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FBCWest 501 | Job’s Wealth and Family Are Taken Away

Job’s Wealth and Family Are Taken Away | Poster

Recorded On: 05/01/2022


Hymn # 67 “Praise Him, Praise Him”
SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 24:7 -10

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings

Praise and Worship
“How Great Is Your Love”
“Way Maker”
“Goodness of God”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“Job’s Wealth and Family Are Taken Away”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Morning by Morning (I Will Trust)”
Benediction “God Really Loves Us”

Sermon Notes
Job 1:13 – 19 Job experiences tragedy
Job 1:20 – 22 Job’s response is to worship and not sin
Romans 8:26 & 27 The Spirit helps us by interceding
Romans 8:28 – 30 God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose
Romans 8:31 - 39 Nothing can separate us from the love of God


Transcript of Service

We have been blessed.

We have been blessed so much that when we have difficulties, we usually say that we've had a bad hair day.

And that kind of lets people know that things aren't going the way we want that now.

And we.

Do those types of things.

Every once in a while in our lives.

A really difficult circumstance happens.

And if you've not experienced this really difficult circumstance, be patient.

You will, because that's the lot of humanity is that we all experience.

Sickness, death?

War, famine.

Earthquakes, fire all sorts of difficult situations.

But what is important is not the circumstance.

But our response to that circumstance and we're going to.

See in this.

Portion of the Book of Job.

How job responded to a series of devastating tragedies.

He didn't have just a bad hair day.

He didn't have just one bad circumstance.

We're going to see in one day a series of tragedies, a series of devastations which came about because God and Satan had a conversation about job.

And Satan accused job of only worshipping God and praising God because he was blessed.

And saying, said if, if you take his stuff away, he will not only curse you, but curse you to his face to your face.

And God said, you can't touch him, but do with him as you will.

And so in chapter one, verse 13.

It follows up after Satan has left the presence of the Lord.

To do.

But Satan does.

Now, on the day when his sons and his daughters, and that being him being job, when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest Brother house.

Now this reminds us that there was this series of events that the that the seven brothers and the three daughters would take turns going.

Through the celebrations.

In one Brother house and then inviting their sisters to join in.

So at this particular series, if they're at this oldest Brother house, so they're celebrating at his house.

And a messenger came to job and said the oxen were plowing and the donkeys feeding beside them.

And the sabians attacked and took them.

They also slew the servants with the edge of the sword, and I am alone.

Have escaped to tell you, and so in essence to put it in our modern binocular.

One of Job's businesses just got a hostile takeover.

They seized his.

Support that he seized business his income.

These people took them and not only did they take his animals, which was a part of his business, they slew the servants as well so they they killed people.

That job knew that people that worked for job, that job had a knowledge of and trusted because they were participating in this.

Part of his business.

And while he was still speaking, mother also came and said the fire of God fell from heaven and burned up the sheep and the servants, and consumed then.

And I alone have escaped to tell you so.

Not only has one business been taken by a hostile another by supernatural causes.

The fire coming down from heaven has consumed a second part of his business.

He's now all this part of his.

I've been able to.

To make sure that he is diversified now two of his life incomes has been taken away, and again his servants.

Have been killed.

And while he was still speaking, another also said came and said, the Chaldeans found three bands, and made a raid on the camels and took them, and slew the servants with the edge of the sword.

And I am alone, have escaped to tell you.

His final business venture has been attacked.

Hostile takeover.

And removed.

This has all happened in one day.

As one servant tells him of a calamity of a tragedy before he's able to finish, another one comes in and another one comes in.

Now most of us will be really under 1 circumstance.

Tobas now experienced 3IN succession immediately on the very same day.

But that's not all.

Of the tragedies.

And while he was still speaking, another also came and said your sons and your daughters were eating and drinking wine in their.

Oldest Brother house

And behold, a great wind came from across the wilderness, and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young people, and they died, and I alone.

I have escaped to tell you.

So now not only has.

Job's business.

Has been decimated and removed and he's.

Now no longer a wealthy man.

He no longer has his children.

They've been killed, he's suffered.

Attacks by others, and he's had.

If you will Mother Nature.

Devastate him all in the series of not only one day, but repeated and repeated and repeated.

Before he can absorb the knowledge of one another, comps.

Now, so often when people have difficulty.

One of their immediate response is why God?

It's automatically we blame God.

And then it's like, well did.

I send I do quite why God.

Are you doing this to me?

And that's so often our response and many people response to tragedies and difficulties.

It's why.

Job has a different response.

Job isn't seek to understand why at this point, job doesn't seek to fall blame.

He doesn't say, well, you know, if my servants would have been paying attention, they could have repelled the attacks of the sapiens and the Chaldeans, and my property would be safe.

And if my house had been built and my brother, my son House had been built better, or God hadn't caused the window happen, that my children would be here.

That's not his response.

Their response is not why or to blame people or God.

Notice what Job's response is.

Then Joes job arose and tore his robe, that's.

In that culture, a sign of grief.

That he tears his clothes so he he's not.

Impervious to what has happened?

It hurts him.

It grieves him deeply, so he tears his robe and he shaves his head.

To let people know that he is grieving.

That this is difficult.

And he fell.

To the ground.

And worshipped.

Of some of the most amazing statements in the Scriptures, to me, this is one of the most amazing.

He grieved.

Didn't ask why.

Didn't blame.

He worshipped God.

When some difficulty arises in our life, some tragedy.

Oh, that we would be like Joe.

When the doctor calls you into his or her office and you know when he calls you or her calls you into his, his or her office.

It's never for a good thing.

And you can tell.

Because you've been called in and the uncomfortable ability of this doctor.

And they tell you such things as you have cancer.

Or you have leukemia.

Or you have some illness.

Multiple sclerosis, whatever the illness may be, it is a devastating statement.

When you are told that you have cancer.

All of a sudden, the.

Rest of the conversation kind of stops.

The doctor keeps talking, but you kind of stop listening because now you're trying to take in the impact.

What does that mean to?

Me how much?

Do I have to go through chemotherapy?

Do I have?

Some type of prognosis where I'm going to live longer?

And the doctor is gonna start saying we'll hear the courses of treatment and hear all.

The things and.

And it's just too difficult to take in because you've just been told you have this serious illness.

Weather the multiple storms.

And then worshipped.

All that when we and again we will.

If you've not already been told something devastating.

That's not going to be the first.

Or last time?

You're going to get a certain events.

You're told you have cancer, and you're told to do things, and you do those things.

And then there may come a time those treatments didn't work all of a sudden.

You have to accept those things.

It is.

Overwhelming, that's tragic. It's.

But the response of job is.

And the response that I hope.

The next time I have a tragic situation.

Is that I worship God?

It's not why.

It's not, how come.

So God, are you mad at me?

It's God I worship you because you're my father.

Who loves me?

And made me.

Sustain me even to this moment.

So he worships and he says.

Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked I shall return.

I didn't have anything when I came and I'm not taking anything with me when I leave.

He says it more eloquently than I do. My lack of eloquence is there are no U-Haul trailers on the back of a Hurst.

He says naked.

I came naked I leave.

They might dress me up, but I'm not even.

Taking the funeral clothes with me.

The Lord gave.

Joe Biden say man I worked so hard to gain all that I had all this wealth, all these businesses, all these servants and children who were great.

I worked so hard he goes.

Now the Lord gave.

The Lord blessed me.

The Lord has taken away.

God is sovereign.

What he allows it happen happens and what he does not allow to happen does not happen.

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.

Bless it, be the name of the Lord.

He makes a statement of saying it's not mine.

The blessings were not because of me.

It was because God gave them.

And if God chooses as God to take them away, OK, But I'm going to bless his name regardless.

And that should be our response whether God blesses US or God seems to take things away from us.

We ought to say, bless it, be the name of the Lord.

And I want you to notice something.

What did Satan say to God?

If you do this, he will curse you to your face.

And instead job goes bless it, be the name.

Of the Lord.

God knew Joe.

Satan just simply accused him.

God knows you.

But Satan will accuse you.

And he will take the opportunity to accuse you and accuse you and accuse you, and to take circumstances in this life that are difficult.

And try to get you to blame God.

To try to get you.

To curse God.

There are a lot of people who claim not to be believers, not because they don't believe in God, but because they're mad at God because either God took something away or didn't give them something that they want it.

God was in Santa Claus, and so therefore because he was in Santa Claus there mad at God.

But our response is.

To worship him.

To bless

Through all of this job.

Did not sin.

Nor did he blame God.

It wasn't one tragedy.

It was a series of tragedies in one day that most of us, if not all of us, would be seemingly overwhelmed.

But all four happened almost simultaneously, and yet God.

Was praised because Joe knew who God was and blessed him.

And bless his name and did him blame God and did it.

There is a pastor.

Who had lost his son in death?

And like most of us would.

Be reeling from that.

And his pastor, mentor of his.

Gave him some advice that I think is some of the best advice.

I've ever heard a pastor give.

Which is saying something, because most pastors give all kinds of advice.

He said do not exchange what you know about God.

With what you don't know about God.

So let me tell you a few things about God.

In one particular passage of scriptures.

If you'll turn to Romans chapter eight, one of my favorite.

Books and one of my favorite chapters in the book.

And we will start with verse.


I'm sorry 26.

In the same way, the spirit also helps our weakness, but we do not know how to pray as we should, but the spirit himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.

And he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the spirit is, because he intercedes for the Saints according.

To the will of God.

Sometimes things happen in our lives we just don't know how to pray.

We have no idea what to say.

Or to do and ask.

God says I got you covered.

The spirit knows my will.

The spirit will intercede for you on behalf of you to pray according to my will.

So when things happen and we're devastated, we don't have to.

Find the words.

Because the spirits going to pray for us to intercede for us.

To know what God's will is.

And to do it.

And we know.

We don't suspect.

We don't hope we don't have a reasonable idea.

We know that God causes all things that work together for good now.

Most people stop there.

Because they want this to be universally applied.

But we know that God causes all things to work together for good.

He didn't say one that all things are good.

I dare say that if you were to ask Joe of any of these four series of of things that were taken away from him, he would say none of them.

Were good.

He might say, OK, I can accept a couple of business losses, but why do?

You have to.

Mess with my kids.

And other people who have terrible kids say.

Why don't why?

Don't you just take?

The kids and leave the businesses so you.

Know we all have our.

Our dysfunctions.

He says he.

Didn't say all things are good.

He says all things.

Our cause?

To work together for good to those who love God.

Fun stuff happens.

Stuff happens.

But if you love God.

To those who are called according to his purpose.

God is going to work to make it good.

Now how so many people in modern Christianity try to turn that in is that they will some tragic event will happen.

And they'll say the good that God turned.

This is that now I have this ministry where I can minister to people who have suffered the same thing.

That I suffered.

I don't buy it.

If God were to take one of my children or grandchildren.

The fact that.

I have a new ministry, would not be.

Much of a.

Good to me.

I'd rather have my kids back.

I'll have my grandkids back.

I figure out another ministry, but we're always trying to to fit dangle and do things to to make sense of it.

God causes all things to work together for good.

God's going to make it.

And do it right and.

Do it for his purposes for those whom he foreknew he also pre destined to be, conformed to the image.

Of his son.

God's gonna take this terrible tragedy and make you like Jesus.

Wait a minute.

You're gonna take terrible stuff and make me like Jesus.

Well guess what God sent Jesus to suffer terrible stuff.

So that we might be like Jesus.

So that he would.

Be the first born among many brethren, and these whom he pre destined.

He also called him, these whom he called.

He also justified in these whom he justified.

He also glorified God has got a plan for our lives we're seeking.

Our purpose, the purpose as God has called US God has predestined us.

God has called us God his.

Justified us and then God is going to glorify us.

It's his purpose.

Just be conformed to it.

What then shall we say to these things?

If God is for us who is against us?

He who did not spare his own son, but delivered him over for us all, how will he not also with him, freely give us all things?

Who will bring the charge against God's elect? God is the one who justifies who is the one who condemns Christ Jesus is he who died?

Yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God who will also intercedes for us.

God has got your back.

And your front and your side and your bottom and your top.

God has you.

And Jesus intercedes for you.

That's why.

He's sitting at the right hand of God.

When we mess up, Jesus says I cut paid for that.

When we're favorite season says, I am faithful.

Satan charged.

Joe, by saying you take his blessings, he'll curse you to his face.

And Jesus is there to say no, he won't.

'cause I've interceded for him.

Who will separate us from the?

Love of Christ.

Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril?

Just as it is written for your sake, we are being put to death all day long.

We are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.

He say nothing can separate us from the love of God.

So that advice that that Pastor gave is scriptural.

We know that God loves us.

We know that God intercedes for us.

We know that nothing can separate us, no matter how damaging those catastrophes and disasters might be.

Nothing separates us from the love of God.

So when those tragedies.

Come and they will come.

We don't question whether.

God loves me.

Because he does, and he's going to make all things work together for good because I love God and I am called according to his purpose.

Now his purpose may be to say hey Satan, if you consider my servant Joe.

But I'm not that build a hedge around me first.

But that's what God calls me to do then that's what my mission is.

And hopefully that I will remember the scriptures that says nothing separates.

Me from the love of God.

Because he sent his son.

But in all these things, we.

Overwhelmingly conquer through him.

Who loved us.

We may be in the midst of our lives and I love to use sporting analogies.

We may be in the midst of a football game and.

We look up.

At halftime and the score is 99 to nothing and we don't have the 99.

And we may think that we're going to end in ignominious defeat.

But according to God's word, when the game is over.

We not only win, we win overwhelmingly.

It's now 1,000,000 to 99.

Trust him.

For I am convinced I haven't thought about this.

I haven't, I'm convinced.

I've considered it and considered it and considered it and seeing the observations and seeing what God has done in my life and the lives of others, and I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things that come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created.

Thing including Satan.

We'll be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

How is it that I?

Know God loves me because of Jesus.

How do I know that God hears me?

Because of Jesus.

How do I know that I'm a child of?

God because of Jesus.

Because the God has expressed his love and who he is.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now like you.

I hope the day when all of these tragedies come is as far in the distance as possible.

'cause when it comes to those things, I am.

A definite procrastinator.

I like the good life, don't like so much the tribulation.

But when that day comes.

The word of God has told me.

Nothing separates me from his love.

So I don't have to say why God?

I don't have to say.

Are you mad at me?

God, I don't have to blame God because he's unfair.

Because I know.

Nothing separates me from his love.

Not even myself.

So as job responded to all of these devastating tragedies

With worship

And declaring bless it be the.

Name of the Lord.

Not blaming God but praising him.

We should use as our example.

How to respond when those evil days come?

To know when I don't understand I will trust.

When it hurts, I will trust.

And I will make a statement.

That because of God's word, I know.

What it says.

And therefore.

I don't have to be afraid.

Because he has me.

In this life and eternally.

And all God's people said.

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