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FBCWest 405 | A Rich Man and a Poor Man Named Lazarus

A Rich Man and a Poor Man Named Lazarus | Poster

Recorded On: 06/28/2020


June 28, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“As the Deer”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Galatians 1:3 - 5
“Every Day”
“Born Again”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“A Rich Man and a Poor Man Named Lazarus”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“I Will Rise”
Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes

Luke 16:19 – 22 Conditions of two men
Luke 16:22 Both men die
Luke 16:23 & 24 Rich man’s eternal situation
Luke 16:25 & 26 There is no mercy for the rich man
Luke 16:27 & 28 Rich man wants Lazarus to rise from the dead to warn his brothers
Luke 16:29 & 30 His brothers already have the Law and the Prophets
Luke 16:31 They won’t believe even If someone comes back from the dead He is right!!!!!


Transcript of Service

We are continuing on in our series of the life.

Earthly life and Ministry of Jesus.

We are coming.


To what we call the Holy Week. But it's still a.

In our study, still several weeks off.


When Jesus speaks and teaches.

Whatever the time.

And whatever the location is something that we should take seriously.


As most of us and I think, including Jesus as you get to the end of your time, either at some particular ministry or the end of your life, the things that you have to say take an even greater importance.

And so Jesus is going to continue teaching in Parables.

But I see this particular parable as having so much richness to it.

That we tend to look at only a part of it, so I want to look at a couple of facets of it. First off.

The kind of the context is is that the Pharisees and Sadducees and the religious leaders and many of the Jews, an without throwing stones at them, many of us.

Have a wrong theology?

We think when somebody receives wealth and those types of things that God is impressed, it's there somehow Righteous and God is rewarding them. And if that's the case and obviously there saved if there's ministries doing well, then obviously that's a great blessing.

And when Jesus keeps teaching in Parables about.

The debtors Ann about forgiveness and about wealth, and that you can't serve 2 Masters. The Pharisees, Sadducees, religious leaders scoff because their theology is Yeah, but God blesses you. So therefore he's gonna take on that false theology again.

But he's going to do it in such a way that is included more than just that false theology. So in Luke Chapter 16, starting with verse 19, we see this now. There was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor everyday.

We just saying every day, every day this guy was having a party. He enjoyed his life. He dressed greatly. He dressed in purple which meant he dressed like royalty. He dressed and not only linen which was expensive, but fine linen he looked sharp. He when he went out people knew he was a rich man. People knew he was important 'cause he dressed in lemon at Lenin and he habitually did these things. He just.

Loved it.

And he was joyous about it.

Living in splendor everyday.

By contrast, verse 20 says in a poor man named Lazarus.

Was laid at his gate, covered with sores and longing to be fed with the crumbs which were falling from there. Which rich man's table.

Besides, even the dogs were coming and licking his sores.

Now there are some discussion and debate whether this is a parable.

Or an event?

Because in almost all the Parables except this one, no names are ever given. It just says a Samaritan or there was a judge or there was a widow and it never gives a name. But here Jesus gives a name.

I think this is a parable, but I have three reasons. I think Jesus names the poor man.

Reason number one.

Lazareth means.

The Lord has helped.

Which is going to slap them in the face 'cause it go, wait a minute. Here's a guy who's poor.

Full of sores, dogs are looking him and nothing seems to be getting better. While the rich man is living in splendor and eventually just dressing well. What do you mean? the Lord has helped and it's not even the Lord will help. It's passed since the Lord has helped, because when God Acts.

Doesn't matter whether it's past tense, present tense, or future tense, it will happen.

And so I think Jesus is giving for one of three reasons. Uh, name here by the poor man. He saying, you think it's a rich man that God has helped and I'm going to tell you it's the poor man who God has helped. And then he's going to show what. But I want you to see the First off that this man is poor, which means most people don't wanna hang out with him because he can't do anything for them. Second off he has source.

Which were not told exactly what kind of swords, but generally speaking source goos with some kind of liquid.

If that's the case, then he would be considered ceremonially unclean. No one would ever want to touch him.

And if that was n't enough dogs licked it.

Which meant he was unclean because dogs were not considered.

And so we have this situation. We have a poor man who's hungry, apor man who has it was just hoping to get crumbs. He's not even asking for a seat at the table, he just wants some crumbs.

From the table.

Now first 22, the floor man died.

And he was carried away by the Angels to Abraham's bosom. Now I want you to notice. It says he died. It doesn't say anything about what they did with the body.

I suspect they didn't do much with the body. They probably dropped it off and what we what they called at that time. Gahanna the big trash he.

But the important thing was not his body.

But his soul.

And it says that the Angels came and carried him to Abraham's bosom.

Which shows a different perspective, the scripture say.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his godly ones.

Now we have a different because we love the person or we miss a person or were dependent on the person. So there is that grief which is reasonable and the scripture say we're not to grieve as those who are without hope. It doesn't say we're not degree, but God perspective is not grief. Gods perspective is welcome home.

And so it's saying that.

At this point, because Jesus hasn't died and Rose again, he is in what is called Paradise called hear Abrahams. Bosom and essence was happened is the Angels brought him an if we take a look in the future with Jesus at the Last Supper, John was at his Jesus's bosom. He was closest rested on the chest, the breast of Jesus and in essence was happening.

Is it saying that this poor man this?

Unclean man, this one that everybody rejected. He was so honored that he was placed closest.


The father so.

And the rich man also died.

Anne was buried.

So they took his body and placed it in a tomb and they gave him whatever.

Send off that they would for a rich man.

But notice it doesn't say that the Angels carried him away.

So it says a different place for this man. The poor man is in Abraham's bosom, first 23, in Haiti's he being the Richmond lifted up his eyes being in torment, and saw Abraham far away an lazareth in his bosom.

So he's seen a contrast. He's in torment in 80s.

While Lazarus is receiving blessings and peace.

The second reason, I think, that this is important is while if this were the only text on hell.

Then we should not get our theology from here, but when it?


The other things that Jesus says.

You see, Jesus taught on Hella lot.

We tend to just ignore it.

We tend to think Oh well, you know, it's just a figment no no.

Did parable here is a spiritual truth, conforming to what Jesus taught, where the fire doesn't flinch, and the worm doesn't die, and you're in torment. And so this parable reflects that teaching.

So he was in torment.

But it's, uh, the contrast lazareth in his bosom, and he cried out and said, father Abraham, have mercy on Main and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue.

For I am in agony in this Lane.

The second reason that I think Jesus gives the poor man a name.

Is because not only was lazareth the poor man at the gate?

The rich man was fully aware that Lazarus was at the gate because he knew his name.

This isn't a person as we're driving off the freeway holding a sign saying I'm hungry and were in doubt whether we should help or not. Is this person truly in need or is it just a scam and we're never sure.

The rich man knew Lazarus was in need, so much so that he knew his name.

And yet he still has a little bit of.

I guess the word would be updating us.

'cause he's thinking Lazarus should be sent to minister to him.

Is after all, he's the rich guy.

And Lazarus were just the poor guy.

So it says send.

Lazarus to me so that he might serve me that he might ministering to me by putting some water on and cooling me off. 'cause I'm being tormented in these lames.

But Abraham said child and notice.

He says child it means.

He's a DNA.

Son of Abraham.

But as Jesus says that God is able to raise rocks.

As children of Abraham, and just because your DNA says something, doesn't make you that.

So he says child, remember that during your life you receive good things and likewise lazareth bad things. But now he is being comforted here. And you are in agony.

Now here's the contrast. Yes, Lazarus received bad things for a temporary period of time.

And the rich man received good things for a temporary period of time, but Lazareth will receive blessings for eternity.

And the rich man will receive torment for eternity.

The Wise person says.

I wanna look for eternity, not for the temporary and he goes on besides all of this between us and you there is a great chasm fixed so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able to. Those people who are affected by what they see will not be able to crossover.

And that none may crossover from here there to us.

The teaching is.


The determination is set.

It can't be changed.

There is not a second chance in eternity.

Every chance that you get.

Is here and now.

And I believe.

Almost every non believer.

We sees more than one chance.

And I believe almost every believer.

Received more than one chance.

But once.

Eternity is set in. There's no changing places.

They have him for those who believe.

The Haiti's for those who do not.

And verse 27, he said, then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father's house, or I have 4 five brothers, in order that they may warn them so that they will not come to this place of torment. Now it's interesting the person in Haiti's becomes an evangelist.

Which is the exact opposite of what you hear people say who are very proud of the fact that they're going to hell.

'cause they say all my buddies are going to be there.

We're going to have a party until they get there, and I said, I hope my buddies don't come.

So all of a sudden this rich man who could care less about Lazarus, who could care less.


God How do I know that?

'cause Jesus says.

How can you say you love God?

If you do, you did not see if you do not love your brother.

Who you can see.

And the rich man never offered love. The Lazarus.

And therefore he never loved God.

If there ever was a neighbor, and if there ever was a question, who is my neighbor? The person parked out at your front gate is your neighbor.

And so he wants.

Abraham to send Lazarus.

So that he might be an evangelist to tell his brothers not to come to Haiti's.

But Abraham said they have Moses and the prophets.

Let them hear them.

The response is they have the word of God.

Jesus even says.

And the scriptures you search for eternal life.

And they speak of me.

If they want, if the rich man ever and his brothers want to know about Jesus and eternal life, then search the scriptures.

As they told of a Messiah who is suffer and die and raise again for them.

So it goes.

They have the script they already have. The necessary evangelist is called Moses and the prophets.

So let them hear from them.

First 30, but he said, no. Father Abraham. But as someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent.

Now that's a pretty good argument thing. Well, if somebody rises from the dead, they certainly would listen to them. They certainly would pay attention, and maybe they would not come there. So you would think that that the rich man's argument might have found a resting place.

But he.

The neighbor had said to them.

If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, they will not be persuaded. Even if someone rises from the dead.

The third reason, I think that Jesus calls Lazarus Lazarus.

Because Jesus.

In his.


Raise from the dead. A little girl who is 12 years old.

It wasn't mass belief.

Jesus saw a young man.

And his widow, mother morning and feeling compassion. He raised him from the dead.

Third case.

In a short while, there will be a man called Lazarus.

Who Jesus will raise from the dead after four days being dead and these same religious leaders, instead of repenting instead of saying that he is the son of God, determine how to kill not only Jesus, but Lazarus.

So Abraham is correct.

Even if someone raises from the dead, they will not believe and the final person.

Then I will discuss who raised from the dead.

His name, Jesus.

The son of.


Who, according to the Scriptures died?

And was buried and according to the scriptures raise from the dead.

And yet, the religious leaders.

Gave money to the guards to tell them to lie.

The truth did not matter.

All of Christianity.

Lies on one central historical fact.

That Jesus rose from the dead.

If he did not rise from the dead.

Paul even says then your and my and his faith is in vain.

And we are still in our sins. If Jesus did not rise from the dead.

When there is uncertainty in our faith.

We look.

To the resurrection of Jesus.

When there is uncertainty as whether God will come through, whether the Lord has helped.

We look at Jesus and his resurrection, which gives us hope.

A living hope.


The question is.

Now whether

A person rises from the dead or not?

Persuades anybody.

The question is, does it cause faith?

To happen.

And those who refuse to believe will refuse to believe.

And you know, even in our own culture.

There are people.

Who think Jesus was a great teacher?

Raven people who think that Jesus.

Was able to do miracles.

And some.

Believe that he also rose from the dead.

That's as far as they think about.

It doesn't change them.

It doesn't change their life.

It doesn't change their destiny.

You see the poor man.

You cannot judge his trajectory into eternity based on his stats.

And you cannot determine.

The trajectory, an eternity of the rich man based on his status.

And you cannot determine the trajectory of your eternity.

Based on your status, but only based.

On your.

Understanding them believe.

That Jesus rose from the dead.

The Scripture says.

For those who believe that God raised Jesus from the dead.

And confess with their mouth, Jesus as Lord shall be saved.

Notice how essential.

We believe in the resurrection is not just or. I believe that there is a God and I believe that would happen. No no. The.

Underlying belief is who Jesus is and what did he do and why did he do it?

And so the teaching here is do not be deceived by your circumstances.

2nd, do not be deceived that you have an opportunity, because this may be the last opportunity that a person has to come to saving faith.

As there's no second chance.

In Haiti's

another teaching.

Unfortunately, our Catholic brothers and sisters are wrong.

There is no purgatory.

There's only two destinations.


Or as Jesus told.

The thief on the cross. Today you will be with me in paradise.

Or Haiti's.

A place of torment.

And that.

If a person.

Simply to rejects outright the scripture.

Which many people do.

Even those who claim to be believers, they have these seminars. There's one called the Jesus seminar, which.

Takes out all the things they don't think that Jesus said.

If they knew.

You're unlikely.

Bring them to faith.

Now I find it interesting in the early days of the church.

People came to faith because they weren't the scriptures. They had the Old Testament.

They didn't have Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

They didn't have Romans that we use to witness the people they didn't have relations. They didn't have the all the various books that we have to educate us in to inform us to give us correct doctrine and correct our.


But if someone wants you to convince them.

And they tell you to do away with the scriptures now.

Kind of like what?

Abraham told Richmond.

There was a written witness of Moses, the witness of the profits.

Witness of Jesus.

You don't accept that.

It's hard to have a conversation.

But in the early church, the power of God was evident upon those who believed.

In their testimony was genuine.

The testimony was true.

Which then leads me to say.

To remove one more opposition.

To those who don't believe.

Is that when they read our life?

It's consistent.

With Moses and the prophets.

And the teachings of Jesus.

So that even if they do not read.

The Scriptures.

Having read our lives.

They understand that we.

Not only believe a we know that Jesus rose from the dead.

And if they won't believe him.

There is nothing we can do.

Again, as I say, we do not have the obligation to win anybody to Christ.

That's the Holy Spirit's job.

Our job is to confess our job is to tell.

Our job is is how will they believe?

Unless someone is sent but you believe based on the word of God.

I'm not as four.

Are as sick as Lazarus.

But when it comes to righteousness.

I miss poor. I'm a sick Amazon clean, probably more so than him.

Or just because the Lord has helped?

I am Now Righteous.

Not because of self righteousness, but because of his righteousness.

And because of that, I won't be in Abraham's bosom, I will be in the presence of God.

And if you believe that as well, so will you.

And so the rich man.

This Splendidly.

Lived in luxury. Lived happily.

If that is our destination to be in the presence of God.

And let's start living like that now.

Let's start acting like.

We're going to be there rather than on was Maine.

Life so hard.

Her believe God's making me go through this.

Just remember, your name may not be lazareth.

But the Lord has helped.

And all gods people said.

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