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FBCWest 364 | Jesus Does All Things Well

Jesus Does All Things Well | Poster

Recorded On: 12/01/2019


December 1, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“O Come, All Ye Faithful”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 92:1 - 4
“Your Love Awakens Me”
“Goodness of God”
“You Love Me Anyway”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“Jesus Does All Things Well”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Always Enough”

Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Only Jesus”

Matthew 15:21 - 28 Jesus heals a Syrophoenician’s daughter
Mark 7:31 – 37 Jesus heals a man
Matthew 15:29 - 31 Jesus heals many


Jesus Heals a Syrophoenician’s Daughter

Matthew 15:21 Jesus went away from there, and withdrew into the district of Tyre and Sidon.

Matthew 15:22 And a Canaanite woman from that region came out and began to cry out, saying, "Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter is cruelly demon-possessed."

Matthew 15:23 But He did not answer her a word. And His disciples came and implored Him, saying, "Send her away, because she keeps shouting at us."

Matthew 15:24 But He answered and said, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

Matthew 15:25 But she came and began to bow down before Him, saying, "Lord, help me!"

Matthew 15:26 And He answered and said, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs."

Matthew 15:27 But she said, "Yes, Lord; but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters' table."

Matthew 15:28 Then Jesus said to her, "O woman, your faith is great; it shall be done for you as you wish." And her daughter was healed at once. Healing Crowds

Jesus Heals a Man

Mark 7:31 Again He went out from the region of Tyre, and came through Sidon to the Sea of Galilee, within the region of Decapolis.

Mark 7:32 They brought to Him one who was deaf and spoke with difficulty, and they *implored Him to lay His hand on him.

Mark 7:33 Jesus took him aside from the crowd, by himself, and put His fingers into his ears, and after spitting, He touched his tongue with the saliva;

Mark 7:34 and looking up to heaven with a deep sigh, He said to him, "Ephphatha!" that is, "Be opened!"

Mark 7:35 And his ears were opened, and the impediment of his tongue was removed, and he began speaking plainly.

Mark 7:36 And He gave them orders not to tell anyone; but the more He ordered them, the more widely they continued to proclaim it.

Mark 7:37 They were utterly astonished, saying, "He has done all things well; He makes even the deaf to hear and the mute to speak." 1. Or a gift, i.e. an offering 2. Early mss do not contain this verse 3. Two early mss add and Sidon 4. Lit Greek

Jesus Heals Many

Matthew 15:29 Departing from there, Jesus went along by the Sea of Galilee, and having gone up on the mountain, He was sitting there.

Matthew 15:30 And large crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them.

Matthew 15:31 So the crowd marveled as they saw the mute speaking, the crippled restored, and the lame walking, and the blind seeing; and they glorified the God of Israel. Four Thousand Fed

Transcript of Service

We've been studying.

His earthly life and ministry.

Jesus was

An itinerant preacher.

He didn't stay in one location, he didn't build buildings to house people to come and hear him.

He built.

Into people.


And as Peter would later right in.

One of his letters.

There we are.

The building stones of the church.

And so Jesus would predominantly spend his time in Galilee and that area, he would go to.

Jerusalem on the appropriate feast days.

He would also go across the Sea of Galilee Ann.

An administer there.


Matthew Chapter 15, we see Jesus going outside of Jerusalem and outside of Galilee and even outside of what would be considered Israel proper.

And in verse twenty one. It says Jesus went away from there and went through into the district of Tyree and Sidon.

It doesn't tell us a lot about why Jesus other than he withdrew so I will tell you what I think and with that in a couple dollars, you can buy a coffee at Starbucks.

Jesus is becoming more and more well known and popular in the sense of not knowing exactly who he is, but assuming that he is the Messiah, who will be the one who's raining and they're wanting to make him King and as we performed these various signs and wonders in miracles. It gets people. More and more intent on seizing him and making him King and so he's going to withdraw from that area and go to a Gentile area.

And I think so that he can continue to teach his disciples, but go without the added distraction of people wanting to make him Messiah King.

So he's gone quite a ways North.

Inverse .2, it says in a Canaanite woman from that region came out and began to cry out sane have mercy on me. Lord son of David my daughter is cruelly demon possessed.

So this woman is a gentile we're told she's a K night.

Which is interesting the only use of the word Kane night in the New Testament is here?

This woman lived.

In an area where there were lots of Gods, an if you've ever had the opportunity to go to.

The Mediterranean area of Europe or in the.

Asia part where Israel and Jordan and Syria and all these other places are.

It is not uncommon for every city to have a temple dedicated to some god of that city and they usually place their tempo on the highest mountain in the area.


More than 3 miles North East of Sidon was a temple for a God who is the god of healing.

We're not told what this woman did whether she ever went to that temple or not.

But apparently if she had.

It did or no good.

So she goes to Jesus?

And even though she's a Gentile. She knows enough about him that not only is come Lord. Although that's probably out of respect not out of a sense of who he is, but she does call him son of David which has messianic overtones so being a Gentile. She still knows enough about the Jewish culture to understand who the son of David is and she's saying Jesus is this person.

And her daughter is not only demon possessed but cruelly demon possessed.

But he did not answer her a word.

Would you kind of think is odd for Jesus?

'Cause Jesus is this compassionate wimpy kind of guy who just does whatever anybody asked him to do any basically ignores her.

And his disciples game and implored him, saying send her away because she keeps shouting at us.


I understand this woman entirely when you become desperate and you think the only.


Is someone?

You're going to be persistent.

And nothing is going to dissuade you from?

Getting the help that you need and so Jesus ignoring her doesn't stop her. She continues to be consistent and persistent in her calling because her daughter is cruelly demon possessed.

And I find it interesting 'cause we're going to see this word again in another situation. But it's the disciples who implored Jesus not to cure the daughter, but to send the woman away.

They're basically begging him just get her out of here, she's bugging us, she keeps calling out.

Can you imagine how hard hard it you must be?

To not care about this woman's flight, but your own personal comfort.

Then again,

Sometimes we all do that.

But he answered and said.

I was sent only to the Los sheep of the House of Israel.

Now it's true Jesus came.

To the lost sheep of Israel because that was his 1st not his only, but his 1st and foremost ministry was to preach the gospel to Israel.

Even Paul when he ministering to Gentiles almost exclusively says to the Jew 1st and then.

The Greek then the Gentile and so the ministry always starts with the people of God.

So she he basically says I was only sent to lossy for the House of Israel in Essence.

Your problems are not my problems.

Oh well.

But she came and began to bow down before him, saying Lord help me notice, she still is not dissuaded.

Jesus says I've been I've only been sent to the Los sheep of Israel.

And she comes in gets right down and bows and says, but help me.

And he answered and said.

It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs.


Now, for those who they are those combinators who want to soften this a bit and they say the word dog here is kind of like a little dog is kind of like a household pet in.


1st Century.

Dogs were kind of two types.

There were the scavenger dogs that ran around the cities and the areas and they scavenged and they were. You couldn't trust them. They were mean they they just they were scavengers and they were considered unclean and then some would have low household pets. And So what they're saying is that Jesus is not calling her the scavenger dog. He's calling her little household pet.

The truth is, she still calling her a dog.

Now, Conor Human not even calling her lost sheep, saying it's not good to give the children's food to a dog.

But she said.

Yes, Lord.

Notice she doesn't counterman him. She does they argue with him and say no. I'm not a dog. I'm a human? How do you why would she goes?

Yes, Lord.

E but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their Masters table.

She doesn't argue her position, she doesn't argue.

Yeah, How dare Jesus, she saying yeah, I know, but even.

The Palace pets.

When the children are eating in when the Masters, eating crumbs will fall and oftentimes children will kind of sneak food to the pet.

And we're always telling him don't feed the dogs human food, but kids never listen. One because they want to feed the dog and do they want to get off their plate so they feed it to the dog so she saying in reality, yeah? Yes, I'm a dog.

But even dogs benefit from their master.

And Jesus said to her.

Old woman your faith is great.

Isn't it interesting? Here's this? Gentile this canaanite? Who comes and pleads and Jesus dissuades her?

By saying I've only come to the lawsuit.

Call Sarah a dog does all these things and yet, she knows exactly who Jesus is and what he can do and it's not dissuaded by anything.

Oh, there is disciples had this faith.

They are having trouble he he gives them at best.

Oh, you of little faith.

And she says your faith is great.

It shall be done for you as you wish.

And her daughter was healed at once.

Jesus didn't need to go there. Just didn't need to know what your daughters name, he healed her because Jesus knows all things.

In his authority even over demons who cruelly.

Treat their host.

Jesus is going to move again and so, if you'll turn to Mark Chapter 7 verse 31 it says this.

And again, he went out from the region of Tyrion came through side and to the Sea of Galilee within the region of the Dicopoulos. This is a group of 10 cities that are on the other side of the Sea of Galilee. So he traveled down South across the sea and into again. Another Gentile area.

And they brought to him one who was deaf and spoke with difficulty and they implored him.

To lay his hands on him.

Before the disciples of Lord Jesus to send the woman away. These people who apparently are the friends of this man who are deaf and has difficulty of speaking doesn't tell us baby. It's stutter. Maybe it's whatever but he has difficulty communicating his thoughts and so they implored Jesus to lay his hands on him, which again I find interesting and which is a lot like us.

When we go to God.

We ask God to do something but we usually tell God how to do it.

Now, if you've been paying attention to Jesus's ministry and how is healed. He's done everything like this woman or hail from afar? He's done where he spoke and he's done where he's touched people, he's done it in a number of different ways.

And they determined that Jesus already healed this person, but they ought to heal this person by laying hands on him.

So I'm just kind of reminding us when we come to God to ask him to do things.

Let him have the flexibility of doing it how he wants 'cause I found in my short, miserable life that he does things better than I'd suggest.

I think, OK, God you do it this way, and not God does it this way to go boy that was much better.

More people were impacted your name was more glorified. Maybe I keep my thoughts to myself and just let you be God.

So they wanted to lay his hands on him.

Jesus took him aside.

From the crowd by himself.

And he put his fingers into his ear. He didn't lay hands used his fingers.

Again he didn't need to, but Jesus does things differently in different situations, so that maybe we would understand that Jesus can do things differently in different situations, so he puts his fingers into his ears and after spitting.

He touched his tongue with the saliva.

That's all that.


So anyway.

He touches his tongue with his love and looking up to heaven with a deep sigh. He said to him if FFF that is be open.

In his ears were open and the impediment of his tongue was removed and he began speaking plainly.

Again, Jesus does this and there's an immediate healing there is this response.

Which is kind of if you will?

An example of what Jesus is trying to do with his disciples and others.

For all too often.

We don't hear God's voice.

We're deaf spiritually.

Either it's because we're divorce because the world is so loud. We can't hear anything else.

And we don't express' the glory of God properly because we don't understand who he is, and Jesus quality heels this person. Physically he's trying to show the Los sheep of Israel that he's come to heal them spiritually.

And he gave them orders, not to tell anyone, but the more he ordered them the more widely they continued to proclaim it.

At the end when we see Jesus.

End of his earthly ministry before he goes back to the father, he tells us.

There we are to be his witnesses.

Ingredients of area in the other remote starter.

Baptizing people teaching them and all that stuff.

Maybe you should have said Don't do that.

Don't tell anybody about me don't don't be my disciples because it seems that the more people. He tells people not to do something. They do it in the more he tells people to do something they don't.

Now, maybe it's reverse psychology or so I don't know so maybe the Great Commission should have been the great don't do anything.

Is it maybe we would have actually gone out and done it?

So strictly gives in strict orders, not to tell anybody and they just keep proclaiming it.

And they being those people who were utterly astonished, saying.

He has done all things well.

He makes even the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.

Now, if you look in your bibles. I doubt you will ever find in the Old Testament any.

Healing of a deaf person.

It is a sign that Jesus is the Messiah.

But it's also a demonstration they say he does all things well.

Now I want to go over that one since he Jesus does means present tense.

Oh, without exclusion thing circumstances an?




He does all things well.

So, maybe, as a 0 Phoenician woman or as the friends of this man.

We should seek Jesus first last and in between.

Because he does all things well.

Doesn't matter the circumstance he does it well?

It doesn't matter your situation, he does it well.

I want to share a story I heard this week.

There was a gentleman who is X Psychiatrist.


South Africa.

It was around the time when they started developing Medison for anti depression.

And he started going around the world to see how other cultures in whatever treated depression and to make them aware of this new Medison.

So we went to Cambodia.

And he talks to the doctors there and he told them about this.

Medicine for anti depression and they go we know about that.

So there was a man.

Who is working?

In the rice fields.

And there was a landmine there still in the Riceville and he stepped on it blew off his leg.

And he was put a prosthesis on his leg and you continue to work in the rice fields. But as he worked in the rice fields. He would cry and he would be depressed and it was just something that was almost hard to bear and it was hard to understand whether it was because of the water and whatever was causing pain or because of the fear that he might step on another.

Land mine.

So somebody had the good bright idea of buying him a cow.

He started milking it.

He started making his.

Is living by milking the cow and selling the milk instead of having to work in the rice fields and he started becoming happy and he started becoming more confident and they say we know all about this medison so you brought more cows.

In our culture.

We think a pill will solve it.

Or if a pill won't alcohol will or something that will dull the pain.

Instead of finding out what the root cause of the depression is.

In this face it, we have a world that keeps them self medicating.

As his disciples.

We need to be aware what the problem is that people are experiencing.

And deal with it appropriately rather than medicating them or just saying well, too bad.

But In addition,

We need to give them Jesus.

Because he does all things well.

I may not be a good counselor, I may not know how to get to the problem that you're experiencing and why you're depressed.

But Jesus does.

And why is it?

That we will allow Medison to have more opportunity to work.

And we allow Jesus the opportunity to work.

Because he


All things well.

Turn back to Matthew Chapter.


It continues.

Verse 29 it says this.

In a parting from their Jesus went along by the Sea of Galilee and having gone up on the mountain, he was sitting there and large crowds came to him, bringing with them. Those who are lame crippled blind, mute and many others. And they laid hands down at his they laid them down at his feet.

Any healed them.

So that the crowd, marveled as they saw the mute speaking the cripple restored. The lame walking and the blind scene and they glorified God the god of Israel.

I add this because it happened, but I add this because each of us.

Has a problem each of us has a defect each of us has a difficulty?

As I frequently say the only normal people or the people I haven't met yet.

'Cause all of us are dysfunctional.

So there's a large crowd and Jesus is healing them.

Similarly, today.

There are a large group of people who need the healing of Jesus.

Your problem may not be listed here.

But your problem Jesus handles well.

So let him.

Give you purpose.

Let him give you meaning.

Let him.

Take away the pain let him show you who you are that you are loved with an everlasting love.

That nothing that you have done and nothing that you will ever do will ever separate you from his love.

Because even his love he does well.

So this message is for 2 types of people.

If you are broken.

Come to Jesus?

If you're not broken and you're looking for a ministry.

Understand people.

And point them to Jesus?

Because I will never totally understand your situation as you and I are different.

But I know Jesus does 'cause he made you.

He loves you.

It'll keep you.

And he does all things well and all gods people said.

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