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FBCWest 461 | Consider Jesus: He’s Greater than Moses

Consider Jesus: He’s Greater than Moses | Poster

Recorded On: 07/25/2021


July 25, 2021

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him. must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – 1 Timothy 1:17
“This is What We Live For”​​
“This is Amazing Grace”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“Consider Jesus: He’s Greater than Moses”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“No One Higher”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
“He’s Everything to Me”
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Continued Praise and Worship
“Made New”
“God of all My Days”

Benediction “Egypt”

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Sermon Notes
Hebrews 3:1 Consider Jesus
Hebrews 3:2 Jesus was faithful as Moses was
Hebrews 3:3 Jesus counted worthy of more glory than Moses
Hebrews 3:4 A house is built by someone, but God is the builder of all things
Hebrews 3:5 Moses was faithful like a servant
Hebrews 3:6(a) Christ was faithful as a Son over His house
Hebrews 3:6(b) Believers are the house of Christ


Transcript of Service

If you would turn in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 3.

We have the.

Feeling because the scriptures are broken down into chapters and verses that somehow each chapter is kind of independent of the rest of the chapters. And because we're starting a new chapter, therefore starting a new thought and specially in the Epistle of the Hebrews.

Not so much because the writer.

Continues to build upon what he has said before to make the statements he say now, and so the difficulty is in in reality. To really give a full explanation of the beginning of chapter three, I have to re preach chapter one in Chapter 2 and since.

We all wanting kids somewhere we won't do that, but that's kind of. So what I encourage you to do is to continue to go back, even though we've covered these chapters that the covering of the chapters is just the beginning of understanding those chapters. And as we go further, it gives us more understanding because the writer of Hebrews wants to make sure that we understand this one thing that Jesus is supreme and he's going to make.

A number of times that he's going to compare Jesus with other things we saw in the previous chapter that he compared Jesus to angels. We're going to see him comparing later to priests and to those types of things, and then this half of the chapter we're going to see that he's going to compare Jesus to Moses.

All of that showing that Jesus is superior to those, and so in chapter three of starting with verse one, it says therefore.

That's why I said it's therefore because he says because of what went before, I'm going to talk about what goes on now, so it's because of this that because Jesus is the creator, because Jesus is the sustainer because he is the exact representation of God because he did make up.


Atonement for sins that he did sit down at the right hand of God that he is savior that he is.

That who sanctifies, in that he is that who is the Conqueror, and he is that who is the helper because of all of those things, therefore, holy brethren.

Now, unfortunately, because of our lives.

We have a tendency to not think we're wholly.

But God calls us holy because it's not what we do to make us holy is what he has done to make us holy. He has set us apart for his purposes, so we are wholly not because of your doing but because of Jesus is doing because he is the one who sanctified. He's the one who calls. So you are holy.


We need to stop thinking about how.

Loli, we are.

But what God has done for us, we all too often think about our position rather than what God has given to us. So he says, therefore, holy brethren.

He has called us to be brothers and sisters together.

Now, in our world, the word you'll hear used a lot, whether it's in commercials or in speeches, by politicians or by others, you'll hear the word community a lot to give to the community part of my community, and you'll hear community over and over.

Jesus didn't make us a community. He made us a family.

And that's more personal. That's more direct. We are family. We are brothers and sisters because of the Lord.

We may not share the same DNA, but we share the same blood and he has called us that we are family more than just community so we are not only family but we are a Holy Family, a set of part family, one for that and it says.

Partakers of a heavenly calling. We are participants in something we are partaking of, this which is a heavenly.

Calling so heavenly means that it's both spiritual.

And doesn't originate here on Earth. It is a heavenly calling. Well, who's in charge of heaven, God. So God calls us to be his to be.

The computer back there is going crazy. I just wanna make sure it wasn't going crazy here, he.

He is called us. It is God who is called us, so we are particular partakers participants in this heavenly calling, a calling that one calls us out.

For a particular his own people, and for his purposes, so we are called by a heavenly calling. We are called by God, so we are a Holy Family who are partakers participants in this calling that's from heaven.

And it says consider Jesus.

Notice he didn't say think about Jesus. He said consider Jesus, which isn't a matter of just, well, you know. I think Jesus is pretty cool guy and he was a good teacher and now it says consider him contemplate who Jesus says we are to do more than just thinking we are to do serious thinking. We are to contemplate. We are to consider who Jesus is and that's where the world I said and especially.

The church tends to fall short because we proclaim Jesus as our savior who he is, but that's not all of who he is, so we need to consider him. Who is he? What is his role? What does he do? And I think if we concentrate more on who Jesus is, we'd be less.

Concern about who we are.

Because Jesus loves even me.

Because of who he is.

So consider Jesus, contemplate him. The apostle and High Priest of our confession. Now notice it, says the apostle, an apostle is a sent one. So Jesus was sent as the scripture says, for God so loved the world that he sent Jesus.

Whoever believes in him would not perish, but ever have everlasting life. Jesus is the sent one from God, so consider him. He is not only savior, but he is the one who's been sent by God.

And he says an high priest, which means he's the one who mediates between US and God.

As the scripture says, Jesus didn't come to condemn the world because the world is already condemned, but to save it Jesus came as dot high priest to mediate between US and God to make us not only holding acceptable, but to reconcile us with God. So he is our apostle. He is our high priest of our confession. Now. There are some commentators will talk about confession and they'll say, well.

Maybe what the writer here says is that there was some kind of creed, like a Nicene creed or something that says, you know, our West, the Westminster Catechism, what, which is a statement of faith, and that's possible.

It's also entirely possible that, as Paul wrote.

In the Book of Romans, if you confess with your mouth, Jesus says, Lord, that is our confession. It is not our profession. We don't say because the first thing can and the the.

Demons, do they know exactly who Jesus is? They'll say he's the son of God. They say he's the one most high. They will profess who he is and people who aren't believers can profess well. I think that Jesus is the son of God.

But you don't profess when, when you have been accused of a crime they're not trying to get you to profess something they're trying to get you to confess something.

They're trying to get you to admit, and so in this situation, when we confess Jesus as Lord, it isn't. We're making Jesus. We have already done. I confess his Lord.

I'm guilty, he is my Lord, and so I think the simple confession is that that Jesus, we confess, is Lord of our lives.

She is a the apostle and high priest of our confession.

He was faithful to him who appointed him as Moses also was in all his his house.

The writer of Hebrews is going to use house a couple of times, but I want you to.

Now get sidetracked because the same word.

You might think it's the same thing.

We have in English some words.

Then mean different things.

Even though we may say the same word and so house in two situations is a building.

Or a family that resides somewhere.

Your house, your household, the people, you so you say my house.

Is full of.


It's not the building, it's the family. Or there is the house and and the writer here is going to use house in two different ways. So want you to make sure that you understand and I'll point it out. But it says that.

That he, being Jesus, was faithful to him. God, who am I appointed him as Moses also was in all of his house.

So he says Jesus, he's faithful, and the writer says that Moses is faithful.

Now two things I want you to see here.


The Jews then, as well as religious Jews today.

View Moses as a superhero.

He's the one who delivered Egypt, who delivered the people of God from Egypt to the promised land, except he didn't do it. He was just a mechanism. It was God who is the deliverer. And he was also the lawgiver. Except it wasn't. His law was God's love. He just transmitted it. But he has been given that glory, and so he's the superhero. He's almost more important than Abraham, although they'll say we're children of Abraham and whatever. But he's one of the tops.

And when Jesus was on the mount of Transfiguration, and Moses and Ezekiel are not as Elijah appeared, Peter said, let's build 3 temples 'cause he viewed at that time Jesus as being equal with with the law and the prophets, and God goes.

He's my son here him and so the others disappeared. So even when Peter had been ministered to and been walking with Jesus, he still saw boeses as something worthy of having a temple built to him. So he was a super hero of the faith and so.

You're saying he was faithful?

Like Jesus was faithful, but the difference is I want you, the writer is going to compare Jesus and Moses.

The writer will never.

Put down


He is going to compare and contrast them, but he's going to compare them and contrast them. Not that Jesus is great and Moses had his flaws, although if you read Genesis.

And here it is now Genesis. But if you read Exodus and Leviticus and numbers and Deuteronomy, you're going to see that Moses, like all of us, have our shortcomings. There were times that he lost his temper. There was times that he made bad decisions. There were times when he went off to to do God's plan without.

Following God's plan, we see that he was even short tempered enough that he lost the ability to go to the promised land with the people because he didn't take God seriously. But notice the writer here will never deprecate Moses.

He doesn't make Jesus superior by putting down Moses. He makes Jesus superior because Jesus is superior.

And I think this is a good lesson for you and me.

We shouldn't compare ourselves because I have greater strings than you have these weaknesses, and therefore I feel pretty good. 'cause you're there and I'm here. You never compare yourself with somebody else 'cause you're not that person's master.

Second off, you're not. You don't have the same gifts.

And abilities that God has given that person that God has given the other person or you.

So matter of fact, we should be more than humble.

Some of you and I and I'll use him, but I won't use his name. There was a A a gentleman I'll call him back as he was.

And he participated in and the youth activities and and teenage activities and young adult activities here in our church. And he had what we would call now special abilities. He was challenged mentally.

And people would feel embarrassed by him in different things.

And yet, as I grew in.

A little bit of wisdom and spirituality come to understand that he put me to shame.

'cause he was here every every time the church was open. He had three Bibles.

I don't know if he could read any of them, but he brought him 'cause he knew the word of God was important.

He was here and he participated to the ability that he had. He was fully invested.


I'm so bright eyed I'd lose what the passion was saying 'cause I'm off thinking something else. He could focus 'cause corner Cody had limited ability.

He put me to shame. So there are people that you probably think you're better than.

Who in God's eyes?

Are precious.

And so never think you're more spiritual because somebody is less.


Don't compare yourself if you want to compare yourself with somebody, compare yourself with Jesus.

So he says he Jesus was faithful to him, God, who appointed him as Moses, also was in all of his house. So Moses was not in the household of God's people, not in the building. So just as Jesus was appointed and faithful soul as Moses.

For he has been counted.

Worthy of more glory than Moses. Just so much as a builder of the house has more honor than the house, and so now he's going to use the term house like a building.

Up until this point, he's bent the household, the family of of God, the people of God, not the building of God. Although we are also called if you will, by being the people of God, the Temple of God, the House of God. But he's saying that Jesus has counted more.

Worthy of glory. Then Moses, just like you would say that a.


And the builder the builder has more glory, so I'm kind of used in an example. There was a famous architect.

Turn of the century and and then called Frank Lloyd Wright.

And he was a little unique in his architecture and he would he build houses and buildings and even a church. I think in in Arizona or something. And so he built and he always his buildings were unique.

But people didn't say oh that building is better than Frank Lloyd Wright. No, they would, say, Frank Lloyd Wright is a great architect and they would want if they could afford it, a house designed by him because he was an excellent architect.

So just as the building said, that's a great building. We like it. We would like to have one like it. It was Frank Lloyd Wright who received the honor and the glory and the writer here is saying.

Jesus, because he's the builder.

Is entitled to more glory.

Then the building.

And again, the writer of Hebrews keeps reminding this of these things, 'cause we have a tendency to always look at the lesser rather than the greater.

We take a look at creation rather than creator. We celebrate.

I wonderful ministry as opposed to who God is. We look at angels rather than God. We are always looking at. We're looking at purpose rather than destiny. We're always looking at the lesser.

And the writer here is reminding us.

That God.

Is worthy of more glory.

That Jesus is worthy of more glory, even though you hold in high esteem Moses. And again he doesn't say that you shouldn't. But when you compare the two, there is no comparison. Because Moses.

Simply carried out.

What he was told so it will go on in verse nine. I mean verse 5.

Was for the houses built by someone, but the builder of all things is gone now. Moses was faithful in all his house as a servant for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken later.

So this is where it's in. Moses was faithful.

But Moses was a servant.

He served God. He did the will of God. He was what God had called him to be and do.

As a servant, and unfortunately in our history, we don't like the word servant or slave because of our history.

But there is an essence in this. What he's saying is there was in.

The New Testament time there were slaves and there were servants.

And there were freed people and those who were wealthy had multiple servants and slaves, and oftentimes those servants or slaves were treated almost like family. But even if you were treated almost like family, you weren't family. You were a slave. You were a servant. And so right here, saying Moses was that servant of God.

He was in the household of God. He participated with God, but he was a servant.

For a testimony of those things which were to be spoken of later, so that we might understand what God's will is. So Moses served God.

Not only by serving God, but by allowing us to understand what God is doing.

To understand the purposes of God and to understand the necessity that Jesus would come to die for our sins. Because the law could not save us, Moses had a particular reason that God had called him and used him.

And he was faithful in it.

But he was a servant.

But that testimony exists even today.

But Jesus.

Most faithful is as a son over his house.

And again, he's not putting Moses down in the sense of what he's saying.


was a part of that household as a servant, but Jesus was an air of all things. He was the son. He was the one that everything is going to be handed over to.

It's not the servants that are going to get the thing, but if the son who will receive the inheritance and so all the buildings, all of the household, all of the property, all the vineyards, all that is, and even all the servants.

Become transferred to the Sun.

The son Jesus is entitled to more value and glory because he is the son in that household.

Moses was a servant. Jesus is a son.

But Christ was faithful as a son.

If you had children.

You know that there generally is a time.

When they lose their mind.

We kind of jokingly say about 25. They kind of start getting it back, but sometimes they don't even lose their mind till they're 25 or whatever. There's no guarantee when they lose their mind, but almost universally, children lose their minds.

And then you're hoping that.

By the instruction that you gave them beforehand, and all that that they'll return to God into you and everything will be wonderful. You know, even even the ones who aren't as rebellious still think that their parents are kind of lame and uneducated. And non, I don't know how many times I've heard people say that when I was a teenager I thought my parents were stupid and when I got 25 was amazing how much they had learned between that and then and that's kind of how we are.

But Jesus never lost his mind. He was faithful as his son continually.


Whereas we generally say I was faithful several times.

Jesus is faithful continually.

But again, notice that the writer doesn't make Jesus superior because Moses had his problems like us. He says Moses was faithful. Moses was good, but you can't compare him to Jesus.

Because Jesus is the son, Jesus is the builder. Jesus is the one who sustains it. Is Jesus who need to pay attention to and so he's trying to get the Hebrews to understand. Yeah, the law is important. Yeah he made Moses was faithful in what he had to do. And yes, there was up testimony for us to learn.

But as he started out this letter.

But in these latter days.

God has spoken to us through his son.

So he's trying to tell the Hebrews.

Yes, Moses is important. Yes, he's worthy of honor.

But don't lessen who Jesus is in your honoring Moses.

But Christ was faithful as a son over his house.

Whose house we are?

This chapter started out by saying Holy Brother and Holy Family, Holy brothers and sisters, but we're not just some holy group.

Where his holy group.

We are his family.

When we say we are brothers and sisters, we're not brothers and sisters of Abraham or whatever in the sense of we are by faith. But we are brothers and sisters because of the blood of Christ.

We are because we are his household. We're not his building, although even though the writers will use.


metaphor analogy to use the people of God as the Temple of God. And so there are times when we talk about a building, but not what he's talking about here. He's talking about our family.

The house.

Here's the amazing thing. We are his house.

We are his family.

Moses was a servant, and so too are we.

But we are also servants.

For children of God.

We got a promotion gang.

Yes, we serve God.

As a faithful son or a faithful daughter.

But we are the family of God.

There's even a hymn that says I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God that we called each other brothers and sisters and all that.

Now today we just call each other names and.

Text each other and do whatever.

But that's not.

Who God called us to be?

Caused us to be family.

Which means he's called us to love one another as family.

Now I know in our culture.

Some people can't wait to move across the country, so they're not to be with their family. 'cause there 'cause their family so dysfunctional.

And unfortunately, in the church there's a lot of dysfunctional churches.

But we're his.

That's what sets us apart.

Where his.

And if he can call us with a heavenly calling.

And if he can love us the way we are.

And should we not love one another since we're brothers and sisters, who God called also?

Whose house we are, if we hold fast our confidence, and boast.

Of our hope firm until the end.

The writer is encouraging us to stay faithful.

Because there are the warnings.

That Jesus himself even gave about the parable of the solar.

There is the seed that fall on hard ground and the road and it never takes shape and never blooms.

Those are people who just never respond to the word of God. Then there are those.

To follow in rocky soil and because they have no root.

They kind of die in and they Satan.

Takes away the seed and then not quite sure. And then there are those.

Who seemed to grow up quickly and praise God.

And yet, when difficulty comes in, the heat of the day.

They die.

He says the true believer is the one who sustains continues on.

So we are the household of God if we hold fast our confidence.

Do you know how little confidence there is in this world today?


Unthoughtful word.

Can devastate people.

Well, so and so said search and search and I feel so bad I think I'll just sit in my house.

That was one person's opinion.

And opinions are like navels. We all have one.

Summer any summer out is who cares.

We should have confidence in who we are because it is God who has told us who we are.

You may say.

Why would God call that person?

That's the amazing thing about the holy calling.

God is called you and me to be on his team.

But indeed, pick the wise or the bright or the powerful or the wise.

Or they appreciated, or the popular or the famous God chose people like you and me so that he might get glory.

I like to use football as analogy. You could have an All Star team. You can pick the best quarterback, whatever. Best quarterback you think that person is. I have my own opinion, but I won't get that there. We can pick that guy and we can pick the running backs and we can pick the wide receivers. And we picked the blockers and we could pick the defense and we can have an awesome PIC team and that's usually the world. And these people are gifted. We're going to put them on the team and God goes.

OK, I'll challenge you to the Super Bowl. Going to pick people or blind. I want to pick people who can't raise their arms above their waist. I'm going to pick people who.

Who couldn't run?

100 yards

if there's in their families, lives depended on it.

I'm going to pick the lame and the line in the deaf.

Under picked him to be on my team.

And that Super Bowl All Star team may appear to get ahead.

But when you look up at the final score.

God's team wins.

Overwhelmingly, because we are overwhelming conquerors through him who loved us.

So we should have confidence not in who we aren't, but in who we are. Oh yeah, you can sit and you can list the things that you aren't.

Start listening to things you are like his. I'm a child of God, I'm saved.

I'm holy.

I'm in a family.

Stop losing your confidence.

If we hold fast, our confidence and the boast of our hope firm.

Well, what's our hope?

That were saved and he's coming back for us.

And our hope is steadfast and sure, because the word of God says he's coming again. And even if I breathe my last, the word of God says after I breathe my last, I will see him as he is. That's to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and his word says, if that order happened when he comes back, I'm coming with him.

And if I'm still alive when he comes back.

The people who have died first get a six at least a 6 foot head start and then those who are alive get caught up in the air to be with him.

That's our hope.

So you're not the most popular person.

So you're not the most beautiful.

Let me watch TV.

All the beautiful people are always looking at the problem. I don't like my nose.

So I gotta fix it. Then some dumb doctor screws it up and then they gotta find another Doctor Who makes it this way and another dog. No one's ever satisfied. Even the beautiful people.

So learn from them.


God likes me just fine and what he doesn't like, he's going to make me more like Jesus anyway, so.

I'm cool with it.

So be confident because you are holy. You're a family. You are a part of the household of God.

Because your brother in Jesus.

Is worthy of more glory and honor than even the lawgiver.

And we worship him, and we are connected to him. We are children of God.



full of hope.

Until the end.

And all God's people said.

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