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Recorded On: 05/13/2020



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Well, it could be this, that or something else and give you the kind of outline of what's a. Possible variations are, but they will say, well, this is what I think it means.

The problem is, this is what I think it means. Jesus never had to say this is what I think it means because Jesus was the author of the scriptures, so he had the authority, the rightful power to tell you what the scriptures meant. So when he said things like.

I say to you.

You've heard it taught now shall not murder. But I say to you, in Jesus had the authority to give that interpretation, because he was the author of thou shalt not murder. And so when he taught that people remains because they weren't saying, well, this this.

Learning person said this and that. Learned person said that and this is what I think Jesus taught as one who knew because Jesus knew.
The second thing that we see is in Matthew 9, verse 6. It says. But so that you may know that the son of man has authority on Earth to forgive sins. Now this is the setting where Jesus was going to heal someone. Who was a paralytic an? There was this discussion. He told the man that his sins were forgiven.

And they were thinking that was blasted because only God could forgive sins. He said, so that you might know that I have the authority to forgive sins. He tells the parallel to rise up and walk. And so Jesus not only has the authority to teach the Scriptures, he has authority to forgive sins. And so one of the things that we should understand with that is we go to the person who has the authority. Forgive sins. All too often in arm culture we seek forgiveness from the people. Who didn't commit the sin? Or we tried to forgive people who did not wrong us?

Jesus said, because I'm God because sin is a violation against Maine. I have the authority to forgive sins. And then in Matthew Tap Chapter 10 verse one. So you can see every few chapters God is in Jesus talk about his authority and so in Chapter 10 verse one it says this and Jesus summoned his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, did cast them out into heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. So here we see not only that Jesus had these this authority.

And that he would cast out demons and that it would heal various kinds of diseases and sickness. In this particular instance, he gave that authority to the 12 disciples to do the very same thing. And they went and did, and they came back with glowing reports of all the things that happen is be there was a.

My problem, uh, with with one who, uh the disciples, had a difficulty casting out a demon, but again, there was that situation where, because of God's authority given to them, they were able to do things far and above that they were able to do. Because he gave them authority over those things. So obviously, if Jesus gave the authority to the 12 to do those things and he had to have the authority in order to give it to them.

Thanks, I want you to take a look at his is one that I that I want you to. Well one more and then out that one it's in Luke Chapter 12.
First 5.
It says this.

But I will warn you whom to fear. Fear, the one who, after he is killed as authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you to fear him. Jesus is saying Don't be afraid about all these other circumstances. But if you
want to fear something, then fear God. The father is God, the father has the authority to send you to hell, so we should fear him. So if God has that authority than God can exercise that authority. He has the rightful power to do so and so we need to take God seriously because. He has that rifle authority now, one that I want to not talk. We find in John.

And this is important because of what people? Will argue about Jesus. Usually those people who. Don't know it. You'll hear people say things like well. Jesus was this itinerant rabbi, doing good, being a good teacher, and his popularity kind of got to the point where the religiously religious leaders and the Romans didn't like it, so they tried him, convicted him.

Put him on the cross and took his life and so somehow Jesus was the victim of these events beyond his control. That is not the teaching of the scriptures in John Chapter 10, verse 17 and 18, it says this.

For this reason, the father loves me because I lay down my life that I may take it up again. No one has taken it away from me, but I lay it down on my own initiative. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This commandment I received from my father.
So Jesus didn't. Become subject to history. Riding him at the will. Jesus came, having been told by the father that he had the authority to lay it down, which means he had the authority not to lay down, and then once landed down, he had the authority to pick it back up again.

So Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many, not because it was unavoidable, but because he chose to do so, that he had the rightful power to lay down his life, and he had the rifle power to pick it up again. And that is the essence, if you will. Of Christianity that Jesus came and died for us.

And that he rose again on the third day. So again, it's that situation where it was predetermined by God was the plan of Salvation was in there God who Jesus gave him the authority to give down his life in to pick it up. Again, though Jesus had that authority. And so I want you when people tell you that somehow the Jews kill them, or that the Romans killed them or whatever, nobody killed him.

He laid down his life for you and me. And he, because of the authority of the father, gave him, had the authority to rise again on the third day.
Now Romans Chapter 13 tells us this. We gotta couple more scriptures and will be done by Romans Chapter 13 verse one says.

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities or there is no authority except from God and those which exists are established by God. So all authority has been given that has any authority is because God has authority and he is used his authority to grant authority to the others, and so we may not like certain governing authorities. But as it says, is that.

Those exist.

Hopefully for our benefit of because God has determined it.

June versus 24 and 25 and I picked this because our ladies had a Bible study recently on Jude and so I just thought it would be fun too.

Bring this up again and so on, versus 24 and 25 of Judas as this. Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and then make you stand in the presence of his glory, blameless with great joy to the only.

God, our savior, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, the Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and authority before all time and from now on an forever Amen. That's an acknowledgement of the fact that God does have glory, that God does have Majesty that God does have Dominion, and that he does have authority, and there are times we should, just as the Lord taught us.

To pray.

Nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done. We should remind ourselves as it is at the closing of June that it is God who has. The Glory and Majesty and Dominion Authority not only in times fast.

Not only in the present time.

But for all time, and so when we are unsure who's in control and what God is doing, remember that God has authority. Always had always will. And the last one. That I want to mention we find in Matthew Chapter 28.

One that, um evangelists love to read.

And, uh.

So it's a. It's a good scripture, uhm?

But we usually jump ahead and it says in verse 16.

But when 11 this office preceded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated, when they saw him, they worship him, but some were doubtful. Jesus came and stuff and spoke to them, saying.

All authority. All authority. One more time. All authority. Has been given to me.

He doesn't say most authority doesn't say a lot of authority. He doesn't say the authority that it works well in other situations. Jesus said all authority has been given to me. In Heaven.

And on Earth there is no place you can go that Jesus is not in charge.

He has authority head, the rightful power in Heaven and on Earth.

And based on that he did says go therefore and make disciples. Now notice when he sent the.

12 out he gave them authority to do certain things, and they were praising and rejoice in him that they were able to do those things.

Here he doesn't say well, I'm going to give you this authority and you can do this and you're gonna do that. He says I have all authority and since he has all authority than we are to do what he says. What is it that he says he says go therefore and make disciples. So as we are going a lot of times we think well go means that I need to become a missionary or I mean to go someplace and become thisevangelist.

The goals, therefore, means Azure going as you're living your life as your proceeding, going to work and going to the grocery store or whatever that you might be says as you were going. Therefore make disciples of all nations.

I heard someone say. That you want to be a missionary. Here's a. Inexpensive. Way to do it instead of raising money to go halfway around the world, go next door and knock on your neighbors door.

You don't need to raise any money. You don't need professional degrees, just need to know the love of Jesus and following what he says he says we are to go and make disciples the baptize them in the name of the father and the son of the Holy Spirit. And then we are to teach them to observe all that I've commanded you and low. I'm with you always, even to the end of the age, so we go because Jesus has authority to send us. We go because Jesus never leaves us. We go because he told us what are. Marching orders are.
This is usually called the Great Commission. I don't like that because I don't see anywhere that God gave me any of his authority. You just gave me marching orders would be the same thing as if the commanding officer in a battle said go take that mountain. It in Commission, Maine he told me go take that mountain. Jesus said, go there for as you're going make disciples of all nations. And after you make, the disciples were baptize them in, to teach them not just some of the things Jesus taught, but all the things Jesus taught, which means we need to know all the things that Jesus taught, and since he has all authority, not just the ones I listed here, not just one specifically mentioned. But since he has all authority, that rightful power to tell us, what do you is after all?

When we became believers, we said Jesus is our Lord, our boss. And once we've said he's our boss and we do, we tells us to do this is what he told us to do because he has authority. So I hope these two answers helps you to understand that God didn't make a bunch of rules and regulations to frustrate us.

But you teach us. That his love is there, his grace is there, his mercies there. And that he has the authority to teach heel and descent. So I hope that's been helpful. And we look forward to talking to you later. God bless. Let's have a word of prayer.

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