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FBCWest 332 | Jesus Heals and Asserts His Authority

Jesus Heals and Asserts His Authority | Poster

Recorded On: 04/14/2019


Palm Sunday
April 14, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“I Will Enter His Gates”
SCRIPTURE – Matthew 21:1 - 11
“Here Is Our King”

SCRIPTURE – Matthew 21:12 – 16
“Found in You”
“Empty Me”
“God With Us”

SCRIPTURE – Mark 12:41 - 44

MESSAGE Pastor Joe
“Jesus Heals and Asserts His Authority”

“My God”
“Only Jesus”

John 5:1 – 17 Jesus heals on the Sabbath
John 5:18 – 23 Jesus states He is the Son of God
John 5:24 – 30 Two resurrections
John 5:31 – 47 Witnesses for Jesus: John, Jesus’ works, The Father and the Scriptures


Transcript of Service

As we go through the earthly life and ministry.

Of Jesus.

As I said it would be an imperfect chronological order.

In today is one of those perhaps imperfections for you see.

There is a disagreement when this event.


Some think that this event was on a Passover Feast time, other things that it happened at a different feast.

I tend to think the second that it was earlier in Jesus' S Ministry and not during the second pass over.

And I think that it's if I'm right.

Praise the Lord If I'm wrong.

I said it was in perfect to begin with.

But at least it gives.

A sense of why there was such opposition to Jesus.


The final pass over that he was here on Earth.

And so in John Chapter 5.

It says this after these things there was a feast of the Jews in Jesus went up to Jerusalem, so because there's a piece of the Jews. Some people then OK was Passover. Well, there were a number of feast of the Jews 3 were required by men of 20 years or older if at all possible to attend Jerusalem, one was Passover.

It costs and the third was Tabernacles.

So one of those times is a feast. There is also other fees that the men weren't are no one else was required to go to Jerusalem, but people went we will see later in the scriptures that jaw in John the Gospel of John that Jesus went to a festival that most of us ignore.

Hanukkah, the festival of lights. It was in quote unquote, a biblical requirement as it was in Leviticus. But one that the Jews started observing because of the miracle of the lasting of the oil and so, whichever feast it was Jesus went to Jerusalem to be there.

Inverse to us is now there in Jerusalem by the sheep gate. A pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having 5 particles in these lay a multitude of those who are sick blind lame and withered.

Now, if you have in your Bibles your translation you'll start to see a bracket.

Some of you won't and the reason for that bracket is that verse 4 is not in the earlier manuscripts.

Some think well it belongs there. Others thing there was an addition in other things that it was the writers trying to impart why this story is relevant and so they kind of added commentary So what I do is when I see those types of brackets.

I don't come with up with any doctrine.

Because of the uncertainty, but the reason I'm emphasizing this is that so many people say, Oh, well. The Gospels and D and the Bible is all and there's so many manuscripts and so how do you know that what was written was written?

'cause we know.

So much so that we even put in our bibles here, some perhaps question marks.

You see because we are concerned about the truth.

And so therefore, we place it in so it may be just giving a sense of why this particular passages and the senses is that it says that there was Angels wings who stirred up water and created healing properties and people want to jump in the water and so in verse 5. It says a man was there.

Who had been ill for 38 years?

Now in a time when most people didn't live a long time.

38 years.

By anybody's reckoning.

Is a very long time to suffer with this illness and apparently based on? What we see he? Was he was a paralytic he couldn't move his his legs or whatever.

And so here suffered for 38 years and when Jesus saw him lying there. He knew that he was already been along time in that condition.

And he said to him and I love this question do you wish to get well.

Now a lot of people think that's an obvious question.

But I've seen a lot of people who seem to be very content in the circumstances that they are in.

LA Times will say, Well, you know when that person reaches rock bottom they'll change.

But apparently my rock bottom and their rock bottom isn't the same.

Just because you're in a condition doesn't mean you necessarily want out of it.

Jesus you know just in case he wants to content being there says you wish to get well.

And the sick man answered him Sir.

I have no man to pull me into the pool when the water is stirred up.

But what I am coming another step down before Maine.

In essence, he saying I'm helpless.

My situation has rented me, helpless and less, I have someone help Maine. I am going to continue in this condition. It's interesting that he still there.

You would think after 38 years of failure.


No one was there to put him into the water.

That, he would move on.

But fortunately for him, he did not.

Jesus said to him.

Get up.

Pick up your palate and walk.

Immediately, the man became well and picked up his palette and began to walk now. I want you to notice something nowhere in this scripture nowhere in this narrative does it say anything about the man's faith.

So many times you'll hear people say, Well to get a miracle or do whatever for Jesus or somebody to do something you must have faith.

When Jesus wants to do something he doesn't need your faith.

As he gives it to you anyway.

So he didn't do this for the man's faith. He did this, because Jesus decided to exercise a miracle.

And immediately not after a period time, not after he got into water not after he went an got treatment that he become well immediately he became well.

Picked up his palette.

And began to walk.

Now was on the Sabbath Day.

Now, most of us when we read that think immediately. The Sabbath day for the Jews in Saturday that therefore it happened on a Saturday. However, if it's a holy day like Pentecost or Tabernacles or whatever that is also a Sabbath Day. So it could have been a Saturday or it could have been the feast day.

That, they were there.

So the Jews were saying to the man who was cured.

It is the Sabbath and it is not permissible for you to carry your palette.

I love these guys.

It doesn't matter what's going on. It's because of the rules and regulations that they have set up.

We shouldn't do this.

You can search in vain, the law.

And you will not find anywhere where it's in permissible for you to Kerry, a pallet or a bed on the Sabbath.

There are some 630 plus rules and regulations in the law.

Not one is about caring a pallet on the Sabbath.

The Pharisees decided that they wanted to have extra rules and regulations so that you might not violate the other 630 rules and regulations and so that was their rule and regulation.

It wasn't the law.

But he answered them.

He who made me well with the one who said to me pick up your palette and walked.

Which is some my fault?

The guy who healed Maine. He told me too. And since he healed me, I'm going to do what he says.

But the man who is held a nano who it was, I'm sorry and they asked him who is the man who said, Do you pick up your palette and walk but the man who was healed did not know who it was for Jesus had slipped away while there was a crowd in that place.

I don't know I wasn't there.

But I suspect.

That if I was had some kind of illness like being paralytic.

For 38 years.

My first step would be to Jesus?

And I just be there.

Or nothing you need to know his name, but I'd just be hanging out with him.

Where are you walking today I'll walk there too?


He just walked on.


Cheese is found him in the temple for Lacey went to the right place nails and tell us why I'm going to assume he's going there to thank God.

But we don't know.

And he said to him. Behold you become well do not send anymore so that nothing worth happens to you.


I want you to understand something.

Just because a person is sick doesn't mean that God has given them an illness.

Illness and judgment are not synonymous.

There are those specially back in this period of time when they did when you had a problem, either you or your parents send.

You'll recall those of you who have seen the Scriptures.

When the disciples asked when Jesus is dealing with somebody who send this man or father.

In Jesus response was neither one.

The glory of God might be demonstrated.


God does cause us have an illness because of sin.

But don't automatically assume it, but notice what Jesus does.

He said to him, Behold you become well do not send anymore so that nothing worth happens to you so Jesus warns him. The reason that he was sick was because of sin.

Don't repeat the same mistake.

And God is going to do the very same thing.

He warned him.

The man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus, who had made him well.

I still don't have a lay on this guy.

He just

Think he would just go on home.

But he doesn't.

For this reason.

The Jews were persecuting Jesus.

Because he was doing these things on the Sabbath.

What a sad commentary?

Ted matter that the man had been.

In that condition for 38 years.

Jesus should have waited another day.

So many times.

We put up our rules and regulations instead of seeing what God is doing.

But he answered them.

My father is working until now and I myself am working.

Such a simple statement.

For you see.

In Genesis, it, said on the sixth day God rested.

It never said every 6 day thereafter, God rest.

I'm I'm sorry on the seventh day. That's on the seventh. So it's not every 7 days. God decides to put his feet up on the barcalounger drink. Whatever he decides to drink smoke. Whatever he decides to smoke and take the day off.

God took one day off.

Because he was pleased with this creation.

But if God took another day off. This world would go to heck at a hand basket and you think it's bad now.

'cause God is working until now and Jesus is ain't the father is working.

He's not sitting up in Heaven, taking us.

Afternoon nap.

So the father is working and I myself, I'm working.

For this reason, there for the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, which he was not.

Jesus never broke the Sabbath as a matter of fact he kept it perfectly.

He just broke their rules and regulations.

But also was calling God, his own father, making himself equal with God.


Instead of determining whether Jesus is the son of God and whether he had the right to claim that he is the son of God. They make a snap judgement, which is wrong.

That, he improperly heels on the Sabbath and he calls himself equal with God.

We're going to see at the end of the story.

Even though

Jesus performs.

His own resurrection.

They still refuse to see.

He is the son of God.

The truth and the facts don't matter to them.

Therefore, Jesus answered and was saying to them truly, truly. I say to you. The sun can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing. For whatever the father does these things the sun also does in like manner.

For the father, loves the sun and shows him all things that he himself is doing and the father will show him greater works than these so that you will Marvel for just as a father raises the dead and gives them life. Even so, the sun also gives life to whom he wishes for not even the father judges anyone, but he has given.

Judgment to the sun so that all will honor the sun even as they honor the father, he who does not honor the sun does not honor the father, who sent him.

Jesus doubles down.

Jesus is not only do I do? What I say?

The God is working. I'm working I do what I see God doing.

Which is interesting 'cause later he'll do tell the disciples?

We will do greater works than I.

Because we might see what the son and the father are doing.

So he says.

What I do? I do because it's the father that I see doing it is the father? Who loves me the father has given me that work to do, including raising the dead.

And judgment.

And to receive honor.


How Jesus puts it?

They do not honor the sun.

Does not honor the father?

You see you can't on her father, God if you don't honor the son of God.

They are inseparable.

They are the same.

For God so loved the world, he sent his son.

Acceptance of the sun means acceptance of the father denial of the sun means denial of the father.

Truly truly I say to you, he who hears my word, and believes him. Who sent me notice did they believe me believe the one who sent me?

Has eternal life?

And does not come into judgment but passes out of death into life.

You see.

As it was told to Nick a demas.

Those who believed or not condemn those who do not come believe are condemned already.

Jesus is being entirely consistent with Nick a Demas and the Pharisees.

Truly truly I say to you and hours coming and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live.

I think he's speaking.

EE here.

I think he's speaking to those who are dead. Spiritually, who will become alive by hearing the words of God.

I also think that those who are dead physically will hear the words of God.

How do I think that because there will come a time when he will speak to lazareth in a tune in last with will come out.

For just as a father has life in himself. Even so, he gave to son also to have life in himself and he gave him authority execute judgment because he is the son of man.

That one that's talked about in Daniel.

That's the son of God.

That's him.

Do not Marvel at this for an hour is coming in which all who are in the tombs will hear his voice.

And will come forth and those who did.

And now I want to teach a little more.

Mice Bible says good and then in italics deeds.

To Resurrection of life and those who commit evil italics deeds to a resurrection of judgment.

The reason it's intalex is that's not why in the original.

The translators are trying to give you a sense of what Jesus is saying.

Now, while I like my translation.

And I don't know what your translation says.

I don't think it's right.

I think it probably should be so those who did good.

To arrive direction of life and those who did evil.

To Resurrection of judgment.

It's not what you do.

Because Jesus will say there's no one good.

Except God.

Which means the only opportunity that I have for resurrection?

To life

Is because of his righteousness?

Because of his goodness.

And everything else is simply built the racks.

I can do nothing on my own initiative.

Die here. I judge and my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will. But the will of him who sent me.

I want you to kind of remember this.

Because there's a lot of times you say, well, what will God do in such in such a situation.

And you may not know exactly in the scripture that you can underline and say, Well in Deuteronomy. Chapter 28 verse 13. It says X therefore, we have the answer.


It's a little sketchy we're not sure.

His judgment is just.

God will do the right thing.

I may not understand how in the situation. But God will do the right thing.

Because Jesus does not seek his own will. He seeks the father's.

Which we who are called to be his disciples?

Or ought to be doing as Jesus had taught us to do.

Not my will but your will be done.

You see Jesus is teaching of us in prayer is exactly what Jesus did in his life and what is called us to do to seek the father's will?

Verse 31.

If I alone testify about myself, my best testimony is not true well.

I'll take a little exception to that.

He could testify about himself and whether he says, but it's not verifiable in court in court in the Old Testament. You had to have 2 or 3 witnesses to verify something so you could say something true but if nobody else was there to verify it.

It was improvement.

Excuse me.

And so Jesus is saying.

If I just speak about my own testimony.

There would be a problem, but he says. This There is another testifies of Maine and I know that the testimony, which he gives about me is true?

Who is that?

You have sent to John and he asked us if I to the truth.

But the testimony, which I received is not from an but I say, These things so that you may be saved.

He saying OK my first witness.

To say that I am the son of God.

Is John?

What was it the John said.

The whole the Lamb Of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

Who was it there who heard the father say Behold this? Is my son in whom I am well pleased it was jaune and he sent telling the Pharisees. You sent representatives to John and you accepted it for awhile until he got really personal and then you kind of kind of hated him too.

To fight about me?

He was a lamp that was burning and was shining and you were willing to rejoice for awhile in his life.

But the testimony, which I have is greater than the testimony of John, for the work switch the father has given me to accomplish the very works that I do testify about Maine that the father has sent me.

Witness number 2 examine what I have done.

How I have healed?

How I have performed miracles how I will continue to heal the lame?

The mute the death, the blind.

Raise the dead.

Turn water into wine heal from afar heal from close up.

To lay my hands on and not even see.

See those things and they testify as even nicos tema, said no one can do the things that you do unless God is with him.

So witness number 2.

Witness number 3 and the father was sent me he is of testified about Maine.

You have never heard his voice at anytime nor seen his form.

He did not have his word abiding in you for you do not believe him.

Oh, he said.

Jesus is sane.

There are those in the Old Testament, who heard God's voice.

You haven't.

Because if you had you'd hear his voice in me.

When I speak you would know that the father, speaking, but because you've never heard his voice. You don't recognize mine, but the father.

Justifies the time the sun.

Now he's going to really say something it hurts that one hurt.

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them You have eternal life.

They were very proud that they knew the scriptures they had them on their wrists, and on their foreheads.

In all over, they had the word of God in the front of their doors where they were they were very proud about the word of God and they could tell you what it said.

But they obviously had no idea what it meant.

He says, and you search and you searching.

He's telling these religious leaders.

Very same things you've heard from people who are not religious well, I read the Bible wants.

Well then only read the Bible wants they read it over and over and over, thinking that there they might find eternal life.

They were looking for the wrong theme, the wrong.

Outcome of the Scriptures.

Because you think of it, they have eternal life, but it is these that testify about me.

The purpose of the Old Testament is not to give us just a story about what happened. But the show us who Jesus is going to be and why we need him.

And you are unwilling to come to Maine so that you may have life.

You see search the scriptures thinking and I'll give you a shortcut just come to me.

And you have eternal life.

I do not receive glory for men, but I know you that you do not have the love of God in yourselves and have come in my father's name and you do not receive me if another comes in his own name, you'll receive him.

He's saying.

I am who I am and I don't need your glory.

You're all anxious to receive glory for one another.

But the essence is that the love of God is not in you?

And how more perfect an example of that.

That a man.

Who had been?

Bill for 38 years.

There are more concerned about whether he could carry a pallet. Then he was healed.

Where's their love?

Which speaks to us when we see God blessing someone or we excited that God has blessed them or is it? Why not me.

Or why did God do it that way because it's not in the box that I created?

Most of us think that were great if we get outside the box.

God doesn't even see a box.

Weather inside outside of it or whatever God does when God does.

And that love of him.

Assign fourth in our lives.

How can you believe when you receive glory for one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God.

Or he just.

One after another after another.

You are more concerned about what other people say.

For God says.

In all too often, we are more concerned about what other people say.

What God says?

Do not think that I will accused you before the father.

The one who accuses you is Moses.

Whoa now now he's really taking the gloves off.

Because Moses is the guy.

Moses is the writer of the first 5 books, Moses is the leader Moses the lawgiver. Moses is the guy that everybody should pay attention to and so they're saying yeah, we're following Moses.

He's gone, I'm not going to accused you Moses.

And whom you have set Europe you set your hope on Moses.

Moses testified me.

You set your hope on the wrong thing the wrong person.

Have you set your hope?

I'm doing good.

Or on God.

Or if you believe Moses.

You would believe me for, he wrote about me.

He's basically seen we both read the same book.

You missed it.

You thought Moses are talking about this.

Talking about me.

Uther Moses song about rules and regulations, he talked about me.

You thought he was talking about himself, he's talking about me.

But if you do not believe his writings.

How you will believe my words?

Well, they were studying Moses and didn't believe.

How are they going to believe Jesus?

Because their hearts were hard.

It didn't matter what the fax work. It didn't matter what the truth is, and it's not just here that we see it.

We will see it throughout Jesus' S Ministry and Jesus will go into and out of Jerusalem because of the.

Antagonism of the Pharisees.

They seek to kill him.

Because he breaks the Sabbath, which he does not, and claims to be an is the son of God and equal to him.

Doubly, wrong.

Now we have one more.

Advantage over the


That, they still denied.

And it is a testimony why I believe.

That, he is the son of God.

Yes, I believe that Moses testified of'em. Yes, I believe the scriptures testify of him. Yes, I believe in the testimony of John. Yes, I believe in the testimony of the father.

And yes, I believe of the works of Jesus did.

But I believe becaus, he rose from the dead.

Before the New Testament was written.


Gave a couple of sermons in Jerusalem, where Jesus died and Rose again and people came to saving faith because he rose again.

Before the Gulf over it and people like Paul We're preaching.

Throughout the whole world.

Because Jesus was raised from the dead.

I believe yes because of the testimony, but I believe, because he rose from the dead.

You find his body in a tomb somewhere?

Let's go do something else.

Because it's all fantasy.

But the facts and truth are.

Almost 2000 years ago.

Which we will celebrate soon?

They rose from the dead.

And we should celebrate that fact.

Not just on first fruits, Easter Resurrection Sunday.

But not just every Sunday.

But every day.

Because my hope.

Is built on nothing less?

Then the fact of his righteousness.

His raising from the dead.

And his being sent by the father.

To demonstrate to me his love.

His forgiveness.

And his life.

He gives life because he is the son of God.

Is by Lord and my God and I pray that he is that for you and all of God's people said.

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