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FBCWest 515 | How to Obtain Wisdom

How to Obtain Wisdom | Poster

Recorded On: 08/07/2022


Hymn #30 “O Worship the King”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings

Praise and Worship
“At the Cross (Love Ran Red)”
“Way Maker”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“How to Obtain Wisdom”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“We Look to the Son”
Benediction “God Really Loves Us”

Sermon Notes
Job 28:1 - 12 By searching cannot find wisdom
Job 28:13 – 22 Wealth cannot buy wisdom
Job 28:23 – 28 God alone understands the way of wisdom
Ecclesiastes 12:13 & 14 The fear of the Lord applies to everyone
Ecclesiastes 8:12 It is well for those wo fear God openly


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If you have your.

Bibles please turn to job chapter 28.

While you're doing that, let me ask you a question.

What do you want to obtain?

What are you searching for?

If you would ask that to most of our culture, some of them would say fame, wealth.

Power significant purpose.

A lot of different answers.

But probably the long ones.

When it comes to this situation.

Our culture.

When it comes to education.

Doesn't seem to seek education, but seems to seek.

No one asks whether you learned anything in school.

They ask you whether you got a college or high school diploma or college Diploma or Masters or PhD and they're satisfied with the answer that you obtain some degree.

But nobody ever asked you.

If we learned anything.

And to a certain extent, that's because we live if you will, in the information age.

You don't necessarily need to know anything because you can look it up on your computer or your smartphone.

So much so in our smartphone I don't remember most of the people phone number.

'cause my smartphone has it.

You want to know what your favorite athlete statistics when they were born, who they're married to, whatever you can Google it.

You want to know how to make lasagna or cookies.

You can ask YouTube.

And we think because we have access to such information, but somehow that makes us smart.

If we were to lose it electricity today, tomorrow.

Would you know how to make electricity?

Do you know how to do a generator?

Even if you made a generator, would you know?

How to make a light bulb?

Edison spent 100 experiments determining what filament ought to be in.

The light bulb.

You know?

What that fella mean is.

You see, we assume we know a whole lot.

Are we done?

That doesn't mean education is unimportant.

Education, I think, is extremely important and Christians have always valued education.

They value education in the early years because they wanted children and adults to be able to read the scriptures for themselves and therefore learning, reading and writing and those types of things was essential so that we might be able to.

Read the Bible.

Christians created universities and colleges so that pastors and others might understand the scriptures better to be.

Able to communicate.

That to their parishioners.

So we as Christians, have never.

Backed away from education.

As a matter of fact, we have sought it out because we do, as it's very valuable to our ministry.

But education is not.

Being point.

It's not the purpose.

It's not the reason.

What we should be seeking is not just educational information.

And as it seems that we are quote UN quote, more educated, you hear and learn more about people. Saying that common sense is so uncommon.

Well, I hear the expression that he doesn't have any sense to even get out of the rain.

Or maybe once being rained because of fun or whatever, but if it's lightning, maybe ought to get out of the rain because as we've seen this week, couple people were.

Feel my light.

But we seem to see that as.

Information and as education degrees seem to multiply.

We seem to have less and less common sense.

Someone said that we look to the experts and all we gotta do is bow and watch some of the financial stations.

And I cannot think of a single time.

The weather report came out good or bad that the experts thought that that was going to happen.

There's always well.

The experts didn't think it would be that good, or the experts didn't think.

Would be that bad.

But yet we.

Still look to experts to tell us things.

The scriptures, while viewing education is important and information is important and certainly common sense is important.

There is something that we should seek more than that.

That wisdom

Now in job Chapter 28, we're going to discuss.

Seeking wisdom.

Now there is a debate whether job is speaking this or whether the authorized narrator has taken an interlude and decided to.

Put this in and and I'm not smart enough to know which one is which.

I could see that job as a man of God could certainly come up with this, and so I think it's certainly within his knowledge.

I also see that job is up and down when it comes to his emotions and how he feels about God and what God's doing and so.

I don't know, but I know that Joe probably would certainly agree with this, but this is part of why job is based on our scriptures where it is in the wisdom section.

And so the.

Person here is going to talk about wisdom.

And so he's going.

To say about the pursuit of things.

Jump 28 verse one.

Surely there is a mine for silver?

The place where they refine gold.

I am mistaken from the dust and copper is smelted from walk.

Man puts an end to the darkness and to the farthest limits he searches out.

The Walking gloom in the deep shadow.

He sees the shaft far from habitation, forgotten by the foot.

They hang and swing to and fro, far from men.

You're from it comes food and underneath it is turned up as fire.

This rocks are the source of sapphires, and this dust contains gold.

The path no bird of prey knows nor has the Falcons.

I caught sight of it.

The proud beasts have not written on it, nor has the fierce lion passed over it.

He puts his hand on the Flint.

He overturns the mountains at the base.

He hears out channels through the rocks and his eyes sees anything precious.

He dams up the streams from flowing.

And what is hidden he brings?

Out to light.

The person speaking here, whether it's job or their narrator, is basically seen, but it is hard, and it is difficult to seek out minerals and values in the earth, and yet that doesn't stop them from doing it.

They will say, even in their technology, that they will do mine shafts and that digging.

Heavy equipment is difficult work and it, but that doesn't prevent them from doing it because they value the minerals and the gems that they are acquiring.

Whether it's dust, or whether it's rock.

Even in dust they have the technology to melt it down.

For instance, goal to make it necklaces or rings or earrings or coins or piercings or whatever else that you want to have.

We're able even to take dust of gold and make it into usable things.

Even back some 4000 years ago man had this technology to take precious items and make them usable and valuable.

And since they were valuable.

They would do hard things.

Well, that meant even binding in the deep depths of the Earth to do so.

You're saying that's what people willing to do, and they're willing to take the technology of the time to seek it because they wanted that wealth that came from it.

Or the use of those materials that came from it.

And even though it was hard.

They would do so.

People are willing to work so hard to accomplish and acquire wealth.

They not works as similarly as hard to acquire something else first.

Well, it says this, but where can wisdom be found?

You can't dig for it in in the mineshaft.

You can't gather up as dust.

You can't pan for like you do gold in the waters 'cause, but where is it that you find wisdom?

And where is the place of understanding?

Man does not know its value, nor is it found in the land of the living.

The writer is saying here.

Ben understands the value of wealth.

It doesn't seem to understand the value of wisdom.

Because if he or she did, they would seek it even more diligently than they do well.

The deep says it is not in me and the sea says it is not with me so searching for it on the earth and in the Earth won't acquire wisdom for you.

Pure gold cannot be given in exchange for it, nor can silver be weighed as it's priced.

You might be able to be the wealthiest person around.

Be able to.

Pay for people to give you counsel.

But you can't buy wisdom with.

Isn't that interesting?

We all think if we just have enough.

Money we can buy.

Experts and they can tell us things.

And the scripture says experts cannot give you this.

They can give you facts they can give you figures.

It cannot be battering goldov over.

In the precious Onyx or sapphire boulder glass cannot equal it, nor can it be exchanged for articles of fine gold.

Poland crystal not to be mentioned and the acquisition of Wisdom is above that of Pearl.

The Topaz of Ethiopia cannot equal it, or can it be valued in pure gold urban?

Does wisdom come from?

We will notice, he says.

But go again and again in case you hit that, there's nothing of value that can equal wisdom.

We need, I suspect if you were to ask 1000 people today.

What is it that you most desire to have?

They might say happiness.

You might say well.

They might say fame.

They might say power.

I almost would think that no one.

Of those thousand people would say.

I want to obtain wisdom.

If no one is looking for it, then certainly they're never going to find it, and they're saying even if you look forward to buy it or to get equal to it, you cannot obtain it.

Or Windows wisdom come from doesn't come from value, but doesn't come from the earth?

Where does it come from?

The way is a place of understanding.

Because it is hidden from the eyes of all living, you can see it.

From the birds of the sky.

Abaddon and Death say with our ears, we have heard of a report of it.

But even if you go to to death.

Even there.

We won't find wisdom before we've heard about it.

We understand that it's out there.

But you're not going to find it here.

God understands its way.

And he knows its place.

It looks the under beer and sees everything under the heavens.

We imparted way to the wind and meat, muted out the waters by measure and he said he learned for the rain and a course for the, uh, Thunderbolt.

Then he saw it and declared it.

He established it and also searched it out.

The two men, he said, behold, the fear of the Lord.

That is, is.

And to depart from evil.

Is understanding.

The writer here, whether it be job or the author, says you want to know where wisdom they found.

We know where understanding is.

It's in God.

Civil war.

By searching him and his depth and his understanding.

That is where wisdom is.

It's not in the earth.

The starting value is not in wealth.

It's not in fame.

It's not in power.

And saying God.

We wonder?

No one is searching for.

That's a few people.

Are searching for God.

Even many Christians, or these people who called themselves Christian, seem to be they want God to be there as their magic genie give them what it is that they want, and to get miracles and and do all these types of things that are for them rather than seeking to know God.

Whether God does anything for them.

Or not.

A fear of the Lord.

Now this fear is not in that sense of oh ducking, because God is going to take a swing at you, it is.

Taking him seriously with reverence.

It's understanding that he is God, that he is holy.

Yes, God is love but God is holy, holy, holy.

Even in the beginning of the creation of the Earth, he was a separator.

He separated day from night.

He separated water from land.

He separated, separated, separated, but a separation holiness.

God is one who sanctified.

And we need to understand who he is and to understand that wisdom.

Disappear him.

And to depart from evil.

Is understand.

But today, what is it that we have?

We have this common saying it is better to ask for forgiveness.

And permission.

Then we kind of treat God that way.

We do what it is we want to do.

Then say, oh God, you know, forgive me 'cause I know the word says you're going to forgive me so forgive me.

But I'm saying you know blow, it helped me not to do that.

Because it just freezes.

Let me depart from evil.

If you return to Ecclesiastes.

Chapter 12

Which I'm sorry, chapter 8 verse 12.

This is at the end of.

The Book of Ecclesiastes, written by.

The man that we declare as the most wise man who has ever lived.

Well, sometimes I wonder if he was that wise because of the trouble he found himself in so many different times.

But in chapter 12, verse 13 and 14 says this.

The conclusion when all has been heard.

Is so he has written a book and said I've done this.

I've sought pleasure.

I've sought understanding.

I've sought power.

I saw glory.

I sought all these things when I've done all these things, I've determined that the conclusion is this.

Fear God and keep his commandments, because this applies to every person.

Now some of you are numbers, people and you want to be accountants.

That's wonderful.

Some of you are people, people and you.

You want to be sociologists or psychologists or whatever.

We all have the things that we like to do and we want to.

A wisdom says.

We're God.

And keep his commandments applies no matter who you are.

No matter what job or profession you have, no matter how old or how young you are.

Yeah, fear God.

And keep his commandments.

By so everyone now we say, well, you know we're we're not Jews.

And and Jesus did away with the Old commandments and so we don't have to apply that they have, uh, Jesus gave us new ones.

Have faith in him.

To love one another as he has loved us and gave himself for us.

Jesus has given us commandments.

So to fear God and to keep his commandments.

Still applies.

But God will bring every act to judgment.

Everything which is hidden, whether it is good.

Or evil.

It applies to everyone.

I don't know this for sure.

I have no.

I have no idea why the there's this moment of silence in heaven.

Maybe it's because we're all going to realize that everything will be done is going to be revealed in the old sheet.

Now they got away with that.

Maybe it's a time of embarrassment.

The crazy ***** again in Chapter 8.

This wise man gives us wise counsel.

In verse 12 it says this.

Although a Sinner does evil 100 times and may lengthen his life.

You may think you're going to get away with it. You may think that you can do things 100 times.

You get over it, know it, and you can do some really bad stuff that even will LinkedIn your life.

You can cause the death of somebody, so maybe due to get an organ transplant so that you can live longer.

Maybe those things can happen.

Although a Sinner does evil 100 times and may lengthen his life, though I know that it will be well for those who fear God who fear him openly.

Like the rest of us need to understand.

But there may be times when the sinners and the evil ones getting.

Away with it.

But not forever.

And then, even though the life.

Of his people may be difficult and hard, and persecution may arise because of our faith.

It doesn't have nothing to be compared with the glory that we will experience in heaven.

It will be well.

For those who.

Fear God and who fear him openly.

It will not be well for the evil man and he will not lengthen his days like the shadow because he does.

Not fear God.

We should pursue it.

Wisdom should be something that we.

Should seek every single day.

Why do hair cells?

You can't find it in places that you.

Might look for it.

You will find it in God.

That's why it's so amazingly, people will say.

I read the Bible once.

Well, if the scriptures are the.

One of God and they are.

And maybe we'll find wisdom there of what God says about who we.

Are and who he is.

It is amazing how many books.

Or written.

About the Bible.

You will love to.

Read those books about the Bible.

But I'm not saying you shouldn't, it's.

Sometimes there's some things that can apply and help us in our lives, and that's great.

But those books should never be a substitute.

For the word of God.

They should be a supplement to it.

Help us understand better the word of God from somebody's perspective that might help us to understand it.

Or maybe because we have a blind spot or we have a blind pastor who doesn't really.

Get that area right and so we need somebody else to help us to explain it.

But it is not.

A remedy of the word of God.

But we need Christian authors wonderful.

But don't read them.

To the exclusion of the scriptures.

Is that or wisdom?

Is no tell us about who God.

But he isn't our boyfriend.

He's gone.

That he made us.

He sustains us.

He knows the number of hairs on our head.

He knows when we get up and when we lie down he knows the intentions of our heart and even as wicked as that is, he still loves us.

And send Jesus to die for us and to be raised again so that we might have salvation.

That's the kind of God.

We need to get to know.

That's the God that we should take seriously, and.

In the appropriate sense.

So I hope.

That you add to your To Do List.

Today and tomorrow and thereafter.

I do, I'm out by Brad.

Do something nice for somebody.

Three books.

Seek wisdom from law.

And hey.

Give it 2.

As if we look to the sun.

We look to the sun.

Who will?

We build himself.

We will rebuild us wisdom.

And knowledge.

And power.

And grace.

If all those things are found in him.

And all God's people said.

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