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FBCWest 375 | He Teaches in the Temple During the Feast of Booths

He Teaches in the Temple During the Feast of Booths | Poster

Recorded On: 02/23/2020


February 23, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“I Will Celebrate”
Praise and Worship
“Let it be Known”
“Yes I Will”
“Goodness of God”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“He Teaches in the Temple During the Feast of Booths”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Grace Like Rain”

Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”


Transcript of Service

It is well with my soul, even should the skies opened up.

And I hear the trumpet.

And see Christ descend.

Is still well with my soul?

We've been going through a study of the earthly life and Ministry of Jesus and it is been with a.

Less than perfect chronology.

An I'm going to show you how it has been less than perfect last week. We took a look at.

At an event in Jesus life as he was heading towards Jerusalem.

This passage of scripture will takes place just before an after those series of events, so I want you because we saw that Jesus was.

Traveling through Samaria on his way to Jerusalem and here we see that hasn't yet.

Left yet so.


and if we want to put the first part of John with that, then it would kind of broke up the reason that John writes this particular passage 'cause again. It's more about.

A chronic chronology of thought, as opposed to a chronology of time.

So, in John Chapter 7.

It says this.

After these things Jesus was walking in Galilee for he was unwilling to walk in Judea because the Jews were seeking to kill him.

Another piece of the Jews, the feast of booths was near.

I want to stop there.

The Feast of the boots.

Is one of 7 holy?

Days although the days are longer.

For the Jews there is the first is Passover, the nonliving bread, then there's.

First fruits Pentecost then there's the.

Trumpets and day of atonement an finally the feast of booths. The Feast of booths last for about 8 days.

It's 1 of 3 holy days that Jewish men were required if it all possible to appear before the temple in Jerusalem.

One was Passover, the other was Pentecost and the 3rd the feast of booths.

Now the FISA boots has a couple of different names. One of it's called the feast of Tabernacles. The other is called Chicote and basically what the feast does is represents kind of the after the harvest and things but it also is a time to remember when God LED them through the.

Wilderness and they would build little houses if you will out of plants and branches and whatever, so they're like Tabernacles temporary dwellings to recount that.

And so it's this particular feast that Jesus is going to.

An as a Jewish man, he would if at all possible be required to go.

And therefore his brother said to him leave here and go into Judea so that your disciples also may see your works, which you're doing for no one does anything in secret when he himself seeks to be known publicly.

If you do these things show yourself to the world.

For not even his brothers were believing in him.

So you see that they are in.

Suggested that he go to Jerusalem.

To in essence.

Be approved that he is the Messiah but then it kind of in essence mocking him.

Now I want you to understand.

That if your family doesn't get you.

Jesus knows.

Not because he's just gone but because his family didn't get him and so much so it was like yeah.

Our brother thinks he's God.

And I bet a lot of you think your brother thinks he's got.

And so we have this and whatever and we have their parents.

Who knew exactly how Jesus arrived on the scene and still his brothers were not accepting now the the good thing is is.

Down the road.


At the resurrection.

Not only do his some of his brothers believe they become very influential in the church. James and Jude are a couple of them.

And so Jesus is in essence mock go show yourself go make a big spectacle go publicly and head toward Jerusalem and present yourself as Messiah.

And then Jesus says my time is not yet here but your time is always opportune now again the little response.

There is going to be a time when Jesus is going to announce himself publicly and he's going to do so by.

Doing what the profits had foretold.

Daniel gives a very specific time when the Messiah would come.


Profits like Zachariah and others will talk about the Messiah coming on a donkeys. Colt and those types of things and there will be Palm branches and all those things and he will come and enter into Jerusalem publicly.

Passover is the feast that he was to do that. God has particular timing for what God is going to accomplish and so Jesus going the feast of booths.

Important feast.

But not at the time that I am to reveal.

As a profit, saying.

But he says if you want to go out and be witnesses.

Be my guest you always have the opportunity to.

And then he says the world cannot hate you.

But it hates me because I testify of it that it's deeds are evil.

So Jesus also tells him.

My testimony my ministry.

Sets the world.

And me apart.

You can't be a part of the world and be a part of Maine because if you're a part of Maine, the world is going to hate you.

And in our times it's becoming.

Just as so.

Not that we do anything differently than has been done by people years and years and decades and centuries ago. It just off and now more people seem to approve those things that people used to be embarrassed about.

And so if you speak against those things, then you're the one who was told that you hate.

Because I testified that their deeds are evil go up to the feast yourselves. I do not go up to this feast because my time has not yet fully come.

How are we said these things to them?

As he stayed in Galilee. Now the next paragraph. You're going to think Jesus seems to either lie or mislead 'cause it goes.

Is I'm not going?

You go I'm staying.

If you read it superficially you could say, Well, there seems to be this conflict.

But what is that they're talking about his brothers are talking about him going publicly.

He says I'm not going publicly.

He doesn't say in essence. I'm not going in some of the language the way the verb is written seems to indicate that although in English. It's it's kind of more stilted and So what in essence Jesus, saying I'm not going publicly yugo publicly.

I'm going to hang back.

Nothing I'm not going but notice what is brothers wanted his brothers wanted him to go publicly.

So if you want to go in secret. The last thing you do is go around with a bunch of people who want you to be there publicly.

So he's not going to go with his family, he's going to go later.

But when his brothers had gone up to the feast. Then he himself also went up not publicly.

But as if in secret.

So the Jews were seeking him at the feast and we're saying where is he?

And again there, thinking he oughta be here, he's a male, he's Jewish one of the 3 times. He supposed to be in Jerusalem is now so we ought to be able to find him.

There was much grumbling among the crowds concerning him. Some were saying he is a good man.

Another was saying no On the contrary, he leads the people astray.

He had no one was speaking openly of him for fear of the Jews.

So you see, there this grumbling and this.

Argument that goes back and forth, but it's under the surface because the religious establishment doesn't want you to think either. One way or the other, they don't want you considering him he's just a bad guy.

Some are saying well, he's a good man.

Which kind of begs the question when Jesus had responded good teacher and he says there's no one good but God.

So if he's a good man.

It means more.

Then he's a good man, and others say no no On the contrary, he's not a good guy because he's leading the people astray. He's telling them he's God and after all, there is no God but one that's our God and we're not going to deal with him.

So not only does his family, not understand him.

The people.

Don't understand him.

But when it was now the midst of the feast. Jesus went up into the temple and began to teach.

Soon, as I said the feast of both the feast of Tabernacles. Succot last 8 days so in that middle process. That's when Jesus goes and he does.

One of the things that Jesus does he teaches.

He goes to the temple. He presents himself in the temple and he teaches the Jews in were astonishing. How is this man become learned having never been educated?

So you see, there going OK Jesus is an itinerant rabbi.

But I didn't go to a sanction school.

He didn't learn from Gamiel, he didn't learn from Halo. He didn't learn from all these guys. So how is it that he knows what he knows 'cause. He's not an educated man, he's from Galilee.

I kind of somewhat.

Understand this while I was.

Pastoring here.

I decided I should go.


And the First Class I took in seminary was systematic theology. Now I had done systematic theology on my own before I was ordained here as part of my training if you will.

And I thought it was always interesting to go to this class, the professor was a great guy. I like him very much.

We didn't always see eye to eye and since I was older than 24.

His degrees didn't impress me.

And so when we agreed.

He would call me pastor Joe.

When we didn't agree, he would call me Joe.

So I can always tell when we didn't agree 'cause. The name was Joe and there were times we didn't agree.

For instance, he's kind of more in the sense of God kind of used evolution to get us all here. I go now. It seems to me the scripture say that he did so in 6 days. I'll take that position.

So and there were other places and one of the things that bothered me about systematic theology.

I'll use another example.

I doubt anybody here does, but I'll use it as an example, you might like Shakespeare.

And you might really love Shakespeare in whatever now those of you that might love Shakespeare. Those who really like the King James Version because that's kind of.

The Bible like Shakespeare.


If you went to a class.

To read Shakespeare you would be somewhat disappointed if all you read was about.

Bill Franke thought about Shakespeare in George Jones, thought about Shakespeare and you never read Shakespeare.

And in systematic theology, there was a lot of well this professor and this. The theologian thought this about the Scriptures and this theologian and this philosopher thought this about it, I don't care what they think.

What does the scripture say?

And quite frankly I don't care what I think I don't care what you think? What is it that scripture say?

And so there there going wait a minute. He's he's teaching as if he knows what he's talking about. Let me give you a guess a little secret he does.

'cause he wrote The Scriptures.

The best person to interpret what they meant is the person who wrote it.

So if you write and I'm going to say this 'cause apparently my wife took a couple of my love letters to one of your last classes.


If you wanted to know what I meant in the letter you don't ask my kids.

They weren't there.

They didn't write it.

I did.

Same with Jesus?

And so he says.

And so Jesus answered him and said my teaching is not mine.

But he who sent me.

So he saying I'm not do anything on my own account. I'm doing it because God the father has sent me and if anyone is willing to do his will. He will know of the teaching weather is of God or whether I speak from myself.

He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory, but he who is seeking the glory of the one who sent him. He is true and there is no unrighteousness in him.

Jesus say my teaching is not my teaching 'cause I came up with it. My teaching is buying because the father gave it to Maine and I'm giving it to you not to say whoa. He's really smart is that the Glorify God, the father.

And if that's

the desire than the glory to goes to God and the.

There is righteousness in that teaching.

So he says if you know God.

You know what he's saying.

If you know the Shepherd you understand the shepherds voice.

And then he's going to use an example did not Moses give you the law. And yet none of you carries out the law now that's a shocker is the whole point is for them to be super religious is to obey the law.

So Jesus gets their attention, IMO Zarrella.

But you're not carrying it out.

Why do you seek to kill Maine?

The crowd answered you have a demon who seeks to kill you.

You see the crowd doesn't necessarily would know what's going on.

Because the establishment wants him dead?

And Jesus answered them, I did one deed and you all Marvel.

For this reason, Moses has given you circumcision, not because it is from Moses but was from the father's and on the Sabbath you circumcise a man.

If a man receives circumcision on the Sabbath so the law of Moses will not be broken are you angry with me because I made entire Manuel on the Sabbath.

Jesus is saying.

Moses incorporated in in the law circumcision.

And you were required to do circumcision on the 8th day of the 8th day was.

A Sabbath.

You're supposed to rest, but you're still supposed to do the circumcision and Jesus ain't circumcision and start with the law and went all the way back to Abraham.

If you can violate the Sabbath rest.

Then why is it that you hold me guilty of not just circumcising a person but restoring them to health.

Do not judge, according to the appearance but judge with Righteous judgment.

So some of the people of Jerusalem were saying, is this not the man who they are seeking to kill now notice. The crowd said you're crazy, but the people who live in Jerusalem knows what's going on. 'cause they've heard the Scuttlebutt. They've heard the religious leaders and The thing is Jesus is one of the most wanted.

Look he is speaking publicly and they are not saying.

Nothing to him.

The rulers do not really know that this is the Christ do they?

However, we know where this man is from, but whenever the Christ may come. No one knows where he is from.

You see they've got tradition.

And their tradition says.

He just magically appears.

No one knows where he's from we know where this, guys from, he's from Nazareth and then Capernaum and he's up there in Galilee.

That can't be the guy there is misinformation.

And again.

Jesus understands that people misunderstand you.

Because there's all these things that they assume to be accurate and aren't.

And you know what happens when you start assuming things.

And when Jesus quite out in the temple teaching and saying, You both know me and know where I am from and I have not come on myself, but he who sent me is true whom you do not know I know him because I am from him and he sent me.

Jesus doesn't even go back and say, Well, you know, I was born in Bethlehem.

He goes all the way back. I was sent from the father, who is in heaven.

He knows me, he sent me.

You're worried about whether I'm from Bethlehem or Galilee.

I'm ultimately for.

Neither of those places, I'm from heaven.

So they were seeking to seize him and no man laid his hands on him because his hour had not yet come now. I want to note something here.

People who don't read the Scriptures who seem to be.

Educated in the scriptures will tell you that Jesus.

Was ministering and his reputation at all things got ahead of him and the wheels of history, crushed him.


Jesus life was not taken, it was given for us.

And it was given for us at the precise time. God determined to be given for us.

An Passover was that time, not the feast of booths so even though it was human desire to stop him. God is in control, even wouldn't we don't know what's going on?


Many of the crowd believed in him.

So you get some who are confused and some who were opposed in some overthinking his life. And yet, there are some who believe in him.

But many of the crowd believed in him.

And they were saying when the Christ comes he will not perform more sign than those which this mental has Willie so there. There making the argument OK. We've seen with this Mens done, we've seen what this man says.

He's the Christ, he's the Messiah.

You can expect more than what he's already shown you.

The Pharisees heard the crowd muttering these things about him and the chief reason. The Pharisees set officers to seize him. So apparently the first attempts wasn't working, so we're going to send the people who know how to rest people to do it.

And therefore Jesus said.

For a little while longer I'm with you then I go to him who sent me.

You will seek me and you will not find me and where I am you cannot come.

The juice then said to one another or does this man intend to go that we will not find him. He is not intending to go to the dispersion among the Greeks and teach the Greeks is he now you can see they don't have a clue? What's happening 'cause. He didn't say where I am going but where I'm going to him.

Then I go to him, it instead and I go to a place.

Then I went from father, I'm going back to the father, but when you have a predetermined.


You don't hear what is said.

The Jews and said to one another. Where does this man intend to go that we will not find him. He's not intending to go to this version among Greece and teach the Greeks is he What is this statement that he said. You will seek me and you will not find me and where I am you cannot come.

Because he's going to carry his cross.


You buried and raised again on the 3rd day and returned to the father and these people are not from the father. Therefore, they cannot go to the father.

Now in the last day, the Great Day of the feast. Jesus stood and cried out, saying If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink and he who believes in me as the Scripture said from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.

Now at the FISA boost they had a ceremony during the time of Christ. It was and in the very first.

Part of the visa boots, but as.

History goes people like to add.

Ceremonies and whatever and one of the ceremonies was the drawing of water.

And it was done for a couple reasons 1 waters vital to life.


The scripture say.

Through Zachariah and others that during the Millennial Kingdom.


Certain nations don't attend the feast of booths.

They won't get any rain.

So here's here's a note for you to take.

When you're there in the Millennial Kingdom make sure wherever you are, they send people to go to Jerusalem.

Otherwise, it will end up I had the fortune this year or last year to go to Lima.

Lima Peru, they said, I I think it hasn't rained there since 1979.

So if I were them on the Middle Kingdom, I'd send somebody.

But water was hurt, but also the water has another.


That as the children of Israel traveled in the desert.

There was a rock.

That Moses was told to strike and water came out sufficient to.

Satisfy everyone.

Then later he was told to speak to the rock.

And Moses messed up as he was frustrated with the people and he struck the rock. A second time and that was the reason? He was not allowed to go into the promised land.

But the New Testament tells us that rock was Jesus Jesus is he who satisfies not only the physical. But the spiritual of life that that life pours out not just a little drizzle.

The flows.


But this he spoke of the spirit, whom those who believed in him war to receive for the spirit was not yet given because Jesus had not yet been glorified.

So there is a time and that's one of the things that you can kind of tell how how corn quote spiritual are you?

Do you feel that your life is in a desert?

It may be the spirit isn't flowing as it ought to be maybe there's something stopping it.

Maybe that's something that stopping it is called you.

Some of the people there for when they heard these words were saying. This certainly is the Prophet other thing. This is the Christ in still others. Surely the Christ is not going to come from Galilee Is He.

Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the descendants of David.

And from Bethlehem, the village where David was.

So the vision occured in the crowd because of him.

Some of them wanted to seize him, but no one laid hands on him, so again there's this controversy and throughout.

Christianity there's always controversy on who Jesus is.

Is not everyone understands?

The officers then came to the chief reason, the Pharisees and they said to them why do you?

Not bring him so we sent you to arrest him and you come back empty handed the officers entered answered never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.

So is it wait a minute, you told us arrest this guy.

But he's not who he said he was.

The Pharisees in answered them You have not also been LED astray have you.

No one of the rulers or Pharisees has believed in him has he?

But this crowd, which does not know the law is a cursed.

You're saying.

Were smart they are dumb?

Where's Mark 'cause? We know things they don't know things and yet the argument was well the Christ? Was supposed to be the son of Dave so they know a lot more than they than the leaders seem to indicate.

And this is what the leaders are saying, is don't believe your own lying eyes.

Leave us.

Nick a demas.

Who came to him before being one of them said to them our law does not judge a man unless it first hears from him and knows what he's doing does it.

So he's gonna wait a minute, you're not falling on your not presenting due process for our due process is you cannot determine is guilty and less you give him an opportunity to defend himself and you not done this.

Now notice their response.

They answered him.

You're not also when you are not also from Galilee are you.

It isn't you know you're right, we need to hear from him, it's O.

You're a bad guy, too.


And see that no profit arises out of Galilee.

And there right.

Because as the people said.

The Messiah.

Was to be a son of David?

Scripture is also say.

As David professed.

The Lord said to my Lord sit down until I make your enemies.

David understood that there would be 1 greater than him.

Who would come?

After him.

So to become a believer.

In Jesus's time as is now.

It's difficult because people will oppose you.

People will argue against you, people will say you don't know enough.

Notice the scriptures say.

If you believe.

In your heart.

And you confess with your mouth.

You will be saved.

It doesn't say if you believe in your heart.

And have the four spiritual laws memorized and all of the Gospel of John memorized and you can ask and answer all kinds of theological questions. Then you are a believer no if you believe, and confess.

And by doing that, then God places the Holy Spirit within us, which is rivers of water flowing out not only sustaining us, but sustaining others that they might drink and come to the understanding of who Jesus is.

There are very few people.

Will ever say that they know it all when it comes to Jesus?

The only ones who do generally don't know him at all.

I mean, there are some really difficult questions to ask.

For instance, the the Old Testament says.

The Lord Our God is one.

Then it talks about the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

But are for God is one and yet 3 persons and every time we try to explain those things we become heretical.

Some things that are in God's plans are just beyond our pay grade.

Some things are easier.

Some things are so hard to know that Jesus is fully man in yet fully God.

He instructs us.

To love one another as he is loved us.

Didn't say

if you don't get that one down, you're not mine.

He understands that faith is gradual and grows, but all you need is a mustard seed size and you can move mountains.

So you can continue to be worried about what others say.

Or you can come to faith.

Neither worried about.

Your reputation.

Or you can receive that water.

That is life, giving.

The flows.

From you.

Unfortunately, not a lot of great songs about rivers running through you So what we're going to sing is grace like rain.

'cause the grace of God gives us is like rain, it falls on the just, and the unjust.

Those who believe we go. I'm surprised they believe others that don't we go well, we would think they would.

But a suit God calls.

But his Grace Falls, like rain.

And causes those rivers, the flow.

And all God's people said.

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