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FBCWest 368 | Jesus Tells of His Suffering and Death

Jesus Tells of His Suffering and Death | Poster

Recorded On: 01/05/2020



“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

“I Will Enter His Gates”
Praise and Worship
“Speaking Louder than Before”
“One Thing Remains”
“We Are the Free”
“Come to the Table”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Life and Ministry of Jesus The Messiah”
“Jesus Tells of His Suffering and Death”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“Jesus Messiah”

Acknowledgements and Announcements
Benediction “Won’t Stop Now”


Transcript of Service

Nothing is impossible with God.

Problem is

Since nothing is impossible with God, we kind of forget and we tell God? What is he should do or not do?

Rather than knowing what the scripture says that God is able to do far abundantly beyond that, which we can think or even dream of.

An we limit God at least we think we can.

By telling him in our prayers, God you should do it. This way or that way. I won't ask for show of hands, but you know, we've all done it.

And one of the things that we all tend to do is that?

Jesus is blood and sacrifice paid it all.

And yet every once in while the thought creeps in that I need to do something to preserve or keep my Salvation and the truth of the scriptures of the Gospel is there's nothing that you can do it is Jesus's blood and sacrifice that paid it all for us.

After Peter,

Declaring probably on behalf of the rest of the disciples that Jesus.

Is the Messiah the son of God?

We now come.

From that place to this continuing in Matthews Chapter 16 with verse when he wanted to this and from that time. Jesus began to show his disciples that he emphasis must.

Go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised up on the 3rd day.

So after that declaration of faith. Jesus begins to tell his disciples more about the plan of God.

And notice it says show.

And I believe what he's doing is he's taking the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament and showing them? What must take place? What the profits had foretold.

Similar if you will, too after the resurrection. The road to Emmaus, where Jesus shared all the things that the Scriptures. An Fortunately at that time. They said didn't. Our hearts burn at this time, it seems that there's this kind of dull understanding.

And so he showing them.

And then again that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and cheap freeze inscribes and be killed and be raised up on the 3rd day.

Now, after hearing this.


From his background says that doesn't compute because we believe, and many.

Jews of today still believe in one of the reasons that they have problem with the Messiah is that the Messiah would never die.

So their boxes Messiah never dies. Jesus is talking about his death that doesn't compute therefore it has to be wrong.

So Peter took him aside so at least he doesn't isn't going to.

To counter man Jesus publicly he makes it a private conversation. So we took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying God forbid it. Lord this shall never happen to you.


I have the benefit.

Of 2000 years later.

But trying to go back.

To the time where the disciples are learning of this.

I kind of think that Peters.

First off not asking the right question before he makes a statement.

Because Peter is seen Jesus raise at least a couple of people at this point from death.

So my question did Jesus could be.

OK, I've seen you raise the dead, but how is it that you being dead can raise yourself back to life?

That seems

And again at nothing is impossible for God, but there is this.

I don't care what you just said it doesn't fit with my view of the world.

And that's Unfortunately what we often times do with the Scriptures.

It doesn't fit with our view of the world, so therefore, we reject it.

Rather than pursuing questions.

There might lead us to faith.

We simply rejected.


Mild and Meek Banner Jesus is going to say no either. You're wrong. Let me show you know that's not Jesus's response.

But he turned and said to Peter get behind me. Satan you're a stumbling block to me for you are not setting your mind on God's interest, but man's.

He's not even saying Peter you're wrong, he saying Peter you're now on the enemy side.

I view you as Satan that you are trying to prevent me from doing what it is that God the father sent me to do.

You're more concerned about your political power and the future, and getting rid of the Roman government. Rather, there were gods interests are.

Now interesting an?

Good for us.

Often time God's interest is in our best interest.

For you see if Jesus doesn't do what he just taught his disciples and showed them that he must suffer many things and I and be raised again on the 3rd day, we would be lossed in our sins.

It is in our interest that Jesus fulfill the father's.


And Jesus is saying, I don't want any stumbling blocks to prevent me to do what it is the father has sent me to do.

Even those who my closest associates.

So Peter is not only wrong, he's on the wrong side.


Then Jesus is going to teach some more.

And This is why I don't believe that those people who say that Jesus is a good teacher.

Because this is something he's gonna teach.

And not even believers want to do it.

Let alone those who don't believe that he is the Messiah and just say he's a good teacher. His notice when he then says then Jesus said to his disciples. If anyone wishes to come after me.

He must just as Jesus must he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Maine.

Jesus is saying.


Is costly?

There you must set aside your interests your desires your comfort.

And follow him with your cross.

Now in our world we wear across his jewelry.

Where are gold or silver and it's beautiful and some even have diamonds and whatever.

But in reality.

The cross was a symbol of Shane.

Because Rome developed this form of execution to do so publicly to humiliate you and to create as much pain.

And suffering is that it can.

So I know some of said, and that doesn't even kind of quite get it because it's over. But the cross is similar if you will to the electric chair.

Stephanie electric chair it's a few minutes and you're gone.

On the cross generally it's a few days.

Of constant agony, and everyone passing by in ridicule your new and roll making a statement. If you step out of line. This is what happens to you.

And this on Top of that the Jews believe to hang on a cross on a tree meant.

Shame and being a cursed.

The Jesus is saying.

You want to be my disciple.

It's not about what you want.

But that you deny yourself.

To the point.

Of consider yourself dead.

Now, Unfortunately that is an opposite teaching in our culture today.

Is in our culture today? It's all about me?

Talk about my pleasure, it's all about what you think of Maine and if you don't think good at me. I'm gonna try to change your opinion because it's all about how many likes I get, how many approvals. I get, how many friends I have on this website or this social media and it's about me.

And God says.

Not if you want to follow Jesus.

Or whoever.

Wishes to save his life.

Will lose it?

And whoever.

Loses his life for my sake will find it.

This is

Crazy talk.

If he wasn't.

The son of God.

But if he is the son of God, then he's revealing something.

That this life is not all that there is.

So many times people follow the commercials that says, we're to try to find all the gusto that there is.

And Jesus, saying if you give up your life in this life.

For the sake of God.

You will find eternal life.

A life

The suffering a life without tears a life without shame alive without heartache and life without death.

An abundant life.

But not the abundant life people think of that are here.

We hear what people think well God wants you to be rich and God wants you to be happy and God wants or whatever.

Here's a homework assignment.

Come to me with the passage in the scriptures that says God wants you to be happy.

I give you a little hint it ain't there.

But you can look for it.

Because there are a lot of people who will say it and justify it. God wants me to be happy. So I can leave my spouse. God wants me to be happy, so I can do this, or I can do that.

And with God as he is.

Pick up your cross.

And follow me.

Then he's going to ask a question it cuts right to the point.

For what will it profit, a man if he gains the whole world?

An forfeits his soul.

The question is.

If you get everything absolutely everything that this world has to offer.

You're richer than all the richest people combined.

You are not only all of Southern California, but you own all the world.

They have to come to you to decide who rents what space because you own it all.

What will it profit?

For man gains, the whole world and forfeits his soul.

With all the world's value.

You still cannot buy a place in heaven.

And then he says or what will a man give?

In exchange,

Forest soul.

Even if you acquired all the world's riches.

You would exchange that for your soul.

But it wouldn't be enough.

And is it interesting that we hear this and we look at this.

And we know the truth of it.

And yet we still try to gain the whole world.

We're more concerned about our 401K's.

And our salaries or our Social Security or all those things.

Rather than

What's my relationship with God today?

Well, the son of Man is going to come in the glory of his father.

Anne with his Angels.

And will then repay every man, according to his deeds.

Now we don't like that phrase.

Because we're convinced.

Once we have our fire insurance.

That everything is hunky Dory.

That will be in heaven.

It will all be great.

I'll be singing songs.

Playing instruments or doing something.

But notice he says.

That, he's going to come.

In the glory of his father with the Angels, an will then repay.

Everybody but you

He'll repay.

The Gentiles.

He'll repay the Lossed.

Well then repay every man, according to his deeds.


All too often when we see this we then get fearful because we think we need to be good little boys and girls to enter into heaven.


Being a good little boy and girl does not cause us to go to heaven.

The blood of Jesus and faith in him allows us to go to heaven.

Well, what you do.


As a movie once said echoes in eternity.

We do things for God, because our love for God and he will repay with blessing.

We do things for God.

For our own interests.

And we don't get a reward.

'Cause we already got paid.

Or we do evil.

And are unrepentant.

And have never come to faith.

And God will repay.


Is this his teachings pretty heavy?

He concerned about what God's concerned about.

Unfortunately, by being concerned about what God's concerned about.

Will ultimately be in your best interest as well.

To be focused on God and his interests and not the temporary.

Earthly things.

Because in the heavenly economy.

What's he ran worth on earth?

Doesn't have any value?

There was a joke.

It said that a man became very rich and converted all his wealth into gold.

And they put it in his casket, which was very heavy.

And then place it in a Maza Liam.

And he was a believer, he went to Heaven and he was able to take all the gold.

And meaning Saint Peter at the gate.

In Peter said.

Why'd you brings St material?

And it's not even good enough because you see the gold made of our streets is so pure that it's translucent. You can see through it. It's transparent. This is still got gold, so it's not even worthy of St Material.

And yet we're so interested in it.

Then Jesus says the following.

Truly, I say to you now when Jesus says truly.

Kind of like on the test it's important.

Truly, I say to you. There are some of those who are standing. Here, who will not taste death until they see the son of man coming in his Kingdom.

Most scholars.

Think of what Jesus is talking about is what is the?

Topic of next message the Transfiguration.

That may be true, I'm not a Bible Scholar.

I just pretend like I'm one.

The problem is for me. With that possibility and it is a possibility since there's a lot people lot more smarter on scriptures.

The Transfiguration takes place at about 6:00 tapes.

It just seems a weird statement it says some of you will not die in the next 6 days.

So he may be talking about that, but I don't think so.

So what is he talking about well some say that they think?

It's at Pentecost when the power of God comes.

And the church is kind of kickstarted and that may be.

There are some who think.

It has to do with.

The Second coming, I don't see that is because I'm pretty sure.

Other than Jesus everybody standing there is dead now.

So he said some of you will not taste death.

Now it may be.

That there are those.

Who will like Steven?

He stoned to death for their faith and see the glory of Jesus sitting.

At the throne of God and that may be what he's talking about.

I think an again with couple dollars, you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I think he's talking about his resurrection and the subsequent coming that the.

At this point they keep hearing about the Kingdom of God. Not quite understanding. Then they're going to see Jesus coming in power with that.

So I don't know what he's talking about again. If you look at that it's the Transfiguration that's cool.


Seems like a weird statement, but when Jesus is truly.

He serious.

We weren't standing there at this time.

But Jesus has said.

I am returning.

A second time.

There will be a trumpet sound.

And the shout of.


And he will come with the Angels and the dead in Christ will rise 1st and those of us remain at that time will be lifted up and we will be joined together with him and it will be obvious that his Kingdom has come.

Right now, all the politicians think they have the power.

And we know they don't care they keep lying to us.

I don't care what party you're from they all lied us.

But they're not in charge anyway.

God is

And we need.

To understand.

At first.

We need to be on God side.

Being on God side means it's not all about me it's about him.

It's about what it is, he's doing in this world.

Not about acquiring stuff, it's about seeing his interest promoted.

It's about giving up.

But we can't keep anyway.

In exchange for what we can never lose.

We can't keep our life.

But he can give it to us.

His formula is simple.

Take up your cross.

Follow me deny yourself.

And I in turn.

Will give you blessings you cannot conceive up?

And a life that's eternal.

Or you can seek to try to gain the world.

And at the end of your life will discover you've wasted your time.

Because even if you acquired everything.

You couldn't change it.

Of what it is, you missed.

The awesome thing about God.

There are too many people competing.

Are trying to gain the whole world?

That you'll never be able to gain the whole world.

Jesus tells us narrow is the way in few who find it so the competition is not nearly as great for those who are seeking God's interest.

As you know the great thing is it doesn't matter how many people are competing for that 'cause There's room enough for everyone.

That God does not have to expand heaven for one more person.


Acknowledge that Jesus?

Yeah, sure.

Is Messiah the Christ?

Believe that he came.

And he suffered that he died and he rose again, even as his teaching here.

This is the first time he's made it very plain to his disciples the planet God.

They're having difficulty accepting it.

With those.

Warren believers yet.

Coming to that realization.

Is awesome?

For those of us who are believers.

It's still awesome.

That the son of God.

The God himself.

The one that made everything.

The one who controls everything.


My interest.

Is your Salvation?

And all I ask.

Is not for millions and millions and billions of dollars?

But your faith in your trust.

That I God gives you anyway.

How awesome?

The gift.

Of God.

As pauses the free gift of God.

Is our righteousness because of him?

It is shameful.

They were so concerned with our.


They were not.

Cognizant and always mindful of his.

As I've said over and over and I'll say one more time.

His interest.

Ultimately, benefit us.

And all gods people said.

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