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FBCWest 340 | The Call of the Twelve Apostles

The Call of the Twelve Apostles | Poster

Recorded On: 06/16/2019


June 16, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“All Hail King Jesus”
SCRIPTURE READING – Isaiah 6:1 - 8
“This is Amazing Grace”
“Who You Say I Am”
“I Have This Hope”

SPECIAL MUSIC – “Let Them Be Little” By Pru Hungate & Lindsay Irvine

MESSAGE Pastor Joe
“The Call of the Twelve Apostles”

Time of Reflection

“Take My Life, and Let It Be”
Benediction “Only Jesus”

Luke 6:12 Jesus prays in seclusion
Luke 6:13 Jesus calls His disciples to choose 12
Mark 3:13 – 19 The Twelve named
Matthew 10:1, 5 - 15 Instructions given

Matthew 10:16 – 23 Opposition and persecution
Matthew 10:24 & 25 Be like Jesus
Matthew 10:26 – 39 Being worthy of Jesus


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Session started event.
Good morning.

There are times.

In a message.

Where you hope?

Today's get one point through.

In today I'm going to.

Will expand my hope and I hope to get 2 things through?

Ones at the beginning.

Or the message and one will be at the end of the message.


We all have to make him.

We all have different.

Idiosyncracies on how we do that some of us will seek advice and counsel from other people's what we should do.

Some will get all the facts and figures and almost to the point of analysis paralysis.

Others will worry about the decision they're going to make.

Then others after that make the decision will worry about the decision they make.

So I figure.

One of the best.

People we can learn.

How to make decisions?

Is Jesus?

When Jesus made decisions what did he do?

What were the steps that he took?

And so in.

His decision of moving certain number of disciples to what we

And he would later call Apostles. He had some decisions to make because he was going to choose 12 individual people to from among his disciples become Apostles.

So prior to that decision.

What did he do and in Luke Chapter 6, starting with verse 12 gives us an indication of what Jesus did and does?

In order to make decisions.

This is this.

It was at this time when he went off to the mountain to pray.

And he spent the whole night in prayer to God.

Notice it wasn't a casual prayer notice it wasn't one of those, 5 minute prayers.

He spent the whole night in prayer with God.


If you've ever participated in a 24 hour prayer vigil usually we don't ask people to spend 24 hours in prayer. We usually ask him to come for an hour and those who are really.

Gung Ho about it may sign up for more than one hour.

But after

That and if people are honest.

They go.


After about 5 minutes that kind of ran out of things to say to God.

And so they started to sing hymns or do other things as a part of worship.


After all, an hour is a long time.

Jesus spent all night with God.


Why I don't think it was difficult for Jesus to spend a whole night with God?

As he had a relationship with.

Let's use this as a human scale.

If you don't know somebody.

And you have no idea what their interests are whatever.

You know, we do the certain things that we do hi? How are you?

How's it going in quite frankly we don't care the answer.

And when they actually charge to tell us we look very bored and try to figure out somebody else that we can talk too 'cause. We don't really want the answer. We don't know these people and it just don't care.

If you've had like friends in high school and you're a number of years away from high school and you hadn't seen them for awhile along time you'll have and you'll pass time talking about all the good old days or battle days in high school. And remember, Susie so and so and my whatever his name was an we laugh and whatever.


If that was the entire relationship you had once you.

Or over with the good old days.

You find again it's almost like that wall? How are you doing now and.

I really don't care.

But if you have a relationship with someone in a strong relationship. Let's say for instance, a husband and wife, who are in a good relationship I know there are a lot of.

Husbands and wives that aren't. But if you're in you can have that conversation and time will just pass and you're not wondering what is it? I'm going to talk about because there are lots of things to talk about because you have that relationship with someone.

So Jesus spent the whole night with God.

And it wasn't difficult.

And I suspect not only was he seeking direction and the will of God into who of the 12 was he going to choose out of the number of disciples that he had.

But I also believe it is not recorded so I believe this.

The battery did, he pray to determine who should be the 12.

But he prayed for each of the 12 he was going to select because selecting those 12. We're going to change their lives and their destiny forever.

Now, my proof of that is there was a time towards the end of Jesus' S Ministry.

When he says.

To Peter,

Peter Satan seeks to shift you as wheat.

But I have prayed for you.

So during this time, I think Jesus is getting.

Who he should appoint as the 12 an praying for them?

Then it says, and when they came he called this cycle to him and chose 12 of them. We also named as Apostles.

I want to take this event and go to.

The Gospel of Mark.


3 starting with verse.


This is this and he went up to the mountain in some of those who he himself wanted and they came to him.

And he appointed 12, so that they would be with him and that he could send them out to preach.

And to have authority to cast out demons.

So there was a purpose to their calling there was a purpose of the 12 which was going to be different than just the disciples.

He was in a cold them to preach you was gonna call them to cast out demons and wanna see. He's going to give them other things that they are to do as a part of their ministry.

And then he tells us who it was in your pointed to 12 Simon to whom he gave the name Peter and James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James them. He gave the name Bo Angiras, which means sons of Thunder.

And Andrew and fill up in Bartholomew. Lan Matthew and Thomas and James the son of Alpheus and that is an Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot.

Who betrayed him?


If you take a look at this result.

At the beginning.

You would wonder well, maybe he made some mistakes.

But certainly he didn't call a bunch of qualified people.

He called a bunch of fishermen.

He called a tax collector.

Who is considered a center?

He called someone who was AA political zealot.

Even called someone who ratray.

But he knew the qualities of each of the people. He called and he did not call them for where they were. He called them to where he was going to take them.

You see the difference between Peter and Judas Peter Yes, he denied Jesus 3 times.

But ultimately he repented.

Judas betrayed Jesus and was sorry.

You did not repent.

And it did not take Jude Jesus by surprise that Judas would betray him.

And a lot of times. We think unless the decisions came out perfectly that somehow God wasn't in it.

Sometimes God causes us to walk those difficult roads.

For his purpose.

In his will.

And so when we pray and when we seek the guidance of God and we truly do as opposed to see if it just blame God for something and you know you do is like well. I'm just going to do this and whatever happens while.

We don't say this directly, but it's kind of what we mean unless God's ball.

Jesus pray?

You understood each of the 12.

And he knew 11 of them.

Once they saw the resurrection would be changed.

And the other, he knew perfectly well because the scriptures required him to be betrayed.

So what does he do with these 12 he gives them?

Some instructions so I want you to look in math, you were going to spend the rest of our time in Matthew.

And we'll start with verse one through 5.

Jesus summoned his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to cast him out and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.

Then jumping over to verse 5 because they've already named at 12.

These 12 Jesus sent out after instructing them.

Do not go in the way of the gentle tsar nor in the way of any city of the Samaritans, but rather go to the Los sheep of the House of Israel.

And as you go preach, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Heal the sick.

Raise the dead cleanse a leper cast out the demons.

Really, you receive.

Really give.


This is a part of.

The same power if you will that he is performed. He told them to preach the Kingdom. The same message that he's been preaching.

And we mess up when we preach a message different than what Jesus preaches.

And he tells his apostles.

I want you to cast out demons and we've seen Jesus do that.

I want you to heal all kinds of diseases and we've seen Jesus do that.

He says I even want you to raise people from the dead.

And we will see in Jesus' S Ministry, the continuation of that.

Notice Jesus doesn't give his disciples and his apostles less authority than he had.

There to perform the very same things he performed.

Now later we will see that sometimes they have a problem because of their lack of faith.

It's not because of the lack of the power of God.

It wasn't because of the lack of the authority and he gave them.

To conduct their ministry.

But he limits it to a certain extent, it goes. I don't want to go to the Gentiles. I don't want you to go to Samaritans here to stay in Israel.

Because the Scriptures continually say to the June 1st.

And then to the Gentiles through the Greeks. The message was always to go first. It wasn't going to be exclusively to the Jew, but the Jew was to have the opportunity first to receive the gospel.

And in his instructions.

It's Why?

I think these instructions are here at the beginning and he will give additional instructions and further instructions. For instance, after the resurrection. He goes I want you to go.

To all the nations the remote is part of the Earth is start in Jerusalem and you go to Judy and in some area to the other remote as part of the earth and he commissioned them and they are dedin preach and we see later that Peter.

Opens up the ministries to the Samaritans and he opens up the ministries.

To the gentiles.

But Jesus and his initial instruction, says I'm limiting where you to go right now.

You go first to the gym.

He tells them.

You receive the power of God.

At no cost.


You're not a charge with the power of God.

Really, you receive you freely give.

Which is kind of different from many of the ministries that we see on television where if only you will send a certain amount of donation you will get some cloth or something which will heal you.

That's not scriptural.

Freely, you received.

Really care

Then he says do not acquire gold or silver or copper for your money belts.

Your ministry is not a money making opportunity.

It's ministry.

Not a business.

Or, a bag for your journey or even 2 coats or a sandal or a staff for the worker is worthy of his support.

So as you go there will be people who will assist you in your ministry not to make you rich but to allow you to participate and continue further in Ministry.

And whatever city or village you enter in choir, who is worthy and stay at his house until you leave that city. Jesus says when you go find out who's the people who are a hospitable.

Go to that person's house.

And don't go to another's house.

As you know what we do.

We go to the one race, but then we meet somebody else who has a better house.

With Microwaves and software beds and whatever he said. None of the first person you go to in that city use large there.

And you don't go elsewhere.

Until you leave that city.

And as you enter the house give it your grading.

If it is the houses were the give it your blessing apiece. But if it's not take your blessing of peace.

It's interesting.

Oftentimes will say God bless you.

Or we will.

I don't think I've ever heard by say.

I gave you my peace.

You say cuss words so much chaos. We don't have much peace to give.

But it's summer.

Think of this, if somebody were say.

'cause most of time when we when we hear God bless you, it's usually when you after you sneeze.

Which is really unfortunate but you know reason people the original reason people said God bless you after you sneeze?

'cause they thought you were cashing out a demon so they were trying to say God Bless. You do keep that demon from coming back. So it's a lousy reason to say it is nice to hear God bless you, but it's also nice to hear God bless you.

In other times, other than when you sneeze.

But Have you ever heard somebody after saying God bless. You know you know I'm taking it back. I don't want God to bless you.

Oh, that's pretty rude.

Jesus if you're not worthy.

This isn't a game.

And your a** is God to bless or give peace.

Does dadda?

It's not again.

Whoever not receive you nor heed your words as you go out of that house or that city shake the dust off your feet.

Don't let what happened there affect what happens in the future.

Leave that behind.

I won't bore you I literally did this one time outside of Presido. I've shared that at times, then if you want to know I can share that again. But I literally on Highway 99 after I got out of the city limits of Fresno. I stopped the car got out, and shook the dust off of might be, I mean, I was upset.

But what they're trying to say is, don't let.

That influence.

Your future ministry.

Just because someone treated you badly doesn't mean everybody in the future is going to treat you badly.

You go with a fresh renewed optimism that you're going to give good news.

Truly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgement and for that city.

That's how serious I mean?

If you almost everybody who even has no connection with Genesis knows about Sodom and Gomorrah and how.

Fire and Brimstone rain down an obliterated those places.

And if you know a little bit more about the story. It's because a couple of Angels showed up.

At lots house.

To find out if there were any Righteous people there.

And how Despicable.

The handle in what lot did to protect those visitors.

And with all the fire and Brimstone, falling down on that, Wicked City.

Jesus says.

The day of judgement when God Judges.

Whatever town treated you badly.

Can be worse for them?

That's how much Jesus is invested in Ministry.

Of his people.

You don't take it personal.

You move on.

Because somebody rejected the word of God. You don't sit and pout you move on to the next person and say God.

Give them another opportunity because I know what you just said.

And then the unfortunate thing is.

We think.

What God is?

Given us this ministry and therefore everything is going to be perfect an when we say something everybody will accept it and we're called as a passer than the churches will be filled and everybody will love what we do, and if we're teaching Sunday school. Everybody will show up and it will never be a person who ever misses or?

If we teach.

In Seminarie or some type of thing that every student will get it, and will just be the next Billy Graham.

And they aren't.

He says this.

Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of Wolves.

It's a hard world out.

And the only protection basically you have as a sheep.

The lot of war.

Make you look bigger.

Makes it harder to bite you?

So be shrewd as serpents servants have this.

Part of being very.

Cunning in what they do and he goes.

Understand where you are be cunning, but

The innocent as doves.

Just because you're shrewd and Sharp doesn't mean you're to then be.


It would be innocent.

But Beware of men for they will hand, you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues and you will even be brought before governor's in Kings for my namesake as a testimony to them.

And to the Gentiles.


In the initial ministry that these 12 have. We aren't recorded that they were ever handed over to Kings and governor's we are in the book of acts for those types of things happen. That's why I think what this is this is a basic instruction for ministry.

But it doesn't mean everything that's going to happen in the initial ministry is going to happen.

Jesus just preparing him, saying He really get opposition. But when you do and when they send you to the governor's.

So that you can witness to them.

So that you can be because you generally because you're poor fishermen aren't usually going to go before governor or a King.

It's only the princes and the powerful get to go before, but because of your persecution you get an opportunity to testify to them.

So instead of being depressed.

Look at as the opportunity.

But when they hand, you over do not worry about how or what you are to say.

Or it will be given in that hour what you are to say.

Or does not you who speak.

But is the spirit of your father, who speaks in you?

Now this is not.

In contravention to what Peter tells us to give a reason for the hope that is in US.

That is an opportunity when we are not being persecuted, but we're saying well. Why do you believe in Jesus and it gives us an opportunity to express to do that apologetics to say why it is that we are a believer.

So we're prepared for that.

But when it comes the one you're on trial and Jesus is is being.

Persecuted in you because of your ministry.

Don't worry about what you're going to say as the spirit of God is going to testify for you.

He's going to speak.


And just as it seems to even get worse, brother will betray brother to death and a father's child, and children will raise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.

And you will be hated by all because of my name, but it is the one who has endured to the end, will be saved.

What about these bunch in life? I thought when we when we witnessed that people we say Jesus is going to give you a wonderful life.

Is it abundant life is going to be filled with happiness in Jesus? Goes yeah until you start testifying about Maine?

And then people are going to hate you.


Whenever they persecute you in one city.

Lead to the next.

So he's saying.

They're going to persecute you.

You don't gotta have to keep hanging out at that same town.

Go somewhere else.

If they're not getting the message.

Stop wasting your time, giving them a message that they don't receive go to another city.

An participate in Ministry.

So go to the next 4 truly. I say to you, that you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the son of man comes.


This is why I think this.

Is it dualistic message administer instructions about ministry?

His Jesus is going to send them out on various occasions.

But they're not necessarily going to be persecuted in every city.

Completed every city in the initial parts of the ministry.

So what I think Jesus is saying here is 2 things.

There's going to come a time.


His disciples.

Are living in the last days?

Before he comes.

That you're going to receive persecution.

You saying.


And before you have finished moving throughout Israel.

You keep testifying he keep doing ministry.

And though it may seem like it's gone forever.

For you run out of towns to go to.

I'm coming back.

But I also believe that he's giving them current instructions to say. I want you 'cause I told you don't go to any place, but to Israel.

And before you finish running around doing all these things I'm going to meet you again.

I don't think it's

Apart of Eschatology G fully I think it's part of ask apology and I think it's part of practical application for these particular disciples.

The Sea of already told you more than I know so I'll let you most people look and say, well. This is about purely about Eschatologies.

But I think he's giving them instructions.

Or now.

And them instructions or after the resurrection and us instructions for his return.

And then he says something and this is what I hope to get is my second point.

A disciple.

Not just that Apostle.

A disciple is not above his teacher.

Nora slave.

Above his master.

Jesus says.

A disciple is never going to be better.

Then his rabbi.

So if they hated Jesus.

Guess what?

They're going to hate you.

You're not better than Jesus.

But we think we are.

'cause we think our hardships or unjust and how dare they do that in Jesus says you're gonna be.

Not above me, you're going to be.

Like me.

Nora slave above the NASA.

It is enough.

It is sufficient.

For the disciple that he become like his teacher and the slave like his master.


Blows me away.

As it says it is enough to be like him.

I am so far, unlike him.

Is amazing?

But he says.

It's enough.

To be like?

It's sufficient.

Be like

Can you imagine hearing those words from Jesus?


I'm only close to being like you because of your grace.

But I am so unlike you.

That if I were a half like you that would be enough. But he said no no. It is sufficient to be like me.

If they called the head of the house.

Bills above.

Or Satan.

How much more will they malign the members of the his household?

Sing again, they are saying about me these things they're going to say those very same things about you.


Do not fear them.

Be courageous.

And it sounds like.

Another person like Josh Chula.

Or there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known what I tell you in the darkness. Speaking the light and what you hear whispered in your ear proclaiming appan the house thoughts.

Do not fear those who can kill the body bar unable to kill the soul, but rather fear him who is able to destroy both body and.

In Hell,

Are not 2? Sparrows sold for ascent and yet? Not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your father.

Mature very hairs on your head are all numbered.

So do not fear.

You are more valuable.

Than many sparrows.


Since his apostles out.

But he also instructs not only his apostles, but his disciples.

He tells us what we hear from him even though it may be whispered.

Young out in proclamation.

He tells us.

If they treat me this way they'll treat you that way. But God will not.

Let it go unpunished.

He tells us.

That we should be like him.


Unfortunately, in this micro wave world that does not happen overnight.

Because our Lord is so awesome.

To be like him.

If we had 100 lifetimes to accomplish could not.

But does not mean we should not walk that road to get there.

To be like him.

For edit enough.

To be like?

And even though in this world that will be persecution and lack of understanding.

We are told.

Do not.

His God holds you with great value.

He uses perhaps one of the least valuable animals a sparrow and says even in human.

Concept couple more worth a penny.

But in all of God's creation. There was never a time in his creation. He did not say and it is good.

And even in that good creation.

He says you are worth more.

Then much of my creation.

God values you.

God will not abandoned you God sees even the number of hairs on your head.

And Unfortunately for some of us that makes God's job easier 'cause we keep losing it.

But then he has to keep renumbering OK, I know.

Try to think of a name that snowing here, Frank Frank used to have 1,732,312.

Airs loops had combed his hair now has 12,000 111 because.

But even then, he knows.

What's going on in your life?

How awesome is?

The god of creation.

The god of the universe is.

I know everything about you.

And knowing everything about you, I love you.

I care for you.

And your valuable to me.

And all gods people said.


Chess is a 12 were called we have been called.

We not may not be called as.

Apostles some of us are called as passers, some as deacon. Some's some schoolteachers some as college. I in University instructors or or staff or whatever, The Calling Maybe.

But each of those callings, he is called us to be his disciple.

He is called us to be like him.

So our response should be.

Take my life.

And let it be.



So as the band comes we're going to sing that song stand with me as we pray.

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