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FBCWest 331 | Healing the Son of a Royal Official

Healing the Son of a Royal Official | Poster

Recorded On: 04/07/2019


April 7, 2019

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“I Will Enter His Gates”

SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 135:1 - 3
“He Has Won”
“Your Great Name”
“Living Hope”

SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

MESSAGE Pastor Joe
“Healing the Son of a Royal Official”

Time of Reflection

“We Believe”
“Only Jesus”


John 4:46 & 47 A father implores Jesus for his son

John 4:48 Jesus’ response

John 4:49 A father’s persistence

John 4:50 – 52 The child is healed

John 4:53 Faith that increased in number

John 4:54 A second sign in Galilee


Transcript of Service

John tells us at the end of his gospel.

That, he wrote the gospel and place, the things that are in his gospel that we might believe.

An in essence, he said, I could have written a whole lot more and the libraries couldn't hold it at all. The Jesus said, and did in essence. This is enough for you to have faith.

So my preliminary remark before we look at this is.

Often times,

We have a saying that most if not all of us believers had said at one time or another or frequently.

God is in control.

But oftentimes not always but often times we say God is in control is at that point in time. We have no clue what he's doing.

Because quite frankly we want to be in control, and How do I know that because I know how my prayer life? It is I know how your for life? Is we give God his instructions God. I want you to do XY and Z.

And when he doesn't do XY and Z. We did say well. God is in control. I don't know so this passage. I want you to take a look at.

And think about.

Your faith in God.

And God really being in control.

And so in John Chapter.


Starting with verse 46.

It says this.

Therefore, it came again takena of Galilee, where he had made the water wine.

And there was a royal official whose son was sick at Capernaum.

When he heard that Jesus had come out of Judea into Galilee. He went in him and was imploring him to come down and heal his son for he was at the point of death.

Now I want you to see a couple things number one this royal.


Heard about Jesus heard about what he had done in.

Judea in other places how he had healed and that his son was at the point of death. So he took a risk.

That risk is Jesus can do something.

So he goes to Jesus because Jesus is now in Galilee, you no longer in Judea, so he's closer.

But if you remember Jesus is itinerant rabbi.

What does that mean he travels around he didn't set up a church in Qena and said y'all come we're having a revival. Today, he would preach and teach in that town and move to a different town or sometimes out in the countryside.

So this royal official took a chance that he might even locate Jesus.

Is Jesus is on the move?

He's also taking a chance because Jesus.

I'd say no.

We would never think of that, but that's still a chance now a lot of the.


Say that this guy was probably a Centurion. I totally disagree. Why 'cause first off a Centurion. His daughter oil official is a commander of 100 in a Roman Legion.

It's not royal it's the army.

That's not his job.

Second, they think wells because there is some similar narratives of Jesus healing and therefore this must be one of those, the fact pattern for those of you who are lawyers.

Doesn't fit?

Because in the Centurions case.

Friends come to Jesus to have Jesus go to the Centurion, son Jesus is willing to go to the Centurion, son and then the Centurion sense of word. I'm not worthy for you to come. You could say the word in here, so the fact pattern is totally different.

Others say that this royal official probably came from Herod antipasti or enter pattern depends upon.

Different ways of people pronounce it.

And they say that he probably was working as an official in his court.

And I don't think so, it's possible but I don't think so. And why don't I think so.

'cause her Dan to Beth hated John the baptizer.

Jesus is also his cousin and they were both doing a similar ministry.

If it was this guy who was working in this royal court.

I don't think John would left that out.

That would have been a significant aspect that Jesus is going to do something.

In a royal capacity to people who hate him.

But it's possible he could have just left it out, but I think he's a I think he's a representative from the Roman Empire.

He is a Noble official, he's been given official.

So he comes to Jesus?

And says to him.

And it was imploring him come down an heal my son, or he is at the point of death.

His request is prayer request if you might say is I need you to come to where my son is in healing.

How like us we say Jesus I need you to do this and this?

It isn't Jesus heal my son is Jesus. I need you to come to my place and heal my son. He gave him Jesus is marching orders.

Kind of sounds like us doesn't it?

We give Jesus his marching orders and you can understand I mean, if your child's at the point of death.

You wanna do whatever it takes to see that he gets healed?

So we imploring him.

So Jesus the Meek and mild person that he is in love, just everybody.

Responds and says this.

So Jesus said to him unless you people see signs and wonders you simply will not believe.

Oh thanks Jesus I mean that's not what I was expecting was expected sure you have a need. I'll be right there.

But Jesus' S Ministry while he does heal the sick and the blind and do all sort and raise the dead and do all sorts of things.

He doesn't do those things to do those things, he do. He did those things to generate faith.

And his observation is and less, I do things you just won't believe.

Now the you her.

Is plural is not just picking on the royal official? He's picking on everybody? Is there?

Everybody is around is unless you see signs and wonders you simply not going to believe.

It's not good enough that you see me.

It's not good enough that you here by teaching is not good enough that I've told you I am.

But you gotta see signs and wonders.

Excuse me.


The Royal official.

Could have had one or 2 responses. You could have said Oh, well, I tried and go back home.

But I suspect if you had a son, a child there was close to death.

That would material.

His father's persistent.

49. The Royal official said to him, Sir come down before my child dies.

It may be true that all we want is the see signs and wonders but what I want is for you to heal my son.

That's what I want.

You can accused me of having bad motives.

You can accused me of not having faith or whatever, but I just want you to heal my son.

Can remind you of a parable that Jesus will teach later about the widow? Who was presented before the judge.

And a lot of times will pray God do such and such.

And God doesn't do it right away. We well God's in control, we go on.

Sometimes it requires persistent in our prayer life.

To show God?

We care.

About the situation.

And Jesus said to him go.

Your son lives.

Now the man has 2 choices.

He can respond in faith.

And say, I'm going to go.

'cause my son is healed.

Or because they know that wasn't my prayer request. My prayer request was that you come with being here, my son.

I'm still after what it was that I've requested.

But God through Jesus already gave him his request.

He just didn't do it by the way he asked him.

Because Jesus is power to heal.

Is more than just location?

Notice he didn't say OK what's your son's name.

In what house in capernaum welling?

He simply says 'cause Notice, his name isn't even given.

It's your son is heal their capernaum, then ask the address and ask his name, he's just healed.

I don't need to go.

So the father, like a second said no no no by request was that you come with me here my son.

Or, who believe Jesus and leave.

Which if you will takes great faith?

Because what if the sun wasn't healed.

That, he wasted all the time to get there and all the time you get back.

And the only thing

That would make this the sun dying more tragic.

Is his father not being there when the sun dies?

But notice the man believe the word that Jesus spoke to him and started off.

Oh, that we would believe what Jesus said, and start off.

It wasn't it wasn't the entire team. I prayer request, but the essential part my son being healed that got.


Sometime God does things in ways that we don't expect.

You see I'm sure he heard all the stories about Jesus being in Jerusalem and healing and doing all these great signs and wonders.

Had enough faith to know.

If Jesus is there.

Things to get done.

But he believed him.

Instead of wasting jesuses time and doubts.

He heads off.

And as he was now going down his slaves met him, saying that his son was living.

So inquired of them the hour when he began to get better.

Then they said to him yesterday at the seventh hour, the Fever left him.

So the father knew that it was at that hour, which Jesus said to him your son lives.


That the miracle of the healing of his son, so that he would not die.

Took place at the very time Jesus said your son lives.

And he himself believed.

Notice he believe Jesus.

But then there was at confirmation and sometimes we have just enough faith to believe Jesus.

Then we doubt.

But then Jesus healed the sun.

Any believe more.

It's no wonder a lot of.

Baby Christians, who start out believing Jesus.

But then they'll continue in.

Being with Jesus?

And they stop believing.

But this man.

Faith building upon faith.

The Jesus did what Jesus said he would do and it was confirmed that Jesus did what he said. He's going to do at the very hour Jesus said he's going to do it.

For confirmed his faith.

But notice.

Not really he himself believed.

An his whole household.

You see the results of this man's faith by going to Jesus and believing when Jesus as your son is healed and heading off.


Have faith.

But so did his whole household and by that it doesn't just mean his family.

The means of slaves is servant and his family.

Can you imagine the impact that you might have?

On your friends and family and relatives.

If you believe Jesus.

Just believed

Now I'm going to say something that's going to get me in trouble.

It is very important for mothers to raise their children in the love and admonition of the Lord.

The Bible is full of examples of where.


Were raised by their mother and grandmother and how they were taught the scriptures?

Paul tells of Timothy and others.

And so I'm not denigrating mother's role.

But it's been my observation.

If you want to family to believe in Jesus.

The father needs to believe.

And act like it.

I've seen a lot of families.

Where a woman is raised in a Christian home and is a believer?

And one of our requirements is that she marry a believer.

But she starts dating a non believer.

And falls in love.

But she knows the commitments, she may that he's gotta be a believer So what does he do?

He plays the game.

He attends church.

That's not good enough 3 walks down the house is I'm a believer. I leave and go get dumped in your baptistery and then she says. Haha, you, you qualify it as that.

Never seen whether there's any fruit of Repentance.

Just that he did what the requirements were.

They get married.

And the vast vast majority of the time.

The family never darkens the doors of a church again.

Oh, she might attend.

And she might bring the kids.

But the kids become if he will pygmies in their faith.

Is dad?

Doesn't seem to be all that interested?

But when the father understands his role to lead and guide his family in faith.

The children usually then take it seriously.

So Mom's I'm not getting out there and say, Well, it's dad's fault. Dad's problem. You know you still have the obligation of raising the children in the Lovin admonition of the Lord.

It's just that, your husband is going to be a little more effective at it.

So he himself believed and his old household.

This is again a second sign that Jesus performed when he would come out out of Judea into Galilee.

You see the second sign it wasn't the second sign Jesus bit period is the second sign, he did when he was in Galilee.

The 2 interesting things about the 2 first 2 signs and he performs in Galilee.

Our secret.

Well, what do I mean by that.

At the wedding of Cana.

He did make a big deal about the fact that there was no white wine and he took some water and change it into wine. The only people who knew.

That, he did that was Jesus is disciples and the guys who put the water into the pots and then took the pots to the head waiter? Who said this is great wine.

And this one.

Nobody saw Jesus heal him.

Father believed

And the House will solve the result of Jesus is singing.

So you see Jesus is consistent.

Unless you people see signs and wonders you won't believe.

So I'm going to do it if you will, for the select view.

Who bully?

I'm going to close by again, saying this which will get me in trouble again.

I know the intent of a lot of people they'll say like.

Faith can move mountains.

Now the scripture says.

If you have this phase of the side of a mustard seed.

That you can tell this bounce in the move it will be moved.

But that doesn't move mountains.

God not.

When God says speak in his mouth and will move and I believe it. That's when the mountain move.

I don't speak it to receive it. I speak it when he tells me this receive it and then I say something.

So instead of AT shirt that says faith moves mountains.

I'd rather see AT-shirt assist God moves mountains and I believe him.

You see.

The family didn't believe.

In the miracle.

They believed in Jesus because they believed in Jesus, there was a miracle.

As Jesus said use it there to do miracles just to be doing miracles.

But that you might believe.

So the next time you asked Jesus something.

And he doesn't do it right away.

Maybe ask yourself 2 questions.

Am I giving in marching orders.

How much the same Jesus help me?

And the second question.

God even if you answered.

Well, I believe more.

And if I don't believe more than don't bother answering.


Your signs are you wonder should be accompanied by faith.

And all gosh people said.

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