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FBCWest 347 | Judging Others

Judging Others | Poster

Recorded On: 08/04/2019


August 4, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“How Majestic Is Your Name”
“With Me”
“The Motion”
“Until the Whole World Hears”
“God of All My Days”


By Pru Hungate


MESSAGE Pastor Joe

“The Sermon on the Mount, Part 7: Judging Others”

Time of Reflection




Benediction “Only Jesus”


Matthew 7:1 & 2 Principle of judging

Romans 2:1 – 3 Judging others yet doing same thing

Romans 14:10 – 12 You will give an account

2 Corinthians 5:10

1 Corinthians 4:5 &
6:2 & 3 Wait until proper time

Matthew 7:3 – 5 See properly first and then help


Transcript of Service

A lot too.

Time to

Talk about

Some American principles of justice that maybe will help us to take a look at some of the kingdoms principles.

For you see in our system of justice.

We have either a judge or jury who are to be D triers of fact.

The judges train to know what evidence is admissible another missile to decide what the facts are being and render decision.

In a jury.

Situation the jury is to listen to the evidence.

Based on what is allowed injuring as evidence.

Their horn not to discuss the case and not to decide.

The facts and the rectitude of either side until all the evidence is hurt.

We can actually we all have a new remind People that because.

It often times is our tendencies to jump to conclusions.

So much so that trial lawyers are aware of this, especially plaintiff lawyers. 'cause they know that they make excellent opening statement.

Before having heard.

I want you to think of that as we go through principle.

They were going to take a look at today.

And in Matthew Chapter 7 sorry.

1200. One.

Is coming towards the illusion of Jesus sermon on the Mount? It is part of a whole?

Hey no printables.

One of the Kingdom principles, he's given us you don't forgive.

Will you they don't wanna hear that we want to hear but but maybe he ring the neck of the People that we don't like.

And now this is going to talk about another Kingdom principle.

That a lot of People.

People who don't.

Attention and People who don't consider themselves disciple this event. In fact don't even believe that there is a God heard of this Kingdom principle and quite frankly.

Misapply, it.

And so I'm going to say something today.

That either.

You're going to violate this future.

Or let me consider it.

Or maybe right let me think about it, some more.

Or whatever, so now with at the peak your interest.

They said this.

Do not judge so that you will not be judged.


Don't judge so that you will not be Josh now.

Let me tell you what this picture is it.

It isn't a sword.

What do I mean by sword?

Because you will hear a lot of People.

Tell you

Who are you to judge me?

Which I find interesting because by the mere fact? Who are you to judge me big judge did you touch them?

They're under decision.

All deals are you pushing her budget hypocrites.

Or your you just need a crush.

Or your simpletons that you just need something to hold onto to explain life because.

They make all of these decisions about who we are.

And yet they will say.

Who are you to judge me?

And because we here that we see this we go.

I shouldn't judge.

The word judge does not mean in this instance discernment.

If it did is it matter sermon Jesus would have put it on a real difficult corner dilemma because there are times Jesus tells us.

Beware of false prophets.

Well, how do you tell a false Prophet is a false Prophet and then she made a judgment that he's a false Prophet?

Later, we'll talk about next time Jesus is going to tell us don't give things that are wholly dissolve pearls swine.

Which means you have to render it?


Who are dogs in numerous line?

He's not saying there were not to be critical and and check out what things are weird to be as wise as serpents.

Judging here is both a judgmental attitude.

And combination.

I find you guilty.

So when he said, do not judge he seems to not buying People guilty.

Or you will be bound healthy.

And then he falls in about 4:00 in the same way you judge you will be judged and by your standard of measure. It will be measured to you. That's why I'm telling you it is not a sword.

It enough where saying well who are you to judge name. It is a warning to me to make sure I don't judge condemning People and have a judgmental attitude.

Because by my judgmental attitude, I will then be judged by judgmental attitude when I find No Mercy.

I will no mercy.

When I expect high standards, and Justice I will be given high standards of justice.

By the same measure that is how it's going to be so my advice to you.

If your grandparents will understand this analogy if you're not.

Is the best?

Won my first grandchild was born.

We would go out.


And everybody in the family would just look at it.

It's kind of like? What did we do before it is born because they're all just Iraq in the attention of him.

Another big is pride in the restaurant I would be rotated.

Just shut that brought up can't you see that I am in trying to enjoy my dinner with my family.


Well, maybe is diaper change or maybe he's hungry.

Or maybe we just need to be held more you see I was always finding reasons to watch is acting the way he was, but I gave nobody else the same.


So my advice to you.

The suggest People like your grandchildren.

There must be reasons.


I want to take a look at judgment.

Because it is something very important so I want you to turn to Romans Chapter 2.

And it says this.

Therefore, you have no excuse every one of you passing judgment.

For that would you judge another you can then yourself for you judge practice the same things?

And we know that the judgment of God, riding balls upon those who practice up things.

But do you suppose that this old man?

When you pass judgment on those who practice of things.

And do the same thing yourself that you will escape the judgment of God.

A lot of times when we're passing condemnation.


We are guilty of the same thing as a matter fact, oftentimes People who will judge us for certain things.

Will do?

Will project upon us?

Their actions.

So when we are.


These matters we need to understand.

There, but for the grace of God Go I.

An in my condemnation of the.


Am I practicing.

The same thing.

Oftentimes, the harshest critics are the People who practice the same things.

And God is saying.

You will not escape judgment.

When you do the things that you are condemning others form.

And let's face it.

We're all sinners.

No one.

That's good.

No one.

It is righteous.

Paul in Romans goes on to discuss it.

And said this.

He Romans Chapter 14, Sharma verse 10.

But you

Why do you judge your brother or again? Why do you regard your brother with content?

Is weak and it has a problem? It's no I view my brother with contempt? How dare he or she?

Do those things.

Why do you do your brother if you can for we will all stand before the judgment seat of God?

Ford is written as I live says the Lord every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shell. Q Praise to God.

So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.

That's scary.

'Cause I know what I learn.

And most of it, you don't know because I'm still standing here.

I will give an account to Garden.

And you will give an account to God.

So when it says by the same measure you will be judged.

It is in your best interest to go there saying I was merciful.

So when I give account yet you're right God, yeah, you're right. Yeah, you're right. But I'm looking for your Mercy Mercy and not justice.

But I have to render an account to God that's why when Jesus gave the advice that we saw several weeks ago about when someone is taking you to court to make friends with them before you get there do that with God.

Cousin a human court you may end up having to spend a lot of money or go to jail.

God has the power to throw a person into hell.


And in case.

Stop all this kinda messed up that one time.

Second Corinthians tells us the same thing.

The Chapter 5 verse 10.

All we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so each one of maybe recomp answer.

For his DS in the body, according to what he is on weather good.



We will go to Heaven based on the sacrifice of Jesus.

And yes, we are righteous because of his sack.

But there is an accounting that is.


I gave you the gift of teaching what did you do with it?

I gave you the gift of music? What did you do with it?

I gave you the gift of love? What did you do with it?

I gave you the gift of being able to make money. What did you do with it?

We will be rendering accounting weather, we've done it well.

Or poorly.

First, Corinthians.


Talked about being judged.

Another judging.

He's on the verse 3 in.

First Randy shot before which is a little ahead, but to me, it is a very small thing that I may be examined by you, or by any human board. In fact, I did not even examine myself.

Brian conscious of nothing against myself yet. I am not by this acquitted.

But sometimes we can't deceive ourselves.

But the one who examines me in the Ward and that's the principle that we'd understand about condemning.

Is God's place to judge? God's People not us?


Called you.

God can did you?


Hold you to account.

Cannot read.

And not your brother or sister.


Do not go on passing judgment before the time, but wait until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and slows the Motors or men's horse.

And then each man's praise will come to him from God.

This is telling us that there will come a time when we will judge.

Chapter 6.


It also says this verse 2 and 3.

Or do you not know the Saints will judge the world that the world is judged by you? Are you not competent to constitute the smallest law course.

Do you not know that we will judge Angels?

How much more matters of this life?

These 2 verses tells us 2 things.

It is not time to render judgment now.

He's like I chair to the example of American justice.

Is the job of the judge or the jury to listen to all the evidence?

During this lifetime all the evidence had not been presented and so therefore, it is too early for us to render judgment.

This principle, you can see as far back in the Genesis.

When God,

Talking to Abraham promises in the land.

The dog said this.

But the dignity of the People who are learning land has not yet been completed.

Thoughts is not time to render judgment.

But there will be a time.

Number those.

Who sunny the Old Testament?

And especially the profits.

God renders judgment against nations. He does so and usually almost always holds up with so that they know that I am the Lord God.

He renders judgment for a purpose.

So we are going to be judges.

We're going to judge the world and we're gonna Judge Angels.

Just not now.

When he comes when all of that will be revealed all the intentions in the heart will be revealed when all the evidence is done, then we will render judgment.

Until then.

Be discerning.

But not condemning.

So parents.

I'll tell you a story.

There's this little kid.

So land across the street.

You wanna play with my brother?

And my mom had 2 rolls before that kid goes it was.

If you're playing the kid shows up.

Go home.

If you know, there there, you go home.

Another parents would say to my mom but I have no sorry for.


Sorry, born too.

But I'm not gonna let him ruin Minecraft.

So we need to be discerning.

But not necessary.

Can dairy?

There is a difference.

We need to know laws.

Practice evil.

And those who don't we need to be discerning.

And if you're told who are you to judge me now.


I'm a Sinner saved by Grace.

I don't tell you now.

What do the other time?

But now is not the time and I was often place.

Because so often when People say who are you to judge me.

Because they wanna do what they're doing.


But I can disapprove of what you're doing without condemning you.

See your love the Sinner with hate.

Some statements.

Can I still appear?

So wait.

Until the proper time involved argument here is the problem is, is that brother was taking brother to court.

Involve Lane wait a minute.

Why are you doing a CT?

If you want to one day judge world the judge Angels.

Can you handle smaller matters?

Like well brother, A or gonna be $5 or not.

He's not saying stay out of deciding.

Stay out of gentleness.


Remember, the principle of the Kingdom.

Don't condemn.

The measurement that you use in deciding things.

Should always be with mercy and love?

Is that what we want in return?

She doesn't want continuous sermon.

And you get another analogy.

And I think this is a great one because we all believe it, understand that Jesus was the son of a Carpenter.

So he probably.

Made tables and chairs and do whatever other carpenters did.

And then he says in this? Why are we judging and on judge he says in verse 3? Why do you look at the spec that is in your brother's eye piece of sawdust?

The kids and People why you looking at Little sought Spec.

In your brother's eye, but you do not notice the law that is in your own eye now. This is hyperbole, but it's a great analogy, you can picture it this big.

2 bipolar sticking out of this guys, I trying to

Get another persons off.

Jesus why you doing that.

And all too often in our being critical of other People we never see own balls.

And all too often the fault of our brothers.

You saw us.


There is an error but notice what Jesus says.

Or how can you save your brother? Let me take out this back at a mirror and behold, the log in your own eye you hypocrite.

You play at.

Now you would think he would stop there and say.

So don't do that.

But not as what he says.

First take the log out of your own eye.

So step one.

Give me your


Don't think that determine was right and was first.

So that you may be able to.

First take the log out of your own eye and then you will be able to see clearly to take the spec out of your brother's eyes.

Notice Jesus said Well, you got along, he's not expect we all got problems.

He says take action first not with your brother fix yourself Earth.

Then help your brother.

But usually when we hear The Who are you to judge me well, then we do nothing.

I need to be the person who sees clearly.

After seeing clearly that I can help you.

But notice.

Is my brother?

We're also quick to try to fix the world.

First, let us each other.

Tell my God, fix the world.

His only he can do it anyway.

I wish this was complicated.

So I've increased role longer.


Tell me June judgmental and Dunkin down.

When you're taking a look.

And discerning things.

Do so with the heart of compassion.


You're judging your brother.

Take some place in God.

And God doesn't like to have this place taken from.

God is God and you're not.

God calls.

Each of us.

And we are responsible to him.

You're not responsible to Maine hearing are responsible of the person you're sitting next to your not responsible to the People on the back or in front.

You're responsible for God and you will give an account.

And as such.

We should stop thinking you're accountable.

But in case you think that's an easy standard.

I give a break to my grandkids.

God his brakes you because your insurance.

For his child.

We should let God be God.

And do God things.

And wait.

Until all the evidence is presented.

And then when gods is now is the time to judge.


But until then.

Don't let People think.

That you're not allowed to come to any conclusions when it comes to right or wrong actions.

As Jesus himself calls for us.

To make discerning decisions about People we come in contact with.

The differences.

Just as Jesus says who was here to condemn you know one.

Neither do why.

I don't.


To approve or condemn?

I'm simply a fellow servant.

And as such.

We're in this together.

Help each other.

The first see clearly.

Then take action.

We're gonna sing as our invitation song talks about.

They may I love.

The way you love me.

May I have a heart?


For what breaks your heart.

May we saw them by with God.

They could be love and Mercy is not an act of thought.

Who you are?

My job is not to be a critical of you.

My job is so love you.

And all the People said.

Salad me asking price.

Hello my God.

There will be scary to send your presence of or not for Jesus Christ.

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