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FBCWest 447 | Jesus Appears to His Disciples Again and Cooks Breakfast

Jesus Appears to His Disciples Again and Cooks Breakfast | Poster

Recorded On: 04/18/2021


April 18, 2021

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 111:1 - 3
“Endless Light”​​
“I Am Who You Say I Am”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus the Messiah”
“Jesus Appears to His Disciples Again and Cooks Breakfast”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Days of Elijah”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
“Because He Lives”
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Continued Praise and Worship
“Breathe (Camp)”
“One Thing”

Benediction “Egypt”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Sermon Notes

John 21:1 – 4
The disciples go fishing
John 21:5 & 6
They catch nothing until Jesus tells them to cast their net on the other side, now they can’t haul all of the fish in the boat
John 21:7 & 8
John recognizes Jesus and Peter jumps in the water to swim to Him
John 21:9 – 13
Jesus prepares breakfast for the disciples
John 21:14
The third time Jesus showed Himself to the disciples after His resurrection


Transcript of Service


Had appeared to his disciples.

And to the women that Sunday morning.

And then on the road to Emmaus by two disciples.

Then that evening he appeared.

The ten of them.

Thomas was in there.

Then eight days later.


Appeared to the 11 along with Thomas Thomas makes his confession.

My Lord and my God.

He had told them in the Angels had told the women to tell the disciples that they were to meet in Galilee.

And now finally there in Galilee.

And in John 21, we take up the narrative of.

They post resurrection appearances by Jesus, and so it says after these things Jesus manifest that are made himself playing.

Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Hyperious, now the sea of Tiberius has a lot of different names. It depends on where you located at the time.

You know it more commonly as the Sea of Galilee.

I also find it interesting that we call it the sea of whatever, because in our connotation when you think of see you think of saltwater.

And when you think of freshwater, you think of a Lake.

While the Sea of Galilee is a freshwater Lake, if you will, so they are there in Galilee by the sea in Simon Peter.

And Thomas called Didymus and Nathaniel of Canaan.

In Galilee and the sons of Zebedee and the two others of his disciples were together. So we've got 7 of the 11 disciples gathered together by the Sea of Galilee.

Writing to meet Jesus at the designated place where we'll see that in the coming weeks, the destination where they were to meet him.

Now it tells us a five of the seven disciples names, but it doesn't tell us two others. I think one of the reasons that it specifically mentioned several is 1. Obviously Simon.

Is the actor in this group?

Thomas was the one who had his great.

Refusal to acknowledge that Jesus could even possibly raise from the dead.

And I think Nathaniel is mentioned because it says of Canaan an I will mention later why I think that's significant is to call us to Remembrance of something. And so there's the seven disciples who are not altogether by the.

Sea of Galilee and Simon Peter said to them, I'm going fishing.

Notice he didn't say you guys want to go fishing. He says I'm going.

Now some might criticize.

Peter, because why are you going fishing when you're supposed to be eventually meeting Jesus or whatever?

I think because Peter is one of those guys who's like a lot of guys. He just doesn't want to sit around.

He is a fisherman by trade. That's his location and so rather than just sitting around and waiting, he's going to do something and what he does is let's be productive. This go out and fish 'cause that's what I am a fisherman.

An, but he doesn't say, well, let's take it up to four vote he goes.

The six of you can do whatever you want. I'm going fishing.

And they said to him, will also come with you say, well, it's he's sitting around here waiting, so we'll go with you and go fishing now. Not all these guys are fisherman, but several of them were partners with St with Peter and others were also fishermen.

And they went out and got into the boat and that night they caught nothing.

They were busy. They were fishing. They put out their Nets. They were doing, but they didn't accomplish anything. They didn't catch any fish.

In a lot of times we are busy.

But we accomplish nothing.

And we think because we're busy, that that's important.

It just because you're busy and don't accomplish something.

We still catch nothing.

Oh, when the day was now breaking, Jesus stood on the beach.

It is disciples didn't know that it was Jesus.

So it's just now sunrise. Jesus is already there on the beach, they don't recognize him, he just some lone figure standing on the shore.

So Jesus said to them, children.

You do not have any fish, do you?

I find this interesting in two veins. One he calls them children.

Now, I don't think he's saying that in the sense of this respect in the sense of that their lowly or something. I think what he's saying is that we have a family relationship. We have a familial relationship. I am responsible for you.

And that you are considered my children.

And so he asked him, you haven't caught any fish, have you now?

Jesus somewhat modifies it, but the question I always hate. I hate them question phrased this way.

There were those and I won't say who there were. Those who used to ask me the question always in the negative.

So, for instance, let's say somebody asked me to go get.

A loaf of bread.

The question was always you didn't get the loaf of bread, did you?

I'm always going. Why did you assume I didn't do it?

You should just ask me in the kind of in the neutral. Did you go get a loaf of bread?

And so Jesus kind of.

Raises this in the negative. You haven't caught any fish, have you? But he knew they hadn't caught any fish.

But if they give them a chance to say, well, maybe you did.

And they answered him no.

Instead of them has a net on the right hand side of the boat.

And you will find a cat.

Now those of you know anything about Jesus.

Know that he was raised by a Carpenter.

Not a fisherman.

Yeah, he knows better than the fisherman.

Not because he's a fisherman, but because he's got.

And he knows or will place the fish exactly where he tells them to put the net.

For their sake, he didn't make them go any further. He simply said drop the net on the right hand side of the boat.

And you will find a catch.

So they cast.

And they were not able to haul it in because of the great number of fish.

At jesuses instructions.

At 1 cast.

They're over able to catch more fish than they were able to haul in their their net, even though all night they work hard and caught nothing.


That disciple whom Jesus loved.

That's John's way of saying it's been I'm writing this Gospel, John says.


it is a Lord.

Now, why would John say that it's the Lord?

Because there was a time at the very beginning of Jesus's ministry.

Then he went on a seashore.

And had been teaching.

People from some boats.

As he sat and taught.

After they had worked all night and had caught nothing.

So he then tells Peter.

Take the boat out.

And you will catch some fish.

And Jesus, and Peter's response to Jesus was Lord. We worked all night.

But at your instruction will do it.

And they did, and they caught so many fish they couldn't haul them all in, and Peter's response was apart from me.

I'm not worthy to be in the presence.

Of you.

All of a sudden these disciples realized.

That the person who had been teaching and who had instructed them previously some almost 3 1/2 years earlier.

How to catch some fish?

And at that time he said I am going to make you Fishers of men or catchers of men.

And Jesus is re emphasizing that this statement by saying, I give you instructions.

And you will catch.

You work hard without me and you will accomplish nothing.

This works in the physical realm and this will work in the spiritual realm. Jesus is saying if you are going to be Fishers of men then you need to follow my teaching. My instruction.

And then you will be successful in catching people.

Today there are a lot of people and a lot of churches you would think are very successful.

'cause there's a lot of people going there.

They don't teach when Jesus teaches.

They may be tickling ears.

And they may be.

Trudeau catching

but it will be for not.

Because they have not sealed their hearts in eternity.

But by following Jesus instructions.

They truly become Fishers of men.

Therefore, that disciple whom Jesus loves, said to Peter, it is the Lord. So when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord.

Peter does something that the opposite of what most of us would do. Most of us when we are going to go swimming, either put on a bathing suit or continue wearing what we're wearing. But notice what it says he put his outer garment on or he was stripped for work and threw himself into the sea.

See, most would say, well, he's going swimming. He's going to get wet, so he needs to stay the way he is so that his outer garment won't be wet.

But Peter knows it's the Lord.

And you don't appear before the Lord dressed the way he's dressed.

So he at least puts on his outer garment.

So that he might approach the Lord.

And yes, it's true.

As the song says.

Just as I am.

Without one please.

Your blood dot you died for me. Yes, Jesus calls us just as we are.

He doesn't leave us that way.

So he throws himself into the sea so that he might swim that 100 yards Jesus.

But the other cycles came in the little boat, for they were not far from the land about 100 yards away, dragging the net full of fish.

Now these guys are practical.

We worked all night long, caught nothing.

Now we got a net full of fish.

We're not going to leave him there. We're going to take him into the shore.

But Peter, in his enthusiasm, wants to be present with the Lord right away.

But when they got out on the land, they saw a charcoal fire, already Laden fish placed on it and bread. I want to stop there.

Notice this is before they got there.

Jesus already had fish. Jesus already had bread. He had already prepared breakfast for them.

But notice it said there was a charcoal fire.

Now unfortunately for you and I.

We have our gas grills and whatever and so we don't do much charcoaling, but if we do we go and we get a bag of charcoal.

And we dump it into a barbecue and we get the lighter fluid. And then we light it and whatever.

But there is a process to make charcoal.

The real quick process is you take some. Would you put it on fire and then you limit the oxygen that is in that fire?

And it takes a process of many hours to create charcoal.


Created a charcoal fire. The reason why I think that we are told Nathaniel of Canaan is there is because the very first miracle that Jesus performed.

Was the turning of water into wine something that took aging?

Oh Jesus and his first miracle says I am the Creator. He who can take what is in create what is.

Even though it may need aging.

Because I created the world.

I just speaking.

And so we are reminded that God can speak and do, and therefore the charcoal which would require a period of time to create Jesus can, because he's the Lord of Creation.

So in this little simple statement, we are reminded that Jesus is Lord that he's creator, and he has his charcoal fire already.

And he's got the fish. He's got the bread.

And then Jesus says something interesting. He's decided to bring some of the fish which you have now caught.

Jesus didn't ask them to bring the fish because he didn't have enough.

He just could have done whatever Jesus needed to do and had more than enough, and I believe that there were more than enough fish and bread there already. On this charcoal fire to feed all of them.

Why did Jesus ask them to do so?

Because he says I want you to participate with me.

Just as we are to be called Fishers of people.

It is Jesus and his spirit that draws everyone to himself.

And we do not have the responsibility to save anybody.

Because we can't.

It is the Holy Spirit who draws.

People to himself.

Our job, our participation is to be witnesses.

Of health.

And in being witnesses of him that we then might participate in that.

The Jesus has asked us to participate, but he doesn't need you and he doesn't need me. He wants us to participate.

And so it says, bring some of your fish.

And put it on the fire.

The other thing I want to mention here.

Is there during the 3 1/2 years of Ministry of Jesus?

He kept telling his disciples and those who would listen.

And he came not to be served, but to serve.

And now he has raised from the dead. It is now abundantly clear that he is the Lord of all.

But he is a King of Kings and Lord of Lords's. And yet he is not changed his teaching as a matter of fact, he is demonstrating his teaching because he is preparing and serving breakfast to the disciples.

Or you and I would expect.

Well, if I'm the big hot shot, then you're supposed to fix everything for me. Lay it at my feet and I'll tell you if it's good or not.

But Jesus doesn't, Jesus continues to serve even after his resurrection.

I was listening to her too.

Christian Song the other day and I'm not criticizing Tom.

And then I've heard other Christian songs, so it's a it's accumulation of all these Christian songs.

But it talks about how we want to be more like Jesus, and usually that we want to be more loving. We want to be more forgiving. We want to be more patient. We want to be all these different things and all those things are good.

Not saying we shouldn't be more loving, I shouldn't. We shouldn't be more kind. We shouldn't be more forgiving. All of those things are good. I never hear anybody sing or say I need to serve more.

I need to be more of a servant.

As we're so concerned about our rights.

In our standing.

You know Jesus, who is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, who rose from the dead.

Is still serving his disciple.

And if Jesus, who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord?

Who is raised from the dead? Who is God?


Even after the resurrection.

And if we are his followers and we need to be.


we need to be loving.

We need to be more kind. We need to be for more forgiving. We need to be all of those things.

But as much as we need to be all of those things, we need to be more of service to others.

Inside and Peter went up and drew the net to the land full of large fish 153.

And although there were so many.

The net was not torn.

First off, descriptions on that this was a miraculous catch.

They worked all night, caught nothing. Now there's so many fish and a number is 153. There were so many, but yet the Nets didn't air.

Easier says when you are Fishers of men, your Nets will not tear.

And it's interesting when you read the various commentaries and I'll agree or disagree. And arguing back and forth what is 153 fish mean? And you'll say someone say, well, there's 153 known nations at the time, and other people say there was 153 different kinds of fish. And there's all these statements of what the 153 stands for.

Let me give you a little secret. You want to know what the 153 stand for. 153 fish.

There are literally 153 fish in the net.

You don't need symbolism.

What you need is the fact that well, however big your net is. There could be more fish than you're able to catch, and it won't air.

The pastor, my witness is so little.

So you have a little net.

So you catch a couple of fish.

Internet won't hear.

Or maybe you have great capacity and you have all kinds of awesome charisma and people just want to listen to you and you have a really big net.

And even in that really big net.

It won't care.

Every fish meant to be caught will be caught.

Don't worry about your net.

Don't worry about.

Your ministry.

Simply do his instruction.

Place the net where God told you to place the net well. Where does he tell me the place in it?

Where you live in.

We all love.

The idea of missionaries and God praise God that we have missionaries and pray God praise God that they have this on their hearts to go to all these lands and whatever.

But Jesus didn't say I've called some of you to be missionaries. The rest of you can.

Hang out until I come back.

He says you shall be my witnesses. You shall be Fishers of people for me.

Therefore, cash your net where you are.

I heard someone saying I've said it several times.

You want to be a missionary.

Oh next door. Knock on the door.

It doesn't. 'cause it doesn't mean you have to raise any money.

And you probably never met him anyway.

As we in Southern California never meet, we have friends all over.

Is Southern California area.

But most of us don't know our next door neighbor.


But you know, Pastor. If I go, they might reject me.

Here's another secret you didn't know them anyway.

So what did you lose?

Non friendship.

From Anon version, you didn't know.

But what might you gain?

Their eternal Salvation.

And the thrill in your soul of knowing that you were a Fisher of people.

And that you cashed your net.

Wait, Jesus, talking.

A simple.


Jesus said.

Or 12 it says this. Jesus said to them, come and have breakfast. None of the disciples ventured to question him. Who are you, knowing that it was the Lord, the finally, they've kind of figured it out, both by his teaching and by his actions, and by his presence that he is the Lord.

And Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them. And the fish likewise again, Jesus not only fixed breakfast, he served breakfast.

Well, I'll do this much, but no more.

Not the example of Jesus. Jesus prepared breakfast and serve breakfast.

He gave them the bread. He gave them the fish.

This is this is now the third time that Jesus was manifested to the disciples.

After he was raised from the dead.

You see, Jesus has shown himself in Jerusalem.

Shown himself.

In the garden is shown himself on the road to Emmaus. He's shown himself to Peter. He's shown himself to 10 in the upper room. He showed are in the locked room. He showed himself to the 11-8 days later, and now this third time to the entire group. He has shown himself to be who he is.

Not a spirit, not a ghost one who prepares breakfast.

One who has the ability to create.

Charcoal fire.

And 3rd work.


Ann fish

have not received any from those who were.

Trying to catch them.

So oftentimes when we read the Scripture.

We wish

if I could only have been there.

If I get a bin.

When I saw those.



Resurrected in the flesh and a new army created.

But I could have been there.

Elijah, in the servant when he says there are more with us.

And who are against?

If we could have been there when David said, what are you guys doing?

These uncircumcised heathens are marked mocking our God. How dare you stand and take it?

Me as a little shrimp. A guy will go out and take on the giant.

All would have been awesome to see.

Would not have been so awesome to see Jesus die on the cross.

But how awesome must it have been?

See his resurrected body.

How awesome must have been?

Propal many years later.

Would be knocked off of his horse.

In the present.

Of the Lord.

No, we weren't at any of those days.


we are in the days of the light.

We are in the days of David. We are in the days where people will mock and scorn and ridicule, but we are in the days that there is a field of white of harvest and that we are to be sent out to be reapers of people, to be Fishers of people to catch. Not because we are fantastic, not because that we have the ability to do so.

But because he is called us to participate in his ministry.

And one last word about that.

We are so result Orient.

And so we take it upon ourselves because we result oriented the Lord.

I've tried to witness and no one responds.

Or Lord I've.

Top Bible study and no one seems to get it or Lord you lising in nothing seemed that or Lord I pray and no response seems to be.

Freedom is.

And it's not your responsibility.

Your responsibility is being faithful to his word.

Be faithful to him.

There is a chorus long time as always said, if just a Cup of water is all he's given you in just a couple of water is all that he demands.

The Lord knows your intentions.

He's not looking for results.

He's looking for you.

I am subject to the same disappointments as anyone else, Lord. I wish we had a larger congregation Lord. I wish that we had a larger group of people who listen to us on the various social ministries that we have.

Well, apparently if he wanted that, he could call somebody else.

He's called me here to be faithful and he's called you here to be faithful and he's called you to work the fields here. He's called me to work the fields somewhere.

Now there may be a dime that he'll ask you to go to Uganda or Afghanistan, or Russia or.

Tucumcari unaware will send you.

But until they send you there, he's called you to be here.

I used to say and I'll say it again.

One of your jobs is to say God bless.

FBC West

and if he.

Aren't you home? You still have a job.

You're closer to him to say, Lord Bless, FCC West.

One last song I'm going to mention. There's a song that says.

Which we all kind of say that as long as I'm breathing, you're not done with me, and so.

Praise you.

Here's a little secret.

When we stop breathing.

We're going to praise him more.

Because we will see him as he is.

Now we see darkly.

Now we now we kind of see, but but circumstances just kind of blinds our eyes sometimes.

And when we stop breathing.

He will see us and we will see him justice.

But there's not any stopping.



or not, the good old days.

These are not the new bad day.

These are simply the days he is called you to be here.

Be his witnesses.

These days

and all God's people said.

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