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FBCWest 414 | A Parable Concerning the Coming Kingdom

A Parable Concerning the Coming Kingdom | Poster

Recorded On: 08/30/2020


August 30, 2020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“He Keeps Me Singing”
Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Philippians 3:3
“Your Love Awakens Me”
“Rising Sun”
“Who You Say I Am”
“Your Name”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“A Parable Concerning the Coming Kingdom”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Build My Life”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”

Sermon Notes

Luke 19:11 The reason Jesus teaches this parable
Luke 19:12 & 13 A nobleman to go away and gives his slaves money to invest
Luke 19:14 Citizens attitude
Luke 19:15 - 19 An accounting by two of the slaves
Luke 19:20 – 23 Accounting by the fearful slave
Luke 19:24 – 27 Judgment concerning the slaves and the enemies


Transcript of Service

There are messages that are given.

They create excitement because you know that it.

Will be received well.

Then there are messages that are a little more difficult because it challenges us.

The sometimes.

Stop from being immobile.

Being unstoppable.

Today is one of those messages.

You see, Jesus has set his face towards Jerusalem.

And as he gets nearer, he been telling his disciples.

But faces him in Jerusalem.

But instead.

Two of them thought power and position.

And the rest were offended by that.

He gave them teaching on if they wanted to be promoted in the Kingdom.

How to do so?

He also.

Yield a couple of blind men.


Was named.

Son of.


and then he brought Salvation.

To a child.

With son.

Of Abraham.

Ann as he's going towards Jerusalem and he some about 20 miles or so away.

He understands.

That the disciples, just as then and now.

Often misunderstand is teaching because they have their own.


And so there assuming that he correctly that he is the Messiah.

And they're going to assume that the Kingdom is being brought in presently.

And he's gonna teach them.

And they're going to not necessarily here.

He's also going to teach them what there to do.

In the meantime.

And this is where we particularly need to pay attention to his teaching.

Many years ago, and I'm not too sure if they still doesn't happen. I know many years ago credit cards were not as ubiquitous as they are today, and so people would go to various Department stores.

Or ahead of Christmas because they couldn't afford all the gifts and so they put things on layaway.

And so if you don't know what layaway is, tells You Your.


But they would put things on layaway.

And then they would make payment.

And then when they paid everything off, they could then take what they had set aside home for gifts.

The advantage of the layaway was Twofold, One.

You are guaranteed to have the thing because they laid it away.

And it gave you time to pay for it. Now we just pull out of plastic card and don't worry about the exorbitant interest and all the other.


Too many Christians.

Have the idea?

That God has saved them.

And put them on layaway.

There one of these days Jesus is coming back.

And when he comes back, he'll take me off the shelf.

And I'll get to be with him.

Jesus is going to tell us and teach us that there is something in between our Salvation in his return.

There were responsible for and that were held, and here's that nasty word accountable.

And so in.

Luke Chapter 19 verse starting with verse 11 it says this.

And while they were listening to these things, Jesus went on to tell them a parable because he was near Jerusalem. And they suppose that the Kingdom of God was going to appear immediately.

And so he's gonna have to teach them this parable. Now. The interesting thing about this parable. All times he teaches parables.

And their interesting stories in the sense of.

They have spiritual truth, but they're generally if you will not there there fiction. They're just a story, but it's a story to highlight a spiritual truth. Now in this particular parable, they're going to see some reality in real life.

Or you see, because Rome was in charge.

When there was going to be a ruler of that area who wanted to be King or Tetri Ark or whatever that that person would go to Rome and get the authority to act as the King of that area, it roams approval and come back and be King. Are they going to particularly where this because Herod the Great Sun arid kind of did the same thing except?

He didn't get a kingship, he only got a tetrick. He only got a portion.

Of it.

An lot of people didn't like her, so this parable is going to seem like it has.

Current events

as they talking.

And so he says. So he said, a Noble man went to a distant country to receive a Kingdom for himself.

And then return.

And he called tenova slaves and gave them 10 minutes.

Instead of them do business with this until I come back.

Now I know.

Most of us

including me in before this message had no clue what a Minowa.

And I want to tell you, and you're still going to have no clue what a minute.


Equals 60 shekels.

60 minutes equals the town.

Now you all know what it's all about, right?

You know exactly how much money he's giving it.

OK, I'll give you. I think the King James kind of almost is right. It's equivalent of a basically a pound of money, a pound of silver, or whatever the exchanges, and in that circumstance it's it's worth about 100 days of salary.

So he's not giving them a substantial sum, but he's not giving them insubstantial. He's giving them original, but it's a. It's a small amount in the in the things and he takes 10 of his slaves.

Hey, these are not people who are a part of the nobleman's family.

It's not people who are voluntarily servants, they are owned by the nobleman.

And so he gives them.

This sum of money to tell them that they are to do business so they are to use it to develop a profit.

Oh my goodness, do develop a profit while the nobleman is gone.

What is citizens hated him?

And Senate delegation after him saying we do not want this man to reign over us.

Again, similar to a current event, There are people who weren't too wild about Arab son becoming ink, and so they sent a delegation, but the same time Jesus is in his parable seen their error people.

In Israel.

Who do not want me to be the Messiah? They do not want me to be King and they're trying to do everything they can to prevent me from being given the title King.

In this land.

And when we returned after receiving the Kingdom, so the delegation was not successful.

He ordered that the slaves to whom he had given the money. He called to him so that he might know what business they had done.

So they were called OK a render an accounting.

I gave you a minute.

Gave you 100 days wages.

What did you do with it?

And the first appeared, saying Master, your MENA has made ten men's more. He has 10 times.

Created more wealth or the math?

He's gone from if you will 100 days to 1000.

He has been very effective in his.

Business dealings.

He was a good entrepreneur if you will.

And he being an old woman, said to him, well done, good slave, because you have been faithful in a very little thing. You are to be in authority over 10 cities.

Now you gotta remember in this parable, which is spiritual truth.

Jesus is come back as King of the Kingdom.

And in that Kingdom he's saying.

Because you were faithful in a small sum of money, I am going to give you authority to rule and reign over 10 city.

That's a substantial increase in responsibility.

As you

have been faithful.

In a very little.


Take seriously.

Just little bit.

In little thing.

The second King, saying, your minute master has made 5 minutes. Now notice again. Each of these slaves so far has said it's your minute is not look what I did with my stuff. It's you gave me your men are it's your men are. My job was to increase it and therefore this is what I've done now this servant.

Didn't do quite as well. He did half as well if you will. He only did 5 minutes.

He said to him also.

You are to be over 5.

So that which he was able to increase, he received.


Authority over.

10 minutes, 10 cities 5 minutes 56.

So far the account is going pretty well in the Masters please.

First one another came saying master, here is your Maná which I put away in a handkerchief.

Or I was afraid of you.

Because you are an exacting man.

Can you take up what you did not lay down?

And reap what you did not so.

Now I want you to notice the first 2.

Acknowledge that it was the Masters minimum.

But work for the master.


They are thinking of.

This one was fearful.

Of who you are.

And so I said.

I'm afraid I'm afraid that if I lost a minute, you have really taken it out of me. So I just made it. I hit it.

So you'd have it back.

Which was not what the master told him. He said do business with it.

But he was afraid.

He said to him by your own words I will judge.

One of the reasons not to be judgmental.

Is because we get back from the Lord that which we do.

And God, saying, This is how you viewed me?

So this is how I will judge you.

The other.

Worked hard.

Or me?

You simply feared.

And a lot of.


Don't really understand exactly who God is. We spend all of our time convincing ourselves how much God loves us.

But when the first difficult thing happens, we think will wise got mad at me.

As opposed to maybe it was just a difficult thing. Maybe it rains on the just and the unjust maybe has nothing to do.

With who you are.

You don't really understand who God.

And so this one say.

He gave me one. I gave you back one or even.

Is your a hard person?

This is by your own words. You will be judged you worthless.

There's no well done.

There's no good.

You two are a worthless.

Did you know?

That I am an exacting man taking up which I did not lay down.

And reaping what I did not. So then why did you not put my money in the bank? And having come, I would have collected it with interest.

How come you didn't do something with OK? You could have put it in a safe place in a bank where they were giving you interest and I would've had at least some income based on it. Instead, you're simply giving me Mac what I already had.

And he said to the bystanders, take them in away from him, and give it to the one who has the 10 minutes.

Now the person has 11 minutes.

Plus, he's going to be rolling over 10.

And they said in a master he has 10 minutes already. It wait a minute. He's already doing well.

Why? Why are you giving him more?

And I tell you that to everyone who has more shall be given, but from the one who does, does not have even what he does have.

Shall be taken away.

Now he doesn't go through the rest of the 7.

Slaves have received, but he gives us.

An overview.

Wonders exceptionally well. One does pretty well in. One doesn't do anything.

And so somewhere in.


Scheme of things, these other 7 do.

But he makes the point.

That if you do not invest with God, gives you.

What he gave you will be taken away.


We're not.


What he is teaching us here.

Is accountability.

I'm going to.

Go to the next step and then we're going to come back to this accountability.

He's gonna change his view from his pen slave.

For the other one, verse 27, but these enemies of mine who do not want me to reign over them bring them here, and slay them in my presence.


This is Jesus talk.

This is Mild milquetoast.

Wouldn't want to do anything.

Harsh anyone Jesus.

You know everyone who has this thing that the Jesus just omegon Mylan. Just whatever.

You saying those enemies of mine?

Not only are they worthy of death, I want to see him die, bring them in front of me, and slay them.

You see, you're either for Jesus.

Or you're against.

There is no neutrality with thumbs disease.

You either serve him or you're opposed to him.

One or the other.

In our current.

Ulster, it's a binary choice.

Yes or no?

There's no made.

There's no kind.

The slaves, even those who didn't do what they were supposed to do.

Weren't in the same position as those who oppose the Lord.

They may have been considered worse.

They weren't guilty of death.



when God calls us.

He does not call us to be on layaway until Jesus return.

He has given us.

Something about you.

When is best for him?

I don't know what that is in your life.

Now for me to care.

When you in the Lord what he gave you.

You may have given you some talent, some ability, some exceptional thing that you do. It may be an investment and maybe administry and maybe in singing and maybe in teaching. It may be in.

Cutting through all the noise.

In getting to the point or something.

In some of you may say, Well, you know.

I can't think of a simple single thing God has given me.

I'm going to give you.

At least one simple thing that God is giving you ready.

I want you to do this free then.

Read out.

That was a gift from God.

That is not your.

Take your hand to the left side of your heart and feel it beating.

That is a gift of God.

That is not.

So if God is giving you no talent whatsoever, he's giving you know ability at all. As long as you're breathing in, your heart is.

Beating he has given you something and he is going to hold you accountable for those breath he's gonna hold you accountable for those heartbeat.

And it's not gonna be good enough to say, Well, you know God, I knew you were kind of tough.

So I decided and you said you were coming back and I was hoping to be soon.

No, I heard all the teaching that you're coming soon. It's going to be immediate.

Can't wait for the rapture.

Going to sit here on the shelf in layaway.

Until you come.

And God's gonna say you worthless.

Why did you at least invest when I gave you?

Earn inch.

It is uncomfortable.

As we much rather hear about how Jesus loves, and he does.

Now he will never leave us, nor forsake's, and he won't.

And we love to say that he is the Christ.

The Messiah, the son of the Holy Living God and he is.

But he will hold us accountable in his end.

And in case you think, well, this is a principle, and maybe Jesus is.

Just being a little harsh.

Paul understood it very well, and so if you have your bibles, I want you to turn his second Corinthians Chapter 5.


Starting with verse 6.


Always I'm sorry there for being always of good courage.

Notice what it said it didn't say.

On occasion be of good courage.

He didn't say when circumstances are really good, be of good courage, he said, always be of good courage.

And knowing that while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord.

When I'm here, I am there in a simp.

And when I'm there.

I won't be here.

Or we walk.

By faith.

And not by sight.


I don't know who is convinced you, and it's usually people who think they're really bright.

They think faith means.

Those things that you don't understand.

That is not fake.

Faith is God said this.

Therefore I now understand.

And I live my life accordingly.

Is not. I walk around blind. I walk around in the knowledge of what God is told me.

That space is not making up things that I don't know.

It's responding to what God said, so we walked by what God says and not by sight.

Where of good courage?

I stay in. Prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.

Now for those of us who have been around awhile.

We really agree with it.

Now, if you're a teenager, I know you want to get married and you want have your wonderful life and everything. And I'm going to tell you.

Then when that happen.

You've had your children.

And it raised him.

And everything is wonderful and you've gone through all of that.

You will look back and say.

I should have taken the deal in Adam come now.

But it's common. I know I was kind of the same way. It's like an.

I was even kind of worse because.

I grew up with the idea and I think it was.

Me alone I think is what I was hearing. Haven't just sounded boring.

All you hear is Angels playing harps.

And I'd had trouble enough trying to play guitar just who wants to play heart.

Sitting on a cloud with wings just.


until you know who God.

And when you know who got it, you go count me in.

It's kind of the opposite.

Of the joke about the evangelist preaching, and there's an old guy sitting in the back and he's going. How many wanna go to Heaven and everybody but this old man raises their hand.

Because, well, maybe he's all he didn't hear me. So he goes. How many wanna go to heaven and everybody but the old man raised their hand.

So it gets closer to the guy who walks out and he goes looks right. Because how we wanna go to Heaven? Everybody with a guy raises.

No Sir, don't you wanna go to Heaven he was yes but not now.

We're kind of now at the opposite. How many wanna little heaven right now? Right now, right now.

Because to be absent from the body is to be present with him.


We are also have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to him.

What's your ambition? What is it that you desire? Is it that your desire 401K to be larger?

Or you desire to know him better.

Do you desire to be more famous or infamous?

Doesn't matter, just long as you're one of those.

Or do you want to be pleasing to him?

What is your ambition?

So we have our's ambition, whether at home rib be pleasing, him, for we must.

There's that word must.

Not optional, not for some.

It's not kind of a maybe.

Or we must all.


The Greek for all is all.

Means everyone.

No exception.

But we all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ.

Just says these three that were represented who brought their investments back their business back and said.

You gave me one. I got now 10. You gave me one I get now five gave me one here's your one back.

We all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ. We all have to render an accounting.

I don't like this. I like the idea that Jesus loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life.

So that each one maybe Recomp, Ensete, or his deeds in the body.

According to what he is done, whether good or bad.

Now I try to make this very real and so you are in the congregation. Know when I say that I believe this so seriously that I tell you that I'm convinced that I get a 711 in Bakersfield.

So one guy gets 10 cities.

I gotta.


Any grocery store?

711 just something to.

If it's a milk and whatever.

I'm convinced that my wife will get Malibu or something like that, 'cause she's had to put up with.

And she's had to put up with me.


An IT support.

Even when she's gone, why don't we just check out?

So I'm convinced.

She's taken what God is giving her.

It's less than a minute me.

He's back.

You get Malibu Ventura.

San Diego

I'll leave out LA 'cause there's all kinds of problems there.

What if I'm saying Israel?

What if I'm saying that this is actually true?

That we will at sometimes show up in front of the Bema seat. That's not the one that says you're guilty of things. That's the Great White throne.

From that you go to hell.

From this you are rewarded your recompense.

Or what you have done, good or bad?

All later tells us.

There's some of the things that we do will be rewarded.

Because our service has been gold or silver or precious stone.

Or it could be wood, hay, and stubble, which will be burned up the good versus the bat.

But he says that even though we suffer loss, we will still be in his present. This isn't about whether you make it 7 or not.

It's about what you have done with what God has given you.

Now the amazing thing here.

Is it the Minner?

Was Lord.

Whatever he gives you or me.

Is of the Lord.

Which means we.

Whatever we accomplish is because the Lord gave it to her.

Whatever abilities we do is because he gave it to.

There's a second aspect to it.

Notice that there will be re compared.

They're going to be a lot of believers in heaven.

Then in line.

Waiting for their turn it to be Misty.

Well thank God is gonna be really impressed with him.

Because they were pastors of mega churches.

And they wrote songs that worse.

We're on the top charts in were gold and platinum album an people just.

Marvel at their musical ability to both sing and play instruments and to write music.

And if all of those people did it.

To receive honor.

Then they got.

What it was they want?

If you come as a pastor or a T shirt in saying, I wonder by the love what I have to say. Everybody loves what you have to say and tells you and that's why you did it.

You're gonna show up here you go.

You could at least a foot in the bank.

She didn't take what I gave you. You use what I gave you for your own bed.

And yet there will be others that no one's ever heard.

Who couldn't hold.

A pitch.

If you gave it to them in a book.

And yet they probably staying with such love adoration.

To the Lord.

There will be those.

Or missionary.

Then no one's ever heard of.

Who no one ever gave their lives because of their ministry?

And yet God will say, Well done.

Because they serve for his Kingdom for his glory and for his.


And not their own.

The brother and sister.

As I point to one finger there, I .3 back at me.

We are to be accountable.

So if you are on.


you know.

If you have been serving him.

Redouble your F.

Find other ways to make investments in the Kingdom.

If you sing.

Like an Angel and I don't know how an Angel thing.

The reason I know how an Angel things 'cause most of the scripture says and the Angel say.

Never says Angels sing this little side note.

So we have all these things, so if you sing like an Angel.

Figure out how else God can use you.

To further his Kingdom.

He figuring out how to expand the Kingdom of God.

And he's saying here.

Like Kingdom.



I give it to you to you.

Will be accountable.

And Can you imagine?

If I Ain you actually took this message seriously?

When we come to this bema seat.

He said.

Well done.

Good and faithful.

You were.

Baseball in a few.

No rule and reign with me.

Over many things.

And all God's people said.

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