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His Last Four Statements from the Cross | Poster

Recorded On: 03/21/2021


March 21, 2021

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.”

Praise and Worship
SCRIPTURE READING – Psalm 105:1 - 4
“This is What We Live For”
“Way Maker”

Proclamation of the Word
Message by Pastor Joe
“The Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus the Messiah”
“His Last Four Statements from the Cross”

PRAYER TIME / Time of Reflection
“At the Cross (Love Ran Red)”

Giving of Selves and Our Offerings
“The Old Rugged Cross”
SPECIAL MUSIC – By Pru Hungate

Continued Praise and Worship
“I Know You’re There”
“Everything (God in My Living)”

Benediction “Egypt”

Acknowledgements and Announcements

Sermon Notes
Mark 15:33 Darkness falls at the sixth hour
Mark 15:34 – 36 Fourth statement: My God, My God
John 19:28 & 29 Fifth Statement: I Thirst and vinegar given to Him
John 19:30 Sixth Statement: It is finished
Luke 23:46 Final Statement: Father into Your hands I commit My Spirit
Matthew 27:50 & 51 Viel of Temple torn from top to bottom
Matthew 27:52 & 53 Saints were raised from the dead
Matthew 27:54 Testimony by the Centurion
Matthew 27:55 The women are still there
John 19:31 – 37 Jesus’ side is pierced, but no broken bones


Transcript of Service

Last time we took a look at the what's commonly known as the Seven last words, we took a look at the 1st three of those statements. This week will be taken. Look at the final four statements.

That he makes on the cross.

Starting with Mark Chapter 15, verse 33, we're going to be going back and forth between the Gospels.

It says when the six hour came, darkness fell over the whole land until the 9th hour. So from about noon till about 3:00 o'clock. During his crucifixion there was darkness.

Some people try to explain this darkness by saying that maybe it was an eclipse which is not.

Probably possible because it's during a full moon. That's when Passover happens. Other stable. Perhaps it was some type of desert storm that blocked out the sun.

People always look for a natural explanation. For one God does.

Miraculous things.

And just as.

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord.

And just as Romans tells us that the.

Creation groans waiting for its redemption.

I believe.

The universe.

Especially at least our solar system is having an impact by this crucifixion, and so it is a supernatural event, God demonstrating.

What is happening?

Birth three forces, and at the 9th hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice. Eloy, Eloy Labason Bach tonight.

Which is translated my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Now I've heard a number of impactful sermons, and I've read a number of commentaries.

Ann, you know me.

Just because it is the majority opinion doesn't necessarily make it mine.

The majority opinion will say well, what's happening here is Jesus is feeling abandoned. Jesus is feeling forsaken. Jesus is feeling deserted because God cannot look on sin and therefore has turned his back.

Well, if that's the case of God cannot look on sin.

Then where was he in the garden with Adam and Eve?

Who's there?

Where was he with King David?

He was there.

Where was he when you and I send?

He is there.

The point is is that he is a forgiver of sins. He is a merciful. Yes, he is a God of wrath when it comes to sin.

But I do not believe that This is why Jesus is feeling forsaken, because God has somehow no longer looking at him.

Now first I want you to make.

Abundantly clear that Jesus was and is and always will be God.

He was also born of a Virgin Mary, so he became human.

I think there's something a little more subtle going on here because we miss it because we don't practice.

Animal sacrifices any longer, partially because of Jesus, but during animal sacrifices, what would happen would be the person presenting the lamb for sacrifice would lay his hands on the lamp to identify with it, in essence, to communicate that.

What I have done, you are going to bear.

Well, God didn't do anything wrong, so he no longer needs to lay his hands on Jesus because he's not identifying with sin, he's perfect.

But Jesus, in his humanity will take upon us our sins.

And while I'm not smart enough to know, I do know that there there is one God.

In three persons we call it the Trinity, but every time we try to explain the Trinity we become heretics.

So I'm not going to try to explain how Jesus, in his humanity and yet godness feeling isolated, abandoned, forsaken by God.

But he is he saying this because he's experiencing it.

There is this some type of separation.

But it's not because in my humble opinion, because the father can't look on sin because of the father. Couldn't look on sin and we'd all be in trouble.

But he's also saying this for another reason. Not only is he is experiencing it, but rabbis in those who are very familiar with scriptures would often say the first verse of a of a Psalm or certain things so that people would say uh-huh. I know what you're talking about and then would recite the remaining.

Well, the first verse of my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Is Psalm 22 as I've shared with you. Psalm 22 is from Jesus perspective, the crucifixion.

And so Jesus is saying, I am the one who is dying according to the Scriptures.

I am experiencing this forsaken this that I can't explain other than I don't think it's God turning his back on Jesus.

And yet

Jesus is saying, if you pay attention to the scriptures, not only has my life demonstrated that I am the Messiah, but here on the cross I am demonstrating that I am the Messiah, that I have done what I have taught.

I taught forgiveness I forgave.

I've promised eternal life. I'm giving it to the thief on the cross. I care more about others and my mother to make sure that she's provided for than myself in a time of need. We see that Jesus on the cross lived out what he taught.

And now he's saying I'm the Messiah.

I know the circumstances don't look right because I'm hanging on tree, which then says that I'm a curse.

But if you read the rest of what I'm saying.

In Psalm 22, you'll see what is happening is what is happening.

But you know, people are always like people.

We don't ever quite get it.

And so rather than the people who are standing around Jesus watching this crucifixion, thinking that he is citing and reciting the 22nd Psalm, their response is this in verse 35 when some of the bystanders heard it, they began saying, behold, he is calling for Elijah.

Eli my God.

Turns into, apparently Elijah.

Who is calling out for legend? Someone ran and fill this sponge with sauerwein footer Donna Reed and gave it image rank saying let us see whether logic Elijah will come to take him down.

But they've already been saying, well, if you are the son of God, then come down.

So now there's there diverting this. Well, maybe larger will bring him down.

Rather than hearing what Jesus is saying.

But which has been typical for all the religious leaders, entire Ministry of Jesus.

Misinterpreted almost intentionally what he says.

And the rest of us misinterpreted unintentionally or just foggy.

John 19.

First 28 says after this, Jesus, knowing that all things had already been accomplished to fulfill the scripture, said, I am thirsty.

Now Jesus is floating.

And causing people to remember Psalm 6921 when in essence of his eyes it will say I am thirsty and what is going to happen is what that Psalm says. So in verse 29, a jar full of sorrow wine was standing there, so they put a sponge full of the sauerwein appana branch of hyssop and brought it up to his mouth.

And so the scriptures is Jesus saying, I'm thirsty.

Which again I believe.

He means.

Because he has been scourge, he's been bleeding. He's been nailed to a cross. He has lost a lot of blood, so therefore he's going to be thirsting. He's going to say these things, but he says these things not to check off Scripture and so many people can kind of have this idea of, well, Jesus does this because of Word of God said that it's the other way around.

The prophets foresaw what Jesus was going to do and be.

Jesus on the cross. They saw him say.

I am thirsty.

And they saw people responding by putting.

Sauerwein and giving it to him.

As a result, Jesus said these things and yes, it confirms the Scripture. But Jesus said these things not to confirm the scripture. Jesus said these things which confirmed the scripture because the scripture said these things were going to happen.

So it's Jesus not doing the things to check off.

The profits are being.

Prove right?

By what Jesus stuff.

Now, I think that there's two reasons why Jesus is said. I am well. There's three reasons. I think he says, I'm thirsty 'cause he's thirsty. I think he says I'm thirsty because the scriptures say he's going to say Thursday, and I think he says, I'm thirsty because of what he's going to do in the next statement.

You see, when your mouth is dry, and I know that's why I drink water when your mouth is dry. Sometimes your words kind of getting a little messed up and so he's going to want to make sure that he enunciates properly, especially since they obviously missed understood Eloy to Elijah.

So he hits his mouth.

Wet so that he can speak.

Therefore, when Jesus had received this sauerwein, he said it is finished and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. Now John.

Impacts everything together.

There's another statement that Jesus makes before Passover, but John tells us two things.

He tells us Jesus's statement is it is finished.

Which means his ministry. His mission is accomplished.

He came to give his life as a ransom for many.

Or anyone who says I've gotta add something to Jesus is sacrificed, denies that it is finished.

Jesus is only partially done if I have to do something in order to obtain my Salvation.

But Jesus says it is finished. The work is complete. All you need is faith in me.

Receive eternal light.

And yet there are those who teach.

And both were proclaimed to be Christian churches and other denominations that you either need to be baptized or you need to flog yourself, or you need to go through certain times of contents and do all these things in order to make up for what Jesus lack. And Jesus said it is finished. It is accomplished, he's done, we are saved by having faith in him. It is by faith alone.

It is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. It is done, it is finished. And then John tells us that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit, which tells us.

Then no one took Jesus his life.

He gave it.

He didn't die on a cross because across pills him he gave up his life again to be that ransom for many.

And then Luke 2346 tells us this. This is why I think that Jesus needed that.

Extra liquid.

And Jesus, crying out with a loud voice. Now again, you've got to remember the way a person dies on across is by officiation. They don't have enough air.

So this is very unusual for someone who is dying on a cross whose last words are going to be these to pry out. It's usually a muffle, a whimper.

But Jesus cries out with a loud voice and said father into your hands. I commit my spirit.

Again, he quote sesam, usually used as an evening prayer.


I have accomplished what you sent me to do, I have finished the ministry. I have given my life as a ransom now I trust.

Give you my spirit.

I am confident.

But I can commit my spirit into your hands.

Having said this, he breathed his last.

Again, it is amazing what Jesus has done for us.

It's also amazing that the Gospel writers do not make a bigger deal out of it.

Again, there is no sense of trying to impact our emotions or trying to manipulate us. They give us.

Just the facts.

They tell us where the scriptures have been fulfilled. They tell us what Jesus did and what he experienced.

And the happenings around it.

They don't make it gory.

Movies do.

The description is them.

Because the scriptures don't attempt to manipulate us.

It attempts to bring us the faith.

Going back to Matthew Chapter 27, verse 51, after Jesus having said it is finished and after having committed his spiritual father, it says, and behold, the veil of the temple was torn into from the top to the bottom.

The scriptures are going to tell us a number of things that are going to happen as result of Jesus death. The first is that the temple bail the veil that is going to separate the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies.

Is going to be ripped not from the bottom up so that it's not human agency.

But it is heavenly agency that is ripping the.

Bale from top to bottom. Now this wasn't just a small little cloth.

This was woven together fabric that was thick.

So it wasn't it wore out.

It was an defect in the material.

It was because of a heavenly tearing from the top to the bottom, which theologically tells us this.

Before Jesus's death.

The scripture said in order to go into the place where God resided, the Holy of Holies, that only the High Priest once a year to go in. Twice he go in once with the blood to prevent an atonement for himself and placed the blood on the mercy seat and then come again in place. The blood on behalf of the people in atonement for their sins. But they could only be there.

Once a year, on the Day of Atonement.

And the chief reason the people were so concerned that God would not accept that that they would tie a rope around him and bells, so that if God didn't accept the atonement each strike the High Priest dead and obviously.

You can't touch a dead body and it's going to smell after a year. You just drag it out. There's no one else is allowed to go in so that if they stop hearing the bells, they drag him out.

The scriptures are now telling us.

As Hebrews will declare.

And now that we can enter boldly.

Into the throne room and find Grace and help in time of need.

And so because of Jesus is death.

We have access.

God, not by some priest.

But on her own.

Not in fear.

And boldness.

But that's not all that happened when Jesus died and the earth shook and the rocks were split.

There was an earthquake. There were things happening.

The earth was violently shook, so much so that rocks broken into.

Now those of us who live in Southern California kind of experience earthquakes.

Have a little bit of.

Others who don't who don't experience earthquakes.

Are especially fearful now. Some people in Southern California free fearful.

But it's you know when you experience it, it kind of rocks back and forth. And you know, if you have a pool, the water splashes around in it last for about 20 seconds or more and we get over it.

People never experienced it or deathly afraid of it.

We don't experience tornadoes.

Now I'd be more concerned about that.

But this earthquake is so violent.

That rocks are split into.

But that's all that happens.

And many bodies of the Saints who had fallen asleep were raised.

And coming out of the tombs.

After the resurrection, they entered it into the Holy City impaired a mini.

So what this is saying is not saying oh they rose from the dead, they hung out in the tomb until.

Three days later, they didn't declare themselves in the Holy City until after Jesus's resurrection.

But there were.

Seismic events happening both physically and spiritually.

The Jesus.

Is going to declare in a few days that he is the 1st.


Of resurrection.

And because of this, and because of these events, and because of this seismic activity, first 50 forces, and now this Centurion, and those who were with him keeping guard over Jesus when they saw the earthquake and the things that were happening became very frightened.

And you and I would be too.

Because they are considering themselves responsible for the death of this man.

Now, as I said, we're all responsible for his death.

But they were the tools to accomplish it.

And they became very frightened. It said, truly, this was the son ago.

Isn't it interesting?

During a period of time.

When Faith could seem least likely to.


Is when faith is happening.

The thief on the cross came to faith while seeing Jesus being crucified.

After Jesus is rendered up his spirit, they centurion, and those who responsible for Jesus is.


declared truly. This was the son.

In many men, women were looking on from a distance who had followed Jesus from Galilee and ministering to him. So these women had stayed throughout.

From the time he was nailed to that cross.

Until he breathed his last, they stayed because of their love for him.

Turn into John 19.

First 31.

And did use because it was a day of preparation.

So that that, but these would not remain on the cross on the Sabbath.

Or that Sabbath was a high day.

Asked that their legs might be broken.

And that they might be taken away. I want to stop there. I want you to understand a couple of things.

Usually it took a long time for people to die on the cross.

Even after they were dead.

Rome allowed the people to stay on the cross.

Because they wanted to be assigned for those who had the temerity to rebel against Rome would see what would happen if you dare challenge their authority.

So not only would they allow them to hang there until dead, they would allow them to hangle and hang there after their death. So much so that even the birds would come and Peck at their bodies.

And strip them.

But because.

This is the next day.

Is Passover, and that's where there is a problem with tradition and we're going to talk about that next week.

Passover is a Sabbath.

They don't want the bodies hanging on the Sabbath because that would defile the Sabbath.

A high Sabbath not a Saturday Sabbath. A Passover Sabbath.

And because of that they wanted them dead now and remove.

And the way you.

See that somebody dies on a cross if they're not dead yet, is to break their legs.

Well, why would you break their legs? Because the way you die on the cross is as I explained before. They were nail your feet. You would, with a little bit of room and then you would push yourself up.

Which would allow you to breathe, and when you ran out of energy and strength, you would sag down, which you said no longer could breathe.

And then when your body would cry out for more air it you would muscle back up and breathe.

Well, if your legs are broken, you can't muscle back up.

Plus it's gotta be extremely painful.

I mean, you're already dying on a cross, and now they're going to hit your legs hard enough to break them.

And after that.

You die.

So the soldiers.

Came and broke the legs of the first man.

You know the other who is press applied with him, so the one thief who was not.

His legs were broken, he died.

The other thief who became a believer, his legs were broken and.

Jesus statement to him today. You will be with me in paradise.

Becomes a reality.

But coming to Jesus.

When they saw that he was already dead, they did not break his leg.

They didn't break it legs because he was already dead.

Now I want you to understand a couple of things.

The Roman soldiers who had crucifixion detail.

We're very familiar with dead bodies.

They could observe Jesus and know that he was dead.

He didn't swoon.

He wasn't asleep.

He wasn't in a coma.

He was dead.

The guards

and the Centurion and those responsible for his crucifixion made sure that he was dead, because that was their job.

It did not do their job properly, would cause them to perhaps be placed on a cross.

So #1, they're going to make sure he's dead. They testify to the fact that he's dead #2 the scriptures tell us that the Messiah will not have broken bones.

No, we frequently say when things are crazy. Well, God is in control.

Well, God is in control.

You see, for instance, when Jesus said I thirst and people say, well, he just saying that to fulfill the scriptures with the second part required somebody elses actions that they bring sauerwein and give it to him.

Jesus might be able to if you weren't God manipulate the one part he can't manipulate giving of the sauerwein.

He can manipulate dying, but he can't manipulate what the soldiers might do to his body.

But God is in control, and God says the Messiah will not have broken bones. He will know who he is because of that.

As the scripture says, he died according to the scriptures.

There is an anti crisis dump and he's going to suffer a mortal wound to his head and he'll recover and he the Antichrist will.

Have that happen according to the scriptures, but it's different from the Messiah.

But one of the soldiers. Verse 34.

Here's the side with a spear.

So he knows I'm not taking any chances.

'cause I don't want to be in his spot.

So he takes his spear and shoves it up into Jesus aside.

And it says an immediately bludan water came out.

Now, I'm not a physician and I could make another joke, but I won't.

But I have heard it said from physicians.

So when you see blood and water coming from a wound, that means the heart rupture.

If Jesus is heart ruptured.

As a human being.

He's dead.

So when you hear all these people talk about well.

They put him in a tomb and he would just wound and whatever.

Nothing of the evidence suggests anything other.

Then he died.

And he died.

For you.

Enter me.

He died according to the scriptures.

He died.

The father was pleased.



And we know.

By implication, that not only were the women there.

But his disciples were there as well. How do I know?

Because in a few days.

Thomas is gonna say.

You're telling me that this Jesus rose from the dead? I don't believe you 'cause I was there. I saw nails in his hands and his feet, and I sold that soldier pierced his side and unless I see those wounds, I won't believe.

So there's testimony.


by women.

And by his disciples.

B die.

For God so love the world.

That he gave his only begotten son, that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

That's God.

That's the father's love. That's the sons love and obedience.

Did he did what he did?

You and me.

Now, lest we start getting.

Thinking too much of ourselves.

He didn't die for us because we're lovable.

He didn't die for us because we're something special.

He died for us because he's special.

Because he's got.

Because he is love. He doesn't just love. He is love and he demonstrated his love towards us. And while we were yet sinners.

Not when we convert, not when we change in you life now when we get our act together. But while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

The cross.

Shows just how much God loves.

And as the song says.

Because of that, your sins.

Forecast as far as the East is from the West.

One scarred hand stretched out.

Do not.

Is love.



all those people said.

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