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FBCWest 338 | The Call of Matthew (Levi)

The Call of Matthew (Levi) | Poster

Recorded On: 06/02/2019


2, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

Hail King Jesus”
SCRIPTURE READING – Revelation 7:9 - 17
“God of Wonders”
“Holy is the Lord”
“Spirit and the Bride”
“The Stand”


SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate


MESSAGE Pastor Joe

“The Call of Matthew (Levi)”

Time of Reflection

“Build My Life”

Benediction “Only Jesus”

Matthew 9:9 Jesus calls Matthew
Luke 5:29 Matthew gives Jesus a big reception
Matthew 9:10 – 13 Jesus defends His association with Tax collectors and sinners
Hosea 6:1 – 11
Matthew 9:14 & 15 Lack of fasting questioned
Matthew 9:16 & 17 Jesus uses examples to demonstrate What He is doing


Transcript of Service

In a

Imperfect chronological order.

We don't do it for just for knowledge sake in the sense of Oh, I've learned a bunch of.

Near it is a stories.

But in it, we understand and learn a little more about who God the father is by seeing who Jesus the son is.

We see his mercy and his love and his forgiveness.

We see our lives.

And despite of that we see God's Love Mercy and forgiveness.

And today is again one of those situations narratives, where it shows us more about who.

The father is and what he wants.

In our place in that calling.

And so in Matthew 9, starting with.

First, 9.

It says this.

As Jesus went on from there.

He saw a man called Matthew or Levi.

Sitting in a tax collectors booth.

And he said to him follow me.

He got up and followed him now, we who read this go all that interesting other than the fact that Oh my goodness he?

Just basically left his employment.

To follow Jesus?

A little further in the story will see.

Just the feelings about Levi Flash Matthew.

Where you see tax collectors were hated?

You can relate to that when you sign your your checks. Paying the income taxes or whatever sales taxes, especially on a big item you're not too thrilled about paying them.

And the government is smart enough to know that they just want you to send a check. They don't want you to see the person because then you'd probably give them a lot of abuse because you're not too thrilled with paying the taxes.

But not only in the sense of the like. Most people are not thrilled with tax collectors.

The Jews, particularly hated tax collectors.

Because they participated with the Gentiles, who were running their country and they wanted their country to be run by.

Choose not by Roman.

And so they were paint acting so in essence. You are the tax collectors were collaborating with the enemy and anytime you cooperate with the enemy, you're not well liked.

On top of this clock tax collectors was a very prosperous.


For you see all wrong cared about was collecting their sum of money.

So they would tell each cut dash collector. This is the amount of money that you're to collect.

And where to get.

Anything above that.


And so the tax collectors would collect some larger than they were required, which then made their lives very comfortable and rich because of that and all the people knew that so they were disliked.

Which makes it interesting you see up to this point we've seen Jesus called various?

Men to follow after him most of them have been fisherman.

So they have a varnish job kind of what we would call maybe middle class. People certainly not people. That maybe somebody who wants in the best and the brightest then go to the elite colleges or universities or seminaries, but they least.

Did honest work?

Jesus called a tax collect.

Which tells me this?

If Jesus called the tax collector.

Then maybe

It's OK that he called me.

And maybe it's OK that he called you.

You see not everyone, he calls is the elite.

Not everyone who calls this special.

He actually sometimes called people who are hated and despised and rejected.

And Jesus knows all about that.

Because he will be despised.

And reject

And so the hope that I have for you this morning.

Did Jesus wasn't so selective as to call Matthew slash leave?

That is also calling you.

Then it happened at his Jesus was reclining at the table in the house. Behold many tax collectors and sinners came and were.

Dining with Jesus and his disciples. Now Luke put it this way. I'm going to read one quick verse on loop.

Which simply says this?

Anne leave either being Matthew gave a big reception for him in his house and there was a great crowd of tax collectors and other people who reclining at the table with them.

So this was in just a party of a few select people.

Matthews lazima invited all the tax collectors.

And others.

To this bank, which will this reception to introduce Jesus to his friends.

And sometimes when we make our plans about church growth.

We figure all these different things. But well, we should do this and this program and and this advertisement and stuff.

Sometimes the most effective.

Method of church growth.

This finding someone who didn't know Jesus and introducing them.

To them, then they introduce their friends to Jesus?

And that's exactly what Matthews doing and Jesus not only goes to Matthews House, which is kind of unsuspected because he's a tax collector.

But he's reclining at the table with them You see it wasn't just sit around a table. They actually laden would eat with one arm propped and they would eat but they would be very close in contact with one another.

It was an intimate setting plus the concept in in that culture was when you ate with somebody that was one of the more intimate things that you can do and so you kind of associated yourself with that person when you ate with them.


Jesus does something.



The Pharisees.

Whenever Jesus does something that's unexpected.

Always subject.

So it says when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples notice. They didn't say to him.

They always attack those around you because why do people do people do there hoping to drive a wedge between you and those?

You ministered to.

So they so they talk to the disciples because the disciples haven't graduated from Jesus is seminarie yet.

There's acceptable so they ask their disciples.

Why is it that your teachers eating with the tax collectors and the sinners who who wants to associate with those people. After all, we follow the law were wholly were pure were righteous? Why would why would your teacher want to do that.

But when Jesus heard this he said notice he doesn't allow the disciples to answer he answers that fourth.

It is not those who are healthy who need a position but those who are sick.

Jesus gets right to the point.

Now, as many of you know, I have spent a lot of time this last year at a place called the city of hope.

It's a place where people who are sick or elgot or treatment, they have.

Facilities plus a hospital there.

And therefore.

Types of people who are usually there.

You can tell that I've been there a lot because most people would know about the fourth group is going to start with the fourth group first kind of validates I've been there a lot.

There are those who come to the city of hope.


Guess who go on a tour.

Those guess who go on a tour may be there, too, perhaps donate.

Monies or develop programs so that other people can donate money to this cause of appealing people.

Or it may be that they come to see how they?

Interact an treat so that they can take that information and that wisdom back to their hospital or place agreement so that they can understand so there are the those who who are in the tour. Very few of those, and you have to be there several times less you're lucky. The first time you show up?

But you usually don't see them.

The main group that you will see are the patient.

Those who are ill.

Those who go there because they don't yet know what the diagnosis is or want to be confirmed with the diagnosis? Is there are those who go for treatment.

And for monitoring.

And you know who they are.

His most of them are very thin and frail.

And in various.

Degrees of


Or recovery.

Many have lost their hair, many need to be pushed by wheelchairs.

They need some kind of assistance.

But all of them have a little.

Arm band.

So every time that they go to receive monitoring or treatment. They have to look at the arm band to make sure you're the right person and they ask you, your name and date of birth so they make sure that they are treating the right person.

And so.

Those are the principle group that are there.

The second group that are there are those who are there to be assisting the patient either they needed somebody to drive them there or push her wheelchair or do whatever to assist because.

Of their illness or maybe there might be even recovering but the sense of support, both moral and physical to assist those who are patient.

So you see, those in some of those or family and friends or loved ones and and periodically you'll see, those for basically paid attendance.

You just did your lady I think of who I see, there frequently and and she's in a wheelchair and I've seen at least 3 or 4 different young ladies assisting her.

None of them the same ethnic group is her.

So there there.

The third group.

Which now

Of the 4 groups.

Are the doctors?

And nurses.

And technicians.

And staff.

And there to help.


Or diagnose.

Or monitor the patience.

And at the city of hope.

I find that most of the people who.

Are in that group? Who are the positions and nurses and and staffing attendance and technicians?

Generally have


For those that they're dealing with you know every like any place that you go there be those who just go. You know, maybe gotta get a different job. But by and large it's amazing for the number of people who work there. The type of willingness. They have administer and the people that I've notice who have the most.


Are the ones who have either? Maybe not had the same illness? But for instant may have been in the hospital for a long time.

And they know what it's like to be in the hospital for a long time.

And they seem to be more sympathetic and Empathetic.


And the other group that seems to be very compassionate or those who had the same illness that the people who are being treated half.

Did they know what you're going?

And they know the steps of recovery and the difficulty and so like one of the the people said.

People wonder why don't you are? Why aren't you active? Why don't you do things and you'll def we want to say well? I'm tired with everybody gets tired. So there's just a whole get a nap and you'll feel better. And so this person said no use the word fatigue.

This is a different word have them understand it's like caring around or wait.

And that makes you more fatigue and so they understand what you're going through and so they can be very compassionate.

Now, why have I gone through that because I wanted to to share what I've been going through.

I wanted to give you a?

An image.

Because this place that we call FBC West.

Is more than a city of hope?

It is a Kingdom of all.

You see we come here.

Because we're sick.

It's terminal.

It's called sin.

And the difference between this place and a place like city of hope.

Is that while there may be all those different groups?

All those different groups other than the.

Those who are on a tour and we'll get those who come and check us out and then go someplace else.

But the the other 3 groups, the patients, the assistance and the staff and the doctors.

We're all that in one.

You see all of us are patience.

And all of us as we see the touching of Jesus Heal A.

We become doctors and nurses.

And staff and technicians.

And we are compassionate because there for the grace of God, I have gone.

And God, has given me hope not to cure me of a physical illness or disease.

But to heal me from sin that causes my death and gives me eternal life.

And talk about hope.

There may be hope of someday curing of being cured of a disease.

But in the entire recorded history.

Of the Bible.

Only 2 people have not died.

And they still ain't with us.

But Jesus offers the hope.

Of our trust in him of eternal life and so people will come to say what.

There is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites at church go Amon that's right.

Because if the hospital.

And the best way to get rid of hypocrisy.

Is to go to church and learn that your hypocrite?

Did you have that disease and you need me to cure?

But let's face it.

Most people if not all who will accused you of being a hypocrite.

Or one themselves.

Almost no one.

Who claims?

That they don't believe in God.

That we all just kind of either evolved or whatever.

Do not live their life that way.

They live their lives in hypocrisy.

Because they all say we came from us. There's nothing. There's no spirit whatever and what are those same people say?

There needs to be a purpose to my life.

Well, well came from whatever all going back what's the purpose. People say, Well, there's gotta be a reason.

For this to happen.

But there's no into like there's no reason and so why do you?

Why do you live your life is if there's some reason to live?

Why would you collect as many things and fortunes?

If we're all just.

Accidentally here.

But just as

That staff.

At the city of hope we also need to be compassionate as we understand.

What it's like?

To be a center.

What it's like to be a hypocrite?

What it's like to live for ourselves alone?

In tonight, though.

So Jesus tells them.

The healthy don't need a doctor.

Is the sick that do?

But he doesn't say plainly.


But it's evident.


Is sick?

And everyone is.


But then he gives them.

A homework assignment.

Comma stop there let you think about that.

He gave the Pharisees, a homework assignment.

Same homework assignment.

Then I'm gonna help you with, but I want you to think about.

As well.

He says this to the Pharisees, but go and learn what this means.

I desire compassion.

And not sacrifice.

But I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, he goes go learn this that I desire compassion or mercy.

Or loyalty.

And not sacrifice.

Now in a little bit in another message we're going to see.

That they didn't do the homework assignment.

But I want to give you 2 passages.

It will help you on this homework assignment.

But there are many other places in the Old Testament is. After all at this point. The New Testament wasn't written when he told them to learn this.

The first.

You seen your bulletin and it comes from.


Chapter 6.

Verses one through 11, I wonder preface this by saying.

When were believers.

We frequently desire to be used by God.

We want to be called and used and most of that will we what we mean by that is God is going to give us the successful ministry or thousands will come and re can acknowledge who he is an maybe even they'll name a seminary after us because were so influential in the ministry.

That God is called us too.

And that's what we think about how we think about posturing or becoming a missionary or whatever it may be.

Hosea was called to be a Prof.


I dare say you probably would have wondered I Jose's ministry.

His God said Wednesday I'm calling you as a prophet.

Here's the first thing you do once you go Mary Mary.

A prostitute.

The scriptures call her.


A woman who sells her body.

Or sexual favors in exchange.

Or property.

He says I want you to marry that person.

And in essence by marrying that person, she doesn't change.

She continues in her prostitution.

Thanks Lord What A Wonderful Ministry, you called me too.

As of tea.

Deals with the Lord and as God talks will was there and Hosea in this discover exactly what it's like to be God and calling God's people.

That they never or loyal that they never have their first love after him. There always chasing other gods or other things, rather than the God we called them.

And Hosea 6 after God is rejected his people, and whatever God says this come. Let us return to the Lord for, he has torn us, but he will heal us.

He has woon did us but he will bandage us.

He will revive us after 2 days. He will raise us up on the third day that we may live before him.

So let us know let us Press on to know the Lord.

First thing that Jesus is trying to teach them.

Is you know the law?

Or rather you know all the rules and regulations that you developed around the law but you don't know God.

You may know that the rule says.


Honor the Sabbath.

And not to work.

Would you have no clue? What God's doing when he's rest?

You may know that thou shall not steal, but you provide all kinds of ways around that you don't call it stealing you have all of the exceptions.

You may know the rules and regulation, but you don't know God.

So let us know. Let us Press on to know the Lord Press on which means it's not easy.

His going forth is as certain as the dog.

And he will come to us like the rain.

That the spring rain watering the Earth.

What shall I do with you always dream and what should I do with you owe judah?

For your loyalty.

Is like a morning cloud and like to do? Which goes away early, he says you may be loyal?

For a brief time.

But you're not your heart isn't mine always.

The slightest bit of heat or difficulty and you turn and go.


I have found them in human them into pieces by the profits. I have seen them by the words of my mouth and the judgments on which?

On on you, or like the light.

It goes for.

For I delight in loyalty or mercy, rather than sacrifice and in the knowledge of God, rather than burnt offering but like Adam, they have transgressed the covenant and they have dealt treacherously against me.

Versus my people.

At the same problem that the first man have?

He breaks the covenant continue.

My desire is not beautiful of the covenant, but to know me.

Not sacrificed.

To know me.

And to be loyal to me.

That's 1 of the lessons that Jesus is wanting them to learn and one of the lessons that we need to learn is that is not about the rules and regulation, it's about knowing God and being like him.

The second profit.

That is discussed.

Comes from Michael.

And Michael Chapter 6.

It says this starting with verse 6.

With what should I come to the Lord and by myself before the God on high.

So I come to him with burnt offering with yearling calf.

Does the lower take delight in thousands of Rams in 10000 rivers of oil?

Shall I present my first born for my rebellious acts and the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul.

So the

Profit is asking what we have when we send when we mess up when we rebel against got what is it that God wants?

The most other think well if we give up this, or do that, or whatever that somehow God will be satisfied and that God will be impressed shall I give you 10000 offerings is that what it is that what you want and give you rivers of oil? What is it that God wants?

And God says it's not the sacrificed.

He's told you oh man. What is good and what does the Lord require of you?

He told us.

Learn what this means.

But to do justice.

To Love Kindness Mercy or loyalty.

And to walk humbly with your God.

You see the Pharisees walked.

Quite fully in their rules and regulations, but they did not walk humbly with their God.

Or if they had they would know what it was like to be merciful.

And kind.

But instead they were judgmental.

Instead of being with the centers in the tax collectors that they may no longer be sinners and tax collectors. They stay in the far and say look at those people. I'm glad I'm not like them.

And too many churches.

Think that we are wholly and we don't do this and we don't do that and and you. You can need the list better than I can of what Christians aren't supposed to do.

So they think when they walk in the door all they'll find his judgment.

But not in the churches that have learned.

No God.

Seek justice and Mercy.

And to walk humbly with.

And understand there were all patients in the same hospital.

And we are seeking the help of the great position.

So he gave them homework to do.

Going back to Matthew Chapter 9 sorry with.

So now we've seen the Pharisees question why Jesus?

Associated with whom he associated with now were to find people who are little more.

Closer to Jesus in the sense of they were disciples of John so they're not disciples of the Pharisees. They've come under the teaching of John and so.

Then the disciples of John came to him asking.

Why do we and the Pharisees fast?

But your disciples do not fast.

Part of what we do.

Is we fast that we're looking or or making ourselves humble where we're beseeching God and we're denying ourselves. The Pharisees do that. They claim to be wholly. We do that. 'cause we're following our rabbi Johns of baptizer. So why aren't your disciples?

Following the same system.

And Jesus said to them.

The attendance of the bride group cannot mourn.

As long as the bridegroom is with him candy.

He he gives them a white person.

When you're at a wedding in your part of the.

The wedding party.

Your job is in the morning crying so whatever.

I know some of you.

Have had

Both the groom or the bride and you say are you really sure you wanna do this.

I don't think she or he is that great to catch maybe you should think twice.

But once there, committed your job is to make sure that that day is a happy day.

You're rejoicing with him because it's a life changing event. We're getting married. We're gonna be together.

And so Jesus is just as when you are part of the.

Wedding party your job isn't to be morning.

You do that at a funeral.

It's the wedding party so when the right rooms. There you gotta be enjoying it. But the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them and then they will fast.

Jesus is insane his disciples will never fast, he saying now is not the appropriate time.

Then he says this.

But no one.

Put a Patch on unstrung catclaw.

On a cold garment.

Or the Patch pulls away from the garment.

And a worst her result.

Now Jesus uses some additional language, he'll say you don't put a new Patch on old garment heat.

The other gospels gives us a little more information and you can understand why both it's do so. If you cut it if you cut a new Patch your rune.

Or at least made less usable the knew article of clothing to repair an old one they don't match.

Both in the sense of even if they're the same material I knew peace.

Of striped.


Look different.

Then old piece of striped clothing because the color space.

This is not only is it noticeable and whatever.

The Patch knew once you start washing it will shrink and when it shrinks. It will tear the old garment, making it even worse.

To have not made it better you made it worse.

And then he uses the second analogy.

Norder people put their new wine into old wineskins other wine. Otherwise, the wineskin verse and the wine pours out.

And the wine skins are ruined.

But they put new wine into fresh wineskins and they both are preserved. Jesus the same time doing something new.

If I put this new thing in the Pharisees.

Bill just warm up.

And then they'll be broken and unusable.

And what I put into them will be lossed.

Did you put the new one because when you put wine in wine skin as it ferments it?

Stretches the the the material.

The letter.

And once it's his losses laxity if you put new wine in it, it won't be able to stretch anymore breaks and you lose it Jesus says.

I'm not making that mistake.

I'm putting my ministry.

Enter new site.

And while he was saying, These things.

To them.

It's I'm sorry I'm gone, too far.

I need to go to.

For my message.

Right yeah, well, we'll use that so.

Jesus demonstrates.

What he does?

Is new?


He calls people.

That other people would never call.


To say I'm better than.

But I understand.

There are go.


Our God.

Desires mercy and justice.


What can we do?

Because as

The Farmer said.

He owns the cattle on a thousand Hills.

He doesn't need anything that you have.

What he wants?

Is you to be like?

And the best way to be like him is to be like his son.

Jesus so knew what the father did, he goes I do? What I see the father do?

'cause he knew the father.

The Old Testament and the New Testament calls us.

Not to different God.

But it is the same God who says.

To seek justice and mercy and walk humbly with.

To walk means to live day after day after day.

All too often.

We come to a church flash has.

You get a shot of inoculation.

And then go out and live our lives is it.

The world is.

No diff.

You set up saying.

I come to worship him.

To know him better.

And by knowing him better.

I take on his attributes.

There's not a parent.

No matter how ugly you are. It isn't impressed with when somebody says that baby looks just like you.

I see your eyes.

See the note I see whatever.

How much God?


You said.

You look like your father.

I see the kindness.

I see the forgiven.

I see the mercy.

See that you know him.

You're like.

Use the term Christian, which means little price.

Would it not be wonderful if that works?


Walk this Jesus?

That people who are different than us.

Wanted to be with us.

Because they sense the lack of judgment.

And the mercy and the love.

That we are.

Not that we do that, we are receipt. God is love is not something he shows is something he is.

And we need to be merciful, not because it's something we do, but it's something we are.

We need to be kind, not because it's something that we do randomly because it's something that we are.

And before you make a?

A justification say, Yeah, but that's not me.

Nobody thought Matthew would be that guy, He.

Everybody thought he said tax collector in the center and who wants to be with them in Jesus is I do.

Jesus says that you sent to me, I want to be with you. I want to walk with you. I want to be with you. I want you to understand who I am.

And see the richness.

That really shoes relationship.

And all gods people said.

And I moment, we're going to stand and we're going to pray and we're going to sing a song that says build my life.

Just as Matthew.

When called by Jesus left everything.

He left the path in his previous life in occupation.

Or something you.

You feel like.

On the word of God.

On the relationship you stab lish.

And that's exactly what God is called

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