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FBCWest 419 | Pharisees, Sadducees, and Lawyer Question Jesus

Pharisees, Sadducees, and Lawyer Question Jesus | Poster

Recorded On: 10/03/2020


At FBCWest
October 4, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“At Calvary”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – 1 Chronicles 16:23 - 29
“Because of Your Love”
“Gifts From God”
“Made for You”
“Mighty to Save”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“Pharisees, Sadducees & Lawyer Question Jesus”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Build My Life”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes
Matthew 22:15 – 17 A question regarding paying taxes
Matthew 22:18 – 22 Jesus’ answer render to Caesar his and God’s His
Matthew 22:23 – 33 Jesus questioned on the resurrection and His response
Matthew 22:34 – 40 Lawyer’s question and Jesus’ response regarding the greatest commandment
Matthew 22:41 – 46 Jesus ask the religious leaders a question


Transcript of Service

Questions could be for many purposes and reveal.

Many things.

A question.

Can be used.

In the search of knowledge or wisdom?

A question can be used to teach.

For instance, in law school.

My law school at the time used what was called the Socratic method.

They would ask the students questions.

And the students would respond to the questions with answers and often times that was used for you not only to get.

The correct answer if you will, but the process of getting the correct answer.

Like I said, sometimes people ask questions because they're seeking information, knowledge, or there hopefully seeking wisdom.

But sometimes questions can reveal things.

They can reveal.

Attitude they can reveal ignorant.

Uh, they can reveal again. Like I said, many things.

Going back to my law school, first year, one of the most difficult things.

In the beginning, law school at the first semester was.

How much information is enough to regurgitate? How much do I need to know? Because?

Not ever taken a law school test before, and so there is great apprehension.

And so many things.

Cause me to come with this decision, but my decision was once I took an exam whether it was in law school or for the bar, I would never discuss the question.

Because there's no way I could change it, and all I would do was worry about it and one of the things that convince me of that it was in law school. We were walking out a group of students from silver procedure.

And one of the guys jokingly said.

Well, let me back up this problem, will talk about law schools got explain things before you see that it's funny there is. What's called a crossover question across over question is like if you're in.

Using Civil Procedure if you're in super Civil Procedure, but then there's a question about, let's say, the constitution that would be considered a crossover question.

And so as we're walking out, the ones that are set.

Did you see that really tough?

Well, that really big crossover question on jurisdiction.

And one of the other people said, Yeah, it was really hard and his response was there was a crossover question on jurisdiction. You see, his question reveals his ignorance.

So a lot of times when we ask things, it's because we're kind of ignorant.

But there are times in like in what's going to. We're going to discuss today is that questions reveal motives and character.

So they are going to be those the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and a lawyer from the Pharisees are going to ask Jesus questions. They're not going to ask Jesus questions to seek information or knowledge, they're not asking him because they they want to know these things. They're doing it in an attempt to trap him to cause him to have difficulty an so the questions aren't legitimate innocence of seeking information or seeking knowledge.

Or even confirming it.

But as a trap, and so if you will turn in your bibles to Matthew Chapter 22, starting with verse 15, it says this.

Then the Pharisees went and plotted together how they might trap him and what he said. So they've come not to ask this question for knowledge, they, or for information, say or even wisdom sake, but to cause him to be trapped.

And they sent the disciples to him along with the Herodians saying teacher, we know that you are truthful and teach the way of God in truth and defer to know one or you are not partial to any.

Here's a little bit of wisdom in this when people start flattering you before they ask you the question.

Watch out for the question.

It's just the way it is.

People tend to be that way. For instance, when you get a phone call.

Usually it's the third thing that people ask you is why they really call.

I'll call you and say how you doing.

You tell him, thinking well, they're interested, and they might say, well, how are the kids? And then whatever? And then they'll say I need you to buy something.

That was the purpose of the call. It wasant how to find out how you're doing or how your kids are doing, and so sometimes if you wanna save time, say let me stop you. What is it that you really called for?

And so they start out talking about oh, you're wonderful and you're smart and you don't play favorites. So we're going to ask you a question.

Jesus sees through them.

Tell us then.

What do you think?

Is it lawful to give a poll tax to Caesar or not?

You see, they want to put Jesus on what is called the horns of dilemma.

If he says it is not lawful to pay Caesar a poll tax.

And then they will go to this guy is causing an insurrection. He's telling people not to pay you taxes and that's how government runs to go crush him.

And if you don't think so, just don't pay your taxes this year.

They'll find you real quick, OK?

Or if he says it's OK to pay taxes, then they would say well, then really you're not the Messiah, he's the Messiah's come to set up the Kingdom and we don't need to have this overlord because Israel is finally going to be free. And so if you're saying pay taxes then you cannot be the Messiah.

So they think, OK, we've got Jesus, no matter how he answers.


Now the sad thing is, is too often we see it. How brilliant Jesus answers the question.

But it's not the brilliance of how he answers the question. The brilliance is the truth of his answer.

But let's look at his answer. But Jesus perceived their malice.

Notice this isn't this is malice evil thought, and said why are you testing me, you hypocrite?

So if he's truthful, if he doesn't whatever, then they've already got what he just told them. They have met us there hypocrites.

Show me the coin used for the poll tax.

And they brought him a Denarius.

Instead of them whose likeness and inscription is this?

And they said to him, Caesar's.

Now back then.

The Emperor.

Love in space.

He put his face or her face on all the coins.

It was interesting. I've seen a coin that on TV ever seen in person off or.

The Queen of Egypt. All sudden her name just.

Escape me.


Cleopatra's image on her coin is not beautiful. I mean skeletal kind of a big nose.

She lives in my standard. Not that beautiful, but you have somewhat of a likeness and image of the ruler and they love to place their images. Now our country is done a little different. We use the use dead guys or dead ladies to to put on our money. But the emperor currently living so his images there.

So they said then he said, then render to Caesar the things that are Caesars. So if the coin is Caesars, Give it back to him.

Render give to Caesar? What is Caesar but he doesn't stop there he says.

And to God, the things.

That are God.


Here's the deal.

All the way back in the beginning of the Scriptures.

All the way back in the beginning of Genesis.

When God said, let us make man.

He said, let us make man.

In our image.

So God has placed his image on us.

And so, Jesus saying, you can give the coins to Caesar as it has his image, but you need to give yourself to God because God has his image.

On you.

So I want you to do something. For me it's a little homework.

The next time you look in a mirror.

And you look at yourself. And you say, Oh.

What a beautiful or handsome person you are or you know I need a nose job. Or maybe I need Botox. Or maybe you know the hairs a little whatever or.

Am I really getting that old? As you're questioning yourself about all of these different things, and either so impressed or unimpressed.

Speaking about imprint I I was A.

Member of a business.

Group who tried to give business to other people and make referrals. An every week we would have two people who would give a little speech on their business to try to get you more information. So you refer.

War and one of the introduction was that they were. You were supposed to tell them something that nobody else knew.

So one of the things I never did it, but I always wanted to. I wanted to say, Well, the one of the things you don't know about me is. I look exactly like a young Brad Pitt.

Nobody knows that, but now you do.

An you see better way they would.

Did that, but you know it's when and so when you look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to say no matter how beautiful I am.

Or how much I need to change the image?

That that image looking back to me.

Is the image of God.

Ann, if I've been rendering to him.

That image, if I've been rendering to him, what is his?

So you see Jesus.

Not only is.

Smart enough if we will to avoid the horns of dilemma. He teaches them an us, a very specific understanding that were gods.

And that we need to be in God's business and doing God things because we are in his image and we are to render to him.

Those things that are in his image.

And hearing this, they were amazed.

And leaving him, they went away again. He gave them an answer to their question. There was malicious.

He gave them not an answer that avoided the issue.

But gave them an answer. It cut right to the heart of the situation.

Give to the government whatever is the government that gives it God all that is gone.

So the questions aren't finished.

And on that day, some Sadducees who who say there are no resurrection.

So we don't know as much about the Sadducees because they pretty much died out.

And about the 1st century, the most Judaism today is based on the Pharisees view of things.

The Sadducees were an interesting anomaly.

They were Liberal in the sense of they were very influenced by Greek thought and wisdom.

But on the other hand, there were very, if you will, exceptionally conservative, because the only scriptures they thought were valid was the Torah.

The first five books of so if you wanted to influence something that they were talking about, then you had to use the 1st five books of the Torah, whereas the Pharisees view the whole scriptures as the whole scripture.

But then like I said, but they didn't believe in a resurrection.

An one of the ways to remember that.

Is that they don't believe in a resurrection there. Sad, you see.

So that's one of the ways you can tell the difference between a Pharisee in a Sadducee and so they don't believe in a resurrection. So they came to Jesus and questioned him.

Again, this question is not to gain knowledge. It is to ask a question to the point of absurdity.

So here's the question.

Asking teacher Moses that if a man dies having no children, his brother as next of kin shall marry his wife and raise up children for his brother. So using the Torah they say here's what Moses said.

But the purpose of this law was the raise up children, not the purpose was to keep marrying just because.

Now there were seven brothers with us.

The first marriage, and died and having no children left his wife to his brother, so also the 2nd and the 3rd down to the 7th. Now if I were the 7th, I'd be really concerned that this was the Black Widow, you know, because everybody dies around her. But you know this is their question. So seven brothers die, no children.

Never accomplishing what Moses is purpose was.

Last of all, the woman died.

It's about time.

In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife of the seven will she be fore they all had married her?


And absurdity, they could have stopped at two or three, but you know, they wanted to make it 7.

But Jesus answered and said to them, You are mistaken.

I'm going to tell you why you're because you.

And do not understand the scriptures nor the power of God.

He says you.

Have a both understanding.

Your fault understanding is because you do not understand the Scriptures and your false understandings because you do not understand the power of God and all too often we have a misunderstanding because we don't understand the power of God in many parts of our lives.

Or in the resurrection they neither marry nor given in marriage, or like the Angels in heaven.


If you've been married forever and you're in so much marital bliss.

Or if you've been married for a very short time and you're so much marital bliss.

Jesus, this kind of.

Rock your world.

Is your not married in him?

Now, if you're not so.

Fortunate to be in marital bliss.

And you're living in a marriage that you could just say.

No, I I promised that I'd love you to the end of time. I'm just praying for the end of time you got hope here.

'cause you're not married to that bozo, OK?

He says it like that, but regarding the resurrection of the dead.

So he goes. OK. First off, you're mistaken. What happens here on Earth is not necessarily happen in Heaven. You're not married there.

Here's the power of God.

Have you not read what was spoken to you by God? And again, Jesus knowing who the sadducees are are going to quote Scriptures from the Torah.

So that they will use them and understand that it is.

Binding information

I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

When God said These things, he was talking about these three men when they were dead.

But they're not.

Because God is the God of the living. I am the God.

Of Abraham.

Abraham is in the presence of God.

I am the God of Isaac.

I think is and now is in the presence of God.

And I am the God of Jacob.

That one who is crafty and did all these things. Who became Israel? I am the God of.


He is the God of the living, not the dead.

Which means.

Those loved ones who are believers.

We've gone before.

He is the God of.

So for instance, my mother Emily, who's been gone a number of years.

Her body is not here.

But God is the God of Emily Irene Davis.

When the crowd heard this, they were astonished at his teaching.

You see, because Jesus teaches with authority, he didn't teach like the Pharisees who were talking about some abstract concept. He's knocking talking about the Pharisees, who are mistaken in their concept.

Why? Because Jesus came from heaven?

He knew exactly what was happening in heaven.

He knew that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were in heaven.

He taught as one having authority.

Which is amazing people.

Because so many people, well, you know it could be this. It could be that it could be the other.

Jesus knows and teaches so again.

A question trying to get him to talk theology.

They are upended.

Is the number one don't understand.


They don't realize the scriptures even though they think all we know all about the Torah.

And third, they just don't understand the power of God.

And let me talk a little bit about the resurrection in the power of God.

You see, God just doesn't reanimate.

Largest doesn't take the body and just get it to move again.

Those of you who love the story of young Frankenstein. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

That wasn't a resurrection that was a reanimation. They were trying to put movement back into the body, and those of you who.

You are aware of and I would recommend if you've never seen this movie, Young Frankenstein. Some of you are pretty sure that you have a Abby normal brain.

And so this Abby normal person is 1 around Jesus doesn't reply.

Generate you, Jesus resurrects you, he doesn't simply resurrect your body. He resurrects all that you are.

Body soul mind.

And when you are raised again, you are raised.

As the perfect image of God.

In this new body, but you are you.

You're not some kind of Energiser Bunny.

But when the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered themselves together. You know the kind of the attitude is the enemy of my enemy is my friend so OK? Well, they put down this Saturday. He's been putting us down, but finally, he's really ripped them too. Yay, Jesus, so they get together and have a little conference.

And one of them, a lawyer.

This is one of the few times a lawyers brought up and not criticize.

Oh, I like this verse.

Most other times were you lawyers, it's like OK.

But one of the lawyers could ask him a question.

Testing him.

That's not so good.


Which is the great commandment in the law now?

Basically what the lawyer saying is, you know there's over 600 Commandments in the scriptures, and the Pharisees had placed a whole bunch of other commandments around those commandments to get you to not ever violate those commandments. So he's saying OK in. As a matter of priority, which is the biggest one. Which is, which is a number one law.

And he said to him, you shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment.

She's just says you wanna know the greatest one love God?

But don't just love God, little bit love God totally fully completely.

But then he goes on and says this.

The second one is like it.

You shall love your neighbor.

As yourself.

On these two commands depend the whole law and the Prof.

Jesus, in essence, says exactly what the Apostle say when they say, how is it that you say that you love God who you cannot see? You do not love your brother or your sister, who you can see and let me modify that a little bit by saying, how can you say your love God, who has no need of anything.

If you don't.

Love your brother or sister who had need of every.

So Jesus, if you want to Love God.

You love your neighbor. You love your brother.

And you express that love of God by loving your neighbor. And if you only do what is in God's interest and you only knew, do what's in your neighbors interest and you won't violate.

The 600 plus.




As his turn.

He's gonna ask request.

Now all the Pharisees were gathered together. Jesus asked him a question.

What do you think about the Christ who son is he and they said to him, the son of David.

So they got the first question on this is more like the if you will. The Socratic method there he's asking a question that leads to the next question to get them to understand something. He says OK, you got the first question right?

They said to him, the son of David and he said to them, then how does David in the spirit call him Lord, saying, and that Jesus is going to quote Scripture? the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I put your enemies beneath your feet.

So just goes OK at the Messiah, the Christ.

Is the son of David.

And how is the David calling the sun is Lord?

If David then calls him Lord, how is that he is the son?

So he's asking a question.

To get them to understand the scriptures.

He's asking legitimate questions so that they might gain knowledge and wisdom.

But no one was able to answer him a word.

Here are the Pharisees.

Who pride themselves on not only knowing the law?

Annoying all the extra commands surrounding the law and pretending that they completely.

Honor them and carry them out and never break them.

And yet everybody is expecting to Christ the Messiah to be there. So you would think it would be a topic that people would discuss. Well, here's what's going on here. If the besides the son of David and David says, my Lord, then there ought to be at least some discussion.

What's happening here?

But apparently they didn't take this course in theology.

There's no one was able to answer him award.

So I'll give you the answer.

Because Jesus existed before David.

Even though David was an ancestor of Jesus, Jesus existed before.

David not only did exist before David, he was the one who was put in charge of creation.

He's the one who's been in charge of not only creation, but holding everything together. The reason the world doesn't fall apart. The reason the atoms don't fall apart. The reason the chairs don't fall apart is because Jesus holds them together.

And the reason they do is for his war.

Now the third thing.

If there were truly wanting to know information.

There were really, really wishing to know and understand with.

On a topic as big as who is the Messiah?

You would think at least they would say, Well, how can that be?

And then Jesus could just tell them in better ways and I just did what I just said.

But notice.

They said.

Not only was no unable to answer him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to ask him another question.

The one.

Was the Alpha and the Omega?

The beginning and the end.

The one who knows.

Instead of seeking him out, instead of seeking his wisdom, instead of seeking his way.

Decided to stop asking.

But the reason they stop asking questions.

Was not.


They were why?

And not because they had knowledge.

But because they no longer figured out that their questions would ever trap him or dissuade him, or cause him to fall.

The purpose of their questions had just been obliterated.

So let me tell you one little thing before I finished.

God is not afraid of your question.

You can ask God all kind of question.

But make sure you're asking the question.

The proper mode.

Not as a trap.

Or the way?


now why is it that I'm suffering?

Or God, Why is that this happens or God? Why is it that one? How come God I have, prayed and prayed and prayed? And you just haven't changed it?

Those questions are all valid and whatever.

And God may give you an answer.

Oral God may stay silent and they just keep trusting.

But God is not afraid of your question.

The lawyer asked a question.

And got some pretty good information.

It will even the Sadducees ask a question, even though it was improper.

And got some good information.

And the Pharisees.

Despite the fact they were thinking to trap him and place them on the horns of a dilemma, got some excellent information about who we are in the likeness of God.

So sometimes in your questioning you can discover.

Great depth of truth of God.

So never be afraid to ask questions.

Just make sure.

The question.

Or not for trap?

Or to ignore.

But the game with.

Gain knowledge of who are got it to be better at following him.

You have heard it said.

There are no stupid question.

I tell you that there are.

A super question is if your teacher.

Just it through saying write it on the board. 2 + 2 = 4.

And while that formula is on the board, you raise your hand.

And say teacher, how much is 2 + 2?

That's a stupid question.

As you are already given the information.

Do you know God?

As the perfect.


Well, even accept stupid.

So long as you're ready for the answer.

You build your life.

On him

you build your life on his teaching.

You even build your life. I'm not quite knowing.


The truth.

Because we are his disciple.

Which means we are learner.

But not just that we are learners that I know 2 + 2 is 4, but that we are learners so that we become like him.

That's the whole term of Christian is little Jesus.

So when we look in the mirror.

In the next 15 minutes or tomorrow morning, however much often you like to look at yourself.

Ask yourself.

So I really appreciate.

But I'm in the image of God.

And do I really follow him?

As a side.

And all God's People said.

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