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FBCWest 390 | Psalm 23 | Part 5

Psalm 23 | Part 5 | Poster

Recorded On: 04/29/2020



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Hello and welcome to FEC West Bible study on Psalm 23, part 5.

Again, as we've said repeatedly, psalms 23 is one of the more well known scriptures by both believers and nonbelievers alike. We tend to concentrate oftentimes on first verse. the Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want, then we may or may not know the other verses, and then the six verse which we're going to be talking about today. We kind of rushed to the second half of that verse, not provide comfort for those who have lost.

Love ones at a memorial service or at a funeral service an I'm hoping by sharing again this study, especially today that you might not rush through these verses but take a look and not necessarily say Oh well that one is providing comfort at this particular time. Because these scriptures and provide comfort and additional strengthen your faith in the future and so.

Verse 6.

Is simply one sentence divided into 2 parts.

And the first half of that sentence says.

Surely goodness and Lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life.

Now I've tried to be a pretty good.

And I've tried to not let some of my personality I'm too much out in this Bible study, but I'm going to kind of change the rule today. I'm hoping part of that is will buy my saying this will kind of stick something in your memory so that you will think and contemplate more on it. And so the very first word says, surely.


There was a movie couple movies where Leslie Nielsen played a bumbling cop, kind of the American version of Inspector Clueso, and in one of the movies he was discussing a situation with his partner.

And his partner, after hearing what Leslie Nelson?

A character said. He responds by saying, surely you jest.

And Leslie Nelson's character responds. I'm not kidding, but don't call me Shirley.


The Psalm writer here is not calling you Shirley. Even if your name is Shirley, he's not calling you Shirley. He saying, surely it is certain to happen. It is, it is.

A given it is guaranteed, so it is guaranteed what that good NIS.

Goodness, that beneficial thing or event that is good. So he saying it is certain that goodness, now I want to remind you an Romans Chapter 8 verse 28.

Tells us and we know that God causes all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. And so God is going to workout good NIS.

Or you so it is certain that good NIS. Then it says an.

And is if you will this as well as that. Or if you might want to say plus is good NIS plus.

Loving kindness.

Loving kindness.

In the scriptures is generally referred to how God acts, chords and treats his people, but it is loving kindness of his kindness. Join mercy and tender action. It is an affectionate kindness. Kindness is something that we do.

And something that we are. But you cannot be kind if you don't act kind. And it is that the Sama says it. Surely it is certain that good NIS plus loving kindness.

And to emphasize that the songwriter in Psalm 86 verse is 12 or 13 says this. I will give thanks to you. Oh Lord My God with all my heart and will glorify your name forever or your loving kindness towards me is great and you have delivered my soul from the depths of Shield. Oh God, Arogant men have risen up against me in a band of violent men have sought my life and they have not set you before them.

But you or Lord or a God, merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness and truth. So we see that God's loving kindness is abundant. It's like when.

The summer said my Cup overfloweth. It's when God is showing his loving kindness. It is abundant. It is obvious and so.

These are two things, it is goodness.

And Plus

Loving kindness.

And it says will.

Is an affirmative statement of a president that he doesn't say perhaps, or maybe or it might happen, but surely it is certain that goodness plus loving kindness will. What will it do follow?

Follow, no matter where I go, goodness and Lovingkindness is there with me following behind me.

Now notice it's not in front of Maine.

But it is following me so wherever I go good NIS.

And loving kindness follow me.


I want you to be aware that there are times as we travel through life.

That we face before us an insurmountable mountain.

Or maybe that dark shadow way intimidating Valley.

Or a see that impassable?

And we look at that and we tend to be.

Fearful or not sure that God will get us through, and yet we're to remember that regardless of what may face us.

What follows us?

Is goodness.

And loving kindness. So I want you to remember that that wherever you go.

God's goodness.

And loving kindness follows you. So I want to repeat Romans 828 because again, it says and we know that God causes all things to work together for good.

All things that something's not a few things but all things to work together for good now he didn't say all things are good that insurmountable mountain, or that impassable C or that intimidating, dark and shadowy Valley may not be good things you may be facing illness or sickness or maybe in your family, those circumstances. But it says that God works all things together for good to those who God loves.

To those who are called according to his purpose. So when you're facing that next mountain or Valley, or see.

Once you remember what God has done.

The God will take even that thing that is in front of you and turn it into goodness and lovingkindness. How he does that? I don't know. I'm not God. Some of the things that seem to happen before us. We're not even certain sometimes that even God is there. And yet this AMA says you just look back. You'll see that God has been there and that he is followed you with goodness and lovingkindness, the kind of use an example.

How many people have seen the painting or or a a video of a person walking in?

The sand and they'll say 2C two sets of prints, and then they'll be a single set of prints, and then people often say, Well, God.

Where were you when those?

Single set of prints were there.

God usually responds.

That's when I carried you.

Who God is there even when sometimes we don't see what's ahead?

We need to have confidence that he knows that he will turn it to good or us as he loves us and that we've been called according to his purpose. But sometimes it is good as we look forward to those situations that we remember and look back, knowing that wherever we go.

Goodness and lovingkindness follows, and again, who does it follow? It follows me. It followed is not. The tribe is not those people he's following with his goodness and lovingkindness, me, he's following his loving kindness and his goodness.

With you.

And then it says all.

Doesn't say some.

Then say most.

Doesn't say.

More than not.

It's all.

All its inclusive not exclusive all.

All what?

All the days.

Well, who's days days are the entire lifetime of each and every day of my, that's me, my life.

So God doesn't lead us.

And leave us.

He presents.

Is loving kindness.

His goodness.

Every single day of our life, sometimes we may need to look a little more keenly back and see what God has done.

But we can say.

God's goodness and lovingkindness have followed me.

All the days of my life.

During this mortal existence, and that's kind of what's sad is that the second part of this verse, we emphasize, because we're trying to provide comfort to those who have lost loved ones in to let them know where they are.

Well, we just skipped over.

All life.

The God is provided for us, that God is provided goodness and Lovingkindness, and it's kind of like people being so concerned about when Jesus comes back, as opposed to walking with Jesus each and every day.

You miss out on that walk with him because instead of.

Looking at each and every day dwelling with him, you look at well someday in the far off future. This will happen. So what is this second verse that we all need to know? Well, an notice. It's this.

Is God's goodness, and lovingkindness follows me all the days of my life.

And so it's not either or. It's God does is there in my life and I again, that's me. It's personal. It's not. The group is not the people who are better or the more Noble or holy. It's I mean will again that.

Affirmative verb that says this is going to happen, not that it might happen. Not that it perhaps will happen, but that I will.



God will do the fault, but we will be in the following place that I will well.

Well, is a word. We don't use a lot in common language, but it means to live someplace. It means to be an so that dwelling were not a guest were not at tenant were not a partial visitor is not like well I will in the following words that I will be a guest for a period of time and then I have to leave or that as long as the bill is paid like at the hotel.

That I can stay there is no. I'm going to dwell this is going to be where I live.

Have along there.

And then it says in I was well in We're not outside were not somewhere.

A far off, but we're going to dwell in.

Well, in where the house the house is, a particular residential building Sonata commercial building is not a complex, but it is a place where people live there. Well, they reside there, so I will dwell in the house.

And then notice.

What Jesus says in John 14. One through 6.

Do not let your heart be troubled. believe in God. Believe also in me in my father's house are many dwelling places.

If it were not so, I would have told you where I go to prepare a place for you and others. Once you notice Jesus has gone to prepare a dwelling place for us.

In the House of the Lord.

Now previously in the Thom that we've been studying, it says that the Lord prepares a table. So just as Jesus prepared a place for us at a banquet Hall, if you will, he's preparing for us a dwelling place, which means he's preparing it, not for a general group of people, and says, well, I wanna make an apartment building and all a bunch of people get to being there. Now I'm going to prepare a place, or.

You personal.

If we're not so, I would have told you I go to prepare a place where Jesus saying this wasn't just a a parable.

I'm doing this. I'm actually preparing a place and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there you may be also.

Now that's awesome. We're going to dwell in the House of the Lord with the Lord. It's not like, OK, uh, I'm going to prepare a bunch of dwelling places for you to dwell. Or as the King James said, a mansion.

But he is going to prepare this place that where we are going to be, he also is going to be. We're going to dwell with the Lord. We're not just going to dwell in heaven.

Having, quite frankly, wouldn't be heaven without being in the presence of the Lord.

This is I'm going. I'm going to prepare a place for you. I'm going to come again and receive you so that you and I may be where there and says and you know the way where I'm going.

Thomas said in Lord, we do not know where you are going. How do we know the way?

And Jesus said to him, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father, but through Maine the Jesus makes it very plain. How is it that we're going to be able to dwell in the House of the Lord? Because Jesus has told us that he is the way that he is, the truth, that he is alive, and that we only get to this dwelling place that he's preparing for us is when we put our faith and trust.

In him

And so we're going to have this particular residential dwelling place.

Of the Lord.

It's his house around. Well in it.

I'm not living with the in-laws, I'm not living with with other people. I'm going to dwell in the House of the Lord.

Well, how long do I get to dwell there?

This AMA says.


There is no time limit.

There's no end of days.

I would dwell in the House of the Lord Forever, when time will be no more and we won't look at a calendar and figure. Well now it's Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever day it is is that we will dwell in his presence in his home, or ever so. This AMA says that during life.

The goodness and lovingkindness follows me.

Every single day of my life.

And then on top of that.

When I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death.

I was well in his house.

But not just his house that he has.

Just say well, find a place but in his house where he has made a place for you and made a place for Maine that we might well there forever.

So I hope.

In this study.

That you have given consideration beyond the time that I have presented these verses in, contemplated them and meditated on them, and to try to make them personal.

It is not just scriptures or scriptures saying what it is, something that we can identify with something that we can look at and say yes.

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