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FBCWest 505 | Job Speaks to His Friend and then to God

Job Speaks to His Friend and then to God | Poster

Recorded On: 05/29/2022


Hymn #475 “Victory in Jesus”

SCRIPTURE READING – 1 John 5:1 - 4
Giving of Selves and Our Offerings


Praise and Worship
“Look to the Son”
“Glorious Day”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“Job Speaks to His Friend and then to God”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection

“Come What May”

Benediction “God Really Loves Us”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Sermon Notes

Job 6:1 – 7 Job’s grief is so great it cannot be weighed

Job 6:8 – 13 Wants God to take his life, he has no resources left, but has not denied the words of God

Job 6:14 - 23 Job’s friends are of no help

Job 6:24 – 30 Job continues to assert his integrity

Job 7:1 – 10 Only release of pain is death

Job 7:11 – 21 Job will continue to cry out

1 Peter 5:6 & 7 Humble yourself under God and cast your anxiety on Him

Psalm 55:22 & 23 Cast your burdens on the Lord. Trust Him


Transcript of Service

It has been my practice.

Not to comment on current events.

And I don't recall ever having spoken about a current event.

Because in my humble opinion.

What we're dealing with is.

When we talk about current events, we talk about temporary solutions and I believe that God gives us eternal solutions and he does that too.

Fix our souls.

But because of the events of this last several weeks, I feel that I need to speak up because of certain things.

What I'm going to say does not apply to those who.

Have suffered loss.

Whether it be in New York.

Orange County or in Texas?

I'm going to follow my advice that I preached.

That said, when someone is in grief.

You simply remain silent, and for those who are next to those people who are grieving, I suggest what I suggested lesson.

You just simply be there.

You simply comfort as best you.

Can but no statement no.

Neat Bible verses are going to at this time heal someone.

All the reason I decided to do the Book of Job is because I knew that in our lives, either in the past trying to recover from or in the future we will experience tragedies.

And to see wisdom in what God says through the Book of Job, how to respond to that.

But there are those.

In the news and elsewhere.

Because of what happened, will ask the question.

Where is God?

The answer is God is where he's always been.

He's on his throne, he's sovereign.

Cares for his people.

He loves them.

He keeps them he's.

A God of.

Peace and comfort.

He's a God of reconciliation.

He's had God, her forgiveness and yes, a God of hope.

Even in the most hopeless situations.

But I find it interesting when people ask where is God?

Because in our culture.

Whether it be in our government.

We've uninvited God or in schools.

We've uninvited God or in our business institution.

We've uninvited God and many of our churches, even we've, uninvited God and in our own lives.

Often time.

We've uninvited by having uninvited God.

I find it interesting when we ask for.

Where is God?

Well, God does respond because we didn't invite him.

God is going to be God.

But I feel I need to speak.

He doesn't need me to defend him, and if he needed someone to defend, he would.

Certainly pick a better advocate in me.

But I need to say something because of this.

Well, where is God and then the next question.

But why does he permit evil?

But let me suggest a few things.

The scripture says for all have sinned and come short of.

The glory of God.

Sin is evil.

Sin is the refusal to do what God has called us to do.

So when we say well, why does God not not prevent evil?

It's usually because, well, we went out to prevent evil up to where we are.

But not us.

Because if you will, if God was to eliminate evil.

Get rid of all of us.

Because our hearts oftentimes are so wickedly evil.

But again, that is not God does things.

For instance, when he gave the promise to Abraham of the promised land, he didn't say inhabit now, he said, the iniquity of those who are living there had not yet been completed.

God is a God of justice.

God is had got a furnace, and he said, I'm not.

I want to give you the land, yet because it's not fair to them because there, and if it hasn't, so sometimes God is waiting for the right time.

But God has intervened.

The first intervention is called the son of God.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

The goddess demonstrated his love towards us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, so God has intervened because he has changed wins and women hearts.

It is amazing to me not that there's evil, but there is not more evil based on the way the world is.

And further, God is going to intervene again.

It's called the second coming.

And judgment Day, and he's going to prepare a new heaven and the new or God is going to intervene.

So let God be God.

Can you be you?

We need.

To understand.

That instead of running and asking questions, who is God or where is God?

When evil happens.

We need to run to him.

And the problem is yes, the events over the last couple of weeks have.

Consume the papers and the Airways or whatever.

But there are men and women and children every day, being subject to evil.

People murdered.

People raped people sold into sex trafficking.

Children abducted so they might be slaves.

There is evil everywhere.

And because some things happen that gets a lot of news coverage doesn't mean the world is fine when those things don't happen.

There is evil.

And instead of wondering where God is.

We need to run to him.

I was going to start my message.

In a little different.

Way, so I'm going to start my message.

How I was when?

I started when I finished it.

And so if you'll turn the book of Job Chapter 6.

We're going to struggle with good and evil.

Things happening and not understanding.

Now, getting the context is Joe has long suffered the loss.

Of his wealth.

Job has suffered the loss of all of his children.

In one day.

And then Job suffered the loss of his health.

Now this loss of health wasn't a diagnosis.

Well, job.

You've got cancer.

And in six months you're going to die.

He wasn't given some acute diagnosis to say.

Well, you have a heart.

Problem in one of these moments, you're just.

Going to have a heart attack and dropped it.

No, his is a chronic illness.

He is in constant pain.

And he's trying to find relief by.

Being in ashes.

And scraping his skin with broken pottery.

And if you haven't been in pain, well, everybody's been been. They've been in pain for a little bit.

You know how it's you focus on the pain, but when it's constant pain, oftentimes it changes your view.

It's difficult, it's hard because pain affects you.

That's why.

When it comes to the church or others when somebody is like bills with cancer or something, the church comes in rallies around them because it's quick.

You read the little boy, you die.

Either God answers the prayer requests.

Or he does.

It and we go on with our lives.

But a person who has a chronic illness.

Kind of interrupts our lives.

Because we just want to do with our routine.

And so that's where job is.

Job is in a chronic situation.

He wasn't having pain and now he's out of pain.

He's in pain even as his friends come to give him what they call good advice.

And the restaurant from last message on.

The Book of Job is on a bunch of soliloquize.

Joe first cries out in pain, saying I don't understand.

I wish I had.

Never been born.

And after speaking.

Deleted files, Ben offers his advice.

And as I shared, while he might have been technical, correcting is limited.

And especially in the application.

Life as does not.

Get out of this.

Towards the end of the Book of Job.

God is going to hold eliphaz accountable.

And he's going to say.

We used to pray for your forgiveness.

He doesn't even say you need to pray.

For your forgiveness he goes.

Joe B, so pray for you for your forgiveness so when we shoot off our mouths thinking we're giving great advice, God oftentimes if it's not great advice, they'll hold us accountable.

And so we're going to go back and forth.

Job is going to say things, and then his friends are going to respond and job is going to respond to his friends until it comes at a time when there's going to be.

A conversation not.

Between bot between Job and his friends, but between job and God and God and Joe.

So in chapter 6.

Starting with verse one it says this.

Then job answered, oh, that my grief were actually weighed and laid in the balance together with my calamity.

But then it wouldn't be heavier than the sands of the Seas.

Therefore, my words have been rash, or the arrows of the almighty are within me, their poison.

They poisoned my spirit drinks.

The terror of God are arrayed against me.

Does the Wild monkey monkey boy?

There's a wild donkey, Bray over his grass.

Or does the ox low over his father can something tasteless be eaten without salt?

Or is there any taste in the white?


My soul refuses to touch them.

They are low some.

Food to me.

Bold that my request might come to pass, and that God would grant my bone and so.

He's poor now.

He says when you compare the calamity that I have suffered and my grief, they are so heavy it'll be like weighing the sands.

Of the sea.

And that's why we can't say.

Well, I know how you feel.

Because Joe was a righteous man.

And he's been told.

That he's received all of this because he's not.

He's doing well.

Wait a minute I I don't balance these things it doesn't.

It doesn't seem right.

And my life is such that that existence is just boring.

It's like.

He says it's like animals.

Being excited about common food, they're not.

And for those who are on diet, they egg whites.

Understand why you do that.

Since they're tasteless, you need some salt.

You need something to be go, so that's my life.

It has no taste.

It has no purpose.

I just

That that God.

Would grant my longings and he goes.

Would that God were willing?

To crush me.

That he would lose his.

Hand and cut me off.

He goes, he's gone from.

I wish I never was the God kill me now.

Just take me.

Fortunately, God does not grant all our requests.

Because if God granted his request, be chilling now the soul would be over and we would learn with Don was doing or what job would also be do proving his faithfulness to God.

As a matter of.

Fact not only the dog brought.

Grant some of our requests.

His spirit is within us.

Roaning rewards too deep to conform to the.

Will of God.

So God himself helps us out whenever we don't know how to pray.

Joel thinks he does it's kill me God.

The desktop gods purpose and that's not God's plan and God is going to pray for him.

But he goes but it.

Is still my consolation and I rejoice in.

UN surpassing pain, but have not denied the words of the holy one.

Because I'm hurting, I wish I never was born and I wish God would kill me.

I haven't spoken against him.

And that still gives me joy.

Can we say that?

When we don't understand the pain that we're suffering, we don't understand why.

Now, unfortunately, sometimes the Y is overrated.

But why won't?

Cause you to say oh that's cool I.

Still like I.

Like the pain no.

No, I don't want the pain and it doesn't much matter why he's going at least my consolation.

The one good thing that's happening in all this best.

Is I haven't turned against the.

Word of God.

What is my strength that I should wait and what is my hand that I should endure?

Is my strength is strength of stones or is my flesh bonds?

Is it that my help is not within me and that my deliverance is driven from me?

He's saying.

I'm not a man of stone.

I used to ask a teenager.

Love this to play the the family golf song.

I'm a walk.

You can't hurt me.

I'm an island I.

Don't need you.

He's saying I'm not that and in reality none of us are.

We were impacted by pain were impacted by despair were impacted by disappointment.

He goes.

When you.

Bruise me, I hurt.

Battistone I'm not made of bones.

And that there's nothing inside of me that I can look forward to say I'm going to get out of this.

I'm not a physician who can kill myself.

I'm suffering pain and I don't know when it's.

Going to end.

For the sparing man, there should be kindness from his friends, so that is not forsake the fear of the Almighty.

Now he's going to turn and he's talking about his pain and where he is now.

He's going to start talking to his.

Friends and go wait a minute guys.

You're supposed to be my friends.

Friends are supposed to help encourage.

And support their friends.

And what have you done?

You've accused me of evil.

You've accused me of sin.

You've accused me of doing things against God.

He goes.

You should be those who do not forsake the fear Lord.

My brothers have acted deceitfully like awarding like the torrents of awardee which banished what he's saying is Marathi is basically a dried up riverbed.

There's there's no water there.

You're you're just a dried up water bit.

You don't give me any refreshing.

You don't give me any comfort.

You don't soothe me because you're just a bunch of dust.

Which are turbid against the ice in which the snow melts when they become waterless, they are silent.

When it is hot they vanish from their places.

The path of their course.

Then go on.

Wind along they go up into nothing and perish.

The caravans of team a look.

And the travelers of Sheba hoped for them.

And they were disappointed, for they had trusted.

And they came there, and were compounded.

He's saying travelers through the desert are expecting certain water prices in certain rivers and when they get there, they're dry.

They're disappointed because they now can't refresh themselves and their animals.

Those those that's what you are, my friends.

You've not comforted me.

You've not refreshed me.

Indeed, you have now become such.

You see a chair and are afraid.

In essence, he's saying you're afraid when you see me, that God.

's gonna do.

To you what he did to me.

So now your Council is one of fear, not a one of comfort and support.

Have I said give me something?

In essence, he's saying I'm not one.

Of those guys.

By the four.

05 with a sign saying give me someone.

'cause I haven't asked you for anything.

Or offer a bribe for me from your wealth, or deliver me from the hand of the adversary, or redeem me from the hands of the tyrant.

He's gone, I haven't asked anything from you other than to.

Be my friend.

I'm gonna ask you to give it up your wealth haven't asked you to go see somebody else to do something.

I've just wanted you to comfort me to be my friend.

Teach me and I will be silent and show me how I have heard.

I'm willing to listen.

It's not that I'm.

Refusing to hear the Council of my friends, but make sure its Council like water, not dry sand.

How painful are honest words?

That's true.

Lot of times we're reluctant to give honest words because we know how it will hurt.

Or some of us delight in giving honest words because they do hurt.

Hands on your personality.

But there are times when you know.

I'm just saying.

And so.

I'm willing to listen even when it's painful.

But what does your argument fool?

Do you intend to reprove my words in the words of 1 and despairing belonged to the wind?

He's saying you can.

You can counterman my words, and yeah.

Some of what I'm saying is because of my feelings and you can argue with my feelings.

Because sometimes feelings.

Most of time feelings aren't reality.

So you can dispute how I feel.

That's fine, but that's not solving the problem.

You would even cast lots for orphans and barter over friend.

Now he's really hit him.

You guys.

Are so unfriendly?

That you would take stuff from Worf.

Now look it.

And see if I lie to your face going.

Look at me, I die.

Notice of my eyes tilt up, which tells you done lying or not looking you dead in the eye.

Look at my face and let me you tell me if I'm lying to you.

Assist now let there be no injustice, even this this my righteous.

This is yet.

In it.

Is there injustice on my tongue and not my palate discerned calamity?

I words are cheap.

I don't need words.

But the words you've given.

Me have been no help.

Because I understand the pain that I'm in.

And then it goes on.

After rebuking his friends, he continued saying invert Chapter 7.

Is not man forced to live on the earth?

Are not his days like the days of.

A hired hit man.

As a slave who pants for the shade as a hired man.

Who eagerly waits?

Or his wages?

He's gone.

Life is in that.

Marvelous sometimes.

It's hard.

Like being out in the heat and the sun is like having no control because your boss tells you what to do and when to do it and you're you're doing it at the full wages.

But it's not payday yet.

So I am allotted months of vanity.

Worthlessness and nights of trouble or appointed me.

When I die down, I say when shall I arrive?

But the night continues and I am continually tossing until dawn.

I appreciate this verse.

We were.

Invited to to go to the river that's.

The Colorado River.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.

To spend some time with my sister in law and brother in law and their family.

They had a boat.

We got there late leaving.

And my son was a baby.

When we got there, it was hot.

At night time it was hot.

And we couldn't take that banana chaise lounge and go by the water, because that's where the.

The mosquitoes were.

So you were stuck in the heat and you were praying for daylight.

Then when daylight comes, it's hot.

And there's no relief, so you're praying for the night time, because there's never any relief, and that's exactly how joking when I go to bed, I expect there'll be some relief there, but there isn't.

And at night, so long, no relief.

And when I get up in the.

Daytime there's no relief.

My flesh is.

Clothed with worms.

And across of dirt, my skin hardens and.

My days are swifter than a Weaver shuttle.

And come to an end without hope.

Those are some.

Sad work.

I am hurting.

And I see no way.

I don't even see.

I've been praying for death and it doesn't.

I don't even hope in death anymore.

Remember that my life is but a breath.

My I will not again see good now he's again assuming as we lawyers like to say, he's assuming.

Facts not in.

Evidence there is nothing that says he will never see a good again, but that's how he feels.

And again, when we deal with those who are in the midst of tragedy and hurt.

We need to understand how they feel.

But it may not be reality.

Because he just said the days are wrong, I can't.

But then he goes boxlife.

Is better breath.

So he even his feelings.

He's inconsistent.

My life while I have it doesn't seem to.

Ever end the life is short.

The eye of him who sees me will be hold me no longer and your eyes will be on me, but I will not be there will be come a day when I'll die.

Because that's what happens.

To all people, we all die.

When a cloud vanishes, it is gone, and so he who goes down to shield the place of the dead does not come up.

He will not return again to his house or will his face be known.

To him anymore.

Therefore I will not restrain my mouth.

Basically he's going.

This is it?

I don't have an opportunity to complain and gripe and vent when I'm dead.

So do it now and I'm just going.

To let it all out.

I'm going to complain and I'm going to gripe and I'm going to speak.

And I will speak in the anguish of my spirit.

So he understands that he's hurting.

He's not saying I'm giving you words of wisdom, I'm hurting and that's how my speech.

I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

Am I the C or the C monster?

That you would set a guard over me.

If I say my better will be, will comfort me my couch will ease my complaint.

Then you frighten me with dreams and terrifying me by visions he's talking to God is saying.

When I go to bed, I think maybe I'll.

Get some relief, but in my.

Relief I'm getting.

Dreams that torment me.

God, you're not even helping.

Me when I try to rest.

So that my soul would choose suffocation, death rather than pain.

You saying I would rather be suffering, which is not a great way to die.

I would rather suffocate.

In continuing this pain.

So in essence.

Reaching out about take me.

I waste away.

I will not live forever.

Leave me alone for my days or better breath.

That's a tragic state.

Because the only hope job or any of us have.

Is in God.

We should never ask them to leave us alone.

But to comfort us.

In times of grief.

Then he's going to make a statement.

That others have.

What his man did, you magnify him and that you are concerned about him.

That you examine him every morning and try him every moment.

John freeman.

Why are we that important?

Your God, we're not.

We are the angels, we're not.

It's a big deal about us.

Why do you try us?

Why do you look upon us?

Why do you judge?

Why do you?

Make us seem more significant than we are.

Will you never turn your gaze away from me?

Well, let me alone until I swallow my spittle.

Praise God no.

Have I sinned?

What have I done to you or watch or a man?

Why have you set me as your target so that I am burden a burden to myself?

Who's going?

K God, I don't know what I've done wrong.

Tell me.

My friends accused me of unrighteousness.

I don't see any unrighteousness in me.

But because of, according to their theology.

And the one that many people have, I must have done something wrong.

And you're against me.

And you're against me so desperately.

That I don't get a moment of rest or sleep and I'm without hope.

Please God, tell me.

What did I do wrong?

Why then do you not pardon my transmission and take away my iniquities?

Remember the days when I even sacrificed for my children, but I didn't use.

They didn't do anything wrong, but just in case they did some unintentional thing I sacrificed, he was.

I tried, I tried to do the whole.

Religious and sacrifice and all that.

And it doesn't seem.

Tell me what I did wrong?

So that you might take away by inequity.

For now, I will lie down in the dust.

And you will seek me.

But I will not be.

So drunk.

Because there is a resurrection.

And even if God were to leave job in this current condition for the rest of his life.

He still has the hope of the resurrection.

This is not.

All that there are.

God is a God of hope.

Even when life seems nothing but heartache and pain and disappointment, he has given us his hope, his peace, his mercy.

And he's called us his children.

So I'm going to end my message how I was going to start it.

I've said in previous messages.

That we should not.

Exchange what we know about God, but what we don't know about God?

Let me add this.

But prior to tragedy and heartache and pain, let us get to know God more and more and more and more.

So there's less doubt about what God is doing because we know him.

I know whom I have believed, and I'm persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed against that day.

I know who I've talked about, I know who I trust, I can trust him.

I am convinced of it.

I'm not hoping anymore, I just know it.

We should run to God and heartache and pain and tragedy not away from him.

Instead of asking God why we should say God comfort and change me.

And the world around.

And God, I pray for those.

Evil people that you would judge them.

According to their evil deeds.

And God, that you will have mercy on those who are innocent.

But I trust you because you are the God.

And I am not.

And he did later in his explanation to job is going over you.

When I formed it happens.

So when we ask God why God why God?

Possibly his entrance.

Where were you?

Why should I consult you?

As God is ultimate wisdom and truth.

And God knows what he's doing when he does it.

And he will wait.

Until he's ready.

To act.

The Scriptures seem to indicate.

But the reason he hasn't come yet is that not everybody who is his.

It's his yeah.

So we need to then suffer in this world of pain and grief and yes, evil.

Or waiting the time when those who are his or his.

And then we pray that the world.

Might be minimized in that evil in that pain.

But just because something is not in the news.

Doesn't mean that evil does not happen.

So I want us.

Through this

Teaching of job.

To know him better.

So that when heartache and pain and difficulty come.

There's less to exchange.

'cause when I say don't exchange that what you know about that?

For what you don't know about God when you know a whole lot.

About God, there's less.

But you don't know.

And the other final words.

Instead of.

Why God?

It might be like children.

On something that happens, it scares us.

Hey daddy, hold.

Just get in the arms of God.

And let him comfort you.

Say they're there, it's OK.

Even though they may take your life.

I got you.

You have the victory through Jesus Christ our board.

We have hope.

In the next life.

As Paul said, if this life only we had hoped, we are to be of all.

Men most pitied.

Because when it comes to the world, they don't understand this and a matter of fact they're going to more and more persecute us, because they've already disinvited God.

They're going to start at disinviting us.

Because we're history.

Instead of wondering.

Why God?

Jesus already said why?

Don't be surprised they hate me.

Don't you think they'll hate you?

The servant the slave is not above his master.

So instead.

The response of persecution is not why.

But to rejoice in saying.

I have been counted worthy to suffer under the name of Jesus.

Whether I suffer because.

Of my faith.

Or if I suffer because I'm just a human being.

My God, they got a piece.

I gotta comfort.

I got a reconciliation.

A God of hope.

A God of resurrection.

A God of mercy.

A God that we, if we spend the rest of eternity, will not Plumb the depths of who he is.

I shared the other day.

Yes, it is a matter of fact I go.

I don't consider myself.

A great theologian.

Often times I feel like when it comes to spiritual matters, unlike in the shallow part of of the.

It doesn't see many people in deep.

As a matter of fact, it seemed like.

A lot of.

People claim to be.

Spiritual just have a toe in the water.

Come here.

As I try to move deeper and deeper into the deep.

I invite you to.

Go and more and more to know God.

Because when we know him more fully and more truly.

It doesn't matter.

Come what may.

Friends forsake me.

So what come, what may?

A diagnosis of illness.

So what come, what may?

You are ridiculed and persecuted.

Come what may.

My relationship to my God.

Is more important than all the other things.

Now before I close.

I want you to understand something that.

Joe was pretty honest about his feelings.

So much honest that much of we can't.

Vote much of what he says.

As being true.

In the Bible, things are true.

Not everything in the truth is in the Bible.

What I'm saying is.

Satan said that to God.

If you remove.

Your blessings from him.

He'll curse you.

That was a statement that was true.

But it wasn't true that he would curse.

Job is pulling out his soul.

We might say, well, you.

Know that's not cool.

He should be more spiritual.

He should be really understanding.

Or if you.

Turn in your scriptures in your Bible too.

First Peter Chapter 5.

Starting with verse six and seven.

Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, God that he might exalt you at the proper time.

Not necessarily tomorrow.

Casting all your anxiety on him.

Not some of it, not part of it.

You dump it.

God, this is how I'm feeling.

God, this is what's going on in my soul and my mind and my thing.

This is where I am not.

You cast your anxiety upon him.

Because he cares for you.

Why do we sing this year?

The benediction song we do is it the best, most upbeat song?

'cause I'm trying to get you to be convinced that God really does love you.

He loves you when things are going well.

He loves you.

When things are just going and he loves you.

When things are going.

BS Word he loves you.

He cares about you.

So when things happen and you have that anxiety instead of holding it and you say I'm gonna throw it up on God because he cares about me.

'cause if I throw up on you, you go.

He's not much of a pastor who could hear what he said, so I throw it up on God.

Because he cares for me.

He cares for you.

In case you think, well, that's just one off.

Quickly if you go to.

55 verse 22 and 23.

Your burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain.

You don't need to carry the load yourself.

Give it to God.

There's a little thing of red barn, or that Bill no.

Just like God.

God will carry it.

You take his burdens orbell like.

To cash yours on him and he will not get you, just do it.

He will sis.

He will never allow.

The righteous to be shaped.

This is what you or God will bring down.

To the pit of destruction, man of bloodshed and deceit.

Will not live.

Out their lives, but I will trust in you.

God will judge the evil.

Trust him.

God will do with those who act.

The way they act.

You trust God.

When you're anxious.

Cast your anxiety upon him when you have burdens, cast your burdens upon him because he really does love you.

Because he really does love you.

It doesn't matter come what may.

No gods, people said.

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