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FBCWest 549 | The King Has and Is Coming

The King Has and Is Coming | Poster

Recorded On: 04/02/2023


Hymn # 111 “When I survey the Wondrous Cross”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings

Praise and Worship
“Crown Him (Majesty)”
“Great Are You Lord”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“Palm Sunday”
“The King Has and Is Coming”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Holy Forever”
Benediction “There Is Freedom”

Sermon Notes
Matthew 21:1 Jesus starts His entry into Jerusalem form Mount of Olives
Matthew 21:2 – 7 Rides a donkey as Scriptures foretold
Matthew 21:8 & 9 Multitude plead and praise God for salvation
Matthew 21:12 & 13 Jesus cleanses the Temple
Matthew 21:14 Jesus heals in the Temple
Matthew 21:15 & 16 Chief Priest and Scribes are indignant with Jesus
Matthew 21:17 Jesus returns to Bethany
Revelation 19:11 - 13 Will come on a white horse His robe dipped in blood
Revelation 19:14 The armies of God follow Him
Revelation 19:15 Smites the nations with His mouth
Revelation 19:16 He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords


Transcript of Service

Good morning. Today we recognize and celebrate what is commonly known as on Sunday. It's the Sunday before. Passover that Jesus came entering into Jerusalem. And so if you have your Bibles, please turn to Matthew Chapter 21. We'll be taking a look at Palm Sunday as Matthew describes it. And so they're not through chapter 21, verse one, it says. And when they had approached Jerusalem and had come to Bethpage at the Mount of Olives, when Jesus sent 2 disciples. Saying to then go into the village opposite you immediately you will find a donkey tied there and occult with her and tie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, you shall say the Lord has needed them, and immediately he will send them. This took place with the farewell was spoken through the Prophet.

Now we have a couple of things going here. The start of the entry into Jerusalem. At the Mount of Olives, the amount of olives I think is very significant for several reasons. Number one when? The spirit of God left the temple in Jerusalem many centuries before it went above the temple, and then went to the Mount of Olives and send it. Jesus, if you will, is going to come from the mount of olives to the temple for this reverse of what's happening. We also the other thing is, is that eventually. The amount of dollars is going to play a very significant part of his Kingdom and so roll out. Let's take a look at that later. In the message. But he passes disciples, they get a donkey cult and bring them so that he might guide them. And it tells us that. This was done to fulfill what was spoken of in the Prophet. Now some people have a tendency to think that when this is well, this was done to fulfill. There's a sense of, well, Jesus is sucking off boxes. Well, this was told of me, so I have to do that. This was told to me and I have to do that. I'm going to tell you it's much more different it is in.

In essence, it says. That it is. You can rely on the fact that Jesus is the Messiah because the prophets saw what Jesus as the Messiah would do. We told us when they told us. We could say, aha, that is in fact the Messiah because he is conforming to what the Messiah will do. And the messiahs they are very much like you will see when. About death bearing resurrection that is according to the scriptures was done so that we might know that he is actually in Asia. And that the Scriptures quote and says whether the daughter of Zion, behold your King, is coming, you gentle, and mount it on a donkey, even a cult, and the fall of the beast of Burden. The disciples went and did just as Jesus had instructed them. And brought the donkey and the colt and laid their coats on them. And he sat on the coat. So Jesus is performing the scriptures, but in essence the scripture simply said what Jesus was going to do for to confirm that this is the Messiah coming because the scripture has had foretold it. The remote of the crowd spread their coats in the road and others were cutting branches from the trees and spreading them on the road. And the crowds going ahead of him and those who followed were shouting Hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. Now Hosanna is a very interesting. They're shouting this word. It has a color mean in English. We will have words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things. So, for instance, are words that that you could pronounce differently but are spelled the same are like. Rude or what? You go to Route 66 or Route 66, but it's still spelt the same. But there's also a route that says that it's the beginning of something, or a a plant structure, and so they're the same. Sounding word that is different in the context. Or for instance, I had 10 ants. Aren't Margaret was one of them. So it's spelled the same but pronounced differently, but also had the word Ant in the sense of the little insect. Felt differently? Has an entire different meaning. Ozena has two meanings. They are very similar. One meaning of Hosanna is. Save us please. It's a request. It's a begging for salvation, but is to come. It also means. Thank you that you bring to this salvation, and we're thanking you for it. So it's kind of similar to if you will. The Hawaiian language when you hear people say Aloha and I'm not an expert, but I'm understanding what you will say is that Aloha means hello and goodbye. It just means the. Whichever meaning is based on the context and the situation that you find yourself in, whether you're arriving or you're leaving for Havana, kind of has the same situation as if you're waiting for deliverance. If you're waiting for salvation, then it is please stay. But if it's you've already recognized your salvation. Please thank you for the salvation. We have people yelling and and bowing and cutting branches and and saying Hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of Lord, so some of the crowd may be saying find me salvation has arrived and others may be saying we're pleading for. You to save us. When Jesus had entered Jerusalem, all the city was steered, saying, who is this? And the crowd were saying this is the Prophet Jesus of Nazareth. So again.

Unlike the even then, the people only had a partial understanding of who Jesus is and what yes, it is true that Jesus was a prophet. But that is not all of that. He is he is a prophet, he is a priest, he is king and he is the son of God, the Lamb of God. Please all of those things that they simply place in the category of 1 be as a profit from Nazareth. We kind of find this in our world today. People tend to only want to categorize God in one particular aspect. He's a loving God or he's a harsh God, or he's whatever. You're kind of view of what God is and you try to pigeonhole him into that category, and God is so much more. He is. The God of love, he is holy, he is merciful. He is faithful. He is all knowing. He is all powerful. All of these things. Are all the aspects of who God is. It's not just a fault, but even then they're saying please the Prophet. It comes from NASA. Now, the reason why people were asking who is this guy? Is because you need to remember that a part of the requirement for the Jewish men over the age of 20 were to, if at all possible. Be in Jerusalem at Passover. But you have people not only all over Judah. And daily, but throughout the main role at that time, it could be Greece. It could be. That's the team, wherever there, there's Jews who had were living at the time would come to Jerusalem during Passover and celebrate Passover. They having experience or seen in the Ministry of Jesus and who Jesus was, they were asking these questions because they didn't live in Jerusalem and so they were attempted to be answered. But as soon as Jesus enters. He doesn't set up his Kingdom, he doesn't start a revolution. And Jesus entered the temple. And drove out all of those who were buying and selling them to temple and overturned the temples of the money changers and the cease from those who signed those. And he said to them, it is written.

My house will be called the House of Prayer. But you are making it. A robber's bin. For Jesus grows and cleanses the temple because it needed cleansing, both because many centuries before the. Vacated the temple, but because of what? Religious people were doing in the temple now why were there money changers? Because again, people were going from all over the world to come to Jerusalem, whether they again from Greece, Miss Botania valley each. Place would have. Their own money, or even the Roman client. That they had to pay the temple tax based on the temple money. They they had to exchange their currency for the temple currency to offer the offerings that that needed to be offered and there was a high rate of exchange. They weren't performing a service, they were gouging the people, and so it would be the same thing as if if you were went to Europe and you needed to. Acquire EUR and maybe in in. England, the pound sterling and you would need to change exchange your dollars for your pounds of the EUR so that you could purchase what it is that. You need to. Well, they're needing to exchange their more money for tougher money to make the. Simple tax and they like say, we're gouging the people. They were robbing them because they had the only business in town. You had to get their money to provide the temple tax. Or because you would come from a long way, you wouldn't necessarily bring your own RAM. Or if you were poor, actually love or whatever to make sacrifices. So they were selling them to the population so that they might offer their sacrifices. And again, they were gouging the people. And so Jesus is saying these religious leaders. You should be facilitating the temple experience and the forgiveness and the entrance into it. Instead they are making. Expense amounts of money, so they are not just businessmen. They become a robbers men. Jesus does more in the temple than gives, cleanses says, and the blind and the lamb came to him and the temple and he healed them. That Jesus again is performing his miracles and his specimen that he's healing, people who are coming to him, and he's doing so in the temple. Now I can imagine being healed in blindness or or being lame would be a wonderful experience, no matter where that happens. The double with, so I would think when you're actually in the House of God, when God hears you there. And so she's healing them. And as a result. So when the chief priest and scribes saw the wonderful things that he had done and the children who were shouting in the temple, Hosanna to the son of David, again, the children are picking up exactly what they've heard from the clouds in the street. Ozana salvation come our salvation, please. Our salvation. Thank you. To the center of it. They are moving Jesus. The credit for this salvation. But instead of the religious people being excited that the people are being healed and people are praising God, instead they became indignant. And he and said to him, do you hear what these children are saying? And Jesus said to them, yes.

Have you never read out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes you've prepared praise for yourself that Jesus says, OK, religious leaders, do you not reading the scriptures that even children will praise God? You know these these religious leaders are kind of like the typical parents who say children are supposed to be seen and not heard. But Jesus says when it comes to praise, you've been children are to be heard because God has prepared himself. For praise. And so they. This this day is that we're celebrating. We're we're remembering is an awesome day. Jesus, the son of God, enters into Jerusalem comes. And reestablishes if you will, religious order. In the temple. If he sees praise from children. And those who aren't following him become very obvious because instead of praising God for what God is doing, they are indignant. And he Jesus loved them and went out of the city to Bethany and spent the night there. Jesus throughout this week period of time, actually less than a week, no. Enter Perusahan in the Mount of Olives, and then we'll return back to Bethany 30 to rest and go back and forth. Now, I believe that this week is very truncated. I think he comes on Sunday. By the time Wednesday, maybe, possibly Thursday comes, he is placed. On a cross. I don't believe that as will be celebrated by many Christians later, what is called Good Friday and the only good about Friday was for you and me, not for him.

I believe he suffered on the cross when they were playing the Lambs for Passover. So that he would do that Passover lamb, as the scripture says. But he goes to use them leaves, goes to Jerusalem leaves. This celebration. Is about a king who comes. He comes on a donkey and a cult. He comes. If you will as. Someone who isn't. Impressive wasn't coming on a White Horse. It isn't coming, leading a felon army. Instead, he simply comes followed by his disciples. And then. The shouting by the crowds through there, some having no idea who he is. But there's going to be a time he's going to come as a king who's not coming as a lowly humble person. Is going to come very much differently in Revelation Chapter 19, if you will. The Bible to that point, it says. Versus and I saw heaven open and behold, a White Horse, and he is Satan is called faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges who wages war. This is entirely different. Person coming to. The earth. But it is the same for. Wanni comes as a humble. Leader now becomes one who is not only faithful and true, not just riding on a donkey, but riding on a White Horse, and he will judge and he will wage war. I think it's so funny. People will say, well, the God of the New Testament is different than the God of the Old Testament. No, he is. And he's the same God and the God of the New Testament is the same God as the God of revelation. And while he is the God of love and mercy and forgiveness, he is also a God of judgment. And so he's going to come on this White Horse. And his flame and his eyes were a flame of fire. We see this. In essence, this is. Coming as judgment, this fire with the recognition that. As you'll hear, like for instance, we say. For me, in the refiners fire that I might become holy, this is what Jesus does becomes making things holy and on his head are many died him. There's many crowns. Because he is more than just the. King of Israel. He has a name written on him which no one knows except himself. And he is clothed with white wool dipped in blood. His name is called the. Word of God. Why is the road beating blood? Because he is the Lamb of God, he was the one whose blood senses us. He's the one who allows us to be called children of God, who are the ones who are truly the children of Abraham because of his sacrifice.

We are who we are and who makes us because of that sacrifice. Never, ever. Does heaven forget? The sacrifice of Jesus. He is celebrated for his love and sacrifice throughout eternity. But even coming along, when he came to Jerusalem the first time he came with a bunch of scraggly. Disciples followers, many of them who did not know exactly what he was doing. They're expecting him to set up his Kingdom in Israel. They were buying for who would we sell on the right hand and who would sit on the left hand and the rest would get upset because they thought of it first and they were looking at what was going on here. And yet Jesus said. I'm building a Kingdom. It's more than just simply Israel. So at this time, instead of just being followed by our fierce craggly disciples and the armies merchant, heaven flowed and fine linen, bright and clean, were following on White Horse. When Jesus comes this time. Not coming again. Like I said, with scribers of a few disciples, he's coming with the armies of God. He's coming as conqueror. He's coming as the one who is entitled to rule and to reign. And notice when his mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it he may strike down the nation. Notice ecome.

The armies of heaven are falling. But is he who vanquishes the nation doesn't need the army, hate the word of his mouth, his the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, and God will simply speech. He will rule them with a lot of iron and he will tread the blind Press of the fierce wrath of God the Almighty for when he's coming, not simply as a humble person, but he's coming victorious and he's coming to judge. Being and he's going to do so not by some. Never milk toast. Washed out. Kind of. Person who will let you get away with anything. He's coming and he's going to rule and he's going to make sure that unrighteousness this stepped out. This is and. On his robe and on his thigh, he has a name written. The King of kings. And the laudable. That's who he is. This one this day that we celebrate and we. Commemorate when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Writing on a donkey and. People praising God being hosanna. The summer day. That very same person. It's coming again. He came as a humble. It's also coming again. He is not just the King of Israel. He is the king of all King. He is Lord of all. We don't mistake. With this rolling Jesus. Is anything other than the King of Kings and Lord we came to be a servant. He came. At the behest of those who are crying out. Save us, please. So that we might no longer necessarily have to say save us please. But thank you for your salvation. Thank you that you loved us, that you forgave us, that you have. Taking your blood and made us clean. And so it says that the. Army, her daughter coming in. Pure white robe. No sin. No one watches. Not because they were perfect, but because. Our King, our Lord, made us. But Jesus. They should be celebrated. Is to be honored is to be praised. Not simply as the one who came as a suffering servant. But it's coming. Of Kings and Lord of Lord and be whole world. We bound the best. Jesus as Lord for the glory of God upon. Leave for eternity will buy out. Blessed is the lamb. It takes away the seeds, bless it is he who has caused us. To have a living hope and to be. And heaven before our God, because of what? This king? But this Lord has done for us. This time. We are to recognize. His Holiness. On Passover. First foods. And every day thereafter. We are to recognize His Holiness forever. Because of His Holiness. Are made whole and whole. Let us. Follow and pray and consider that.

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