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FBCWest 391 | Parables about Servants and Jesus’ Explanation Why He Came

Parables about Servants and Jesus’ Explanation Why He Came | Poster

Recorded On: 05/03/2020


May 3, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 148:1 - 6

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“Parables about Servants and Jesus’ Explanation Why He Came”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection

Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes
Luke 12:35 – 40 Parable of the servants watching
Luke 12:41 Peter’s question who is the teaching directed at
Luke 12:42 48 Parable of the wise servant
Luke 12:49 - 53 Jesus came to divide
Luke 12:54 – 56 See the signs of the times


Transcript of Service

Looking at the life and Ministry of Jesus.

As we look at the various miracles and healings that he performed, we love to see those 'cause we love to see his power, and it encourages us because when we have difficulties in our lives we want to know that that power is accessible to us.

However, when it comes to his teaching, sometimes we have a tendency to resolve are them or to ignore them, or to not appreciate them.

And so Jesus is going to be teaching his disciples some things, and.

And this particular parable that he's going to teach them I consider shocking.

And I'll tell you why, in a moment 'cause I'm gonna start off with just before he starts the parable. Anna Luke Chapter 12 starting with verse 35, he says be dressed and ready nishan keep your lamps lit so he's talking to the disciples and um.

Peter later is going to ask him a question about how specific or general that conversation is.

But I want to say.

Since he's discussing it, I want us to catch what it changes. Be dressed in Red Enis?

And keep your lamps lit well, how is it that we are dressed in red Enis? While the scriptures tell us that our righteousness is as filthy rags, so in essence we are not ready if we are in our own righteousness, we are not ready and so Jesus is saying by taking appan ourselves his righteousness we are dressed and then he says and to keep your lamps lit. Well what's the lamp?

Well, the scripture is also tell us that the word of God is a lamp into our feet and a light into our path, and so knowing the word of God in keeping that close and not in a sense of we just carry the Bible around with us, but that we see it and the scriptures tell us that Jesus is the work and so both the sense of dress because of his righteousness and being in him. The word makes us ready. And So what I want us to.

So First off, catch is that he's talking be ready.

Now it's been almost 2000 years since he left the earth, and there are those who say, well, he's never gonna come or he's going to come this way or that way an we have a tendency to get complacent because.

He hasn't shown up yet. While there is a particular reason why he hasn't shown up yet, and, uh, that's God's business and not ours. He didn't say well, be ready when you see the times, he said. Be dressed in red Enis and keep your lamps lit and then he's going to give a parable for that, but I want to give my own parable first to show you how shocking this parable is.

Or you see, in human existence, if I were to tell this parable, this is how I would say it. There was a master, had a number of slaves and he went to a party. It was a wedding feast and because it's at a party wedding, his servants were his things. Didn't know when he was coming home. Some of us like to stay at the wedding feast for a long time. In some people like to leave as soon as possible. An inmate very well by how much fun you're having at the wedding, or how little fun you're having at the wedding.

Or how much is causing you whatever now in Jewish wedding feast. It was not like well the weddings in the afternoon and then there's a banquet, everybody dances and then goes home about midnight.

If you will remember the wedding at Cana, it took a few days to celebrate in. They ran out of wine, and so in essence the slaves are not sure exactly when the mass is coming home.

And so our contracts when the master does arrive home and knocks on the door, and the slaves are dressed in Red Enis. They answered the door and you with this matter would do is say OK Uhm Wash my feet 'cause I've just been at the party and I've just walked whatever an layout, my bed clothes and set up the bed and get ready. And since you were ready you did a good job so you get the rest of the night off and make sure breakfast is ready at 6:00 AM.

And he goes to bed. That's how the world works.

I want to show you what Jesus is Parables says.

Do you like men or waiting for their masters and when he returns from the wedding feast so that they may immediately open the door to him when he comes and knocks and bless it? Are those slaves whom the master finds on the alert when he comes? Truly, I say, do you know that this is where the up until this point are two parables? If you will are similar, but notice the shocking difference.

Blessed are those things in the master finds on the alert when he comes truly. It's on the test. Truly I say to you that he will gird himself.

To serve and have them recline at the table and will come up and wait on them.

The Master of the House of the slaves, not to servants, not the family, the slaves, the Master is going to serve them immediately.

Jesus is saying as a son of God as the master when you simply already an open the door when he knocks.

He's going to serve you.

Now this is kind of simplified if you will at the Last Supper when Jesus washes his disciples feet and Peter and in essence the way I would if you will. False humility, say not the Lord, don't wash my feet, don't serve me because your master on the one who supposed to serve you but God is who God is and Jesus says what I do now you don't quite understand but you wash one another sweet. So if the master saying.

I'm going to wait on the fellow on the slaves, then who are we not also to wait on the slave an also?

Psalms 23 tells us use being God has said a table before me in the presence of mine. Again. God is host, so we see throughout the scriptures that God is host being the servant of his people, which to me is shocking.

Because if anything, we should be the one who consistently serves him, and yet he loves us so much and notice this isn't this is grading on a curve. He didn't say well. Not only did they open the door immediately, they had all the food out. The warm water. No, no, they just opened the door when he knocked, they were ready.

That was it.

All too often we try to make serving God so complicated.

And yet he says, be ready.

I've been ready and opening the door so I don't have to wait.

I'll serve you.

Whether he comes in the second.

Watch or even the 3rd and find them so less it are those slaves.

You want to be blessed. Be ready. How Are you ready to be closed in his righteousness? And knowing the word of God?

Will be sure of this that the head of the house I'd known at what hour the thief was coming. He would not have allowed his house to be broken into.

Makes sense, you know that at three in the morning, there's going to be a thief who's gonna come and try to Rob your house. You'll either make sure all the doors and windows are locked, or the cops there. If they'll show up whatever may happen, but you're prepared.

But if you don't know when the the thief is coming now and so he says you to be ready for the son of Man is coming in an hour that you do not expect.


The Scriptures will further talk about you just coming as a thief in the night.

Jesus only comes as a thief in tonight for those who aren't ready.

Because we know that our master is coming, we're just not ready. Sure, when that is, but will be ready whenever it is.

Peter said, Lord, are you addressing this variable to us or to everyone else as well? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.

So he says this, and the Lord said.

And then, and who then, is the faithful and Sensible Stewart?

Whom is master will put in charge of his servants and give them their rations at the proper time. So Jesus said, OK.

We've been talking about slaves and we're talking now. We're talking about the guy who is in charge of the household, the Stewart. So who is this sensible Stewart?

That will be giving the household goods to the servants. Bless it is that slave. Notice he's a steward, but he still a slave.

Under whom his master find so doing when he comes truly, I say to you that he will put him in charge of all his possessions. Now that's an amazing statement as well, because God owns the cattle on 1000 Hills. This world is ours. This his possessions are vast and again, what's the qualification that you are faithful in what you have been put in charge?

Of simply making sure that your fellow slaves are taken care of.

But if that slave says in his heart, my master will be.

A long time in coming.

And begins to be to slaves, both men and women, and to eat and drink and get drunk. The Master of the slave will come on a day when he does not expect him. An at that an hour he does not know.

He saying.


Reprobate slave

Is like one who doesn't know what our the thief comes. He comes unexpectedly.

And it's not going to go well for this guy.

And that slave who knew is Masters will and did not get ready or act in accordance with his will will receive many slashes. I'm sorry I missed something.

And then the next patient, but it out and will cut him in pieces and will sign him in the place with the unbelieving so they slave the Stewart, who does not act in accordance with what the master wants and abuses the slaves will be treated as if he were never a part of the household.

He will be cut into pieces and assigned a place with the unbelievers.

But he says and as slave who knew his Masters will and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, will receive many lashes. So this is the kind of the first person abused.

The authority God gave him.

This person knew what God's will was but didn't follow it and that says he will receive many lashes. He's not assign a place with the unbelievers and then there's a third person. But the one who did not know it and committed deeds worthy of a flogging or received but few so for those who are ignorant of gods. Will they will still receive some punishment, but the more you know.

And don't follow them or God will hold you responsible.

From everyone.

Who has been given much much will be required to whom they entrusted much of him. They will ask all the more so often. We always want bigger ministries and more power and more of Fame. An more ability to teach in all these things, and God saying, if you get it, you're going to be more and more responsible for what you've been given.

But we don't like that we want the authority, but not.

The responsibility.

And not the accountability.

Because since we could all say well, I've been saved by Grace Faith. Therefore God will forgive all that. I don't know if you know God's Will and you don't do it.

There will be accountability.

And then Jesus is going to say something that just again device what we come to know about Jesus.

I have come to cast fire upon the earth and how I wish it were already kindled. Wait, wait a minute. This is the Jesus is Melba Milquetoast, who just loves everybody and just doesn't care and you can just do whatever you want. It's OK. And Jesus saying this world is going to burn and I wish you were now.

That's not the kind gentle meet Jesus.

We think we know.

But I have a baptism to undergo an how distressed I am until it is accomplished.

Jesus knows the order.

That his father is set out for God. So love the world that he sent Jesus, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life to get that benefit for us, he must undergo that cup of judgment.

And Jesus's ministry through the 3 1/2 years or so of his Earthly Ministry. He's fully aware that that is how it will end.

Which makes him I like you and me if you will, if you know something's going to happen, you tend to kind of focus on it.

And it bothers you and you. I just wish you were over. I'd just get it over and Jesus saying.

Hit it over, I'm ready.

Do you suppose?

But I came to grant peace on the earth. Well, most people would say, Yeah, Jesus is this mild.

Permissive guy.

I tell you no.

But rather divisions or from now on five members in one household will be divided against.

Two against three and two against and they will be divided. Father against son and son against father, another against daughter and daughter against Mother Mother in law, against daughter in law, and daughter in law against mother law. This is a division that happens within families.

And frequently, people who become believers will find themselves ostracized within their family.

Now, notice it says that there will be division.

Which can't help.

When you believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for your sins and was raised again on the third day.

That is just not something insignificant.

It is infinitely important.

The vision doesn't necessarily mean and have to mean from our perspective.


They may reject us.

Or our faith in him, but we are still to love them regardless.

We may not approve of their actions.

We don't condemn them. We may disagree with their actions.

The division here frequently will happen, not because from us or from those who just don't like.

Who Jesus is.

I find it interesting we have.

In our.

Online ministries


Out in Facebook, an Twitter, an YouTube and all other time an Periscope and various times of Social Ministries.

And it is interesting you will find some people who say, well, we want to frame. We want to friend you or there may be those who say I like what you did or they may even say I'm going to share it with somebody so that they might participate.

I'm always I'm not surprised, but I am surprised in the sense of the level of it seems hatred that some people have when they see what we're doing because.

Nothing we have said.

Talked about hate.

October and yet there's this vitriol, and they use language that probably is inappropriate person to person, let alone.

Online, but that's what's happened.


I pray for those people and I hope that they come to know the Lord, but there's division. They don't like us, that's OK.

They didn't like Jesus either.

And we are not above our master.

Therefore, what did he do? Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Our attitude should also win. Division comes we should handle it in such a way as Jesus did.

You reviewed those who.

Or hypocrites.

In your love, those who don't know better.

And he was also saying to the crowds.

When you see a cloud rising in the West, immediately you say a shower is coming and it turns out and when you see a South wind blowing you say it will be a hard day and it turns out that way.

Now it's out there that is similar to Southern California.

You don't have to be a weather ologist to figure out what's going to happen. All they need to do is show you a map of Southern California and they put a high pressure zone somewhere. You know it's going to be hot. You know you're gonna get Santa Ana winds if they show a low pressure system somewhere you know there's gonna be an onshore flow and it's being cooler day. A little more humid or whatever, but you figured out you don't even need the weather person, you just need the map.

We have the same situation here. He saying if you can figure out the weather.

And what kind of day is going to be? He's says this, you hypocrites. You know how to analyze the appearance?

Of the Earth.

And the Sky.

Of why do you not analyze this present I?

So I ask of you and I ask of Maine.

What's more important to know?

Or tomorrow will be in the sense of the weather.

Or what Jesus is doing?

Maybe we should figure out what Jesus is doing because that's an internal situation, or as no matter how hot or cold it will be tomorrow, it will change the following day in the following day I had my wife had some relatives in in Texas.

And we were there and he says we have a common phrase in Texas. You don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes. It'll change.

Was in essence using you hypocrites. You're aware, aware well aware of the weather, which will last five minutes.

Well, what about the internal perspective?

And then he's going to give us some advice.

He says this inverse 57.

I'm sorry 54. And why do you not even on your own initiative judge what is right? He said I shouldn't have to tell you what's right. You should on your own initiative on your own thoughts, do what's right or while you are going with your opponent to appear before the Magna trip on your way there, make an effort to settle with him.

So that he may not drag you before the judge and the judge turn you over to the officers and the officer throw you into prison. I say to you, you will not get out of there until you have paid the very last sent.

He's saying, look it.

From an earthly perspective, if you owe somebody some money, these taking you to court.

You ought to be wise.

Now I have represented people live on some money and I have started to represent some people who owed some money and some of their kind of questions are well.

I'm a low whole lot of money. What if I just give them a little bit?

I got that's not going to settle the case well, I said, well, that's OK because wonders a judgment then I can just pay a little bit of money. I go no one's there is a judgment, you lose any input. They can enforce that judgment then and there. And Jesus is saying.

Here's some common sense. If you owe a lot of money.

It's better to settle it before the judge orders what you are because in their system you don't just get a judgment, you get sent to prison.

And the minimum wage in prison isn't going to get you enough money.

To pay off the debt, which means you're gonna be there forever now. This advice isn't just.

Or legal issues.

Or you see.

We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We have been come indebted because of our sin, the wages of Sin is death. We owe an amount that can never be repaid on our own. So Jesus ain't here. I'll tell you what to do. Talk to God.

Settle with God before the judgment day, because when the judgment day comes and you haven't resolved it, you're going not to prison. You're going to hell.

So settle it.

So here's some advice.

I know an excellent lawyer.

His name is Jesus.


As in Everlost the case.

And never defended an innocent person.

Higher Jesus.


Negotiate with God.

And I'll tell you what Jesus will do, you want him and say, OK, well, you got $5. Will know he says, put it on my tab.

I paid for that sin.

When I suffered and hung on the cross and died, I paid for that's in. It is covered. He owes nothing.


Cheap scares some very good advice for those of us in life.

And for those of us with eternal life.

No, what the situation is.

And here's the deal. He is already told us. No one knows when he's coming.

So we could be in the next 30 seconds, or it can be the next 2000 years.

But I know this if he waits 2000 years, you're still going to meet him.

It's called death.

And you will be rendering an account.

So you may not know when the master comes, but for sure you're going to meet the master.

So therefore now is this acceptable time. Now is the time to say to God.

I know I'm a Sinner.

I know I cannot pay it all, but I know Jesus paid it all for me. I know that he is holy and I am not and I am going to take his righteousness and clothe myself. I will understand his word and let that lead me and guide me because I know who he is and because of that I am ready whatever the case may be and so.

Instead of being fearful of when he might come.

Are hoping that he might delay.

So we might say Even so, Lord, come quickly and all God's people said.

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