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Recorded On: 05/06/2020


Why did God hand down Laws to His people that He knew they would never be able to keep?
Galatians 3:15 – 29

The promise came first, then the Law.
The Law came to be our teacher, to lead us to Christ, who justifies us by faith.
Galatians 2:15 & 16

Those under the Law came to know that the Law would not justify them.

What exactly does it mean when the Bible says God and Jesus have authority?

Right/Power Actually Rightful power

Matt:7:28 & 29 Teaches as one who has authority

Matt 9:6 Authority to forgive sins

Matt 10:1 Gave 12 authority over unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all kinds of diseases and sickness

Luke 12:5 Has authority to cast into hell

John 10:17 & 18 To lay down and take up His life

Rom 13:1 Not authority except from God

Jude 24 & 25 Acknowledgement of authority

Matt 28:16 All authority given to Jesus

Are the Books in the Bible in chronological order?


Other classifications

Torah – Law
Historical books
Wisdom and poetry

Is the Book of Numbers a census and if it is why should we read it? Is it relevant today?

Chapter 1, et seq 603,550

Chapter 26 et seq 601,730

There are arguments about the number

Numbers recites other laws given by God

Also contains about:
God’s presence – Cloud covered Tabernacle by day and fire by night. When it moved the people would move. About God’s presence in the wilderness journey
God’s provision – Mana, water quail
God’s patience – the people continually grumbled
There are great narratives- Balaam and the talking donkey
What is the unpardonable sin?

To blaspheme the Holy Spirit
Matthew 12:30 – 32
Mark 3:28 – 30

Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence to God

Jesus says only blaspheming the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven

Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Isaiah 6:8 – 10
Matthew 13:10 – 17 Notice this came after Matthew 12:24 when the Pharisees attributed the casting out of a demon by Satan


Transcript of Service

Taking a look at what Jesus had talked about, the unpardonable sin, he said that in essence, the Pharisees and the Jews who are with Jesus at the time and accused him of.

Removing the demon based on the power of Satan and not based on the Holy Spirit
and God that in essence that is an importable sin.

And so Isaiah says this.

Many centuries before hand, and the context here is that Isaiah.

Seize the throne of God and sees the Seraphim and cherubim and all that in the holiness of who God is, and his response. After seeing that says woe, is me, I'm a man of unclean lips, and I live among the people until he acknowledges when he sees God that he, no matter how impressive he might think, his goodness is, he is a Sinner.

And so he says that, uhm, that he is an unclean, and so when that happens in that confession is made, an Angel goes and picks up a tongue of the whole place. Is it on?

Hey is lives in clean cleanses him and as a result of that?

This is what happens in verse 8. Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, who
m shall I send? And who will go for us?

And so God is saying, I'm looking for volunteers that have a message to give. Who is it that will send an after having been cleansed by God? We see.

He says then I said here I am. Send me notice as soon as God cleanses Isaiah. His responses. I'll serve God.

And that should be our automatic response. Having experience gods cleansing our lives were giving us in, setting us a new when he says.

Who shall go for Maine?

More hands ought to be raising here am I send Maine now notice the message and the.

Projected response and success.

He said that's God go and tell this people keep on listening, but do not perceive. Keep on looking but do not understand. Render the hearts of this people insensitive their ears dull and their eyes dim otherwise they might see their with their eyes in here with their ears. Understand what their hearts and returned and be healed.

So they messages.

I'm gonna go and I'm gonna send you I'm gonna send you my word but the people aren't going to listen the people aren't going to see they're not going to understand they're going to reject the message.

Now when you hear so many people today, you think well to do God's will, there must be success.

I say no, there's gonna be no success. They successes they're going to hear the word, but they're not going to understand it.

And he says then I said, Lord, how long? And he answered, until the cities are devastated and without inhabitants and houses are without people, and the land is utterly desolate. So he saying, basically, as long as it takes for everything t
o fall apart.

I bet if I Zeeshan used at first he might not have volunteered so quickly, but again, the obligation is to do with God is called him to do and I say it does what he calls him to do now. Why is this important? Because not only is.

God telling Isaiah what to do, but there's kind of a dual.

Revelation here it's going to apply to the people in Isaiah's time. This also going to apply to the people in Jesus's time.

And so Jesus will be talking.

In Parables.

And even the disciple sometimes good.

We're not quite catching the parables. We don't quite understand what they mean.

Now, Fortunately for most of us, we've been in church, or we've been reading the Bible long enough that we've seen some of the.

Parables and then the scriptures. In most many of the really important ones like the solar.

Jesus gives.

A understanding of that scripture, so he let's his disciples know what it means.

And so they get that understanding because Jesus gives it to him. So notice the disciples will come to him and inverse 10 of chapter.

13 of Matthew and it says this and the disciples came and said to him, why do you speak to them in parables gone? Why aren't you speaking plainly? Why aren't you saying, you know the Pink Kingdom of God is not like a mustard seed, but then it starts? Well, why are you doing these things? And Jesus answered them to you. It has been granted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

So it cause I'm gonna give you on the parables you don't understand or the parables that may seem difficult to understand. I'm going to give you explanation for them, but not to them.

As he says, so it's granted you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom have, but not to them. It has not been granted.

Or whoever has to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance, but whoever does not have even what he has shall be taken away from him. Therefore I speak to them in Parables, because while seen, they do not see, and while hearing they do not here, nor do they understand in their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says, you will keep on hearing, but will not understand, you will keep on scene, but will not perceive.

Or the heart of this people has become dull with their ears. They scarcely here, and they have closed their eyes, otherwise they would see with their eyes, here with their ears, and understand what their hearts and returned an I would heal them. So in essence, Jesus is saying because they committed the unpardonable sin because they blasphemed the Holy Spirit on speaking, so that they hear the words they see my actions, but it never.

Comes to faith because if I were to be playing with them, they would then here, understand and repent, but they can't because they committed the unpardonable sin. They're not going to be forgiven.Then he says.

Of lesser your eyes and because they see and your ears because they here.

Or truly I say to you, that many profits and righteous men desire to see what you see and did not see it in to hear what you hear and did not. Here he's saying You are having the benefit of the son of God, teaching you and dwelling with you and giving you the water God and teaching you and growing your faith. You are blessed there, other people who would have loved to be in your shoes.

But didn't have the opportunity. You are blessed.

We are too blessed while I think it would have been awesome.

To have.

Journey with Jesus to sit at his feet in here what he had to say in to hear from him the words of wisdom in the words of forgiveness and the words of compassion and love.

I have these.

I hear is worth and not only do I am I bless because I've heard these parables, but he has given us in his word the explanation, so that we might hear.

And understand.


And believe.

And so.

We are blessed and so the reason that Jesus spoke in Parables.

Is that?

When it came to the Pharisees and the religious leaders who are not only opposing him, not only sought to see that he was stoned and rejected, and all those things, but they attributed his ministry to Satan.

And when you take that view of the son of God.

And there is no hope for you as it God turn his back on them, or that.

So the unpardonable sin is a very serious.


because it won't be forgiven in this age or The Wanted come.

And the Pharisees.

Realize that, but too late, and so when we see in the gospels how hard hearted the Pharisees were and the religious leaders and others should not surprise us because they were never going to be given the opportunity to see, hear, and understand. Because they committed the unpardonable sin.

Now, if they had not done that, Jesus is Ministry of it and it may have been a little more plane. He may have taught a little more understanding Lee.

But Isaiah

or told not only what would happen in Isaiah's.

Lifetime or what happened in Jesus. His lifetime as well, and so the encourage ING thing that I will give to you is that long as it is today.

They always have the opportunity.

To address him to find more faith or faith, to grow stronger in, to see and hear and understand.

It's not too late.

Until it's too late.

And so I hope this is an helpful.

He spoke in Parables. I know some people may think that is harsh.

Or would you consider?

But the son of God it.

How you came from heaven?

Became a man.

Walked into Walter among us.

I was beaten.

And abused.

And scourge.

And crucified.

And marked.

And he still said, father forgive them, they do not know what they do.

You can speak all kinds of evil against the son of God.

And some people may have done so. I know many people don't believe he's the son of God. Many people, the only time they ever talk about Jesus is the OR crisis to use it as a curse word.

All that's forgiveable.

But not.

Last name, the Holy Spirit.

With that, let's pray.

Father, we thank you.

That your spirit draws us to you, that your spirit teaches us that your spirit encourages us, that your spirit causes us become your children.

We thank you.

That Jesus.

Forgives us.

When we deny him when we reject him.

When we don't follow him.

And yet he still forgives.

You're still patient, you're still providing you still all those things that you are because of who you are in your love.

Now we thank you.

That you given his eyes it can see.

And here's at hand here.

An online that can understand we just ask God.

And your spirit.

Would be more clear to us.

And it would be more obvious to us.

And that we might follow you and that, after having been cleansed.

That we might be like Isaiah.

Here I am.

Send me.

In Jesus name I pray.


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