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FBCWest 342 | The Sermon on the Mount, Part 2: The Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount, Part 2: The Beatitudes | Poster

Recorded On: 06/30/2019



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Went up on the Mount.

Sat down and his disciples.

Followed him and he preached the last week, we took.

The first look.

At that sermon, which is often called the Beatitudes.

And everybody who talked about how beautiful it is, and simplistic.

But I think it's more than that.

It's a time for us if you will.

To take a look in your inventory of our lives.

And see if the things that Jesus talked about being blessed are in our lives.

And to make sure that we are accurate in that so for instance, as we looked at that we could say well. I try to be a peacemaker.

Jesus is sermon wasn't for those who try to be a peacemaker.

You'll be blast this is blessed are the Peacemakers.

So, in the beginning of Jesus is sermon.

He preaches very powerfully.

Not only by what he says, and how he says, but the fact of who it is the saying it.

And so he's going to follow up this.

Continuing on with his sermon.

In some areas that I think all too often.

We read them and leave and quote them and we might even have 'em in some songs.

But we don't take a deep look.

And what the messages.

After all this Jesus, so we don't do the Jesus like we do with the typical pastor. You know what we do with the typical pass or he does his sermon and we go out to lunch and have rose pastor.

Jesus was roasted by the Pharisees, but generally the disciples.

Word of what he had to say.

And so continuing part 2 of many parts because.

I'm not Jesus?

He says this.

In verse 13 of Matthew Chapter 5.

You are the salt of the Earth.

Now notice again, he's speaking to his disciples, but notice he doesn't say you will become the salt of the Earth.

Or if you try hard enough or learn enough. You'll be the salt of the earth right off the bat. Jesus says to his disciples. You are the salt of the Earth.

I've read a few commentaries and the commentaries will usually give you 2 reasons that Jesus uses salt and disciples.

I have 4:00?

The first 2 most people have heard of so nothing you.

The second, two I'm not saying our original.

But their original to me what do I mean by original to me I haven't heard anybody else preach this haven't heard anybody else in a commentary talk about it, but I believe Jesus is talking not about 1:00 or 2:00 aspects of salt, but 4 aspects of salt that he says that you as his disciple are the salt of the Earth.

The first which most people commonly accept understand that salt is a preservative.

An that 1st century.


They didn't have refrigerators.

Not only do they not have refrigerators, they didn't have ice boxes now if you're as old as me. You kinda have an idea what a nice boxes.

I have an idea of water ice box is not because my family ever had one.

But people would call refrigerators and ice box for many years.

An ice box was a box.

That you put ice in it, and it was so that it would keep things cool.

And you would have to constantly replace the ice and usually you would get blocks of ice.

So that it would keep the content school so it would preserve it.

Now I also had the fortune of going to Thomas Jeffersons home. He didn't have an ice box, so there wasn't invented them.

But he had something else they dug basically this.

Pit in the ground and then built bricks around an when winter would come. They would take the snow and ice and place it in there and then they who at least have some refrigeration. If you will, for a period of time until the snow in the ice melted.

Jerusalem wasn't at the altitude, where they had snow and ice so the only thing they could use to keep.

Items from perishing would be salt, there would be a preservative and so they would salt the meat or whatever and that would allow it to last longer.

Jesus is saying We are the salt of the earth in essence. We are there preservatives of this world of this culture?

Take us out and you take it out the preservative.

The second thing.

Well let me go back the first thing.

How preserving are you?

Jesus says you it doesn't say the church. He says you are the salt so how are you preserving?

The second aspect of salt, I know quite well.

For lack of a better word at the condiment.

It makes food taste good.

Especially on steak I put more salt on the state that I ought to is I think the state takes much better with salt that it does without an if you will see in most things, especially in America. We don't have to worry about salt intake and her diet usually as we love salt.

Has it makes food taste good?

I usually will offer like that I will solve.


My steak.

I will solve my French fries, even before I tasted my French fries 'cause I know there are many more salt.

I like the taste.

Jesus is saying.

You and me assault.

Should improve?

The flavor of our world.

That we should be offering hope to this world that makes life more interesting and appealing.

Because of who we are.

The 3rd reason.

I believe and this is.

My thought.


Is necessary for life?

Especially in a place where the sun is hot and you sweat alot.

If you've ever played sports are you been out at a very hot environment. You'll sweat and sometimes that's what will get in your eyes and sting? Why does this thing 'cause you're losing salt?

And if you take this wet you'll taste salty because you're losing salt and uses it. We need to make this world more healthy by keeping the salt in the diet if you will.

To maintain it and so when we see our culture, instead of complaining that it's sick. We should say that means I need to be more active.

Because I'm that salt that makes the body healthy.

The 4th reason.

Which I haven't heard anybody talk about?

Does not mean?

That I'm the only one who ever come up with this and you may hear a sermon tomorrow or next week for the person says it.

Praise God and I'll be a little more justification that I'm right.

But I didn't hear it.

And that's this.

Salt makes you thirsty.

The reason why its original to me as I remember as a boy being back in Virginia seeing these salt.

Pillows if you will be salt blocks.

For cows to lick them.

So that they would drink so that they would produce more milk.

Salt makes you thirsty and if you want to go on Google. You'll even see why salt makes you thirsty 'cause taking salt has the.

Water content in your cells go out and then yourselves want more water so they want you to drink.

Salt makes you thirsty.

And Jesus is saying We are the salt of the world we ought to make the world. Thirsty not for water. But for the living water?

That Jesus is the living water and you and me should be about making the world thirsty for him.

Not when you become a pastor. Not when you become a preacher. Not when you graduated from seminary. Not when you know all the Bible stories that you ought to know Jesus starts off and tells his disciples. You are the salt.

Make the world thirsty for him.

Now Jesus doesn't stop there.

Kind of interferes.

'Cause his but if the salt has become tasteless? How old it meat made salty again.

It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.

You are either doing what Jesus told you to do to be salt or if you've lost your flavor, she says. You're no good.

The only value have is to make highway material out of you.

In the NE we use salt to cause the snow to melt so you can drive on it. That's the only value that that type of salt has.

I thought Jesus loves everybody does he loves you inside despite of your teeth, then say you're going to hell, he said. You just become useless.

Shouldn't we want to be useful for the savior?


Keep that faced.

Then he goes to another analogy.

Verse 14, you are the light of the world.

A city set on a Hill cannot be hidden nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket.

But the lampstand but on a Lance then gives light to all who are in the house.

Jesus tells us in John.

That, he is the light of the world.

And he is told us that we are to be light in this world again had light has a number of functions. Light has the ability to illuminate the room that we're in so that we can see well. We know who's here. And who's not here. We know where the Pew wins and whatever, so that we don't stub our foot all too often.

We get up in the middle of the night to go somewhere and somebody is put moved an object.

We had her foot.

And it hurts.

'Cause we didn't turn the light on.

And all too often in our lives. We don't turn the light of Jesus on.

We just wander off and darkness.

And Jesus I am the light of the world and you are.

The light of the world.

That'll light of the world cannot be headed.

We have lights or not the lights like the sun like Jesus.

We are lights like the moon, we reflect his light.

The Moon is a great example of that reflective light.

Because every month, it goes through phases.

There's the new moon, which I always find is an interesting.

Aspect because it's dark.

Then there's a quarter moon and a half moon and the full moon and then it goes back and whatever.

But you know.

The reason?

That the moon goes from complete darkness to Full Moon.

Is because the earth gets in the way?

And all too often the reason we are not the light of the world and reflecting Jesus is like is because the world has got in our way.

We've decided that its priorities in its concerns are more important than reflecting him.

I've used this example the number of times that I will continue to use it even though I went there this, this year.

As a kid, we would drive on Route 66.

Hang up way off in the distance was a town city called Albuquerque.

You could see it from a long way because the sun with shine on the lights of the China on the buildings of the town and you could see it, reflecting and you could drive and see that it was up on a Hill just exactly as Jesus was talking about.

But when you got there was disappointing.

'Cause I swear it seemed like it was a just a one street town.

I thought it was a Hollywood set you they had big.

Building this way in big buildings this way, and one red light and you were kind of you saw it forever, but it's like nothing. Now this year when I went it's a big city. I mean, it's it's bad. So we've been spent the night, there, it's grown up a lot.

But even a little city.

From a long way off can be seen.

And Jesus is saying Your light should show shine.

People could see it from a long way off.

Light also has.

The aspect to avoid danger.

I didn't pick the bulletin cover.

But no purpose in mind.

The bulletin has a lighthouse.

The point of a lighthouse is the shine. It's light so that you don't crashcup on the rocks.

So did you don't sink the ship it lose the people in the cargo and we as a lot of the world? Should be warning people to not crash on the rocks of our.

Of this world.

Let's see safe harbor.

In Jesus.

We are not we're going to be not someday. If we're good enough. We are as his disciples. The light of the world and he says no one.

When you light a lamp you don't stick it on her bushel and we even have a children song. I'm gonna let it shine and put it under Bush or no. I'm gonna let it shine well, we tend to in our Christian experience.

Hide that

I don't want to be a Jesus freak.

I don't I don't want people to be put off by my faith.

Or I don't know how to witness and so they might go to hell because I don't.

Tell them the right things will guess what to wrong the wrong road there on the wrong Rd.

Then he says.

Let your light.

Shine before men in such a way.

That they say your outstanding person.

You're awesome.

You're so great.

He doesn't say that at all.

He says let your light so shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works.

Ann glorify your father.

In Heaven,

We do these things we shine like not to say look at me. I'm a great Pharisee. I follow all the rules. No, we say the light points. The God the light points the God.

My life is simply a reflection of the glory of God.

And as his disciple that is who we are.

Now, who were going to become not it's who were supposed to be.

For 17.

Do not think that I came in to abolish the law or the prophets. I did not come to abolish but to fulfill you see Jesus is teaching in his teaching in such a way that seems strange to the people there because they've been told by the Pharisees and describes what the law means they made up rules and regulations and so it sounds like one when Jesus?

Heels on the Sabbath always breaking the law Jesus. I didn't come to break it. I've come to establish it. I've come to fulfill it.

So don't accused me of breaking the law, I've come.

To fulfill it.

For truly I say to you until Heaven and Earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the law until all is accomplished. The King James will say jot or Tittle.

Not the

Cross on a TI or dot over the I.

None of it will pass away.

Well, since the Earth is still in existence and hasn't passed away. The law and the prophets are still there.

Now we get all concerned because were Gentiles and we will does that mean I'm supposed to follow the 10 Commandments and all the 620 whatever laws there are.

The Scriptures as Paul told this were written to be our teacher.

That we might understand who God is.

Our need for him and his mercy.

And that's where people make mistakes, and oh the Old Testament is all I'm going to read the New Testament. The Old Testament still is an excellent teacher of who God is.

It is love in his Mercy Portus.

And since not everything that is contained in the Old Testament has come to pass.

For instance, in Daniel.

Still to be finished.

Penny says.

Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now the describes in the Pharisees. They had what they called lesser and greater commands the greater commands would be things like don't kill.

The lesser commands would be things like.

Wash after you touch the dead person.

There were great commands and lesser commands in there and she's saying If God tells you something.

I don't care whether you Labor Day great or small.

You do it.

And the best way.

To do the law.

Is that Jesus said?

Love the Lord Your God with all your heart. All your mind or your strength all your soul.

And Love your neighbor as yourself.

And in doing so, you will complete.

The Commandments.

So the law is still in effect.

Then he really.

Will say something?

They will if we were there would take us aback.

And all the common people.

He says this.

For I say to you.

Then, unless your righteousness surpasses that of of the scribes and Pharisees.

You will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

You see the scribes and Pharisees were those who had all the laws and Bible verses on their clothes and on their foreheads. Ann made sure that everybody else kept the law, according to the way they thought it ought to be kept and everyone thought well. If anybody is going to go to heaven. It obviously it's gotta be the Pharisees and describes because they follow the law.

And Jesus says.

Unless your righteousness exceeds that.

Which means

Not even the Pharisees.

Are going into the Kingdom of heaven?

Because he said unless your righteousness exceeds.

Which means they are not good enough?

The enter Kingdom of Heaven.

And this is probably 1.

Aspect of the gospel.

You have to preach over and over and over and over again.

You do not enter the Kingdom of God by the mirror of your righteousness.

Is not a some of my good things in my bad things and if I do more good things and bad things. Somehow, God will let me in because Jesus says no one is good, but God.

And since only good people go to Heaven and only God is good then. Guess what it's limited to who gets there.

The best of the gospel.

But he has the teachers over and over and over.

We don't get there by merit.

Paul in Romans.

Tells us

But the Jews.

We're given the law.

Didn't follow the law?

In our guilty.

And then he tells us the Gentiles you and me.

We're not judges on the walk as well. It wasn't given to us. Guess what we're judged on.

More conscious.


If you're honest with yourself.

You know.

At least once.

At least 1.

You violated your conscious.

Oh, I shouldn't do that.

Line is wrong, I don't I don't think rot line is right.

An elephant more homework.

My sister did it.

We finally are conscious.

More often than I think we admit.

And the problem is the more we violate their conscience. The easier it is to violate their conscience until the point we have no conscience.

And God will judge you not based on the law if you're not a Jew.

The judge You on your conscience an your conscience will say condemned.

And who can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


Tells us what I've just said.


***** quoting an Old Testament Scripture, there is none righteous not even one.

There was none who understands there is none who seek for God.

All have turned aside together they have become uses there is none who does good there is not even one.

For guess what?

If you and I think we're entering the Kingdom of Heaven because of our goodness.

The Old Testament quoted in the New Testament says no.

Jesus later in his sermon.

It's going to take the law.

An expanded.

Who make it even harder for us?

Playing to be righteous.

But here's the good news.

Again in Romans, it says this.

But now apart from the law, the righteousness of God, has been manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets.

The law and the prophets tells us how Righteous God is.

And the standard is not described in the Pharisees, the standard is God.

Even the righteousness of God through faith in Christ, Jesus for all those Sibley for there is no distinction for all a sin and fall short of the glory of God being justified as a gift by his grace through the redemption, which is in Christ, Jesus, whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation in his blood through faith.

We enter.

And are qualified to be.

Participants of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not because of our righteousness.

But because of his.

And having faith in him and his righteousness.

And then made it apply to me imputed to me.

So Jesus?

Early on in this sermon.

If right down to the degree.

If you want to go to heaven.

Stop thinking about goodness.

Think about his grace.

You thinking about being a disciple.

Stop thinking about you.

And think about your impact in the world.

All too often.

One of the reasons that I don't.

Like to listen to many TV preachers.

'Cause I'll say you know if you wanna do something girl that you do it.

Well, what happened to.

Let your will be done.

Everybody wants to talk about their will and their dreams and their accomplishments.

In this second phase of Jesus is.


He told us what our goal allowed to be.

He thought and be like.

Stop thinking about your righteousness in Clinton.

Sounds to me like a pretty good goal.

And as Jesus will later say.

And all these things shall be added to you.

If it's God's will that you become the next famous whatever.

Then it will become the next greatest famous whatever.

'Cause it's the will of God.

And we should be pursuing the will of God.

Ask too often people say, I'm waiting for a new word from God.

I'm fine and talk to the old stuff.

Like loving you the way he loves you.

Like being salt, it's tasty that causes preservation causes.

Tasting his take causes.

Like to be beneficial and causes people be thirsty.

I get those things down.

I'll move on and maybe something you.

I suspect.

Short up.

Is coming again?

At least be 1 area.

Most of them.

All the areas.

I will fall short.

I don't get to press by being falling short.

'Cause I know that the word of God says.

For we are his workmanship.

We are his.

He did a pretty good job and every time he said. Let there be light or let there be animals or let there be plants or let there be man and let there be woman.

He says it is good.

Can you imagine what he was in when he's completed?

His workmanship in us and we're like Jesus.

I suspect the work will be.


So between now and then.

Let's consider.

Happy salt.

And like

In this world.

And if you're not.

Today is an excellent day to become.

And if you kind of lost your saltiness.

Parts still in a miracle making business.

You may not be able to make yourself, salty again.

He can.

So that you might be usable.

And all gods people said.


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