm persecuted because of him.

My reward will be great.

That's why I'm not so far, getting out of Bakersfield.

As I've had a pretty easy Christian life.

Yeah, some of you don't like me, sometimes, but you know that's that's that's OK.

Not like you nail me to across yet.

I know you thought about it, but you haven't done it yet.

So rejoice and be glad for your reward in Heaven, his great.


'cause you're going to be in Great Company, or in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Anybody who's ever taken a stand for God usually gets up persecuted and oftentimes killed.

In our master was treated the same way.

They persecuted him they lied about him. They rejected him and they nailed him to across and thought they were doing God, a favor.

And as we've learned.

It is enough.

To be like our master.

So what's our attitude.

I want to kind of ruined the Beatitudes.

Think about B attitude.

What is your attitude?

About this.

These things are not things that we do, but or

We are not giving Mercy We are merciful.

We're not people who seek and hunger for righteousness. We are people who seek and hunger and thirst for righteousness.

We are gentle, we don't well. I'm going to try to bead rental today. No. No, we become it because that's who he is.

So the last scripture, I want to share with you comes out of.

Of not his sermon.

But one of his disciples.

His name was originally saw.

Who God changed to Paul?

And in violations.

Chapter 5 verses 22 and 23, says this.

But the fruit of the spirit.

His love

Joy peace.

Patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self control.

Against such things there is no law.

You see in order to be the attitude.

We need the spirit went well us.

That we might be the attitude.

Is otherwise we're simply playing games?

We're pretending to be gentle were pretending me, Mercer.

As opposed to seen that the mercy that God is dealt with us to see how he has been gentle.

With us.

And in turn, the love that he has shown us we give to others.

Not because that's what we're supposed to do, but that's who we are because we are the children of God.

And if we have these qualities.

There will be those who will hate us.

But there will be others.

Who want to come?

To that same Lord that we know.

Because we Stacy enough.


They wanna be with us if because it's like being with him.

Jesus was exceptionally popular.

Because he truly love.

Yeah, there are those who wanted the stuff.

But there were those who followed him.

Because he had the words of life.

And we should be those kinds of people.

That people say.


The Diary God says we are the children of God.

But that the world might acknowledge.

I don't understand why you think the way you think.

I understand why you are the way you are.

But I see God in you?

And I suspect.

Just like a parent who's even ugly.

And let's face it, but you know, most parents aren't all that wonderful looking and by the time we were finished raising their kids when we look even worse than we started out.

So I always tell people that.

My kids got their looks from me 'cause their mother, so has her.

But I understand this.

When a little babies born.

The parent seeks to find something that looks like them.

Oh, they have their father's eyes. Oh, they have a nose. Yes, about 6 inches long, but whatever it is they want to say that baby looks like me.

How wonderful

Would it be our father in heaven? Who says

He or she.

Looks like me.

You see their eyes.

More sparsely.

Have you seen there?

Does one wear like him?

There's a sweet, sweet spirit.

And whatever pleasure.

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