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Recorded On: 07/19/2020


July 19, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“Bless the Lord, O My Soul”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Revelation 4:11
“Yours is the Kingdom”
“Lift My Life Up”
“Get Back Up”
“Love Moved First”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“One out of Ten”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Do It Again”
Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes

Luke 17:11 Jesus is heading toward Jerusalem
Luke 17:12 & 13 10 lepers meet Jesus and ask for mercy
Luke 17:14 Jesus responses & as they are going, they are cleansed
Luke 17:15 One returns glorifying God
Luke 17:16 The former leper falls at the feet of Jesus & that person was a Samaritan
Luke 17:17 – 18 Jesus asks where are the others only the foreigner is here
Luke 17:19 Faith made him well

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Transcript of Service

Route uses his Earthly Ministry.

Well, he was traveling or it sounds.

In cities.

People would frequently cry out to him to heal them, or to perform some sort of miracle.

And, uh.

This isn't going to be an exception, so I wanna before I bring the message I want to ask you a question.

If Jesus were walking through Western New York.

What would you call out there?

Would it be healing?

Maybe the healing of a loved one.

Maybe a change in relationship?

Maybe some financial?

Salvation. What is it that you would call out?

Did you?

My next question is.

Whatever you would call out today was that would have been the same as who was maybe 2 years.

If Jesus walked by two years ago, what would have you fall down?

In my last.

Two years from now.

If Jesus was passing.

What would you call it?

Will turn in your bibles to Luke Chapter 17, starting with verse 11. We're gonna see.

Some people calling out to Jesus again.

This is while either being Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. Now that we took look.

The last time Jesus left.

Bethany, because he raised Lazarus, he went to the city of Etherium, and he went up Ward.

Galilean, that is district he was.

Preaching and teaching. And now he's making his way back so that he might be in Jerusalem.


And so he's making his way back to Jerusalem. He was passing between Samaria and Galilee.

Will on that border region is where he is.

Now, as he entered a village, 10 lepers men who stood at a distance met him.

And they raise their voices, saying Jesus Master.

Have mercy on a.


We live in a society where leprosy is not that.

Common actually is very uncommon, so we.

Don't really have.

That much infinite emphasis.

Empathy or what these?

And have gone.

But they were first, if you will.



They had.

Bodies that we're wasting away.

And literally fault in falling off.



And so they had a.

Very serious.

Medical condition.

But because of that medical condition, he also had a social problem.

No one would go near them for fear that they would.


And similarly in our society, you know that when people have certain.

Obvious illnesses people stay away as a matter of fact, it doesn't have to be that obvious, people think.

Really crazy things. Sometimes people won't go around people with cancer because somehow they think it may be contagious.

And so people stay away or they have the psychological aspect. Well, I don't want to think about.

Mortality, so if I stay away from that person and their people, I've known who refused to go to the hospital.

'cause they don't like hospitals and I always tell them.

Well, do you want people to stay away when you're there?

And they seem to want visitors if they ever go to the hospital, but they never want to go to the hospital because they might catch them.

But there was also a religious connotation to this as well. They were considered unclean, so they have to as they would go through places they would have to fall out unclean, unclean so that people would keep their distance so that they would become contaminated and unclean themselves. They could not go to synagogue, they could not go to the temple because they were unclean, so they had a physical medical social.



And even during today's one of the things that people complain about, all the things that are happening is that you can't socially be both. You have to social distance and that effects people. So you can imagine how these ten felt that they had all of these.


And so there asking Jesus.

They have mercy on them. All of them, the tent.

And when he saw them, he said to them, go.

And show yourself to the priest.

Jesus doesn't commit the healing them. He simply says go to the priest.

But that they statement basically saying I'm going to heal you because in order for them to return to society, they had to get the approval of the priest that they had been cleaned.

And so Jesus sends them.

To go check with the priest.

And as they were going.

They were cleaned, they leave and arrive to the priest as they were moving towards the priest.



Now there were no longer socially distant. There were no longer physically this, and there were no longer.

Having the health implications, they no longer had the religious.


They were cleansed.

And you must imagine if you think about it, how it must have been to go from whatever stages of leprosy that they had to having knew skin there. Having the ability to interact to maybe even go home for the first time in however long that they had. Celebrity, the only friends they had were the 10 of themselves.

And so they were going, and there were cleansed.

First 15.

Now one of them.

When he saw that he had been healed.

Turn back

glorifying God with a loud voice.

And he fell on his face at the feet.

Giving thanks.


One had a different reaction.

1 instead of continuing on.

With his life turned back and gave Glory to God.

Not just quietly, he gave Glory to God with a loud voice.

I love for.

I enjoy them.

I get involved in certain things. I really like football.

**** her not so much.

When my team is playing, I'm I'm very nervous that I want them to win, and when they score I'm very excited and when they win, I wanna see the I wanna see the game again. I want to watch the news when they lose I don't want to watch the news I don't want to see any of the.

I just don't wanna do it and so Fortunately.

My team although.

Football hasn't started again. I've been able to watch the Super Bowl a number of times.

And it's wonderful to watch the Super Bowl 'cause I know where they win, so I'm not nearly as stressed.

But there is a certain amount of yelling and screaming and doing those things that rejoicing.

And I know some of you 'cause I've I've seen some of you.

Now you're.

You're a deal is hockey.

Now I've seen some really quiet people from church.

Yell and scream.

Turn a hockey.

And I always wonder.

To myself into others.

If we can yell and scream.



that no one in a couple years will remember who won.

Why can't we speak loudly?

Glorifying God for what he's done.

And this is what this person is done. He goes with a loud voice.

Praising God and giving him glory as he acknowledges who heals him and he falls at the feet of Jesus giving thanks.

Now, if you've been alive.

Into at least.

Play teenage years to adult. You're. There are times when you call out to God.

And when he answered.

You give him thanks.

Are you just go on?

We like the other nine who just simply go on with life.

Or maybe a little.

Under the breath. Thank you.

Not this one.

He comes back.

Well, at the.

Of Jesus.

The thing.

And he.

Was this the merit?


I find this very interesting 'cause Jesus has given.


to shock the Jews into their relationship with Jesus because they hate this American.

Because their halfbreeds when it comes to DNA and they are false believers when it comes 'cause they worship at a different tempo and they do all of these things and the Jews simply hate them, so much so that a good you would not found dead in some area.

But here's The One.

Not in a parable, but in reality the one that no one would think of who would come back.

Comes back.

To give praise.

And thanks.

And Jesus answered instead.

Were there not 10 cleanse?

But the 9 where are they?

Unfortunately, I think things haven't changed all that much.

God is active and alive in this world today.

In God answers a number of prayer.

And yet it seems after answering the prayers in the crisis, they continue to go their way.

Instead of returning to give, pray.

In fact.

Was no one found.

Will return to give glory to God.

Except this born.

You'd expect.

If people of God to give God praise for what God is doing and yet a person who is not a part of the people of God is the one who does.

But it seems being in the minority is probably very common.

When it comes to following God.

Way back

when Israel was going to buy out the promised land.

They sent 12 slide.

Then we came back with a majority report saying it's gonna be too hard there too big. We seem too small, will never be able to do it. There was a minority report of two that yeah, well we can do it. God can give them into our hands.

And the people listened to the majority rather than.

So if you find yourself alone sometimes.

Maybe it's because you're on the right track.

And he said to him.

Stand up.


Your face.

Has made you.

I want you to notice.

All 10 work plan.

But because one came back, only he was made well.

How often have we forfeited?

Would God could do for us?

Or being content or what God did?

They work in the nine were content with being.

Made when.

And yet the one who came back giving Glory and honor and praise and thanks.

Went for being Flynn.

Be made well.

If we would just understand.

As Jesus passes by.

To do more than simply asked him to do something.

But that when he does something, or even when he does, nothing is simply because of who he is.

The fall down on our knees.

And Glorify God and give.

Then it goes from.

Doing what we there.

You doing beyond what we are even capable of imagine.

All too often.

We want to worship God for what he can do for.

And when he's done that.


The foxhole confession God. If you'll just Get Me Out of this.

Difficulty, I will serve you.

And then when he gets you out of the difficulty, you continue on with your life.

Like the nine here.

God showed mercy on 10.

Only one was made.

So my.

Encouragement to you.

My challenge to you.

Is that when you acknowledge Jesus passing by?

You simply don't fall out.

And be satisfied with the end.

Did well.



You give him praise for what he's done.

And who he is and glorified.

I suspect.

You will find more rich.

In there.

Oh, there a lot of churches.

We're going to talk about this Sunday.

How God wants to make you rich or God wants this or God wants to satisfy your dreams and all those.

And God main make you rich in May.

Satisfy your dreams and do all those.

But it seems to be the majority response.

Is if there is a thank you, there's still a.

Now I can do what I want.

Hold on.


What it is that you need?

Whether he supplies it.

Or even if he.

Hang around it.

Give him praise not.

For what he did.

Glorify God.

Or who?

And give thanks.

That he may have answered your prayer, whether it's health or finances or relationship.

You understand?

That he is capable of so much.

Don't limit him.

I want you back.

Is God Love?


A love

people who glorify.

We're gonna sing this song that says, do it again.

And I wanted to do this on not so much for God doing miracles again.

But now we might say God Give me another opportunity.

And when you walk through my.

I'll do it right.

I'll be like this again.

Here's You, Pretty.

Who gives you Gore?

And thanks.

All God's people said.

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